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Chris Brown's Dad Speaks Out

Chris Brown's Dad Speaks Out

Chris Brown‘s biological father is opening up about the altercation between his son and Rihanna.

Clinton Brown, a 44-year-old corrections officer, tells People, “He’s reflecting on this situation. He’s very remorseful. He’s very concerned about the situation and he wants to make sure that [Rihanna's] okay. This is unfortunate, this stumble, this situation. Hopefully, he will get past it. We all have our shortcomings. We all trip… This music industry is very unforgiving when it comes to having indiscretions. He will continue to be a good person. He loves people. And like most of us, most humans, things will occur. And hopefully a person won’t be judged simply on that alone.”

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218 Responses to “Chris Brown's Dad Speaks Out”

  1. 1
    live love laugh Says:

    can chris speak for himself?

  2. 2
    Nadinee Says:


  3. 3
    sarah Says:

    sorry this won’t do it,! he is a loser, i will never look at him the same way. I’ve been through abuse myself in the past.. Its very typical for the him to show remorse , however it wil continue, until the relationship is over. I hope RIRI wont take him back, cause the abuse won’t end.

  4. 4
    Anonymous Says:

    no sane “human” would do such a thing. it disgusts me. he can make escuses as he pleases. he will never be looked at the same through my eyes. oh; and “concerned” enough to go to vegas for the weekend? it shows. KARMA.

  5. 5
    Jack Says:

    Sick guy. He needs counseling so he won’t reoffend.
    Jail time too.

  6. 6
    laura-c Says:

    Chris needs to speak out. It seems like he’s just wishing this all away by not talking. With all these people talking it does make what Chris did to be right, they are trying to play off his temper like it’s apart of him and we have to accept it.

    He probably will get on and say he’s sorry and that he didn’t mean it, the whatever got out of hand and he just lost his temper and he would never do it again.

    Right. Talk with your mouth and not with your fists.

  7. 7
    JustTripping Says:

    His young, immature, hopefully he learned his lesson. We all make mistakes.

  8. 8
    ma74 Says:

    “This music industry is very unforgiving when it comes to having indiscretions”. This is not a “stumble” or a “shortcoming”.Come on, he hit a woman.This is not some minor thing. This doesn’t happen to everyone

  9. 9
    jolly Says:

    rihanna deserves what happened to her. she’s mean to the people who work for, work with her. talk about karma….

  10. 10
    anon Says:

    guys, its not like Chris feels GOOD about hitting a girl. he’s probably really sorry for it. yes, beating a girl is wrong but theres two sides to every story. just dont expect him to speak out about it yet, he just need time to think.

    jolly: that is horrible. no one deserves to get beaten.

  11. 11
    Erica Says:

    Of course Chris didn’t mean for any of this to happen. Look at his history. He’s no woman beater. But because he’s black, these companies took away his sponsors. He’ll be back. So lick the black behind our backs.

  12. 12
    jacqueline Says:

    yes we all make mistakes but some mistakes are much more serious than others
    this is not just an ordinary mistake, this is serious
    its really hard for me to believe he is a good person after what he has done

  13. 13
    W Says:

    Ok, it’s true that this industry hounds everything that they do.
    But honestly he’s protecting his son like he’s done nothing
    wrong. I don’t care if he was some normal guy on the street
    it doesn’t make it ok to hit someone. We all DO trip but this
    isn’t something that we see and say, “Oh well we all make
    mistakes.” NO because HE ABUSED someone A WOMAN!
    And that’s not ok.

  14. 14
    Anon Says:

    Wow. I guess his PR people finally got someone in the family to show some remorse. I guess this is the closest we’ve got to a half-assed apology. Not good enough.

    Time for Baby Boy to man up. He chokes a woman until she blacks out, beats and blackens her eyes swollen shut, busts her nose and splits her lip and tries to literally beat her brains out. He is shouting, “I’m gonna kill you” and the 911 operator can hear her screams. He puts her in the hospital. He gets a celebrity lawyer, goes in the back door of a police station, spends less the 45 minutes and takes a private jet to Las Vegas for a week. His father says, “He will continue to be a good person.” Yeah. I mean, WTF. It’s right and totally expected that your own father and your family would support you. I guess Chris also “$$upports” them. Chris needs to be in jail. He is headed in the direction of O.J. All week, on his private facebook page he’s not been very “remorseful.” He and his “posse” have been saying and spreading horrible, ugly things about Rihanna. As if that should excuse what he has done. Now, he ‘s just a phoney trying to stay out of jail.

  15. 15
    boogie Says:

    “And hopefully a person won’t be judged simply on that alone.”

    …….like what he did ……is inexcuseable !

    no one should be hit regardless.

  16. 16
    Anon Says:

    How’s he gonna learn his lesson from this if there is no consequence. He has to pay a price. I don’t mean losing endorsements. I mean a personal price. If Chris Brown had beaten Carrie Underwood, what do you think he would be doing right now? Would he be hanging in Vegas with a new woman and his buddies? Would all these celebrities be so quiet about taking a stand on this?
    People get so defensive because the media and law enforcement has always been prejudiced against minorities. But this is Black on Black crime. Yes. What he did was a crime. How childish is it to think he can just say, “Sorry” and walk away.

  17. 17
    Maria Says:

    good Christ! his father is a corrections officer? well, his son is a woman beater. he should know a criminal. what a shame his son is one.

    Chris won’t get any sympathy from me. too bad i have his songs. no more buying his tunes. i don’t support domestic violence. i don’t support woman beater. good riddance!

  18. 18
    Susan Says:

    Who in the hell is this guy kidding? Of course he’s going to be judged on his actions. You don’t beat on someone and expect everything to go away because he feels remorseful. This will hurt his career for a long while and possibly for good and tell me what woman will want to be with a man that has done this? I hope he gets to “reflect” on this situation in jail. Maybe then he will learn that domestic violence is wrong and it’s obvious he hasn’t if this is his second go around.

  19. 19
    Maria from sydney (oz Land) Says:

    Come on CHRIS, don’t you have a mouth, well you better start talking, even if it is just to apologize to Rihanna and the public, media, who ever. You better do it quick smart if you care about your career as you have given yourself a bad reputation over this incident. Yes we are all humans and sometimes we do stupid things but come on you had the world at your finger tips. My son idolizes you, you have to be a better role model for these young kids, so fix this or you will lose lots. Also seek help for anger issues. God Bless You.

  20. 20
    MYKMICKS Says:

    If one has made mistakes, lets do our part then( Public) – NOT to JUDGE others action.

    There may be some issues between the two of them that time that provocation resulting to violence then. Whatever issues was that only the two of them could resolve it.

    Will just wait , time comes when Rihanna & Chris are ready to speak out for themselves.

  21. 21
    matt Says:

    Well when Christopher walks around with got milk and sugar free gum ads in his back pocket, and tons of young adults admiring his person, I think it is COMPLETELY fair for him to be judged on these actions and these alone. It was a tiny insight into the person behind the product and its about time everyone knows he’s not as pretty as he may seem. Get over the game.

  22. 22
    sarah Says:

    There’s no excuse for a 19 year old boy to beat up his girlfriend. I hope they lock this worthless piece of trash up, and hopefully he’ll get a taste of his own medicine in jail.

  23. 23
    ogal Says:

    “indiscretions” ..oh please, his son is an abusive a$$ who better get some jail time and hopefully his career is over, coz i’ll never look at him the same way again.

  24. 24
    Shakira Says:

    We have not heard it from Chris yet. Isn’t it a bit ironic that Chris is all manly man when he is beating on a woman but he needs his Daddy to speak for him afterwards. Chris himself has not shown any remorse. None at all.

  25. 25
    Matt Says:

    Please….Chris Brown was always a hood rat, a lowly ghetto dude with no real education. You can see it in his face, in the way he looks.

    It’s Rihanna’s fault for slumming it with this loser to begin with (not that she deserved such treatment mind you, but what was she thinking?!).

  26. 26
    s Says:

    indiscetions? INDISCRETIONS??? i’ve lived a hell of a lot longer than chris and ever had this kind of “indiscretion”. is it impossible to expect someone to be held accountable for their actions in hollywood?

    please, powers that be in los angeles, DO YOUR JOB, and lock this guy up. he needs to pay for his crimes.

  27. 27
    ....................... Says:

    i read a comment somewhere in tmz comparing chris brown to michael phelps mess. she wrote brown is black that’s why he got punished hard like pullin out all endorsement for him ,but phelps was forgiven and got away with it because he is white. For all i know phelps got caugth doing bong or whatever you call it ,BUT he didn’t beat ANYBODY much more a WOMAN.

  28. 28
    twostrikes Says:

    #3, #26 and a couple others: this is not about race

  29. 29
    sweethoney Says:

    Please everyone we all make mistakes but we learn from them. So stop critisizing him. And who knows maybe she (rihanna) was the one startng the argument. He wasn’t an abusive man before so it’s not a big deal now. I hope he will speak up very soon for the sake of himself.

  30. 30
    cATHY Says:

    People, please stop judging this man without all of the facts! I am a woman myself and I am definitely not convinced that Chris Brown is the monster that you all are trying to make him out to be. I have been checking them out for a while and have not seen any signs that he is an abuser. Until now, Rhianna has not showned any signs of being abused. Everytime you see them together, she is all over him. This is definitely not the way an abused woman behaves. Please wait until the full story comes out and judge for yourself. The media has a way of twisting stories and giving you bits and pieces of the truth. I personally believe that Rhianna started the fight after a woman texted Chris Brown, and any injuries she suffered were from Chris Brown defending himself. Yes, believe it or not, women do abuse men too.

  31. 31
    athena Says:

    Oooh, I just beat the crap out of my girlfriend…a famous star…Will the people forgive me, will my fans forgive me…I made a mistake, I didn’t mean it, I just didn’t think that I would get caught……..YEAH RIGHT!!!!
    WHAT AN A-HOLE!!! ABUSE IS ABUSE IS ABUSE….IT DOESN”T MATTER WHO HAS DONE IT!!! ANGER MANAGEMENT, What ever he needs to do, he better do it fast before his career goes further down the drain…fortunately for him, there will be some ignorant fans that will just dismiss his behavior and love him anyway…Yeah, he’ll grow from this and his DUMB ASSSSSS better learn from it too!

  32. 32
    athena Says:

    Well then, #31, Maybe Chris Brown should do some talkin’ instead of having everyone else do it for him…most people are suggesting, even his biological pappy is suggesting he’s got anger issues….now most people know that when you give air to fire it blows…so, we know, they’re both a part of the problem…and it reads like Chris Brown has got to figure out a solution other than being remorseful of the problem he put fire to.

  33. 33
    lipsie glozz Says:

    No matter what the freakin excuses are,he shouldn’t beat riri 2 a pulp.. What a chicken..Running away after knocking her out?It shows that he is brave enough 2 lay his hands on her but chicken enough 2 escape.. Duh!..As his fan i was disgusted by his intolerable actions.. Even if riri did taunt him,he should kept his cool and ignore her..He looks like the boy next door but now,he shows his true colours..No gal deserved 2 be treated this way..Chris is the no 1 jerk right now.. Having his family speak up 4 him shows they care bout what might happen 2 him..It looks like he don’t give a care bout the mess he created..he’s got plenty of dough,a celeb lawyer 2 back him up,he ain’t worry a thing..Let’s just sit back and see what will happen 2 him..

  34. 34
    Anon Says:

    Be realistic. He is facing a criminal charge with real jail time attached. He’s been hiding out trying to figure out how to play it.First he was in denial. He was all, ” just wait until you hear what she did! She started it! You need to know her true colors! ” So right tehre you know he’s a punk and a coward. He didn’t want to admit and take responsibility for his own behavior. He wanted to deny he did it. He even thought she would back away from cooperating.
    So now, it sounds like his natural father is “Sort of” admitting Chris did something wrong. “He is remorseful.” That probably means Chris is going to try and plead this out. The evidence is the photographs that were take, and probably the blood and fingerprints from inside the car and his DNA in the bitemarks on her arms. So he can’t exactly deny he did it. OR say that it was her fault. I think it has taken him a week of arguing and pouting to realize he needs to act sorry. The key word is “Act.” If he show remorse, he might get away with a slap on the wrist. How rotten is that. He better hope none of those photographs the police took ever get out. They said she looked horrible. I wonder if she will have any permanent damage.

  35. 35
    patheticwomendisgustme Says:

    Cathy #31, you’re as pathetic as the lame excuses you’re giving for CB’s beatdown of Rhianna. I’m sure that you “checking them out” amounts to ****. The facts as reported by the La Times and the police report leave no doubt as to what occurred. Irrelevant is what started the fight. There is no justification for a beatdown like that. You’re an even dumber ****** for implying that she got those injuries from CB defending himself. He has a black belt and is over 6 feet tall. If he wanted to defend himself there are plenty of other ways to do it. Please explain why ******* didn’t have any injuries on him when he turned himself in to the cops. Rhianna has actual, visible injuries. What is he remorseful for (as per his dad), that he got caught? Read Anon’s post, cause I don’t need to reiterate facts for someone as ignorant as you.

    SWEEYHONEY-someone should kick the **** out of you and then you can say its no big deal. Stupid, ignorant ******!! STFU. You’re as dumb as a bag of rocks.

  36. 36
    sam Says:

    ” the music industry is very unforgiving to indiscretions ” since when LOL, what haven’t musicians been caught doing and people still go out and buy their music.

  37. 37
    Anon Says:

    Tell you what. If Rihanna beat on him, and he was on his way to the jail to turn himself in, yu better believe on the advice of his lawyer, he woulda not had no hood over his face. He would want to look all pitiful. But now he is booked and bailed and hiding in Vegas. Rihanna is the one all bruised and bloody and went to the hospital. He nees to be responsible. I hope they put him in the jail. Bcz like it was said, he has no respect for women. And I think it is typical and funny that the people who are defending him the most are women. I agree things would play out different if it was some Carrie Underwood. Or even a Paris Hilton. Paris woulda had his butt underneath the jail by now.LOL!

  38. 38
    John Says:

    watchu be talkin’ about!!! chris sux!!!

  39. 39
    patheticwomendisgustme Says:

    Keep in mind that a random observer on the street made the 911 call after seeing the assault and hearing RIhanna’s screams. He’s not sorry! If he was his camp wouldnt be trying to justify it by implying that she cheated or gave him an std. Since no one, but dumb ******* like cathy and sweethoney were buying that crap, now they’ve changed their tune to “he’s so remorseful”. Bullshit! That’s why he’s hanging @the Hardrock with his boys. No way to say remorseful than with a weekend jaunt to Las Vegas! He needs to be tossed in jail where BUBBA can make him his *****! This is a big deal and in no way should be minimized. BOYCOTT THIS ******* AND ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS HIM OR MINIMIZES THIS. CONDONING VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IS WRONG. HEAR THAT WILL SMITH/TERRENCE HOWARD/ASHANTI!!!!!

  40. 40
    dsadwae Says:

    oh shut up, all of you. as if hitting someone else is such a bad thing. so he lost his temper, he made a bad judgment call. no, it should not have happened but he slipped up. he’s a 19 year old KID for christ’s sake. hopefully he’ll learn from this and get the proper help and move on. so get off all your soap boxes *******. i’m sure the men in (all) your lives would like nothing better than to knock you in the mouth as well. and to #4-sarah? you sound like you deserved it. now everyone leave chris alone!

  41. 41
    charlize Says:

    For whatever reason, whether Rihanna was the person who started the argument, whether Rihanna was wrong in the first place, Chris Brown was WRONG WRONG WRONG to beat her. This is a crime and he should be punished. I will never look at him the same. I used to love him so much (I went to his concert). Anyway, he is still very young. I hope he learns his lesson and try his best to be a better person. Also I just hope Rihanna will get well soon. She probably will learn a lot from this experience.

  42. 42
    Lucie Says:

    I hate chris now. I support Rihanna (l)

  43. 43
    jhffjd Says:

    Leave Chris alone *******.

  44. 44
    Hello_Stranger Says:

    God Bless You RiRi

    Surgery will help u

  45. 45
    Shannon Says:

    chris is a grown man at 19 and should be able to speak for himself rather than have his dad, cousins, or whoever….speak for him. also he needs to realize this isn’t kindergarten where saying i’m sorry makes everything alright and all is forgiven and okay. instances such as driving under the influence and hitting/threatening another person can not simply be forgiven with saying you’re sorry. so sorry chris that your career is likely never going to recover from this, but lucky for have more money than most of us will have in our lifetime so i think you’ll be okay.

  46. 46
    jojo Says:

    For me I agree with his father Everybody makes mistake if people don’t make mistakes then how would they learn?
    And I still see chris brown the same as before I will always be a chris brown fan…=] Luv him!
    And people who were his “fans” and left him after this they aren’t true fans.

  47. 47
    jhffjd Says:

    He’s loosing way more fans for every second that goes by & he doesn’t man up & give a statement, but than again if he did indeed beat his gf than he isn’t a man anyways. Could it be that he is in so much shock about what he did that he can’t even admit it to himself, maybe he didn’t know he was a capable of doing that to his gf & can’t accept it, either way the sooner he admits to his faults the better that way he can start to make amends for what he did & he should probably go into some kind of program for anger management because if he did beat Rihanna he obviously has some issues he needs to deal with.

  48. 48
    Miss Merry Mack Says:

    It’s easy to see what the problem is here. Chris has never been held accountable for his actions. Every single person around him sugar coats it and tries to shift the blame away from Chris.

    It has been said he has hit her in the past and she forgave him. Again allowing him to escape consequences to his actions. I used to think he needed therepy but now I think he needs hard prison time. This kid needs a serious wake up call and a good dose of reality.

  49. 49
    JADE Says:

    Jolly wrote-
    rihanna deserves what happened to her. she’s mean to the people who work for, work with her. talk about karma….


  50. 50
    g!na Says:

    Chris Brown is a pathetic punk who has anger issues! He hit Rhianna! hello!!!!!!!! she is a famous singer and he lost his sh*t! He is a pu$$y for hitting a girl! I hope he loses all his endorsements! He is suppose to be a role model for kids! He reslly messed up and now he is going to pay for it! There is no excuse for harming someone! No tolerance for violence! He needs to be locked up for a while!

  51. 51
    ekk Says:

    some people are so mean.
    Chris Brown is just like anyone of us. And everyone can flip out some time.

  52. 52
    fp Says:

    Why the hell is does everyone in his family have something to say, but the guy can’t give out a statement and speak for himself?

    I have lost all respect for this man, violence is never ever acceptable, especially in a relationship.

  53. 53
    guy Says:

    dsadwae @ 02/14/2009 at 3:01 am

    i’m gonna stick my d*ck up your ass and see how you like it! you stupid hood rat!

  54. 54
    teamriri Says:



    sorry for my bad english
    shame on you chris and i pray for you rihanna

  55. 55
    bobbi Says:

    Sweet Jesus, so what if Rihanna started the argument?? That is no excuse to EVER lay a finger on a woman.

    I am addressing you #30. Maybe where you come from it’s OK to man-handle a woman but it’s a felony where I come from. Ever hear of assault and battery?

    Yeah, she started the argument so she deserves what she got–bullsheet!!!!!!!

  56. 56
    lizzie Says:

    chris brown will end up in jail

  57. 57
    common sense Says:

    It’s amazing how some people are willing to excuse Chris Brown’s behavior. “Everybody makes mistakes…” “he’s a good person…” Blah blah blah. Would you like someone to make this type of “mistake” like this with your daughter, sister or mother?

    Is rape a “mistake”, an “altercation”? Would it be okay with you if he had lit her on fire? Because many abusive boyfriends resort to this sort of action. How far are you willing to go to defend him? Because I’m here to tell you that beating down a woman is a hop skip and a jump from raping her.

    And the implication that Rhianna must have done something to provoke him is appalling. What could she have possibly done? Thrown a few nasty words at him. He had the option of walking away, an option which he had no trouble exercising when he ran from the scene of the crime.

    Many of you have offered up silly platitudes to excuse Chris Brown’s behavior , all because he has talent. Well it looks like his talent lies in other areas too!

  58. 58
    Leah Says:

    wel sed. chris is paying the price and everybody knows that. hopefully he can move past this as a smarter, wiser and more mature person. i’m seriously over this story now, its just getting really tiring =\

  59. 59
    hhmm Says:

    He’s a teenager, hopefully he can learn from this. It’s not like he’s a 45 year old man set in his ways. I think this is a wake up call for him. I do think people should lay off and let our judicial system do their job since they are the ones with information and the public knows nothing.

  60. 60
    bonnie Says:

    A mistake is saying something you shouldn’t have. Beating the crap out of your girlfriend- basically trying to kill her then running away when you realise poeple have heard it, that’s not a mistake, that’s your true personality coming out. Whether she started the argument or not, you still beat the crap out of her.
    Jared, you clearly support this abusive, spoilt young man and only print pro-Chris stories. Domestic abuse might be ok to you but not to me, and I’d like to think if she’d been a friend or relative of yours you’d be a little more upset. I wont be reading this site any more.

  61. 61
    knock knock jared Says:

    sorry dude but daddy worries that son lose his money RiRi need to sue him to show the whole world that women are protected against abuse by law . she can’t let him get out of it as if nothing happened that would be a very bad example for her fans . no matter what he needs to pay for it

  62. 62
    Nadine Says:

    there must have been some reason he did it. i still love chris brown,but i want to see him apoligize himself=]

  63. 63
    Gracie Says:

    Whi is Chris Rock?

  64. 64
    cAMILLE Says:

    hmm.. well, no matter what he shouldn’t have hit her ..

  65. 65
    J Says:

    ERICA—You are pretty foolish. If an African American can become the president of the United States, then you and any other African American can do anything. Please don’t fool yourself or make excuses for his behavior. If a white man beat and left bruises and bite marks on his girlfriend or ANY woman for that matter, they would lose their endorsements as well. This is fact. NO ONE needs to sit here and accept domestic violence as a MISTAKE. It is no “mistake”. It is wrong. He knew what he was doing. It’s not okay. He is not okay for doing it. Do I believe him to be a “loser”? No. I think he can get past this with therapy and a lot of help. There is hope for this young man, for sure. But the minute we start letting people believe this is simply a little “mistake” and that it’s not so bad, then we accept domestic violence.
    OH and to SWEETHONEY—I don’t care who starts the argument. There is always the option of WALKING AWAY. You can always, always WALK AWAY. Remove yourself from the situation. It’s that simple. I sure hope you never experience domestic abuse in your life. Because if you did I’m sure you would NEVER claim it to be “no big deal”.

  66. 66
    daisy Says:

    for someone who in 2002 spoke very much Anti women abuse and said “he will Never Disrespect any woman after witnessing his mother being abused” Now we question Rihanna’s fashion statement with the eye-patch as well – what was she hiding????
    this dude needs treatment and for those who say this Is Rihanna’s fault needs to have their own heads checked out!!! NO-ONE NEEDS TO BE TREATED THAT WAY – if you cant control your temper GET TREATMENT!!! and if there is no action taken against him -THIS WORLD NEEDS TO REALISE THAT ABUSE IS NOT A NORM OF SOCIETY BUT A SICKNESS AND THOSE WHO ARE NOT ANTI ABUSE ARE JUST PLAIN ACCOMPLACES!!!

  67. 67
    dms Says:

    It doesn’t matter if he is a teenager, he knows it is not right to beat a woman. There are no excuses for his violent behavior. Speaking from experience, he will be sorry for what he has done and apoligize to the world, but there is no doubt that he will strike again. Look it what happened with OJ Simpson and his history of violent behavior….

  68. 68
    O Says:

    I’m going to have to agree with J. We can’t make excuses for what Chris did and we shouldn’t try and minimize a domestic violence situation. However, everyone needs to back off. It’s obvious that Chris has serious issues for him to have resorted to beating his girlfriend up. He needs some real serious counseling and therapy. When you come from an abusive home like Chris did, it’s not surprising that he would grow up to be an abuser himself. Both Rihanna and Chris need time to deal with situation. Neither of them have given out formal information regarding the case and everyone that’s been talking has been either a close friend, family member but never the principal players. We all need to sit back and wait for both Rihanna and Chris to come out with formal statements.

  69. 69
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    i kind`a feel bad for chris, he’s getting in trouble for something that all men do.
    sometimes when a bish acts up – you gotta smack her down… those are the rules (man-law). hahahahahaha

  70. 70
    slambang Says:

    “We all have our shortcomings” – WHAT? Beating your girlfriend to a pulp is not a “shortcoming” – it’s repulsive behavior and a CRIME!

    Looks like Ol’ Dad is trying to make excuses for his son. Despicable.

  71. 71
    blondie Says:

    Someone could have slipped something in his drink.
    Some mind altering re-action to prescription drugs,
    like diet pills, wine, and anphetamenes!!

    Lack of sleep, stress, diet pills, and wine.

    Did someone say that his credit card had been mysteriously
    maxed out, or switched, or closed?? At the gas station.

    Did Chris have to go inside and pay cash,
    and while he was gone Rihanna got behind the wheel,
    and crashed later on, and gotten injuries from hitting the
    stirring wheel?


  72. 72
    Erin Says:

    Sorry to agree with Chris’ dad, but its true. We all have our slip ups, but I hate that people make such a big deal about this when kids are being abused, but no one seems to really care about that.

    It’s like…”9 year old boy beaten and murder.”
    Reaction: Awe poor kid at least he is somewhere better.

    “Chris Brown beats Rihanna”.
    Reaction: OMG! What the heck is wrong with that fool. He better go to jail blah blah blah blah. I’m not gonna listen to his music anymore lets take it off the radio blah blah.

    Seriously everyone needs to calm down.
    A celebrity makes one mistake and people go bazurke.
    A man in Texas beats his son to the death and everyone forgets about it the next day.

    Sheesh, people in this country. No wonder Chris beat Rihanna. Living here would make me wanna do the same.

  73. 73
    Erin Says:

    Oh everyone needs to stop making excuses.
    Did Chris really beat Rihanna that bad?
    Probably not. For all we know she could mild scratches and such and everyone is out to make it seem like big bruises everywhere.

    So stop making up stuff.
    Wait for the real story to come out soon.

  74. 74
    shialove!! Says:

    idiot lunatic….go to jail!

  75. 75
    FerrariGirl Says:

    ^^ Hey sweethoney dont stick up for him, it was NOT his first time doing this to a girl. He is a loser and he should be dropped from his label, and anyone who he is a spokesperson for. WHO CARES if this moron is remorseful!!! His career is OVER because no one likes a woman beater. What a PUNK to pick on a woman. Cant he pick on someone his own size, or is he too much of a puss to do so??? LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. 76
    rihannafan Says:

    …………….so what does remorseful Chris have to say?

  77. 77
    sillyme Says:

    I agree, he’s young, immature, and will make mistakes. But, he needs to speak out and say that, rather than having all his people coming out and trash talking Rihanna. Maybe he’s not saying anything now publicly because there’s a legal case pending, and, if so, that’s fine, but eventually he will need to admit what he did and take whatever punishment he deserves. Chances are, there will be no jail time. But, there should be some kind of community service where he speaks to other young people about this. Look at how Michael Phelps handled the pot thing – like a man.

    And, for those who say it’s no big deal, please. A man who strikes a woman, especially with an open fist, it IS a big deal. The fact that he left her bleeding in the street IS a big deal. That shows character, or lack of it. Sure, he’s probably a nice kid…but, with poor character. My grandmother was killed by her husband (not my grandfather), who had hit her once and said he would never do it again.

  78. 78
    blondie Says:

    Who has not gotten so drunk
    that they could not remember
    what they had done the night before,
    because they were drunk out of their minds?

    Who has not been told:

    “Oh, you should have seen the bazaar way that you acted,
    lastnight. You were a totally different person. You were so
    drunk that you took off all of your clothes and ran
    throught the streets, yelling and screaming at the top
    of your lungs, and when the cops came, you tried to
    fight them.

    It happens to everyone, that has no real experience with
    alcohol, and can not handle their liquour.

    Some teens use to leap off of buildings
    in the 60′s and 70′s.

  79. 79
    Anon Says:

    First they’re his family so THEY have to stick up for him. Second, he is probably giving his people money. So they R living the good life being part of his excitement. As for the “we don’t know what happened” crowd? We know she went to the hospital and he went to Las Vegas. We know both of them had jobs to do. They are Singers. They were nominated for Grammys. Neither one of them showed up at the biggest event of their careers. They missed the Grammys because the cops had a warrant out for him, and she was in the hospital. SO those are things we KNOW happened. The “We don’t know” crowd is in denial. Chris is like O.J. He done this before. He will do it again. It is his personality. This was a lucky break for both of them in a way. She could have been killed. With this being so public, if you are his fan, then pray for some “tough Love.” He should really pay for what he did. He committed a crime. He should get punished. He might learn from that. And so should Rihanna. She is lucky to be alive. She needs to walk away and get counseling. Wesley Snipes beat Halle Berry so bad he put her in the hospital. She lost part of her hearing. Then she married David Justice and he beat on her. Then she married Eric Benet and he cheated on her allll the time. Now she is finally happy.I don’t want to see Rihanna go thru 20 years of trouble like that. Or worse, to be dead.

  80. 80
    Anon Says:

    Guys who beat on women will beat on kids, too. Guys who beat on women are always “sorry” after. Always. Sorry doesn’t mean a thing to them. Jail does.

  81. 81
    Maria Says:

    i’m kinda sick of people saying, “don’t judge him” or “you don’t know the side of the story”, first of all, he beat a woman to a point she had to go to a hospital! what don’t you people not getting?! chris brown BEAT THE SH!T OUT OF RIHANNA! you don’t forgive and forget nor say don’t judge him or we are human beings we make mistakes. You think by beating a woman, no less, is a mistake? you yell, curse, or scream can be a mistake but being physical and beating her to death is NOT A MISTAKE. Chris will be judged, and ritefully so! NO god blessin’ this woman beater. NO woman beater needs blessin’ from DECENT human people. PERIOD!

  82. 82
    Ginger Says:

    I don’t know what made Chris Brown abused Rihanna like that… I don’t know what kind of problems they had prior to that incident.

    But I’ve seen some women who deserved to get sucker punch. Especially when they be going and going and cursing and hitting the man, punching him in the face, degrading him, belittling him. Saying cruel things about his family and friends…

    Yeah, at that point, they deserved to get hit just to shut them up….

    However, if she was just sitting there and yelling at him at some disagreement that they just had, then she doesn’t need to get hit. But if she goes on and on and on and on and on and try to say crap about his family or starts hitting him, yeah, she needed something to shut her up.

    But there’s two sides to every story. So we all should wait to hear what happened and what Chris Brown had to say before we start throwing him under the bus.

    Plus I heard Rihanna was hard to please. that’s just going back a year or so ago when she went back home and acted like a princess. I read it on a blog somewhere. kekeke here? kekee

  83. 83
    blondie Says:

    I am only asking,
    but WHAT IF….this whole thing was a matter of
    a drug deal that went horribly wrong,
    and to snitch is a big taboo.

    What if …and I am only asking:

    What if Rihanna was beaten by someone else,
    and was told to say that Chris did it,
    but he did not, in fact do it???

    Is Chris taking the blame for someone else???

    Just asking!! Calm down.

  84. 84
    iwanthimdead Says:

    he is not remorseful. he is just scared out of his pants that he will be going to jail. those saying rihanna isn’t a nice person, hey, he could always break up with her. maybe she threw the car keys out because he was driving erractically and she didn’t want them to get into a wreck. innocent people die all the time from being hit by drunk drivers. i hope he serves maximum time for his “mistake”.

    how can anyone even compare smoking a bong to beating a woman up??????? snoop has been caught with illegal drugs many times, it didn’t even come close to hurting his career. this is not a black or white issue.

  85. 85
    Laura Says:

    Mabey you should all stop gossiping untill you know exactly what happened and why he would do such a thing.[:

  86. 86
    iwanthimdead Says:

    he would have denied it all the way if it weren’t for witnesses.thank you god for witnesses. no woman deserves to be hit, EVER!!!!!!

  87. 87

    Anon 15 is right. Also , those who want to bring race intothos, get off it. This is not racial. Black entertainers and othe rBlacks might want togo that way, but this is not racial. Chris had it all and is blessed, gifted, but he gave it all away. This is clearly an anger thing.

  88. 88
    iwanthimdead Says:

    for those people who think the media is making this a big deal because chris brown is black, just imagine if it were one of the jonas brothers who beat a girlfriend and tried choking her to death. it would go absolutely ballistic. every endorsement deal would be dropped before they could even blink.

  89. 89
    ALEKZIEL Says:

    Just like a coward will do, let other people speak for him.

    Say what you want Brown fans, ridiculous things like Rihanna deseve it and she started and s h i t, but after this, he will always will be the WOMEN BEATER.

  90. 90
    Linnyb Says:

    yes ppl makes mistakes…
    but not everyone beats on a defenseless woman…
    CB, who i hate s much i wont even take the time to spell out his name, IS NOTHING BUT A CHILD WITH A TEMPER!

  91. 91
    Linnyb Says:

    ps jarded, take his ugly mug off of here… we all know what he looks like…we just dont want to reminded of how much of douche he is…

  92. 92
    vancrazed Says:

    This is something that should affect him. This isn’t like he got caught smoking. What he did, directly affected someone else. there was no excuse in this, no matter what she said or did. There is no excuse for a man to hit a woman. i have lost total respect for Chris. I loved his music, now I just think he’s a creep.

  93. 93
    ALEKZIEL Says:

    hahaha, he is in the Urban Dictionary already, WOMAN BEATER=Chris Brown

  94. 94
    liyah Says:

    okay we know that we all make mistakes..but seriously come on..hitting a girl though?
    i love how all your songs are like about treating a girl right and being a gentleman but then u guy and hit a girl…
    i mean i still love your music and everythinggg
    but wowwwwww

  95. 95
    hannah Says:

    something was up tat whole relationship! like Rihanna is saying that wasnt the first time he attacked her!and she had a scratched cornea and had to perform with an eye patch a few times! hmmm….what could scratch her cornea!

  96. 96
    me me me Says:

    what about j-zay calling chris brown a walking deadman? or was that just made up by the media?

  97. 97
    elanenergy Says:

    #12 Erica—you really think C Brown’s sponsors left him because he’s black!!???? Are you insane. They left him because he assaulted a woman. Have you not noticed that Michael Phelps, who merely smoked POT, also lost many endorsements???? This IS NOT A RACE ISSUE. Please, don’t make this worse than it is.

  98. 98
    shaCHEER11 Says:

    what michael phelps did and what chris brown did are two way different things. what phelps did hurt himself and maybe some of the people invloved. yes he lost endorsements but he apologized, twice if im not mistaken. he is taking it like a man and taking the consequences. chris hasnt even come forth to apologize. he is having people talk for him. come on chris be a man and take responsibility. i am ashamed that chris has to use violence to end an argument. i was a teen fan girl of chris but i am now embarrassed to be. never to end an arguement ue violence, especially hitting a woman. yes, the situation does go vice versa. i have lost respect for him even if he becomes a man and takes responsibilty.

  99. 99
    _depot Says:

    I feel for Chris However it is Always not right to hit a lady!!

  100. 100
    Campushookup Says:

    If he can avoid prison, then that would be a first step. Obv if he is jailed it will derail his career and make it that more difficult to come back. But he is very talented and will likely get more chances and will make good music in the future. Heck, he had the number one song in the country last year so he has many more hits left.

  101. 101
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    yawn, am i getting tired of hearing about chris brown
    yes he did a bad dead, but the media is blowing it up way 2 much
    i still am not 100% if he even beat here
    altho im like 80% sure he did
    get over it

  102. 102
    Anon Says:

    What I do not get is the acceptance this behavior has among famous Black men. They should at least say “It ‘s wrong to hit a woman.” Period. They don’t have to say anything specific. I have to applaud Kanye for speaking out. He didn’t trash Chris. He just spoke up for Rihanna. He said, “This should never have happened.” I like Kanye for saying that. He took a stand.

    I”m glad you brought up the eye patch! Other people saw her within the last couple of weeks with bruises on her neck where he choked her before. She has let herself be a punching bag for him! Like somehow, she thinks she deserves to be beat on. This kind of thinking can get her killed.

    I have been in this situation, and have went to therapy for it. In my group, we talked abnout how, the victim ALWAYS think they “caused ” it. They always feel like there is something they can do to stop it or control it. It takes time to realize there is nothing you can do. This is on them. The only thing you can do is RUN.

    I know he wrote Disturbia for her CD and they sometimes perform together. I really hope her management isn’t forcing her to be around him because of that. If she is permanently damaged (choking is bad for your voice!) or killed she can’t make them any money!!!

  103. 103
    twostrikes Says:

    please stop using Phelps as an analogy for what happened with Chris Brown. Phelps DID NOT lose all of his endorsements and his weed smoking was just an unfortunate slip-up that only hurt him. the minute you do compare Phelps to Brown you are making it about RACE, whether you want to admit it or not. just stop…and stop making assumptions until you know what REALLY happened

  104. 104
    Anon Says:

    Just think about it. Michael Vicks went to jail for mistreating DOGS.
    There was huge attention in the media. For Dog Fights. Michael Vicks also had to make restitution. For Dogs.

  105. 105
    Kimmy Says:

    Honestly some of you guys
    make me sick like seriously your
    gonna tell me that if a person makes one
    mistake he shoud not be given a second
    chance, like seriously put youself in his shoes
    wouldnt you want to get a second chance
    i dont excuse what he did but i have seen worst
    and i dont see those peole getting some much criticism
    i hear Jay-Z talking and he hit a woman in the head with a bottle
    honestly who is he to talk, look a R-Kelly having sex with younger girls
    and he is still making music, which one is worst hitting a woman once or someone that constantly takes advantage of children. Chris Brown made a big mistake yes and he should get help but some people are taking this thing way too far and i know its just because Rihanna is also famous. I feel for Rihanna but Chris doesnt deserve this at all. You guys need to give him a chance and see if he learned from his mistakes.

  106. 106
    Maria Says:

    I’ve liked and loved chris Brown’s songs, not to mention his wonderful singing voice. But i cannot bring myself to ever support, have respect for someone who is a woman beater, abuser, and violent. He’s still young and he already show signs of damage. I shudder to think when he becomes a mature adult.

    No more. I will not support a woman beater and abuser of domestic violence. Chris Brown needs to go to jail and pay.

  107. 107
    Lynn Says:

    he hit a woman, that’s a crime worse enough to pull him off the industry. and he is showing no signs of repentance at all.
    he’s not a kid anymore. he should speak for himself, not hiding like a baby.

  108. 108
    tom Says:

    Chris Brown is a horrible person and a loser. He is not remorseful at all. The 911 tape shows him yelling, “I’m gonna kill you”. Abusive men just want control -control over another human being. They hardly ever change. Rihanna should smarten up and ditch the loser.

  109. 109
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:


  110. 110
    k Says:

    i hate chris brown now. never listening to his music ever again

  111. 111
    elanenergy Says:

    #104: I will use whomever I want to make my point about the criminal “justice” system in this country. I fully agree that it is total B U L L S H I T what is unfolding with Phelps, totally stupid overreaction to a very very minor mistake. What C Brown did is NOT A MINOR MISSTEP, IT IS A HUGE CHARACTER DISORDER!!!!!! The point of comparison is to demonstrate how we as a society need to define “mistake”. DUH!

  112. 112
    Anon Says:

    I don’t hate him. I just think what he did was disgusting. And I get mad that he went to Las Vegas with his “entourage” and she had to go to the hospital.

  113. 113
    G Says:

    Umm, I’m NOT going to get over this. No one should!

    He HIT a woman and possibly sent her to the hospital. There can be NO excuses, no justifications, nothing.

    The public has to draw the line.

  114. 114
    wachagunnaduboutit Says:

    this is a BIG mistake, he needs to deal with the consequences and show responsibility, get help!!! this should be held against him… beating up your girlfriend IS NOT OKAY.

  115. 115
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    I find it sad that there are people who think domestic violence has to do with class. I had a girlfriend growing up whose parents were quite well to do and her dad beat her mom. They kept it under wraps. Violence against women happens to all women of any culture and any class and the quicker we realize that, the quicker we can tackle the problem. Believe me, all KINDS of women are being subjected to some form of violence – beatings, date rapes, you name it. To not see that this is a problem of any social class is to really minimize the sheer magnitude of this awful problem. Why not volunteer at a domestic violence shelter instead of making in accurate social commentaries on this serious problem?

  116. 116
    wachagunnaduboutit Says:

    oh and all of you fuckers saying WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES have never been through abuse yourselves, I have, and it ***** you up emotionally, mentally, physically, sexually… it affects you for the rest of your life. RIHANNA trusted this guy… THIS IS TRAUMA.. it will take a long time to endure what happened to her. NOTHING and i mean NOTHING can justify this violence!!!! i dont care if she yelled, pissed him off, it doesn’t give him a right to get physical!!! this is just CRUEL, INSENSITIVE and MONSTOROUS of him!!! He deserves nothing but the worst.

  117. 117
    girliegirl Says:

    i hope he goes to jail. there are thousands out there who could step in to his place as a singer, very gladly and deservedly. very rarely is anyone in the music industry indispensable, and this little punk is a dime a dozen.

  118. 118
    wachagunnaduboutit Says:

    THIS IS NOT A SLAP, THIS IS A FULL BEAT DOWN!! shaame, shame, all over. just shameful

  119. 119
    mej1031 Says:

    Okay. First off I like both chris and riannah. He’s 19 and she’s wat 20? Well first off we shouldn’t be sayin anything because they both haven’t come out and said anything. I think chris deserves time, but I still like him. I mean he’s only 19 he has awhile to grow up. This is probably gonna haunt him the rest of his days. But we shouldn’t be sayin anything cause riahnnah hasn’t said anything either, NOTHING! I don’t think its right with what he did. But I do believe people make mistakes and they grow up. Look at brittany spears for instance. Thids is my opinion. I mean we don’t even kno the whole story yet. Neither one of them have said anything we’ve just herd the tabloids side. But they don’t kno the story and we don’t kno the story either so we shouldn’t say anything.

  120. 120
    dabu Says:

    Wow, his dad is in denial.

  121. 121
    zoe Says:

    i hope he goes to jail for a real long time

  122. 122
    stella Says:

    Everyone does make mistakes but i mean beating up a woman?? That was just beyond wrong.

  123. 123
    Diana Says:

    “We all have our shortcomings. We all trip… This music industry is very unforgiving when it comes to having indiscretions.”

    He’s complaining about the industry’s lack of foregiveness now? Brown inflicted so much damage on his girlfriend that she had to go the hospital. He left her hurt, alone, and ran away like a coward instead of dealing with the consequences.

    He needs to learn how to take responsibility for his own actions, instead of getting his daddy to do it for him.

  124. 124
    mdr Says:

    This was not an “indiscretion,” and in spite of what some are saying, we don’t all “make mistakes” when it comes to violence. Anyone who is sticking up for Chris is delusional. What he did was a total, inexcusable crime. It does NOT MATTER what led up to it. I don’t care if Rihanna were secretly the nastiest person alive—this is not how things are handled. It is against the law to beat someone up, period. It is against to law to lay your hands on someone, period. He needs jail time, period.

  125. 125
    Shakira Says:

    As a corrections officer, Chris’s dad must know that assaults are not “indiscretions” but crimes. Also, Chris has not publicly expressed any remorse. His daddy is doing it for him. Chris was a mighty big man when he was hitting and hurting Rhianna but is now a little boy hiding behind his father. STAND UP like a man. Admit you were wrong. This is a criminal offense!

  126. 126
    Sherry Says:

    Still sounds like he lets others talk for him. Won’t buy anything he is associated with again…what a loser. It is NEVER alright to hit a woman…he will do it again.

  127. 127
    Anonymous Says:

    This has NOTHING to do with Chris being black, you morons! I’m so sick of hearing, “Well, this is all because he’s black. If he was a white guy, it would be different….” and yadda yadda yadda. This country now has a black president. You all can no longer use the excuse “It’s ‘cuz I’m black.” It may have let you get away with things before, it may have let you get out of trouble before, but now that the country has elected a black president and has proven it is not racist like it’s portrayed to be, you all need to own up to your f*cking mistakes and stop playing the race card every time something goes wrong. I’m so sick of it.

    Waa, waa, no one likes me ‘cuz I’m black. Oh boohoo, woe is me. STFU already. It’s 2009. The only racists are rednecks and black people who still hate “the white man”.

  128. 128
    Anonymous Says:

    Erica @ 02/14/2009 at 12:09 am

    Of course Chris didn’t mean for any of this to happen. Look at his history. He’s no woman beater. But because he’s black, these companies took away his sponsors. He’ll be back. So lick the black behind our backs.

    Right. It must be because he’s black. :roll: It can’t possibly be because he beat his girlfriend, gave her bruises, made her bleed, and then ran away like a p*ssy. No, that’s not it at all.

  129. 129
    Kelly Says:


    i suport chris brown and i dont say what he did is good.!

  130. 130
    cheninator Says:

    @ #11, his sponsors werent dropped because he is black, they were dropped BECAUSE HE HIT A WOMAN! he didnt mean it, he beat her up and then continued to beat her up, he deserves all that comes to him.

    @ #29 yeah we all make mistkes but this is not a mistake he beat up a woman for f*ck sake, this isnt like cheating on someone or having some sex scandal this is serious.

  131. 131
    kitty Says:

    whatever loser!

  132. 132
    bathina56 Says:

    he is black. if his sponsors were dropped. there will be a full outcry… RACISHEM~

    MPhelps is white. stunkeng kellogs dropped him. their loss.

  133. 133
    moni Says:

    hes soooo GROSS, leave the industry and never come back ,i hope he pass a large time on jail ,he is the one who needs to be hit

  134. 134
    dare21 Says:

    I think everyone needs stop judging chris. NOBODY KNOWS THE WHOLE TRUTH DAMN. LEAVE HIM ALONE.

  135. 135


  136. 136


  137. 137
    see Says:

    Only way this is going to clear out is for Chris to confessed “IF” he did or didn’t abuse her during their relationship (even if this may change his career). At least he’ll be honest to himself than feeling guilty in the future.

  138. 138
    sos Says:

    chris is fuckd up for what he did but hes way too talented for him to waste out in prison…its not like he killed someone…he hit Rihanna but how bad??? the media is makin this a big story about it but where are the pics of her??? and the police always take victims to hospital for safety reasons.even if she only has a cut lip. i support chris ..i want him to get mentally better and make a good come back!! he needs to apologize to Rihanna publicly.

  139. 139

    Why the hell does he need to get mentally better the media does. Wow
    first he hit her because she gave him herpes. Than it was that she
    deserved to be hit. By the comment page that all black woman need
    a good hit. Why does he need to confess WHEN FOR THE 10OTH TIME THEY ARE NOT PRESSING CHARGES. CONFESS TO WHAT
    WHEN NO ONE KNOWS THE FACTS.. JUST ‘sources say”

  140. 140
    ritch Says:

    you guys talk about chris have no right like this like that, blah blah blah. come on, women are abusers themselves. especially in a toxic relationship, girls sometimes are very jealous, sometimes they gave their all and left nothing for themselves. We dont know exactly what happens and nobody does. You all comment like its the worst thing a person can do, This is not a first time in history a guy hit a girl because he is provoked. benefit of a doubt.

  141. 141
    idkk?? Says:

    wow have your father speak for you…..i can not believe him and i loved chris now i will never look at him the same

  142. 142
    buttercup Says:

    hes young. they should forgive him. it was a mistake im sure he can change he seem like a nice boy. ive experieced domestic violence too. and i already forgave the person who did that. life is too short.

  143. 143
    desiree ramirez Says:

    its okay hes still hot like me

  144. 144
    marielouise Says:

    He’s done it once. He will do it again. Guys who hit… just keep hitting. That’s the only way they know how to ‘fix things’. And that is what this poor child is made of. So unless he commits to SERIOUS, long-term therapy (i.e. not Hollywood Mickey Mouse rehab/therapy), he will do it again. Period.

  145. 145

    First off there was no beating get that !! Second it is time to charge the
    media for wasting the public’s time with all the made up crap.

    It escalates from a simple scratch to a beat down. Wow Solange
    husband beat her. But no one said peep or escalated it to a big

  146. 146
    om Says:

    what is with all the dang talk about herpes!? what freakin’ tabloids r u crackheads readin’? chris brown needs to sit his behind in jail while he feels remorse.

  147. 147
    k Says:

    At the present, I feel its unfair for everyone to down play Chris without hearing the FULL story as to what happened. Everyone seems to be posing judgement, yet no one has heard from Chris or Rhianna as to what really and truly happened.

  148. 148

    Don’t you get it we won’t their publicist will let this escalate .


    It all started with the media announcing that Rihanna gave Chris herpes

  149. 149

    Don’t you get it we won’t their publicist will let this escalate .


    It all started with the media announcing that Rihanna gave Chris herpes

  150. 150
    Marie! Says:

    you Motherf*cker! Of course he will be judge becuase of what he did!
    he hit a woman! that’s not common and it’s not a simple thing! that sh*t is serious
    chris needs help…if he does it one time jhe will do it again
    so please, Mr. Dad, this is not a shortcomming, this is a bad situation so dont pretend your son’s an angel, cause he’s not!!!

  151. 151
    Mo Says:

    One thing I find ironic is that everyone says ‘beating up women is wrong’.
    What the hell kind of message is that supposed to send?
    That beating up men is okay?
    No one said anything when T.I was proven of weapon and drug possession, that R. Kelly was doing it with an underage girl, ect ect.
    The only reason that people are so “angry” over this is because RIhanna is a star. The higher up you are, the harder you’ll fall.
    Plain and simple.

  152. 152
    Anon Says:

    Chris Brown’s behavior is a HUGE shout out to a lot of young boys out here. Whether he meant to or not, he IS a role model. Young boys and girls aged 14 on up look up to him. Especially the guys. He just gave them permission. I don’t want to go to the mall and see some young guys grabbing and pushing and getting rough with a girl and hear them say, ” I’m a’ do a Chris Brown on yo’ ass!”

    We need some high profile guys to TAKE A STAND. His father is his father. His comments and opinions are exactly what you’d expect from family. But when you consider what an earlier poster said, that Michael Vick is in prison fbecause he mistreated DOGS, then this is beyond disgusting.

  153. 153
    josephina Says:


    What the hell is wrong with you? There are pictures taken by the police immediately after the incident. Rihanna has a busted lip, bruised lumps on her forehead, black eye, and bite marks. Because she is fair skinned, there are also handprints on her. CHRIS DID NOT CALL the ambulance for her. He hit her until she did not move anymore. She was knocked unconscious by him.

  154. 154
    c Says:

    regardless of what happened, no matter what a woman says or does – a bloke never hits a woman! i dont condone women hitting either . even if this was the case it doesn’t give a man the right to hit a woman. once a man lays a hand on a woman in a violent manner it speaks for itself – only a coward is capable of that – there is no excuses for it, it’s not a mistake – it’s not something they learn from – it should never happen – this sums up my opinion of the dude – he’s a coward and always will be – once an abuser always an abuser, hope i never see his face again – if this dude could of got away with it – he would of, if an apology does come out i’m sure it’s for his career not a remorseful empathetic apology for what he’s done to the poor girl

  155. 155
    BLIP Says:



  156. 156
    black Says:

    Ts, ts, ts……….Chris, you can forget it. Your career is over.

    Hm— I actually believe that he´s sorry, I really do, but still—as alot of people here have been pointing out, “normal” people don´t go that far.

    I know people who have a worse temper and yet never had to physically attack someone else.


    I don´t think that he´ll be making statements anytime soon. Not only because the process has only begun just yet, also, he would most probably like to talk to Rihana first, don´t you think.

    Ts, ts, ts……..I´m really curious to know how this all happened in the first place.

  157. 157
    mertz Says:

    i’m already tired about this sh*t, because some sh*tty douchebag totally went nutso on his girlfriend who he be accusing of flirting with guys, which makes him jealous understandably because he’s a young kid who needs to feel like riri is his woman. but he’s a f’n loser, and i can’t listen or see his sh*t around anymore because that kid just fd it up. i hope she beats the sh*t out of him too. i mean i wish she was stronger and bit his arms and mushed him up like how he did her…he lost it cause she was stressing him over a text he got from a female, and then she threw out his car keys and this young puppy then start acting like a belligerent man. i have to say i was alright with both of them as artists, and now i can’t stand either, but especially him. what the hell did he need to beat down on her for. what is is fn problem? now everyone knows and everyone’s talking about it, so he better be the big man he wants to be and stand up and take the heat or actually fn regret what he did and apologize, but more so apologize to her, because he messed her up. it’s not okay for any guy to do this to their girlfriend and also it’s not right for people to think his actions are acceptable. it’s only acceptable if it was equal punishment, an eye for an eye and everything. i think he can continue to have a career after this, but now everyone will know him as “that guy”…if you’re so insecure to be in a relationship then don’t be in one. for both of them. i’m actually really tired of this sh*t and i don’t want to see this story anymore. i hope she’s okay. he can rot wherever he is for all i care. i mean RUNNING THE F AWAY AFTER YOU BEAT YOUR GIRLFRIEND THEN HIDING OUT AND BEING A LITTLE SH*T HAVING PEOPLE TALK FOR YOU AND CHANGING YOUR FACEBOOK NAME. yeah you didn’t even call the ambulence to get her checked out, but some STRANGER had to report the incident. what an fn dingbat. i can’t believe he ran away. get an fn life kid and start acting like the grown up you want to be so bad. yeah i’m judging him, cause if i messed up like this and people were judging me it would only be right. he thinks this is all going to go away soon, but it’s not, and also he needs to stand up and say he did wrong.

    urabn dictionary CB, and you’ll read some very tasteless definitions, but imagine “i’ll chris brown yo ass” becoming a part of pop culture. lol.

  158. 158
    nysro Says:

    I hope someone beats this fools ass… I am sick of seeing his worthless face everywhere…

    Some how he come out of this a bigger star than he is… (not saying he should).. but anymore, bad press doesn’t seem to hurt people as bad as it should…

  159. 159
    Kimberly Says:

    We may not have all the facts, but there is no reason to hit your partner. None.

  160. 160
    blondie Says:

    Creative Writing.
    This is a fake story.
    (It could have happened)

    Honey, are you alright?
    Yes Chris, but I am pretty banged up.
    Listen, baby I don’t want you to tell the police,
    when they get here, that those three men did this to you.
    I want to take care of them, personally. That is how we do things
    where I come from. It is called street justice.

    When the police get here, you just tell them that I fought with you.
    Tell them that I threatened you. I am going to make those
    guys pay for this, personally. I will hide over there by those trees,
    until they take you to the hospital. I will call you and tell you
    where to meet up with me, later.

    I love you. Bye, until then.

    (Maybe this FAKE story is better than not having any sort of
    explaination to what could have happened.

    None of it makes any sense.

    My fake story sounds more feaseable than what
    may have really happened.

    If Chris was held at gun point, while some men
    might have choked and beat Rihanna,
    is hard for a couple to admit to the public.

    Victims of a mugging.

  161. 161
    HereHere Says:

    Its all about Princess riRi isn’t it? *Roll Eyes*

    I bet she provoked him. I wouldn’t put anything past her! She is a *****!

  162. 162
    jackie Says:

    Chris Brown should be forgiven. Everyone makes mistakes. Even though he abused Rihanna, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all his fault ? Maybe Rihanna has done something bad to him for him to react in such a way ? C’mon, worse things have happened. People might hate Chris Brown after this and think his all ” fake ” and such. But think about it , How much do you know Chris Brown to judge him that much ? Afterall, people do exaggerate. I’m pretty sure Rihanna must have taken abit of advantage from this situation to make things worse. Personally, I’ve always loved Chris Brown, his music and everything. And i won’t stop liking him because everyone makes mistakes, Be thankful Rihanna did get worse.

  163. 163
    Lauren Says:

    everyone makes mistakes
    if u werent a chris brown fan in the person y dnt ya like keep ya thoughts to yourself u didnt like him b4 so dnt act like u care about the whole situation when u dont
    its actually nobodys business but theres

  164. 164
    kaisercloud Says:

    At least he’s not trying to deny it or defend Chris’s actions.

  165. 165
    valeriE Says:


  166. 166
    brandon Says:

    yah, well maybe he should have thought of things before hitting her. his dad makes it seem like hopefully everyone will forgive him

    YOU DONT HIT A GIRL, MAN. didn’t you learn that in like, 1st grade

  167. 167
    jessyinlove Says:

    i think he is completely stupid for wha he did. i beleive that it doesnt matter how bad a women makes u mad u DO NOT lay a hand on her. i use to love chris cuz i thought he was diffrent. i guess i thought wrong he is just like the rest. well not really cuz the rest are smart enough not to do what he did. even if he isnt locked up he is suffering for wat he did. 3 states wont even play his music on the radio. he lost his contract with double mint gum and his new album and new movie isnt coming out. he should of never touched her. she was defenetly abuse because of the bit marks and bruses on her face he even turned himself in for abuse so she was abused by chris. he can take his pretty boy looks and show them of behind bars where he belongs. he did it once and he could do it again. i will never buy anything with his name or face on it i dont support ausers. he is soooo DEAD to me!!!

  168. 168
    Lauren Says:

    oh come on! “we all make mistakes”
    so lets beat the crap out of all women then!
    whatever, we’ll learn
    lets rape children!
    whatever, we’ll learn

    thats the most stupid thing i have ever read in my whole life.

  169. 169
    blondie Says:

    I sure hope that Rihanna is getting better, and stronger with each
    passing day. I hope that her friends and her family are trying to
    comfort her and cheer her up.

    I hope that she will be o.k,

  170. 170
    Chris Says:

    What the **** is wrong with some of these people’s minds. Seriously. Beating should never be condone. Everyone makes mistakes my ass…that’s a poor excuse for a cowards who want to justify their actions.

  171. 171
    therealgossipgirl Says:

    Are you Chris Brown? am i Chris Brown? NO so you dont know what happened or how he was feeling or even if he actually did do it. Yes he shouldn’t have hit rihanna thats disgusting but you must keep an open mind he is innocent until proven gulity!


  172. 172
    lady Says:

    My babysitter was married at an abuser – for 5 years she was working for me and I have no idea – she looked sad a lot and whenever I enquired she said it was her family and never wanted to elaborate – I had NEVER EVER seen her face messed up or anything until one day I walked in on her changing her clothes and saw the most horrendous marks all over her body – then she broke down crying – I was in total total shock

    The woman to me seemed so strong emotionally for me it was so sad – a really sad sight… I helped her get out of that marriage but the ..erk of a husband started stalking me – eventually i got rid of him but I can now understand why some friends don’t like to get involved because you never know what could happen to you if you try to help

    But real friendships are about helping a friend

    btw my babysitter’s husband was A SUPER NICE GUY THAT I THOUGHT COULD NEVER HURT ANYONE

    i learnt my lesson…

  173. 173
    noodle Says:

    Oh damn, I hope he won’t be the next Britney

  174. 174
    Chelsea staub Says:

    c’mon, this is a little bit ridiculous. I mean, ok, he is very bad about all this things, but who said that he is not going to hurt somenone again? he thinks that if he hits a girl again, it’s only say ‘i’m sorrry, i feel very bad about this’ and done! he is free.

    that’s so bad, i really used to like him. and rihanna, she is so cute!
    and no woman, whatever had done before, deserves that treatment.

    p.s: sorry about my english, i’m brasilian

  175. 175
    susanist Says:

    Most likely Mr. Chris Brown’s father, this was not the first time but only the worst time. This was a brutal beating that too many women suffer mostly in silence. We can surely judge him on this incident. Its the one we know about. How dare you tell us that he is ‘concerned about her.’ This was a slip this was a the typical starting small with the abuse, probably telling her to shut up. We note that the longer they stayed together the less we saw of Rihanna on the red carpet. Obviously he was toxic from the start and used his babyface to fool a lot of people. He should get rocked in prison as the punk he is. This is what’s wrong, too many parents making excuses for their criminal and deviant children. FU and F Chris.

  176. 176
    gisa Says:

    i love you chris brown

  177. 177
    susanist Says:

    Just Trippin is a joke right? This was not the first time it was the worst time, the time he got caught. Consider you are both expected to appear on the Grammy’s. He’s stupid and dangerous. Any smart abuser would have held off until the Grammy’s were over. You are the one who’s tripping, The problem here is not considering Chris as anything but a convict. Its about Rihanna and a reminder to women that the first time your BOYFRIEND tells you to ‘Shut the FU’ its over because the next time he will raise his hand because your staying with him gives him permission to correct you. Too many of these women don’t realise they cannot fit into a 19th century box. They are world famous and unprecendented women reaching heights only a few queens have reached. If she even forgives him she needs professional help.

    It was not the first time. Again, you are out of order.

  178. 178
    arjoe Says:

    i was shock! but i want this two to speak first before i make a comment. some news are really over rated they make more things shocking when both parties (involve) are not speaking for themselves… cAThy is right we should see the full side of them first before we judge people…

  179. 179
    shame on cris Says:

    People have their oppinions and some people are just full of it.
    1. For those of you are tired of this bull… I say Well Why are you on this blog, and why are u even writing abou it.
    2. For those of you that think he is not guilty. Why is he remorseful, if he didn;t do it.
    3. For those of you who say it’s not our business I say. Oh yes it is… that is the price for being a CELEBRITY. All eyes on YOU baby.. You are a role model to some of our kids.
    4. To those of you that say.. Oh well he made a mistake… OK understandable… We ALL make mistakes. BUT we ALL have to pay for those mistakes … and there are consequenses that you have to pay for the mistakes you make.
    And number 5. (which should really be number 1. GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY. And what he did my friends was really ungly…..

    My respects to Rhiana
    And whatever to you Brown

  180. 180
    Kelly Says:


  181. 181
    Carla Says:

    give it a rest seriously. dont even know if the rumours are true anyway.

  182. 182
    andrea Says:

    some of you guys or should I say girls on here sound like idiots..oh he didn’t mean to do it. give me a break. why are you defending this guy??? what cause you like his music :-/ you are making it acceptable for anyone to abuse another person. This is not normal and should not be tolerated. He could have just walked away from the whole situation and we wouldn’t even be discussing it. Not he let his anger get to him and they are trying to play it off as “we all make mistakes.” WTF lol Chris Brown defenders are either people who live that type of life cycle and find it acceptable or are in straight up DENILE! I hope this guy fades into obscurity (and take your sick deranged “fans” with you!)

  183. 183
    Jules Says:

    Obviously Chris Brown isn’t speaking out publically because there is a pending legal investigation. The DA still hasn’t filed charges, so he would be stupid for going public and admitting to what he did because it could mean jail time. Then again celebrities don’t go to jail, but this time he hit someone more famous than he is, so he is definitely screwed. The radio stations are already pulling his music, the endorsement deals are gone, his career is pretty much shot.

  184. 184
    monica Says:

    He should not be forgiven until he publicly apologizes. What he did was totally wrong. I hate him.

  185. 185
    tIIARNAA.X3 Says:


  186. 186
    tIIARNAA.X3 Says:


  187. 187
    zae Zhanae Says:

    chris Brown is young and still learning, hopefully he has learned from his mistakes.however im not saying anything could justify him hiting her BUT you never know what was done to him to provoke her so ALL the fingers should not be pointed at him. yes, he and rihanna needs to speak up for themselves. i personally dont think he is this type of person and until HE speaks up about it people should not dwell on the many stories that are being published because there are people in this world that will use anything to damage a career.

  188. 188
    tIIARNAA.X3 Says:

    BTW. the actual story is chris brown got a text an rihana started on hiim and wass sayying realyy bad thiingss ta chriis an hee lost iit but rihana deserved it cos she was sayiin things bout his family.

  189. 189
    Sparklefirefly Says:

    Sarah #22 says to Lock up this “piece of trash”, to get a taste of his own medicine. For all we know Rihanna might be the “piece of trash”, IF she gave him a STD.

  190. 190
    huhheh gurl Says:


  191. 191
    david Says:

    ok everybody needs to stop judging chris like he’s some kind of monster, everybody is being too hard on him dont forget he’s still young and everybody makes bad mistakes…i agree beaten on a women is wrong but there’s always another side of the story…like i dont know if this is true or not it could be a rumor but i heard that she was beaten on him first so he snapped and beat her…im not saying this cause im a fan of his im just trying to prove a point

  192. 192
    busy bear Says:

    listen point blank that girl is from the islands aint know telling what that girl did to him…whose to say he wasnt under the influence im mean point blank she could of tirggerd that **** i seen it happen so many times b4 its ……….as of chris he **** around n get community service…..but really i hope her the best n him the best **** ……..

  193. 193
    ceriah Says:

    **** you chris, a million times; **** u **** u **** u **** u **** u……………………………………………………………………………………………

  194. 194
    bea Says:

    U ****** *******

  195. 195
    Jennifer Says:

    the music industry is unforgiving? no sh*t when you are at the center of attention and kids look up to you, you better have a prettty clean slate. i mean fine smoking but no beating . i don’t think that’s too much to ask for. i don’t understand why he would even bother to criticize american media when he should be only expressing his remorse for what his son did. like father like son. uneducated folk!

  196. 196
    rose Says:

    this isnt something u can just get over. i thought he was a nice kid, but this is just horrible. chris brown will probably lose most people’s respect, because no one should be able to do that and get away with it.

  197. 197
    mea culpa reigns Says:

    The battering is shocking but what is most unforgivable is the comments such as “she deserves it” “karma” Are these writers parents? Is r\moral responsibility dead or even existing in their milleau? or are they just posturing?

  198. 198
    charlene Says:

    i say he should never hit her he of just sat down and talked to her he beat her pretty badly she’ll never look the same again but i don’t think they should take his music off the air

  199. 199
    Kristen Says:

    All of you should be ashamed of yourselves especially the one who said chris is an uneducated Ghetto hoodrat. Who made you all so perfect its a good damn thing that everything we do isnt posted for the world to see now isnt it.

  200. 200
    Valerie Says:

    WTFE…the little ******* needs to b locked up. it’s not an indiscretion, he beat the **** out of her, there is NO excuse i don’t care if she punched him in the face 20 times, he is a man. his dad is as dumb as he is

  201. 201
    junella Says:

    He is A DISGRACE .. his father speaking for him, hiding behind other people’s word’s, dosen’t do justice for the voilence shown to this girl, No Woman should Suffer Violence Regardless of who you are ! Get a grip cATHY ,So your saying it’s ok for him to beat the crap out of her !? Hmm. i don’t see no mark’s on him !!! and why is his father speaking for him ! Coward ! thats why ! Violence Is Wrong no matter what the excuse, end of story ! Peace To All :)

  202. 202
    Fleece Baby Says:

    Well I’m gonna judge and I think he should be locked up!

  203. 203
    Sue Says:

    So i take it everyone slating chris brown for what happened is perfect then! I dont think so, we all make mistakes we are just lucky we are not in the lime light and it gets forgotten in no time, Know one knows what really and fully went on behind the scenes to cause this to get so out of hand but sometimes things do get out of hand. I am a lady myself and i say leave the kid alone he is sorry dont dudge him when you dont know him or the situation.

  204. 204
    anonomyous Says:

    excuse me to all who is on rihanna\s side im on chris’s.
    like jeez!
    chris doesnt need this **** from all of you.
    do you guys understand maybe he had a huge reason.
    like do you guys know what rihanna does to other ppl.
    she doesnt respect people who work for her.
    if she hates you, she’ll hunt you down.
    maybe she made up this story to accuse chris but he didnt do it.
    do you guys get it, she heard a rumor around that chris was hceating on her, he never was.
    and like i said when she wants revenge, she wants it.
    she just destroyed his life.
    shes a ***** nothing else more.

  205. 205
    i luv cb Says:

    i am his #1 fan nd ill be wit him no matter wat nd she looks way better now

  206. 206
    i luv cb Says:

    i am his #1 fan nd ill be wit him no matter wat nd she looks way better now i luv him

  207. 207
    MElanie Says:

    A Kick, A Punch, A Bruise who cares he needs to be given the DEATH SENTENCE!! You know…… You really need to remember “YOU ARE IN THE PUBLIC EYE” no matter WHAT she did or who was at fault he should have NEVER in a MILLION YEARS even thought to lay his hands on a female. He makes me sick to see what her face looks like.

    He MUST NOT get away witht his. I hope his future is ruined as he will not/should not ever be looked upon as a normal young R&B Entertainer EVER AGAIN. He needs to take himself his family and elope as far away as possible from this. And if at all possibble try to restart his life over again.

    Rihana……….. STAY WELL AWAY FROM HIM!! HE has shown his TRUE colours. And as for his father in a statement where he should be sending his thoughts out to Rihana and her family is taken the spotlight to ask the public to forgive CHRIS!!! What a complete TWAT!

  208. 208
    happy Says:

    u are mad u have injured her and that not right look in the bible u will seeeeee.!!!!!!!

  209. 209
    Ed Says:

    Interesting story! Athough I believe we should be spending our time dealing with political issues, jobs, family and the economy instead of mindless Hollywood gossip. But for my two cents…although Rihanna could very well have provoked him….you women have your tempers too…. he shouldn’t have reacted this violently. He definitely deserves some punishment, a huge fine, some jail time, or something else to fit the crime. The exact amounts depending on whether she provoked him. Hopefully it goes to court.

  210. 210
    ali Says:

    wow what the hell, the only thing chris brown cares if he still gonna get money. And if he really did care he would of never hit rihanna in the frist place. Like come on. And he would of told everyone what had happened. But no hes hiding -_- dumb ass *****.

  211. 211
    dre Says:

    I dont give a dang what anybody else says, Chris Brown is a real punk. He has no excuse and he will do it again. I am black and am a male and I dont feel like he’s being treated unfairly cuz of his color. The ******* is a pig and should never be supported by anyone. As for Rhianna, if she feels like she wanna get back with this creature, I aint attending the funeral and she is an ass.

  212. 212
    marcia simon Says:

    to Cathy and SweetHoney: It doesn’t matter even if she started the argument. Nobody should get beaten for what they say. They are two young people; of course, they will have arguments. But nobody expects to be brutally beaten for them. And as to injuries he suffered, honey, I don’t see any. The only injuries he has suffered is the endorsements that were taken away from him. And yes, having been a counsellor, that is exactly how abused women behave; it just means she has a severe psychological problem herself, to have forgiven a man who attempted to choke her within a week or days. That is a very severe psychological , low self-esteem problem she has. It doesn’t mean she wasn’t physically abused. It means that she was probably abused sometime in her life and thinks she deserves it and is still looking to the abuser for affection. That’s a problem.

  213. 213
    sneeze Says:

    lol @ people defending him just because they are fans. He should be treated as a regular human being and not a celebrity. Everyone knows you will have to do jail time for this, just because he’s a celebrity doesn’t mean he should just get off with just a slap on the risk. If he doesn’t go to jail, the world is f*cked up.

  214. 214
    sneeze Says:


  215. 215
    tooter Says:

    i look at him through different eye,s now because there,s no excuse good enough 2 justify his action,s ,hit a man are keep your hand,s 2 yourself, man up player hitting a women is just wrong,remeber you have a mother 2 [correction putting your hand,s on anyone is wrong] ” good luck rihanna ”

  216. 216
    narnja Says:


    It´s not right to beat up a women, and it is not an “INDISCRETION” where do these people live???… if it would have “just been an indiscretion” he would have hit her JUST once,because he “may have lost his temper” but not beat her up like that… I can´t accept that.

    Each relationship has two parts to share… and I know from people who work with “little miss sunshine diva that doesn´t care about anyone else” , that she can really be a ***** , but that doesn´t give ANYONE the right to beat her up… beeing a ***** like she is , is a mistake that can be later forgiven, but not something like Chris did…that is not just a mistake because he is young, that shows his “true colors”… ;-)

  217. 217
    narnja Says:


    Kimmy? Are you out of your mind? If it would have been “just” a snap or a hit…noone would have made such a big deal out of it, but he hit HER with his fists… would you like to be beaten up like that? Well I wouldn´t like it at all…and I don´t think you would like it either…
    He did his mistake, he will pay for it and that´s it. If he would have been innocent he wouldn´t have posted his statement on youtube to tell the people how sorry he is… every man that beats a woman sais the same, every time! and they do it again!!!
    But I understand, you are a fan…
    I don´t like Rihanna private nor on stage and about Chris Brown… I have never listened to a song of him, so I am NOT a fan of none of them… so I don´t really care who was wrong and who wasn´t …
    like I said before, there are always two parts of the story, she will blame him, he will blame her… but the facts remain : he beat her up with his fists several times… and that is a crime, whatever the gender of the person is.

  218. 218
    ebrima sarjo Says:

    hi guys i like cris so much im fro the gambia in west africa , ma name is ebrima sarjo from a village call basori

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