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Chris Brown's Dad Speaks Out

Chris Brown's Dad Speaks Out

Chris Brown‘s biological father is opening up about the altercation between his son and Rihanna.

Clinton Brown, a 44-year-old corrections officer, tells People, “He’s reflecting on this situation. He’s very remorseful. He’s very concerned about the situation and he wants to make sure that [Rihanna's] okay. This is unfortunate, this stumble, this situation. Hopefully, he will get past it. We all have our shortcomings. We all trip… This music industry is very unforgiving when it comes to having indiscretions. He will continue to be a good person. He loves people. And like most of us, most humans, things will occur. And hopefully a person won’t be judged simply on that alone.”

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  • ekk

    some people are so mean.
    Chris Brown is just like anyone of us. And everyone can flip out some time.

  • fp

    Why the hell is does everyone in his family have something to say, but the guy can’t give out a statement and speak for himself?

    I have lost all respect for this man, violence is never ever acceptable, especially in a relationship.

  • guy

    dsadwae @ 02/14/2009 at 3:01 am

    i’m gonna stick my d*ck up your ass and see how you like it! you stupid hood rat!

  • teamriri



    sorry for my bad english
    shame on you chris and i pray for you rihanna

  • bobbi

    Sweet Jesus, so what if Rihanna started the argument?? That is no excuse to EVER lay a finger on a woman.

    I am addressing you #30. Maybe where you come from it’s OK to man-handle a woman but it’s a felony where I come from. Ever hear of assault and battery?

    Yeah, she started the argument so she deserves what she got–bullsheet!!!!!!!

  • lizzie

    chris brown will end up in jail

  • common sense

    It’s amazing how some people are willing to excuse Chris Brown’s behavior. “Everybody makes mistakes…” “he’s a good person…” Blah blah blah. Would you like someone to make this type of “mistake” like this with your daughter, sister or mother?

    Is rape a “mistake”, an “altercation”? Would it be okay with you if he had lit her on fire? Because many abusive boyfriends resort to this sort of action. How far are you willing to go to defend him? Because I’m here to tell you that beating down a woman is a hop skip and a jump from raping her.

    And the implication that Rhianna must have done something to provoke him is appalling. What could she have possibly done? Thrown a few nasty words at him. He had the option of walking away, an option which he had no trouble exercising when he ran from the scene of the crime.

    Many of you have offered up silly platitudes to excuse Chris Brown’s behavior , all because he has talent. Well it looks like his talent lies in other areas too!

  • Leah

    wel sed. chris is paying the price and everybody knows that. hopefully he can move past this as a smarter, wiser and more mature person. i’m seriously over this story now, its just getting really tiring =\

  • hhmm

    He’s a teenager, hopefully he can learn from this. It’s not like he’s a 45 year old man set in his ways. I think this is a wake up call for him. I do think people should lay off and let our judicial system do their job since they are the ones with information and the public knows nothing.

  • bonnie

    A mistake is saying something you shouldn’t have. Beating the crap out of your girlfriend- basically trying to kill her then running away when you realise poeple have heard it, that’s not a mistake, that’s your true personality coming out. Whether she started the argument or not, you still beat the crap out of her.
    Jared, you clearly support this abusive, spoilt young man and only print pro-Chris stories. Domestic abuse might be ok to you but not to me, and I’d like to think if she’d been a friend or relative of yours you’d be a little more upset. I wont be reading this site any more.

  • knock knock jared

    sorry dude but daddy worries that son lose his money RiRi need to sue him to show the whole world that women are protected against abuse by law . she can’t let him get out of it as if nothing happened that would be a very bad example for her fans . no matter what he needs to pay for it

  • Nadine

    there must have been some reason he did it. i still love chris brown,but i want to see him apoligize himself=]

  • Gracie

    Whi is Chris Rock?

  • http://dskmf cAMILLE

    hmm.. well, no matter what he shouldn’t have hit her ..

  • J

    ERICA—You are pretty foolish. If an African American can become the president of the United States, then you and any other African American can do anything. Please don’t fool yourself or make excuses for his behavior. If a white man beat and left bruises and bite marks on his girlfriend or ANY woman for that matter, they would lose their endorsements as well. This is fact. NO ONE needs to sit here and accept domestic violence as a MISTAKE. It is no “mistake”. It is wrong. He knew what he was doing. It’s not okay. He is not okay for doing it. Do I believe him to be a “loser”? No. I think he can get past this with therapy and a lot of help. There is hope for this young man, for sure. But the minute we start letting people believe this is simply a little “mistake” and that it’s not so bad, then we accept domestic violence.
    OH and to SWEETHONEY—I don’t care who starts the argument. There is always the option of WALKING AWAY. You can always, always WALK AWAY. Remove yourself from the situation. It’s that simple. I sure hope you never experience domestic abuse in your life. Because if you did I’m sure you would NEVER claim it to be “no big deal”.

  • daisy

    for someone who in 2002 spoke very much Anti women abuse and said “he will Never Disrespect any woman after witnessing his mother being abused” Now we question Rihanna’s fashion statement with the eye-patch as well – what was she hiding????
    this dude needs treatment and for those who say this Is Rihanna’s fault needs to have their own heads checked out!!! NO-ONE NEEDS TO BE TREATED THAT WAY – if you cant control your temper GET TREATMENT!!! and if there is no action taken against him -THIS WORLD NEEDS TO REALISE THAT ABUSE IS NOT A NORM OF SOCIETY BUT A SICKNESS AND THOSE WHO ARE NOT ANTI ABUSE ARE JUST PLAIN ACCOMPLACES!!!

  • dms

    It doesn’t matter if he is a teenager, he knows it is not right to beat a woman. There are no excuses for his violent behavior. Speaking from experience, he will be sorry for what he has done and apoligize to the world, but there is no doubt that he will strike again. Look it what happened with OJ Simpson and his history of violent behavior….

  • O

    I’m going to have to agree with J. We can’t make excuses for what Chris did and we shouldn’t try and minimize a domestic violence situation. However, everyone needs to back off. It’s obvious that Chris has serious issues for him to have resorted to beating his girlfriend up. He needs some real serious counseling and therapy. When you come from an abusive home like Chris did, it’s not surprising that he would grow up to be an abuser himself. Both Rihanna and Chris need time to deal with situation. Neither of them have given out formal information regarding the case and everyone that’s been talking has been either a close friend, family member but never the principal players. We all need to sit back and wait for both Rihanna and Chris to come out with formal statements.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    i kind`a feel bad for chris, he’s getting in trouble for something that all men do.
    sometimes when a bish acts up – you gotta smack her down… those are the rules (man-law). hahahahahaha

  • slambang

    “We all have our shortcomings” – WHAT? Beating your girlfriend to a pulp is not a “shortcoming” – it’s repulsive behavior and a CRIME!

    Looks like Ol’ Dad is trying to make excuses for his son. Despicable.

  • blondie

    Someone could have slipped something in his drink.
    Some mind altering re-action to prescription drugs,
    like diet pills, wine, and anphetamenes!!

    Lack of sleep, stress, diet pills, and wine.

    Did someone say that his credit card had been mysteriously
    maxed out, or switched, or closed?? At the gas station.

    Did Chris have to go inside and pay cash,
    and while he was gone Rihanna got behind the wheel,
    and crashed later on, and gotten injuries from hitting the
    stirring wheel?


  • Erin

    Sorry to agree with Chris’ dad, but its true. We all have our slip ups, but I hate that people make such a big deal about this when kids are being abused, but no one seems to really care about that.

    It’s like…”9 year old boy beaten and murder.”
    Reaction: Awe poor kid at least he is somewhere better.

    “Chris Brown beats Rihanna”.
    Reaction: OMG! What the heck is wrong with that fool. He better go to jail blah blah blah blah. I’m not gonna listen to his music anymore lets take it off the radio blah blah.

    Seriously everyone needs to calm down.
    A celebrity makes one mistake and people go bazurke.
    A man in Texas beats his son to the death and everyone forgets about it the next day.

    Sheesh, people in this country. No wonder Chris beat Rihanna. Living here would make me wanna do the same.

  • Erin

    Oh everyone needs to stop making excuses.
    Did Chris really beat Rihanna that bad?
    Probably not. For all we know she could mild scratches and such and everyone is out to make it seem like big bruises everywhere.

    So stop making up stuff.
    Wait for the real story to come out soon.

  • shialove!!

    idiot lunatic….go to jail!

  • FerrariGirl

    ^^ Hey sweethoney dont stick up for him, it was NOT his first time doing this to a girl. He is a loser and he should be dropped from his label, and anyone who he is a spokesperson for. WHO CARES if this moron is remorseful!!! His career is OVER because no one likes a woman beater. What a PUNK to pick on a woman. Cant he pick on someone his own size, or is he too much of a puss to do so??? LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rihannafan

    …………….so what does remorseful Chris have to say?

  • sillyme

    I agree, he’s young, immature, and will make mistakes. But, he needs to speak out and say that, rather than having all his people coming out and trash talking Rihanna. Maybe he’s not saying anything now publicly because there’s a legal case pending, and, if so, that’s fine, but eventually he will need to admit what he did and take whatever punishment he deserves. Chances are, there will be no jail time. But, there should be some kind of community service where he speaks to other young people about this. Look at how Michael Phelps handled the pot thing – like a man.

    And, for those who say it’s no big deal, please. A man who strikes a woman, especially with an open fist, it IS a big deal. The fact that he left her bleeding in the street IS a big deal. That shows character, or lack of it. Sure, he’s probably a nice kid…but, with poor character. My grandmother was killed by her husband (not my grandfather), who had hit her once and said he would never do it again.

  • blondie

    Who has not gotten so drunk
    that they could not remember
    what they had done the night before,
    because they were drunk out of their minds?

    Who has not been told:

    “Oh, you should have seen the bazaar way that you acted,
    lastnight. You were a totally different person. You were so
    drunk that you took off all of your clothes and ran
    throught the streets, yelling and screaming at the top
    of your lungs, and when the cops came, you tried to
    fight them.

    It happens to everyone, that has no real experience with
    alcohol, and can not handle their liquour.

    Some teens use to leap off of buildings
    in the 60′s and 70′s.

  • Anon

    First they’re his family so THEY have to stick up for him. Second, he is probably giving his people money. So they R living the good life being part of his excitement. As for the “we don’t know what happened” crowd? We know she went to the hospital and he went to Las Vegas. We know both of them had jobs to do. They are Singers. They were nominated for Grammys. Neither one of them showed up at the biggest event of their careers. They missed the Grammys because the cops had a warrant out for him, and she was in the hospital. SO those are things we KNOW happened. The “We don’t know” crowd is in denial. Chris is like O.J. He done this before. He will do it again. It is his personality. This was a lucky break for both of them in a way. She could have been killed. With this being so public, if you are his fan, then pray for some “tough Love.” He should really pay for what he did. He committed a crime. He should get punished. He might learn from that. And so should Rihanna. She is lucky to be alive. She needs to walk away and get counseling. Wesley Snipes beat Halle Berry so bad he put her in the hospital. She lost part of her hearing. Then she married David Justice and he beat on her. Then she married Eric Benet and he cheated on her allll the time. Now she is finally happy.I don’t want to see Rihanna go thru 20 years of trouble like that. Or worse, to be dead.

  • Anon

    Guys who beat on women will beat on kids, too. Guys who beat on women are always “sorry” after. Always. Sorry doesn’t mean a thing to them. Jail does.

  • Maria

    i’m kinda sick of people saying, “don’t judge him” or “you don’t know the side of the story”, first of all, he beat a woman to a point she had to go to a hospital! what don’t you people not getting?! chris brown BEAT THE SH!T OUT OF RIHANNA! you don’t forgive and forget nor say don’t judge him or we are human beings we make mistakes. You think by beating a woman, no less, is a mistake? you yell, curse, or scream can be a mistake but being physical and beating her to death is NOT A MISTAKE. Chris will be judged, and ritefully so! NO god blessin’ this woman beater. NO woman beater needs blessin’ from DECENT human people. PERIOD!

  • Ginger

    I don’t know what made Chris Brown abused Rihanna like that… I don’t know what kind of problems they had prior to that incident.

    But I’ve seen some women who deserved to get sucker punch. Especially when they be going and going and cursing and hitting the man, punching him in the face, degrading him, belittling him. Saying cruel things about his family and friends…

    Yeah, at that point, they deserved to get hit just to shut them up….

    However, if she was just sitting there and yelling at him at some disagreement that they just had, then she doesn’t need to get hit. But if she goes on and on and on and on and on and try to say crap about his family or starts hitting him, yeah, she needed something to shut her up.

    But there’s two sides to every story. So we all should wait to hear what happened and what Chris Brown had to say before we start throwing him under the bus.

    Plus I heard Rihanna was hard to please. that’s just going back a year or so ago when she went back home and acted like a princess. I read it on a blog somewhere. kekeke here? kekee

  • blondie

    I am only asking,
    but WHAT IF….this whole thing was a matter of
    a drug deal that went horribly wrong,
    and to snitch is a big taboo.

    What if …and I am only asking:

    What if Rihanna was beaten by someone else,
    and was told to say that Chris did it,
    but he did not, in fact do it???

    Is Chris taking the blame for someone else???

    Just asking!! Calm down.

  • iwanthimdead

    he is not remorseful. he is just scared out of his pants that he will be going to jail. those saying rihanna isn’t a nice person, hey, he could always break up with her. maybe she threw the car keys out because he was driving erractically and she didn’t want them to get into a wreck. innocent people die all the time from being hit by drunk drivers. i hope he serves maximum time for his “mistake”.

    how can anyone even compare smoking a bong to beating a woman up??????? snoop has been caught with illegal drugs many times, it didn’t even come close to hurting his career. this is not a black or white issue.

  • Laura

    Mabey you should all stop gossiping untill you know exactly what happened and why he would do such a thing.[:

  • iwanthimdead

    he would have denied it all the way if it weren’t for witnesses.thank you god for witnesses. no woman deserves to be hit, EVER!!!!!!


    Anon 15 is right. Also , those who want to bring race intothos, get off it. This is not racial. Black entertainers and othe rBlacks might want togo that way, but this is not racial. Chris had it all and is blessed, gifted, but he gave it all away. This is clearly an anger thing.

  • iwanthimdead

    for those people who think the media is making this a big deal because chris brown is black, just imagine if it were one of the jonas brothers who beat a girlfriend and tried choking her to death. it would go absolutely ballistic. every endorsement deal would be dropped before they could even blink.


    Just like a coward will do, let other people speak for him.

    Say what you want Brown fans, ridiculous things like Rihanna deseve it and she started and s h i t, but after this, he will always will be the WOMEN BEATER.

  • Linnyb

    yes ppl makes mistakes…
    but not everyone beats on a defenseless woman…
    CB, who i hate s much i wont even take the time to spell out his name, IS NOTHING BUT A CHILD WITH A TEMPER!

  • Linnyb

    ps jarded, take his ugly mug off of here… we all know what he looks like…we just dont want to reminded of how much of douche he is…

  • vancrazed

    This is something that should affect him. This isn’t like he got caught smoking. What he did, directly affected someone else. there was no excuse in this, no matter what she said or did. There is no excuse for a man to hit a woman. i have lost total respect for Chris. I loved his music, now I just think he’s a creep.


    hahaha, he is in the Urban Dictionary already, WOMAN BEATER=Chris Brown

  • liyah

    okay we know that we all make mistakes..but seriously come on..hitting a girl though?
    i love how all your songs are like about treating a girl right and being a gentleman but then u guy and hit a girl…
    i mean i still love your music and everythinggg
    but wowwwwww

  • hannah

    something was up tat whole relationship! like Rihanna is saying that wasnt the first time he attacked her!and she had a scratched cornea and had to perform with an eye patch a few times! hmmm….what could scratch her cornea!

  • me me me

    what about j-zay calling chris brown a walking deadman? or was that just made up by the media?

  • elanenergy

    #12 Erica—you really think C Brown’s sponsors left him because he’s black!!???? Are you insane. They left him because he assaulted a woman. Have you not noticed that Michael Phelps, who merely smoked POT, also lost many endorsements???? This IS NOT A RACE ISSUE. Please, don’t make this worse than it is.

  • shaCHEER11

    what michael phelps did and what chris brown did are two way different things. what phelps did hurt himself and maybe some of the people invloved. yes he lost endorsements but he apologized, twice if im not mistaken. he is taking it like a man and taking the consequences. chris hasnt even come forth to apologize. he is having people talk for him. come on chris be a man and take responsibility. i am ashamed that chris has to use violence to end an argument. i was a teen fan girl of chris but i am now embarrassed to be. never to end an arguement ue violence, especially hitting a woman. yes, the situation does go vice versa. i have lost respect for him even if he becomes a man and takes responsibilty.

  • _depot

    I feel for Chris However it is Always not right to hit a lady!!

  • Campushookup

    If he can avoid prison, then that would be a first step. Obv if he is jailed it will derail his career and make it that more difficult to come back. But he is very talented and will likely get more chances and will make good music in the future. Heck, he had the number one song in the country last year so he has many more hits left.