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Chris Brown's Dad Speaks Out

Chris Brown's Dad Speaks Out

Chris Brown‘s biological father is opening up about the altercation between his son and Rihanna.

Clinton Brown, a 44-year-old corrections officer, tells People, “He’s reflecting on this situation. He’s very remorseful. He’s very concerned about the situation and he wants to make sure that [Rihanna's] okay. This is unfortunate, this stumble, this situation. Hopefully, he will get past it. We all have our shortcomings. We all trip… This music industry is very unforgiving when it comes to having indiscretions. He will continue to be a good person. He loves people. And like most of us, most humans, things will occur. And hopefully a person won’t be judged simply on that alone.”

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  • http://bebo junella

    He is A DISGRACE .. his father speaking for him, hiding behind other people’s word’s, dosen’t do justice for the voilence shown to this girl, No Woman should Suffer Violence Regardless of who you are ! Get a grip cATHY ,So your saying it’s ok for him to beat the crap out of her !? Hmm. i don’t see no mark’s on him !!! and why is his father speaking for him ! Coward ! thats why ! Violence Is Wrong no matter what the excuse, end of story ! Peace To All :)

  • Fleece Baby

    Well I’m gonna judge and I think he should be locked up!

  • Sue

    So i take it everyone slating chris brown for what happened is perfect then! I dont think so, we all make mistakes we are just lucky we are not in the lime light and it gets forgotten in no time, Know one knows what really and fully went on behind the scenes to cause this to get so out of hand but sometimes things do get out of hand. I am a lady myself and i say leave the kid alone he is sorry dont dudge him when you dont know him or the situation.

  • anonomyous

    excuse me to all who is on rihanna\s side im on chris’s.
    like jeez!
    chris doesnt need this shit from all of you.
    do you guys understand maybe he had a huge reason.
    like do you guys know what rihanna does to other ppl.
    she doesnt respect people who work for her.
    if she hates you, she’ll hunt you down.
    maybe she made up this story to accuse chris but he didnt do it.
    do you guys get it, she heard a rumor around that chris was hceating on her, he never was.
    and like i said when she wants revenge, she wants it.
    she just destroyed his life.
    shes a bitch nothing else more.

  • i luv cb

    i am his #1 fan nd ill be wit him no matter wat nd she looks way better now

  • i luv cb

    i am his #1 fan nd ill be wit him no matter wat nd she looks way better now i luv him

  • MElanie

    A Kick, A Punch, A Bruise who cares he needs to be given the DEATH SENTENCE!! You know…… You really need to remember “YOU ARE IN THE PUBLIC EYE” no matter WHAT she did or who was at fault he should have NEVER in a MILLION YEARS even thought to lay his hands on a female. He makes me sick to see what her face looks like.

    He MUST NOT get away witht his. I hope his future is ruined as he will not/should not ever be looked upon as a normal young R&B Entertainer EVER AGAIN. He needs to take himself his family and elope as far away as possible from this. And if at all possibble try to restart his life over again.

    Rihana……….. STAY WELL AWAY FROM HIM!! HE has shown his TRUE colours. And as for his father in a statement where he should be sending his thoughts out to Rihana and her family is taken the spotlight to ask the public to forgive CHRIS!!! What a complete TWAT!

  • happy

    u are mad u have injured her and that not right look in the bible u will seeeeee.!!!!!!!

  • Ed

    Interesting story! Athough I believe we should be spending our time dealing with political issues, jobs, family and the economy instead of mindless Hollywood gossip. But for my two cents…although Rihanna could very well have provoked him….you women have your tempers too…. he shouldn’t have reacted this violently. He definitely deserves some punishment, a huge fine, some jail time, or something else to fit the crime. The exact amounts depending on whether she provoked him. Hopefully it goes to court.

  • ali

    wow what the hell, the only thing chris brown cares if he still gonna get money. And if he really did care he would of never hit rihanna in the frist place. Like come on. And he would of told everyone what had happened. But no hes hiding -_- dumb ass bitch.

  • dre

    I dont give a dang what anybody else says, Chris Brown is a real punk. He has no excuse and he will do it again. I am black and am a male and I dont feel like he’s being treated unfairly cuz of his color. The bastard is a pig and should never be supported by anyone. As for Rhianna, if she feels like she wanna get back with this creature, I aint attending the funeral and she is an ass.

  • marcia simon

    to Cathy and SweetHoney: It doesn’t matter even if she started the argument. Nobody should get beaten for what they say. They are two young people; of course, they will have arguments. But nobody expects to be brutally beaten for them. And as to injuries he suffered, honey, I don’t see any. The only injuries he has suffered is the endorsements that were taken away from him. And yes, having been a counsellor, that is exactly how abused women behave; it just means she has a severe psychological problem herself, to have forgiven a man who attempted to choke her within a week or days. That is a very severe psychological , low self-esteem problem she has. It doesn’t mean she wasn’t physically abused. It means that she was probably abused sometime in her life and thinks she deserves it and is still looking to the abuser for affection. That’s a problem.

  • sneeze

    lol @ people defending him just because they are fans. He should be treated as a regular human being and not a celebrity. Everyone knows you will have to do jail time for this, just because he’s a celebrity doesn’t mean he should just get off with just a slap on the risk. If he doesn’t go to jail, the world is f*cked up.

  • sneeze


  • tooter

    i look at him through different eye,s now because there,s no excuse good enough 2 justify his action,s ,hit a man are keep your hand,s 2 yourself, man up player hitting a women is just wrong,remeber you have a mother 2 [correction putting your hand,s on anyone is wrong] ” good luck rihanna ”

  • narnja


    It´s not right to beat up a women, and it is not an “INDISCRETION” where do these people live???… if it would have “just been an indiscretion” he would have hit her JUST once,because he “may have lost his temper” but not beat her up like that… I can´t accept that.

    Each relationship has two parts to share… and I know from people who work with “little miss sunshine diva that doesn´t care about anyone else” , that she can really be a Bitch , but that doesn´t give ANYONE the right to beat her up… beeing a bitch like she is , is a mistake that can be later forgiven, but not something like Chris did…that is not just a mistake because he is young, that shows his “true colors”… ;-)

  • narnja


    Kimmy? Are you out of your mind? If it would have been “just” a snap or a hit…noone would have made such a big deal out of it, but he hit HER with his fists… would you like to be beaten up like that? Well I wouldn´t like it at all…and I don´t think you would like it either…
    He did his mistake, he will pay for it and that´s it. If he would have been innocent he wouldn´t have posted his statement on youtube to tell the people how sorry he is… every man that beats a woman sais the same, every time! and they do it again!!!
    But I understand, you are a fan…
    I don´t like Rihanna private nor on stage and about Chris Brown… I have never listened to a song of him, so I am NOT a fan of none of them… so I don´t really care who was wrong and who wasn´t …
    like I said before, there are always two parts of the story, she will blame him, he will blame her… but the facts remain : he beat her up with his fists several times… and that is a crime, whatever the gender of the person is.

  • ebrima sarjo

    hi guys i like cris so much im fro the gambia in west africa , ma name is ebrima sarjo from a village call basori