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Chris Brown's Dad Speaks Out

Chris Brown's Dad Speaks Out

Chris Brown‘s biological father is opening up about the altercation between his son and Rihanna.

Clinton Brown, a 44-year-old corrections officer, tells People, “He’s reflecting on this situation. He’s very remorseful. He’s very concerned about the situation and he wants to make sure that [Rihanna's] okay. This is unfortunate, this stumble, this situation. Hopefully, he will get past it. We all have our shortcomings. We all trip… This music industry is very unforgiving when it comes to having indiscretions. He will continue to be a good person. He loves people. And like most of us, most humans, things will occur. And hopefully a person won’t be judged simply on that alone.”

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218 Responses to “Chris Brown's Dad Speaks Out”

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  1. 101
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    yawn, am i getting tired of hearing about chris brown
    yes he did a bad dead, but the media is blowing it up way 2 much
    i still am not 100% if he even beat here
    altho im like 80% sure he did
    get over it

  2. 102
    Anon Says:

    What I do not get is the acceptance this behavior has among famous Black men. They should at least say “It ‘s wrong to hit a woman.” Period. They don’t have to say anything specific. I have to applaud Kanye for speaking out. He didn’t trash Chris. He just spoke up for Rihanna. He said, “This should never have happened.” I like Kanye for saying that. He took a stand.

    I”m glad you brought up the eye patch! Other people saw her within the last couple of weeks with bruises on her neck where he choked her before. She has let herself be a punching bag for him! Like somehow, she thinks she deserves to be beat on. This kind of thinking can get her killed.

    I have been in this situation, and have went to therapy for it. In my group, we talked abnout how, the victim ALWAYS think they “caused ” it. They always feel like there is something they can do to stop it or control it. It takes time to realize there is nothing you can do. This is on them. The only thing you can do is RUN.

    I know he wrote Disturbia for her CD and they sometimes perform together. I really hope her management isn’t forcing her to be around him because of that. If she is permanently damaged (choking is bad for your voice!) or killed she can’t make them any money!!!

  3. 103
    twostrikes Says:

    please stop using Phelps as an analogy for what happened with Chris Brown. Phelps DID NOT lose all of his endorsements and his weed smoking was just an unfortunate slip-up that only hurt him. the minute you do compare Phelps to Brown you are making it about RACE, whether you want to admit it or not. just stop…and stop making assumptions until you know what REALLY happened

  4. 104
    Anon Says:

    Just think about it. Michael Vicks went to jail for mistreating DOGS.
    There was huge attention in the media. For Dog Fights. Michael Vicks also had to make restitution. For Dogs.

  5. 105
    Kimmy Says:

    Honestly some of you guys
    make me sick like seriously your
    gonna tell me that if a person makes one
    mistake he shoud not be given a second
    chance, like seriously put youself in his shoes
    wouldnt you want to get a second chance
    i dont excuse what he did but i have seen worst
    and i dont see those peole getting some much criticism
    i hear Jay-Z talking and he hit a woman in the head with a bottle
    honestly who is he to talk, look a R-Kelly having sex with younger girls
    and he is still making music, which one is worst hitting a woman once or someone that constantly takes advantage of children. Chris Brown made a big mistake yes and he should get help but some people are taking this thing way too far and i know its just because Rihanna is also famous. I feel for Rihanna but Chris doesnt deserve this at all. You guys need to give him a chance and see if he learned from his mistakes.

  6. 106
    Maria Says:

    I’ve liked and loved chris Brown’s songs, not to mention his wonderful singing voice. But i cannot bring myself to ever support, have respect for someone who is a woman beater, abuser, and violent. He’s still young and he already show signs of damage. I shudder to think when he becomes a mature adult.

    No more. I will not support a woman beater and abuser of domestic violence. Chris Brown needs to go to jail and pay.

  7. 107
    Lynn Says:

    he hit a woman, that’s a crime worse enough to pull him off the industry. and he is showing no signs of repentance at all.
    he’s not a kid anymore. he should speak for himself, not hiding like a baby.

  8. 108
    tom Says:

    Chris Brown is a horrible person and a loser. He is not remorseful at all. The 911 tape shows him yelling, “I’m gonna kill you”. Abusive men just want control -control over another human being. They hardly ever change. Rihanna should smarten up and ditch the loser.

  9. 109
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:


  10. 110
    k Says:

    i hate chris brown now. never listening to his music ever again

  11. 111
    elanenergy Says:

    #104: I will use whomever I want to make my point about the criminal “justice” system in this country. I fully agree that it is total B U L L S H I T what is unfolding with Phelps, totally stupid overreaction to a very very minor mistake. What C Brown did is NOT A MINOR MISSTEP, IT IS A HUGE CHARACTER DISORDER!!!!!! The point of comparison is to demonstrate how we as a society need to define “mistake”. DUH!

  12. 112
    Anon Says:

    I don’t hate him. I just think what he did was disgusting. And I get mad that he went to Las Vegas with his “entourage” and she had to go to the hospital.

  13. 113
    G Says:

    Umm, I’m NOT going to get over this. No one should!

    He HIT a woman and possibly sent her to the hospital. There can be NO excuses, no justifications, nothing.

    The public has to draw the line.

  14. 114
    wachagunnaduboutit Says:

    this is a BIG mistake, he needs to deal with the consequences and show responsibility, get help!!! this should be held against him… beating up your girlfriend IS NOT OKAY.

  15. 115
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    I find it sad that there are people who think domestic violence has to do with class. I had a girlfriend growing up whose parents were quite well to do and her dad beat her mom. They kept it under wraps. Violence against women happens to all women of any culture and any class and the quicker we realize that, the quicker we can tackle the problem. Believe me, all KINDS of women are being subjected to some form of violence – beatings, date rapes, you name it. To not see that this is a problem of any social class is to really minimize the sheer magnitude of this awful problem. Why not volunteer at a domestic violence shelter instead of making in accurate social commentaries on this serious problem?

  16. 116
    wachagunnaduboutit Says:

    oh and all of you fuckers saying WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES have never been through abuse yourselves, I have, and it ***** you up emotionally, mentally, physically, sexually… it affects you for the rest of your life. RIHANNA trusted this guy… THIS IS TRAUMA.. it will take a long time to endure what happened to her. NOTHING and i mean NOTHING can justify this violence!!!! i dont care if she yelled, pissed him off, it doesn’t give him a right to get physical!!! this is just CRUEL, INSENSITIVE and MONSTOROUS of him!!! He deserves nothing but the worst.

  17. 117
    girliegirl Says:

    i hope he goes to jail. there are thousands out there who could step in to his place as a singer, very gladly and deservedly. very rarely is anyone in the music industry indispensable, and this little punk is a dime a dozen.

  18. 118
    wachagunnaduboutit Says:

    THIS IS NOT A SLAP, THIS IS A FULL BEAT DOWN!! shaame, shame, all over. just shameful

  19. 119
    mej1031 Says:

    Okay. First off I like both chris and riannah. He’s 19 and she’s wat 20? Well first off we shouldn’t be sayin anything because they both haven’t come out and said anything. I think chris deserves time, but I still like him. I mean he’s only 19 he has awhile to grow up. This is probably gonna haunt him the rest of his days. But we shouldn’t be sayin anything cause riahnnah hasn’t said anything either, NOTHING! I don’t think its right with what he did. But I do believe people make mistakes and they grow up. Look at brittany spears for instance. Thids is my opinion. I mean we don’t even kno the whole story yet. Neither one of them have said anything we’ve just herd the tabloids side. But they don’t kno the story and we don’t kno the story either so we shouldn’t say anything.

  20. 120
    dabu Says:

    Wow, his dad is in denial.

  21. 121
    zoe Says:

    i hope he goes to jail for a real long time

  22. 122
    stella Says:

    Everyone does make mistakes but i mean beating up a woman?? That was just beyond wrong.

  23. 123
    Diana Says:

    “We all have our shortcomings. We all trip… This music industry is very unforgiving when it comes to having indiscretions.”

    He’s complaining about the industry’s lack of foregiveness now? Brown inflicted so much damage on his girlfriend that she had to go the hospital. He left her hurt, alone, and ran away like a coward instead of dealing with the consequences.

    He needs to learn how to take responsibility for his own actions, instead of getting his daddy to do it for him.

  24. 124
    mdr Says:

    This was not an “indiscretion,” and in spite of what some are saying, we don’t all “make mistakes” when it comes to violence. Anyone who is sticking up for Chris is delusional. What he did was a total, inexcusable crime. It does NOT MATTER what led up to it. I don’t care if Rihanna were secretly the nastiest person alive—this is not how things are handled. It is against the law to beat someone up, period. It is against to law to lay your hands on someone, period. He needs jail time, period.

  25. 125
    Shakira Says:

    As a corrections officer, Chris’s dad must know that assaults are not “indiscretions” but crimes. Also, Chris has not publicly expressed any remorse. His daddy is doing it for him. Chris was a mighty big man when he was hitting and hurting Rhianna but is now a little boy hiding behind his father. STAND UP like a man. Admit you were wrong. This is a criminal offense!

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