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Chris Brown's Dad Speaks Out

Chris Brown's Dad Speaks Out

Chris Brown‘s biological father is opening up about the altercation between his son and Rihanna.

Clinton Brown, a 44-year-old corrections officer, tells People, “He’s reflecting on this situation. He’s very remorseful. He’s very concerned about the situation and he wants to make sure that [Rihanna's] okay. This is unfortunate, this stumble, this situation. Hopefully, he will get past it. We all have our shortcomings. We all trip… This music industry is very unforgiving when it comes to having indiscretions. He will continue to be a good person. He loves people. And like most of us, most humans, things will occur. And hopefully a person won’t be judged simply on that alone.”

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218 Responses to “Chris Brown's Dad Speaks Out”

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  1. 151
    Mo Says:

    One thing I find ironic is that everyone says ‘beating up women is wrong’.
    What the hell kind of message is that supposed to send?
    That beating up men is okay?
    No one said anything when T.I was proven of weapon and drug possession, that R. Kelly was doing it with an underage girl, ect ect.
    The only reason that people are so “angry” over this is because RIhanna is a star. The higher up you are, the harder you’ll fall.
    Plain and simple.

  2. 152
    Anon Says:

    Chris Brown’s behavior is a HUGE shout out to a lot of young boys out here. Whether he meant to or not, he IS a role model. Young boys and girls aged 14 on up look up to him. Especially the guys. He just gave them permission. I don’t want to go to the mall and see some young guys grabbing and pushing and getting rough with a girl and hear them say, ” I’m a’ do a Chris Brown on yo’ ass!”

    We need some high profile guys to TAKE A STAND. His father is his father. His comments and opinions are exactly what you’d expect from family. But when you consider what an earlier poster said, that Michael Vick is in prison fbecause he mistreated DOGS, then this is beyond disgusting.

  3. 153
    josephina Says:


    What the hell is wrong with you? There are pictures taken by the police immediately after the incident. Rihanna has a busted lip, bruised lumps on her forehead, black eye, and bite marks. Because she is fair skinned, there are also handprints on her. CHRIS DID NOT CALL the ambulance for her. He hit her until she did not move anymore. She was knocked unconscious by him.

  4. 154
    c Says:

    regardless of what happened, no matter what a woman says or does – a bloke never hits a woman! i dont condone women hitting either . even if this was the case it doesn’t give a man the right to hit a woman. once a man lays a hand on a woman in a violent manner it speaks for itself – only a coward is capable of that – there is no excuses for it, it’s not a mistake – it’s not something they learn from – it should never happen – this sums up my opinion of the dude – he’s a coward and always will be – once an abuser always an abuser, hope i never see his face again – if this dude could of got away with it – he would of, if an apology does come out i’m sure it’s for his career not a remorseful empathetic apology for what he’s done to the poor girl

  5. 155
    BLIP Says:



  6. 156
    black Says:

    Ts, ts, ts……….Chris, you can forget it. Your career is over.

    Hm— I actually believe that he´s sorry, I really do, but still—as alot of people here have been pointing out, “normal” people don´t go that far.

    I know people who have a worse temper and yet never had to physically attack someone else.


    I don´t think that he´ll be making statements anytime soon. Not only because the process has only begun just yet, also, he would most probably like to talk to Rihana first, don´t you think.

    Ts, ts, ts……..I´m really curious to know how this all happened in the first place.

  7. 157
    mertz Says:

    i’m already tired about this sh*t, because some sh*tty douchebag totally went nutso on his girlfriend who he be accusing of flirting with guys, which makes him jealous understandably because he’s a young kid who needs to feel like riri is his woman. but he’s a f’n loser, and i can’t listen or see his sh*t around anymore because that kid just fd it up. i hope she beats the sh*t out of him too. i mean i wish she was stronger and bit his arms and mushed him up like how he did her…he lost it cause she was stressing him over a text he got from a female, and then she threw out his car keys and this young puppy then start acting like a belligerent man. i have to say i was alright with both of them as artists, and now i can’t stand either, but especially him. what the hell did he need to beat down on her for. what is is fn problem? now everyone knows and everyone’s talking about it, so he better be the big man he wants to be and stand up and take the heat or actually fn regret what he did and apologize, but more so apologize to her, because he messed her up. it’s not okay for any guy to do this to their girlfriend and also it’s not right for people to think his actions are acceptable. it’s only acceptable if it was equal punishment, an eye for an eye and everything. i think he can continue to have a career after this, but now everyone will know him as “that guy”…if you’re so insecure to be in a relationship then don’t be in one. for both of them. i’m actually really tired of this sh*t and i don’t want to see this story anymore. i hope she’s okay. he can rot wherever he is for all i care. i mean RUNNING THE F AWAY AFTER YOU BEAT YOUR GIRLFRIEND THEN HIDING OUT AND BEING A LITTLE SH*T HAVING PEOPLE TALK FOR YOU AND CHANGING YOUR FACEBOOK NAME. yeah you didn’t even call the ambulence to get her checked out, but some STRANGER had to report the incident. what an fn dingbat. i can’t believe he ran away. get an fn life kid and start acting like the grown up you want to be so bad. yeah i’m judging him, cause if i messed up like this and people were judging me it would only be right. he thinks this is all going to go away soon, but it’s not, and also he needs to stand up and say he did wrong.

    urabn dictionary CB, and you’ll read some very tasteless definitions, but imagine “i’ll chris brown yo ass” becoming a part of pop culture. lol.

  8. 158
    nysro Says:

    I hope someone beats this fools ass… I am sick of seeing his worthless face everywhere…

    Some how he come out of this a bigger star than he is… (not saying he should).. but anymore, bad press doesn’t seem to hurt people as bad as it should…

  9. 159
    Kimberly Says:

    We may not have all the facts, but there is no reason to hit your partner. None.

  10. 160
    blondie Says:

    Creative Writing.
    This is a fake story.
    (It could have happened)

    Honey, are you alright?
    Yes Chris, but I am pretty banged up.
    Listen, baby I don’t want you to tell the police,
    when they get here, that those three men did this to you.
    I want to take care of them, personally. That is how we do things
    where I come from. It is called street justice.

    When the police get here, you just tell them that I fought with you.
    Tell them that I threatened you. I am going to make those
    guys pay for this, personally. I will hide over there by those trees,
    until they take you to the hospital. I will call you and tell you
    where to meet up with me, later.

    I love you. Bye, until then.

    (Maybe this FAKE story is better than not having any sort of
    explaination to what could have happened.

    None of it makes any sense.

    My fake story sounds more feaseable than what
    may have really happened.

    If Chris was held at gun point, while some men
    might have choked and beat Rihanna,
    is hard for a couple to admit to the public.

    Victims of a mugging.

  11. 161
    HereHere Says:

    Its all about Princess riRi isn’t it? *Roll Eyes*

    I bet she provoked him. I wouldn’t put anything past her! She is a *****!

  12. 162
    jackie Says:

    Chris Brown should be forgiven. Everyone makes mistakes. Even though he abused Rihanna, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all his fault ? Maybe Rihanna has done something bad to him for him to react in such a way ? C’mon, worse things have happened. People might hate Chris Brown after this and think his all ” fake ” and such. But think about it , How much do you know Chris Brown to judge him that much ? Afterall, people do exaggerate. I’m pretty sure Rihanna must have taken abit of advantage from this situation to make things worse. Personally, I’ve always loved Chris Brown, his music and everything. And i won’t stop liking him because everyone makes mistakes, Be thankful Rihanna did get worse.

  13. 163
    Lauren Says:

    everyone makes mistakes
    if u werent a chris brown fan in the person y dnt ya like keep ya thoughts to yourself u didnt like him b4 so dnt act like u care about the whole situation when u dont
    its actually nobodys business but theres

  14. 164
    kaisercloud Says:

    At least he’s not trying to deny it or defend Chris’s actions.

  15. 165
    valeriE Says:


  16. 166
    brandon Says:

    yah, well maybe he should have thought of things before hitting her. his dad makes it seem like hopefully everyone will forgive him

    YOU DONT HIT A GIRL, MAN. didn’t you learn that in like, 1st grade

  17. 167
    jessyinlove Says:

    i think he is completely stupid for wha he did. i beleive that it doesnt matter how bad a women makes u mad u DO NOT lay a hand on her. i use to love chris cuz i thought he was diffrent. i guess i thought wrong he is just like the rest. well not really cuz the rest are smart enough not to do what he did. even if he isnt locked up he is suffering for wat he did. 3 states wont even play his music on the radio. he lost his contract with double mint gum and his new album and new movie isnt coming out. he should of never touched her. she was defenetly abuse because of the bit marks and bruses on her face he even turned himself in for abuse so she was abused by chris. he can take his pretty boy looks and show them of behind bars where he belongs. he did it once and he could do it again. i will never buy anything with his name or face on it i dont support ausers. he is soooo DEAD to me!!!

  18. 168
    Lauren Says:

    oh come on! “we all make mistakes”
    so lets beat the crap out of all women then!
    whatever, we’ll learn
    lets rape children!
    whatever, we’ll learn

    thats the most stupid thing i have ever read in my whole life.

  19. 169
    blondie Says:

    I sure hope that Rihanna is getting better, and stronger with each
    passing day. I hope that her friends and her family are trying to
    comfort her and cheer her up.

    I hope that she will be o.k,

  20. 170
    Chris Says:

    What the **** is wrong with some of these people’s minds. Seriously. Beating should never be condone. Everyone makes mistakes my ass…that’s a poor excuse for a cowards who want to justify their actions.

  21. 171
    therealgossipgirl Says:

    Are you Chris Brown? am i Chris Brown? NO so you dont know what happened or how he was feeling or even if he actually did do it. Yes he shouldn’t have hit rihanna thats disgusting but you must keep an open mind he is innocent until proven gulity!


  22. 172
    lady Says:

    My babysitter was married at an abuser – for 5 years she was working for me and I have no idea – she looked sad a lot and whenever I enquired she said it was her family and never wanted to elaborate – I had NEVER EVER seen her face messed up or anything until one day I walked in on her changing her clothes and saw the most horrendous marks all over her body – then she broke down crying – I was in total total shock

    The woman to me seemed so strong emotionally for me it was so sad – a really sad sight… I helped her get out of that marriage but the ..erk of a husband started stalking me – eventually i got rid of him but I can now understand why some friends don’t like to get involved because you never know what could happen to you if you try to help

    But real friendships are about helping a friend

    btw my babysitter’s husband was A SUPER NICE GUY THAT I THOUGHT COULD NEVER HURT ANYONE

    i learnt my lesson…

  23. 173
    noodle Says:

    Oh damn, I hope he won’t be the next Britney

  24. 174
    Chelsea staub Says:

    c’mon, this is a little bit ridiculous. I mean, ok, he is very bad about all this things, but who said that he is not going to hurt somenone again? he thinks that if he hits a girl again, it’s only say ‘i’m sorrry, i feel very bad about this’ and done! he is free.

    that’s so bad, i really used to like him. and rihanna, she is so cute!
    and no woman, whatever had done before, deserves that treatment.

    p.s: sorry about my english, i’m brasilian

  25. 175
    susanist Says:

    Most likely Mr. Chris Brown’s father, this was not the first time but only the worst time. This was a brutal beating that too many women suffer mostly in silence. We can surely judge him on this incident. Its the one we know about. How dare you tell us that he is ‘concerned about her.’ This was a slip this was a the typical starting small with the abuse, probably telling her to shut up. We note that the longer they stayed together the less we saw of Rihanna on the red carpet. Obviously he was toxic from the start and used his babyface to fool a lot of people. He should get rocked in prison as the punk he is. This is what’s wrong, too many parents making excuses for their criminal and deviant children. FU and F Chris.

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