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Gerard Butler: Fashion Week Friendly

Gerard Butler: Fashion Week Friendly

Gerard Butler came out to support the annual Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection show held during NY Fashion Week at The Tent in Bryant Park on Friday (February 13).

Of course, the 39-year-old Scottish star sat front row, where I ran into him. I also got to speak with Project Runway‘s Christian Siriano and his boyfriend Brad Walsh. Christian had designed one of the dresses for the show. Touched By An Angel‘s Valerie Bertinelli wore one of his creations.

How did this all happen? I got the chance to experience Fashion Week the American Express way; they gave me two tickets to check out this great event. Afterwards, I stopped by their swanky Cardmember Only Skybox, where Cardmembers were watching the show from there. What a morning!

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  • ann

    Go Jared!!

  • Fleece Baby

    This must have been so much fun! I am so jealous of youuuuu.

  • Me!

    Jared, come to mama—-you cutiepie:-)

  • bailey

    You are SO LUCKY!

  • Jo

    jared you lucky

  • Liz

    Jared, you are tops!!!!! How tall was this hunk? Is he indeed six foot two? I love him so much!!!!!! I have been told that he lights up a room like legendary Clark Gable did…did he? Thank you for giving us some more of this Scottish big boy!!!

  • Just Jared

    I know, I do not take this job for granted one bit.

    Liz, yes, I do I think he’s 6’2″…

    Yes, there were many people trying to get his attention. Thankfully I was able to pull him away for a hot second.

  • a total fan

    OH MY GOODNESS, you get to meet the most awesome people. Thanks for all the threads.

  • cutiepie32

    Jared, you are one lucky dog! ;)

  • Mia

    I love Gerard he is hot. Glad he stayed away from Jennifer Aniston. Smart man.

  • qarla

    Haha. Cute pic :)

  • pafan

    You lucky boy. GB is just the best.

  • mayday parade

    I loooove Gerard!! He is tres adorable even if he is twice my age. I want himmm

  • dIETER

    Jared – you’re such a cutie pie !!!!

  • Question

    Go Jared!
    Is Gerard as handsome in person as he is in pictures?????????????????

  • kh

    Don’t forget what a brilliant actor he is.

  • Diana Guminski

    Jared looks like me when I was playing the part of Mobi. GFW, I will admit it, I am Mo_bee. Had you fooled. Sorry.

    Is Gerbear gay?


  • Diana Guminski

    Jared looks like me when I was playing the part of Mobi. GFW, I will admit it, I am Mo_bee. Had you fooled. Sorry.

    Is Gerbear gay?


  • Donnakat

    Jared, you’re a doll! Thanks for posting this!

    Jared, I just want you to know, your date up top (not Gerry, but the actual date…LOL) needs to be changed from January 13 to February 13. Just kidding about the other date. I’m not kidding about Gerry’s sweater, though. Gerry, Gerry, Gerry….you’re sexy and all, but that sweater is not. Please let me take it off of you….pronto (no offense to whoever bought the sweater).


    Where there are models, there is Gerard Butler. Some shop for clothes. He shops for tush.

  • senior

    Good for you Jared, you are really doing a good job and working hard and smart. Looking very good too. God bless you and continued success!

  • Donnakat

    #20…I thought at first you said ‘bush’ instead of ‘tush’. I think I need to have my eyes checked.

  • gerard the f@g butler

    He’s gayer than a gay polygamist with 29 husbands.

  • Swansong

    Congratulations, Jared on meeting Gerry! He’s known for being nice to his fans and his film career is just getting started! Thanks for featuring him on your site.

  • Tin foil hat

    Oh. That’s what you look like.

    *runs away laughing*

  • thefatninja

    Why is this dude always at fashion shows? Yeah, that will stop the gay rumors.

  • Janey

    So Jared, is Gerard as gorgeous in person as he is in photos? Tell us!

  • perpetua

    YAY so happy for you! Love Gerard too ! great photo…

  • gerard Vandenberg

    When there isn’t a fashion-week going on he’s a real *SSH*LE, folks!!

  • pafan

    Gerry, It’s time to put that sweater to bed. Other than that, you can’t get much better. You are just beautiful.

  • luvahhh

    yeah gerrrooddd, me luv u long time

  • rei

    Nice!! Next time, take me yea? haha :D

  • someone told me to

    Well Gerard are who he are and are true to that.. Thanks Gerard..Don`t want you in any other way..

  • Leah

    Oh i hate you! But not really :)

  • TinTin

    I see that he was with the Waverly Inn chick at this event (see GALS website), along with a few other friends. I still think they look really good together. I sincerely hope they’ve got together again.

    Gerry, what ever issues you have in your life regarding relationships, please try this lady in a long burn affair. You need love in your life at the moment. Take a chance on personal happiness. She looks lovely.

  • peaches

    TinTin – please. You are in denial……and it ain’t the river in Egypt.
    Waverly chick ain’t the real deal.

  • peaches

    Tintin – you are in denial and I don’t mean the river in Egypt.
    Wavely chick is not the real deal. Wake up.

  • Tintangel

    Wasn’t Waverly chick the one in the faux fur coat? Ithought she was a hooker ,he picked up after leaving the restaurant?

  • huh

    The woman belongs to his management team.

  • cinnamon

    #37, how do you know that the Waverley chick is not the real deal??!?
    whoever she is, she and Gerry look nice together, they would look like a good couple, the rest I cannot know.

  • peaches

    #40 – I think it is pretty obvious.

  • peaches

    #40 – It is sooooooooo obvious. Why do you think he is so private about his life?

  • Tintangel

    So every actor who keeps his personal life private ,must be gay?
    That is a huge generalization.

  • huh

    #43 – You’re the one that said he was gay not Peaches. LOL.

  • Tintangel

    Actually. I didn’t.

  • yuck

    Good thing Gerald has money and fame, because otherwise, the only tail he would be landing would be homely, overweight chicks with low self-esteem. He is butt ugly! I think Jared is much better looking than GB. Jared, you should “pal” around with Gerald more often, in that he is the perfect foil for you. His FUG augments your natural good looks, so you stand out all the more!

  • huh

    #45 – “So every actor who keeps his personal life private ,must be gay?”" Actually. It sounds like YOU are presuming he is gay because he keeps his private life private. The word gay was originally in YOUR post.

  • TinTin

    Yes Peaches, I must be in denial…it’s so obvious…he’s waiting for YOU!!! How stupid of me!

    It must be you can’t stand the thought of him to be with anyone but you. You wake up, it’s not happening!

    Does it matter she is with his management team? I can’t see any wedding ring on her finger. For heaven’s sake, be happy for Gerry!
    There seems to be a lot of Gerry fanatics on this website that REALLY, REALLY don’t want him to have a girlfriend or have any kind of relationships at all, and that is seriously scary!

  • areyoukiddingme

    #48 – you should calm down. I read Peaches post….she didn’t say anything about him not wanting a GF. You’re the one that sounds wacky.

  • pafan

    Happy Valentine’s Day, GB.