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Jake Gyllenhaal: Just Say Uncle... Vanya!

Jake Gyllenhaal: Just Say Uncle... Vanya!

Super siblings Jake Gyllenhaal and Maggie Gyllenhaal share a laugh at the after-party for the Off-Broadway play Uncle Vanya at New York City’s Pangea restaurant on Thursday (February 12)

Maggie and husband Peter Sarsgaard joined the cast of the Anton Chekhov play a few months ago.

Synopsis: Chekhov’s drama is a mixture of farce and anguish, hopeless infatuations, old grudges and ironic humor. A man and his niece have spent their lives caring for the country estate of a writer they regard as a great man. But when it becomes apparent, during one of the writer’s infrequent visits, that he’s really a failure and a nobody, Uncle Vanya and his niece painfully awaken to the fact that their lives have been wasted.

For more info, visit 10+ Jake and Maggie pics inside…

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jake gyllenhaal uncle vanya 03
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Credit: Edward Opinaldo; Photos: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • angeline

    They both look very happy. But I can see criticism coming her way. So she looks normal. Deal.

  • jill

    oops, looks like maggie aged about 20 years.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    two ugly geeks.
    one went to a gym and the other embraced the fug.

  • krystal

    he got the looks in the family

  • the Pundit

    I will never understand how or why this unfortunate-looking woman is a movie star. Marginal talent and spinster-aunt looks.

  • rebecca

    Thanks God, Reese didn´t go.
    Jake looks happy and free like old time.

  • Kim

    She looks terrible. I guess her brother got all the good DNA and she got the short end of the stick.

  • tom

    I feel bad for her, she is one ugly girl. Jake certainly got the looks in the family. I agree with rebecca, Jake looks happy and that is unusual.

  • buzzed

    I thin Jake is hot ina way. I like his hairy body. Who wants a waxed ken doll. His biggest downer = his thin non existent lips. EWWW How is a gal/guy supposed to have fun kissing thin little lips. NO THANKS!

  • Erin

    First of all, Maggie has every bit as much talent as Jake. Have you seen “Secretary” or “Sherrybaby”? She’s a wonderful actor. And just because she’s not as commerically “beautiful” as Angelina (who I’d honestly aruge has about the same chops, not any better, than MG) or Kate Winslet, do we have to call her ugly? Seesh people! Love to see some of your mugs!

  • Hortensia

    1. He needs a shave.
    2. This is why he was at the LA airport a few days ago, blying to NYC to attend his sister’s play opening.
    3. The New York Times gave the performance as so so review. Said the acting was okay but hyper kinetic. The actors needed Ritalin.
    4. She is half way attractive here, but he got most of the good looks in the family.
    5. They are leaving a coffee house. Jake seems addicted to coffee, but that is better than drugs or booze for sure.
    6. Interesting that neither parent is around as far as one can see. Where is mama or papa?

  • X

    I´d like see Jake with his cute niece.

  • X


    Their parents were taking care Ramona. Believe or not…

  • Hortensia

    I agree that she is a good actress. I didn’t like Secretary because the setting and subject were simply unpleasant. I did think she did fine in Sherrybaby. Better than I had expected. She is NOT ugly, but she is not a Barbie doll manequin Hollywood beauty. So what? I get sick of seeing 10,000 super gorgeous blonds all the time. Nice to see a halfway normal looking woman who exudes some intelligence. She has a BA from Columbia University in English Lit.

  • huh

    # 11…hUh…….??????

    kinda strange what you posted.

  • uggly duck

    These siblings have only two things in common: beautiful blue eyes and dark hair.

  • Janey

    They may be siblings but they don’t look anything alike — completely different noses, teeth, facial shape. Maybe the eyes look sort of similar, but that’s about it.

    But they have the same big smiles!

  • Hortensia

    Nothing I posted was “strange”. Only to a “strange” person would it be strange. Everything I said was fact or common opinion.

  • Hortensia

    They don’t look alike because they are not identical twins. Brother and sister with lots of different genes.

  • Hortensia

    Here’s the menu of the restaurant they went to. Jake tends to favor Italian cuisine. I am a bit surprised that his pal Chris was not there. Or maybe he was but simply not in the photos.

  • bet betty

    How. People. Can. Be. That. Bad. Looking?


  • Ally

    my favorite pair of famous siblings :D they are great actors and i really dont agree with 17, they look a lot a like. mabe not in these pictures but their eyes look the same.

  • 20 20

    Neither one of them is good looking.

  • Hortensia

    Most people think Jake is very good looking. Not a pretty boy, a good looking guy. Zac Efron is a pretty boy if that is what you want.

  • halle

    I think he’s butt ugly.

  • Hortensia

    #25 then why would you come here to look at his pictures?

    On another site Maggie evidently said their mother was trying to move in with her and Peter. Figures. The mother is said to be broke and the parents’ home is or was up for sale in Hollywood. Mama needs a place to bed down, perhaps.

  • Wtf

    Maggie’s face is melting off, holy shit!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    “jake & DROOPY gyllenhaal”, folks?

  • Hortensia
  • Stacey

    So nice to see Jake relaxed and happy looking. He just can’t fake looking happy whenever he’s with his beard girlfriend, Reese. Does his PR tell him the truth about what a fake couple they look like or does his PR lie to him and tell him that the showmance is working and people believe he is straight.

  • debra77

    I think he has a boyish charm.. But I have to be honest.. I do not find him sexy in the least. I don’t care about his abs or body.. He just does not make me think Sexy when I see him.. Same for Leo… (who by the way does not have a good body).. JMO

  • david cook

    lol, ugly siblings, I can’t believe this… :)

  • Meg

    They look really happy and having a good time together, that’s great!

  • Erica

    Is that his sister? OMG, why is she taking pics?!

  • pafan

    Neither one of them is good looking. She’s really aging badly. He’s a dork. Why are we looking at them?

  • shayna

    HOORAY!!!! Jake actually looks extremely happy for once. It is great to see his old self again. Finally. I’m glad that he is actually spending some quality time with his sister. We have not seen any of this since he hooked up with Reese. It figures, because Reese is so damn controlling. Way to go Jake, keep it up!

  • matt2b

    maggy is horrible!
    BTW vanya means “periods” in i dont remember which langage but that sucks!
    but maggy s face is not “normal” , it’s supernatural and we gotta hunt it!!

  • Ivana

    Maggie and Peter reminds me of old married couple who just turn back from 1918. Their style is totally boring and uninteresting.

    Nice to see Jake… he always pass. :-P

  • Julia

    #37 hahaha, “Vanya” is only a russian name!

  • happy and beardless

    Jake looks so happy! Everyone there looks happy and like they’re having a great time. No wonder: Jake’s “Hollywood’s Highest Paid Oscar Winning Actress” beard midget wasn’t there. More to celebrate!

  • LolaSvelt

    That’s a very unflattering photo. I still think she’s beautiful. Obviously you superficial idiots will disagree.

  • Ivana

    I don’t think that Maggie is ugly …
    but her black outfit looks little bit depressive… she need bright colors.

  • malibusunrise

    ugly girl

  • Ruth

    She looks fine for a woman who has just given a performance and is obviously tired and wants to get home because it’s late.

    Don’t forget that these pictures haven’t been airbrushed like 99% of the photos posted on this and all the other celeb sites. Every picture of any A, B or C lister is published after hours of computer airbrushing and we should remember that when we see these “visions of beauty” in mags and on the net. A good example are the the last two photoshoots of Kate Winslet for Vanity Fair and another magazine – you could almost see the changes that had been done to her and she was unrecognizable. She certainly doesn’t look so good in pics which haven’t been airbrushed!

    So it is simply not fair to compare these pics of Maggie, without makeup after a hard day’s work, and pics of actresses who have had hours of makeup, hair + airbrushing.

  • sandra

    Maggie isn´t ugly woman but she is not a kind of Angelina Jolie.
    No problem cause Meryl Streep is amazing actress and she isn´t a diva. I mean Maggie can be big actress cause beauty is not fundamental to her job.

  • moving on now

    I don’t think it is essential to be beautiful to be a good actor. But I have a huge problem with the media trying to tell me that the Gyllenhaal’s are sexy or attractive. Neither one of them has a sexy bone in their body and she is hideous. He is OK for a guy but he kind of looks like a cartoon character of a Basset Hound. I hate how his mouth is always open when he smiles.

    The only movie I ever saw her in was Batman and she was terrible. I have seen Jake in a few movies and he’s just alright nothing amazing IMO.

    They are the John and Joan Cusack of the 21st century. Who agrees?

  • Hortensia

    Another review, also not very favorable to anyone in the cast, except Meryl Streep’s daughter who is praised to the skies.

    Too bad Maggie didn’t get better reviews. I’m sure she tried hard. She is a serious actress and not just a Hollywood sex goddess.

  • Seraphina

    I really enjoy seeing this brother and sister together they genuinely seem to just love each others company.

    While I will be the first to admit I have been on the Maggie is not a looker band wagon a few times, I have had a change of heart as late.

    While she isnt a typical Hollywood carbon copy that is for sure, it is refreshing that someone that is certainly average at best can be cast in great movies. I know I know we see average looking people everyday and thats why most of us are taken by the Hollywood beautiful people, but, when you see her she seems so much more genuine than the brooding, posing, full lipped media seeking celebs that are so often featured more than any other on this website.

    So, thanks for the pics Jared, I get tired of the Addams family cheerleading and like seeing some real people for a change.

  • Hortensia

    People who think Reese is Jake’s beard have to explain why Reese would bother to play this role since there is NOTHING in it for her. She could have zillions of men to date; why would she choose a gay guy? Nobody can explain that.
    Jake was quite sexy in Brokeback. In the beginning of the picture when he arrived and stretched out against the truck, languidly displaying himself for Ennis to see, he was very sexy.

  • Seraphina

    I like Maggie in the movie World Trade Center as the pregnant wife of one of the surviving fire fighters pulled from the rubbage.