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Lindsay Lohan Not Joining 'A Nightmare On Elm Street'

Lindsay Lohan Not Joining 'A Nightmare On Elm Street'

Lindsay Lohan has been cast as the lead female role in the remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street, the film’s producer Andrew Form confirms exclusively to

“We were lucky to receive a call from Jason Weinberg, Lindsay‘s manager,” Andrew tells “He called us to tell us that Lindsay was very interested in the film and wanted to be a part of it. We called Jason back after Wesley Strick finished the script and asked if Lindsay wanted to look at the first draft. She looked it over and loved it. She thought this was the perfect vehicle for her.”

Andrew and Bradley Fuller, who produced the remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th, will be with producing the Nightmare remake. Also on board is Michael Bay, who directed both Transformers films.

Michael, Bradley and I couldn’t imagine having a better actress for the part and without an audition we cast her,” Andrew adds.

It was announced yesterday that famed music video director Samuel Bayer will be directing the horror flick.

Tidbits: One Tree Hill‘s Sophia Bush auditioned for the role, as well as Danielle Panabaker, who stars in Friday the 13th…in theaters today, Friday the 13th!

UPDATE 1: Laaaaaaame! Someone apparently punk’d me and is trying to ruin my reputation. Rude. This business is shady! Yes, Lindsay‘s rep has confirmed she will not be starring in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Deepest apologies. Lesson learned. But if this role is up for grabs, they should cast Lindsay!

UPDATE 2: That was helpful. I just got off the phone with the real Andrew Form! A casting director has not been hired yet for this project but I will now be kept in the loop when real casting news hits. Thank you for making this happen, Mister Impersonator!

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  • h

    why do we need another NOES? Hollywood sure is getting lazy

  • mm

    fingers crossed it does good for her

  • lenny

    another razzie for lindsay ?
    she’s going to ruin this movie

  • danz

    I think they forgot one important thing…Lindsay cannot act.

  • hwooddood

    Been waiting for this movie for a long time….now I’m a lil concerned with LL on board. Please don’t ruin this LL :)

  • palvasha


  • blah girls

    Remakes are NEVER any good but at least maybe this will prompt Lilo to get eating some cheeseburgers!!

  • symara

    Finally Lindsay found a movie that fits on her.

  • Tricia

    That tidbit about Sophia auditioning for this movie is a HUGE lie. I know that for a fact……people need to get there information straight.

    Any ways, lets see how the remake turns out………..

  • WTF????


  • Savannah

    You guys are idiots. Lindsay is a good actress, you can’t deny that but knowing alll the stupid shit that she does people see past her acting & see that yeah, she’s a trainwreckkk but don’t say she can’t act. I love her and I only focus on her acting, I don’t care if she’s coked up or whatever. She is a talented actress. I love Nightmare on Elm Street. I used to watch alll of the movies. I hope Lindsay puts her alll in this film.

  • jon

    best idea ever, hopefully she can prove herself… and if its a hit which it most likely will be she can lose the “Box office poison” stigma. yay!

  • kAY

    Ewwwww. Not interested in the movie at all.

  • gada

    shut the fuck up you assholes and get a life

    lindsay i wish you the best ,hope the movie is good

  • david

    The tidbit about Sophia Bush is WRONG!!!
    She didnt audition

  • Mik


  • blah

    if its true that sophia auditioned for this role then they don’t know what they are missing.
    sophia is an amazing actress..and lindsay is…not. -.-

  • Trase

    Awesome. I didn’t want to see this movie but now I cant’ wait.

  • mel

    LOL “She looked it over and loved it. She thought this was the perfect vehicle for her.” i bet she loved it and thought is was the “perfect vehicle for her” it is the ONLY “vehicle” that has been offered to her… ahahah! what a friggin joke. Now i cant go see the movie! damn it! :|

  • LindseySucks

    Hate Lindsey Lohan………why the hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll did they pick her of all people??? I used to love her in The Parent Trap but she pulled so much sh*t after that, I’ve lost all respect for her. She’ just like the other Hollywood bimbos.

  • Pottymouth

    This is great news. Lindsay is PERFECT.

  • ??


  • Carrie

    Lindsey Hohan, WTF?? This movie will definitely suck ass.

  • jasmine

    I’m glad Sophia isnot going to be in this movie, this movie looks like it’s going to suck! Lindsay is a good actress, but she fucked up her career and most people don’t want to see a movie with her in it.

  • Halo

    The millennium sure has alot of remakes. I just don’t see the need to remake a classic like the original. If people think it’s dated then buy it on HD. The film is great in HD.

  • seriously

    Why her??
    I’m really shocked anyone would attach a person with her history to any projects!
    I’ve seen her in a thriller, it was called I Know Who Killed Me and it was HORRIBLE.
    I’m sure this remake will make money.. because they all do, but come on.
    Least she’ll get some money and Sam can’t stop supporting her.

  • ly mn

    Soofee what? Who? Why?
    This movie may not be good.
    However with gorgeous Lindsay in it,
    millions of people will want to see it.

  • hey

    lindsay actually is a good actress… georgia rule is one of my faves.

    i hope this goes great for her :)

  • bonnie

    Who’s playing freddy? Surely it’s still Englund

  • karmababykarma

    Sophia did not audition for the role, she was interested in the role but decided to not audition for it!

  • twlight fan!!

    Sophia Bush DID NOT audition for the role. Look on her IMDB page, Hit list. Nowhere does it say she auditioned for it!!!

  • dana

    They really should’ve gone with Sophia. She’ll at least show up for work, on-time and sober.

  • hahaa.

    you fucking idiots.. IMDB does not post all the roles that shitty actresses like sofia bush didnt get. She sucks, and has a chunky body.. she could HAVE never done a role like this.. she s on the WB for christ sake.. You people are fuck*in RETARDED. Lindsey seems like she could def handle a role like this.. I will def go see it.. wouldnt say the same id=f they were actually stupid enough to cast Sophia Bush

  • LolaSvelt

    And she said she wanted to be taken serious?

    She’d ruin it? Hardly. It’ll already be ruined.

  • @#27

    If that’s true then why have her last few films bombed??

  • jasmine

    #33, Sophia is not chunky. Just because she doesn’t look like a god damn walking stick, doesn’t make her chunky. Btw, she’s not on the WB. You seem to be the only retard here!!!

  • Cathey

    She is a nightmare!! I hope that someday she gets some help!


    Sophia DID try out.. shes a terrible starving actress that needs all the publicity she can get. TRUTH she wasnt casted because A. she cant act her way out of a speeding ticket. Hence why she was kicked of Terminator 3. B. she didnt look the part. I work in LA and know these are the facts.. just to clear things up for you little One Tree Hill fans.

  • Jenny

    #36… She is on the wb.. my little sister watches her show.. that the only reason I even know who she is.

  • JH


  • jasmine

    She’s on the CW. WB doesn’t exist anymore.

  • what a joke

    Is nothing sacred? Nice publicity stunt, but Form and Fuller are just living up to their pervy repuations

  • cheesecake

    Of course this role is perfect for her, because it’s another lazy hollywould remake. Crappy actress for crappy producers, writers and directors who can’t come up with their own material.

  • mslewis

    Lindsay is(was?) a good actress but I don’t think “Nightmare” is the proper vehicle to showcase her acting talent. Of course, it’s probably the only script she has seen in a long time so natually she took the role. I think the most important thing she can do is get to the set ON TIME everyday, SOBER and ready to work. She cannot mess this up with her antics. If she does it will be the end of her movie career. For real!! So, please Lindsay, I’m rooting for you. Don’t mess this up!!

  • slambang

    NOES remake + Lindsay Lohan = Epic Fail.

  • Beth

    Hope lindsey doesnt fuck this up! def. better for the role than those other loosers they mentioned.. but hope she takes it seriously unlike Georgia Rule

  • Acne

    Hope she doesnt die

  • voshosoo
  • Magan

    UGH! I hate that they’re remaking this at all! Why ruin it with Lindsay! I decided along time ago that I wasn’t going to watch it, now I really don’t want to watch it, cause this is just going to ruin the whole thing! The fact that they won’t hire Robert as Freddy again makes no sense at all.

  • Megan

    Lindsey will RUIN that re make she is a shitty actress as is. Scary movies do not need her help especially with a classic like Nightmare on Elm Street