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Lindsay Lohan Not Joining 'A Nightmare On Elm Street'

Lindsay Lohan Not Joining 'A Nightmare On Elm Street'

Lindsay Lohan has been cast as the lead female role in the remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street, the film’s producer Andrew Form confirms exclusively to

“We were lucky to receive a call from Jason Weinberg, Lindsay‘s manager,” Andrew tells “He called us to tell us that Lindsay was very interested in the film and wanted to be a part of it. We called Jason back after Wesley Strick finished the script and asked if Lindsay wanted to look at the first draft. She looked it over and loved it. She thought this was the perfect vehicle for her.”

Andrew and Bradley Fuller, who produced the remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th, will be with producing the Nightmare remake. Also on board is Michael Bay, who directed both Transformers films.

Michael, Bradley and I couldn’t imagine having a better actress for the part and without an audition we cast her,” Andrew adds.

It was announced yesterday that famed music video director Samuel Bayer will be directing the horror flick.

Tidbits: One Tree Hill‘s Sophia Bush auditioned for the role, as well as Danielle Panabaker, who stars in Friday the 13th…in theaters today, Friday the 13th!

UPDATE 1: Laaaaaaame! Someone apparently punk’d me and is trying to ruin my reputation. Rude. This business is shady! Yes, Lindsay‘s rep has confirmed she will not be starring in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Deepest apologies. Lesson learned. But if this role is up for grabs, they should cast Lindsay!

UPDATE 2: That was helpful. I just got off the phone with the real Andrew Form! A casting director has not been hired yet for this project but I will now be kept in the loop when real casting news hits. Thank you for making this happen, Mister Impersonator!

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  • A

    danielle auditioned? NO WAY, she DIDNT. who is sophia??? DANIELLE PANABAKER WOULD NEVER AUDITION!!! FOR IT.

  • Mel

    You are a f*ckin idiot. F*cked up people like you amuse me to no end. I love how you think Sophia is chunky when the truth is that she far from it. Theres a reason she’s always making lists based on her beauty alone. So get over yourself. I’m pretty sure your ugly as helll and feel the desperate need to bash others to make yourself feel better about yourself.

    And #38,
    Sophia DID NOT try out for the part. She was interested but decided not to audition due to reasons I’m not going to bother discussing with morons like you. And this isn’t the first time Just Jared has there “facts” wrong…..I’ve seen it happen all the time on this site.
    And she’s FAR from a “starving actress”, not only is she on OTH, but she also has two movies out for release some time this year……so crawl out from whatever rock you’re living under and get your information straight.
    Also Sophia was NEVER kicked off of Terminator 3…….they really liked her and casted her. But then then very early on before they started shooting, they realized they wanted someone who looked much older for the part Sophia was casted for because Sophia looked entirely too young. If she was so “bad” then the director would’ve never praised Sophia in one of his interviews while saying that he would like to her work with her in the future. So take my advice, and SHUTUP before you make yourself look even more dumb by talking about sh*t you don’t know anything about.

    Stick to the topic at hand-LINDSEY LOHAN and “A NIGTHMARE ON ELM STREET”.
    Enough Said.

  • KL

    Lindsey Lohan is going to ruin this movie……believe me. She sucks!!!!

  • Lina

    They should’ve hired someone like Vanessa Hudgens.

  • Lillianne

    They’re going to be soooooooooorrrrrrryyy!

  • Chelsea

    I kind of like it, I dont believe the Sophia Bush thing. But If Lindsay stays on this, they better have a good cast behind her. huh. Interesting.

  • alina

    1.Come on, give her a chance! Did you all critics forget that she’s young and began as a kid? You have to break out simeday and get your lessons, like every normal teenager as well!

    2. When a movie turns out to be bad, most of the guilt is on the director! The director is leading the actors, he hast to animate them and to guide them through the roles. Every award-winnor is thanking the director first. Look at very popular astors like for example Nicole Kidman – she sucks badly sometimes and is amazing in other movies. It depends on the director. Not only of course, I wouldn’t say that… but a good director needs to have the ability to get the best out if the actor. And that Lindsay Lohan ist talented, we have seen in her big movies like Parent Trap.
    If you are talented, you just are, it’s not going away.

  • Chaz

    Alina = Dina ???

  • alina

    …and all movies by Chris Sivertson, the director from “I Know Who Killed Me” sucked. In fact teh Razzie was his only win.

  • cam

    What is it with her face!!!

  • Mandy

    The original was so good…..why mess with it??

  • alina

    haha no i’m not Dina nor Aliana ;) I think she would use a better nickname ;)))

  • see

    #57 I agreed with your second part. Story and director is what counts most. Also, I can understand why they make remakes. Many reasonsto say.I’m kind of curious of the story of this remake. Until then, waiting for the trailer before saying it’s going to suck.

  • Beth

    TO MEL: YOU ARE THE FU*KIN IDIOT. What are you ugly sophias PR? The bitch is chunky. she has big, white grandma arms and a serious case of cankles. Hate to break it to ya.. but not really makin the beauty lists lately.. and has never made it to top 10. NEVER. My body is sooo much nicer then that fugly girl.. Im sure 95 percent of these girls who post shit on here are because her unflattering figure aint tough to beat. HOW DO YOU KNOW SHE DIDNT TRY OUT? she did and she didnt make the cut. plain and simple.. as for the terminator 3 thing. Are you really THAT dim whitted. See.. when they go to cast actresses in movies.. they think of things like “does she look too young” BEFORE they start filming.. not two months into the project. They cut her because she cant act for shit, so they hired Claire Danes who actually looks YOUNGER than fugly soph. The Director didnt “praise” her.. he only said those things because of business standards. No director has EVER gone off on an actor theyve booted off. NOT PROFESSIONAL. You are a sad, pathetic little individual. Im sorry you are so diluted.

  • Lizz

    well, there goes any chance that this movie will be cool.

  • Emily

    i will not see a remkae of this movie if hoehan is in it!

  • Emily

    i will not see a remkae of this movie if hoehan is in it!

  • krystal

    wow well they are acting like she is such a treat to have lets hope she actually makes it on set this time!

    i cant belive she is working again i rather sophia bush get the role
    but now that they put her in it the movie is sure to suck…………unless shes killed off that would be funny to see lets hope they make it in 3-d

  • Helen

    Im soooooo glad that Lindsey got the role between those other nobodys.

  • jasmine

    Beth, you’re insane. Sophia is healthy. She doesn’t have any rolls or fat on her. Btw, those hot lists are a joke!
    I think that Lindsay is still kinda attractive (I think when she was 17-20 she was very pretty) and she’s a good actress, but no one takes her seriously. I think this is a bad role for her to take at this point.

  • ty

    no! plze dont shes a horrible actress. plze no for the love o f god. plze dont cast her. the movie is already ruined.

  • Mel

    No YOU are the f*ckin idiot you retarded ass b*tch. Your post just proved what an incredibly jealous hag you are or else you wouldn’t have said what you did. Does bashing people make you feel better about yourself???
    I’m a woman, and I’ll admit straight up that Sophia is beautiful and sexy. But I’m not the only one… friends, my brothers, and there friends all thinks shes hott too. So take that “grandma” sh*t and shove it up your ass.
    Unlike half of the women in Hollywood these days, Sophia has a gorgeous, curvy body, and I for one am glad. Because some of those anorexic looking chicks give nothing but little girls the wrong impression.
    And yeah b*tch, Sophia DOES make beauty lists and made numerous lists just last year alone. And its only February of a brand new year, so I’m pretty sure she’ll be making plenty more this year too. It sounds like you have some sort of personal vendetta against her….what happened?? Did she call you ugly or something??
    AND I HAPPEN TO KNOW THAT SHE DIDN’T TRY OUT FOR THIS FILM. I don’t have to tell you how I know because out of respect for her and others involved, I don’t want to say anything. BUT SHE DID NOT AUDITION FOR ANY ROLE IN THAT MOVIE.
    And I had a feeling that some moron like you would say something like that about Terminator 3…..yes its true that before they cast a person for a movie, they look at everything. But sometimes, even after checking everything out and casting someone, right before the shooting starts and even after it starts, they end up changing things around, even the actors, because they see that a new direction might end up being better in the long run. And you made yourself look like an even bigger ass by saying that they think things through BEFORE they hire someone. Why you may ask?? Well b*tch, its because like you said, they do check everything out before they hire someone…..INCLUDING whether the person knows how to act or not. For Terminator 3, they didn’t just look at her and were like “Oh, your hired.” Sophia had to audition and everything and then they hired her AFTER they saw that she did indeed have acting chops. But like I said before, sometimes things change and they decide to go in another direction even after things are set and done. It wasn’t because Sophia didn’t know how to act, got it b*tch???
    And you can take that “business standard” thing and shove that up your ass too. Directors don’t have to say or do anything. The director did praise her, he didn’t even have to say anything at all, but he did.
    So the only sad, pathetic little individual I see here is YOU because you’re a JEALOUS f*ckin hag who is too damn diluted because she’s blinded by hate for someone who doesn’t give two sh*ts about her.

  • Robyn

    well Im glad they were at least smart enough to cast Lindsay over that lame actress Sophia Bush. Lindsay is totally hotter and more talented.. but thats still not saying much if you ask me.

  • Kayla

    ^^Well said Mel, that Beth psycho is one crazy lunatic. Some people are seriously insane.

  • Jennifer

    to #9. How do you know? Im curious.. im a OTH fan and am always hoping that Sophia does more than the show.. but she never does.. Maybe if She actually DID try out for things she would become famous : )

  • What?

    There are so many better actresses in Hollywood and they picked Lindsey Lohan??? Are they insane????????????????????????

  • Jessica

    Mel—-You Rock.
    Beth—–Drop dead.

  • @#38

    Could you sound like anymore of a wannabe??! Gross!
    You work in LA? Woo f’ing hoo. You and dozens upon dozens of other people. If you did anything important you’d be doing it now and not posting on here. My guess is you’re a grip and probably work on “low budgets” or “straight to dvd’s”. If you know anything about marketing you would know EVERY demographic needs to be pleased. So their have to be curvier girls put in projects.. for men who like T & A. Not to be so blatant, but that how it works.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she’s gonna mak the movie suck even more
    i hate remakes!!

  • T


  • LOL.

    I feel sorry for you MEL. Someone sounds a little bit obsessed with Sophia Bush. Im not sure about that other chick either.. she has problems too.. but wow. kinda sounds like youre the obsessive psycho here. or Sophia Bush herself.. shes such a loser she prob goes on her to defend her name. this all just makes me laugh.. Im excited to see the new Freddy Kruger.. and personally think Lindsay would do a better job.. both pretty girls, but Lindsay just seems more fit.. Sophia should stick to her teeny bopper CW shows : )

  • zone3

    lindsay lohan is not a LEZ

    i have proof

  • #78

    #78.. correct me if im wrong ..but Lindsay has big tits. Sophia doesnt have any if you take off her push up bra.

  • Mel

    Actually #81,
    I was just making a point to that Beth idiot. But yeah, I’ll admit that I am a Sophia Bush fan…..a HUGE fan. I’ve been a fan of hers since 2003 when I first saw her in OTH. We all have our favorites and she just happens to be mine.
    I just don’t like it when people bash others for no apparent reason or when they say stuff that just isn’t true. So you can either deal with it or amuse yourself. I could really f*ckin care less. Personally, I think YOU’RE the loser……you’re probably Beth herself…… thats FUNNY.

  • Cynthia


  • Cynthia


  • freddy

    go back to posting about tommy girl and his katie-beard.

  • um

    If it’s so “shady” why are you posting stuff about it day and night? Wow, so funny! And phew, that Linds isn’t going to ruin yet another movie!

  • uglysexy

    hey…I’ll come on as freddy’s brother….
    because freddy’s DEAD !!!!

    !!!! !!!

  • a friend

    yes, this buisness is shady. you seem like a nice guy, so get out while you still can. Before you end up like Perez. -xo

  • tiff

    don’t worry about! love your site.

  • JAKE

    What rep? This is a truely turpid tabloid.

  • Fleece Baby

    I love Lindsay..she may be going through a rough patch right now but look at Brittney, she went through so much and now she’s back in action!

  • Ma

    who cares either way.

  • rhonda

    I cannot stand when how ppl think they can take a perfectly good movie and think they can better it but only ruin it!! ANOES still scares the crap out of ppl and should not be remade! Wes Craven cannot be out done!

  • W

    Lol Jared you’re so funny!!

  • lenny

    jared you should have know
    I mean who wants to hire her she’s finished

  • richsugardaddy

    Wow, it would be a great comeback movie for her. Horror movies are in and it would be the low-risk film that studios would jump at. Unless she overdoses again, insurance companies would still hire her.

  • lauren

    You will *not* be kept in the loop? is that a typo?

  • OMG


    He meant what he said. No one is going to inform him. Read right sweetheart :)