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Lindsay Lohan Not Joining 'A Nightmare On Elm Street'

Lindsay Lohan Not Joining 'A Nightmare On Elm Street'

Lindsay Lohan has been cast as the lead female role in the remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street, the film’s producer Andrew Form confirms exclusively to

“We were lucky to receive a call from Jason Weinberg, Lindsay‘s manager,” Andrew tells “He called us to tell us that Lindsay was very interested in the film and wanted to be a part of it. We called Jason back after Wesley Strick finished the script and asked if Lindsay wanted to look at the first draft. She looked it over and loved it. She thought this was the perfect vehicle for her.”

Andrew and Bradley Fuller, who produced the remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th, will be with producing the Nightmare remake. Also on board is Michael Bay, who directed both Transformers films.

Michael, Bradley and I couldn’t imagine having a better actress for the part and without an audition we cast her,” Andrew adds.

It was announced yesterday that famed music video director Samuel Bayer will be directing the horror flick.

Tidbits: One Tree Hill‘s Sophia Bush auditioned for the role, as well as Danielle Panabaker, who stars in Friday the 13th…in theaters today, Friday the 13th!

UPDATE 1: Laaaaaaame! Someone apparently punk’d me and is trying to ruin my reputation. Rude. This business is shady! Yes, Lindsay‘s rep has confirmed she will not be starring in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Deepest apologies. Lesson learned. But if this role is up for grabs, they should cast Lindsay!

UPDATE 2: That was helpful. I just got off the phone with the real Andrew Form! A casting director has not been hired yet for this project but I will now be kept in the loop when real casting news hits. Thank you for making this happen, Mister Impersonator!

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145 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan Not Joining 'A Nightmare On Elm Street'”

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  1. 76
    What? Says:

    There are so many better actresses in Hollywood and they picked Lindsey Lohan??? Are they insane????????????????????????

  2. 77
    Jessica Says:

    Mel—-You Rock.
    Beth—–Drop dead.

  3. 78
    @#38 Says:

    Could you sound like anymore of a wannabe??! Gross!
    You work in LA? Woo f’ing hoo. You and dozens upon dozens of other people. If you did anything important you’d be doing it now and not posting on here. My guess is you’re a grip and probably work on “low budgets” or “straight to dvd’s”. If you know anything about marketing you would know EVERY demographic needs to be pleased. So their have to be curvier girls put in projects.. for men who like T & A. Not to be so blatant, but that how it works.

  4. 79
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    she’s gonna mak the movie suck even more
    i hate remakes!!

  5. 80
    T Says:


  6. 81
    LOL. Says:

    I feel sorry for you MEL. Someone sounds a little bit obsessed with Sophia Bush. Im not sure about that other chick either.. she has problems too.. but wow. kinda sounds like youre the obsessive psycho here. or Sophia Bush herself.. shes such a loser she prob goes on her to defend her name. this all just makes me laugh.. Im excited to see the new Freddy Kruger.. and personally think Lindsay would do a better job.. both pretty girls, but Lindsay just seems more fit.. Sophia should stick to her teeny bopper CW shows : )

  7. 82
    zone3 Says:

    lindsay lohan is not a LEZ

    i have proof

  8. 83
    #78 Says:

    #78.. correct me if im wrong ..but Lindsay has big tits. Sophia doesnt have any if you take off her push up bra.

  9. 84
    Mel Says:

    Actually #81,
    I was just making a point to that Beth idiot. But yeah, I’ll admit that I am a Sophia Bush fan…..a HUGE fan. I’ve been a fan of hers since 2003 when I first saw her in OTH. We all have our favorites and she just happens to be mine.
    I just don’t like it when people bash others for no apparent reason or when they say stuff that just isn’t true. So you can either deal with it or amuse yourself. I could really f*ckin care less. Personally, I think YOU’RE the loser……you’re probably Beth herself…… thats FUNNY.

  10. 85
    Cynthia Says:


  11. 86
    Cynthia Says:


  12. 87
    freddy Says:

    go back to posting about tommy girl and his katie-beard.

  13. 88
    um Says:

    If it’s so “shady” why are you posting stuff about it day and night? Wow, so funny! And phew, that Linds isn’t going to ruin yet another movie!

  14. 89
    uglysexy Says:

    hey…I’ll come on as freddy’s brother….
    because freddy’s DEAD !!!!

    !!!! !!!

  15. 90
    a friend Says:

    yes, this buisness is shady. you seem like a nice guy, so get out while you still can. Before you end up like Perez. -xo

  16. 91
    tiff Says:

    don’t worry about! love your site.

  17. 92
    JAKE Says:

    What rep? This is a truely turpid tabloid.

  18. 93
    Fleece Baby Says:

    I love Lindsay..she may be going through a rough patch right now but look at Brittney, she went through so much and now she’s back in action!

  19. 94
    Ma Says:

    who cares either way.

  20. 95
    rhonda Says:

    I cannot stand when how ppl think they can take a perfectly good movie and think they can better it but only ruin it!! ANOES still scares the crap out of ppl and should not be remade! Wes Craven cannot be out done!

  21. 96
    W Says:

    Lol Jared you’re so funny!!

  22. 97
    lenny Says:

    jared you should have know
    I mean who wants to hire her she’s finished

  23. 98
    richsugardaddy Says:

    Wow, it would be a great comeback movie for her. Horror movies are in and it would be the low-risk film that studios would jump at. Unless she overdoses again, insurance companies would still hire her.

  24. 99
    lauren Says:

    You will *not* be kept in the loop? is that a typo?

  25. 100
    OMG Says:


    He meant what he said. No one is going to inform him. Read right sweetheart :)

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