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Rachel Bilson Has Puppy Love

Rachel Bilson Has Puppy Love

Former O.C. actress Rachel Bilson cuddles up with her puppy as she braves the rain in Los Angeles on Friday (February 13).

Speaking of puppy love, boyfriend Hayden Christensen picked up Robek’s Juice for her earlier in the week!

The 27-year-old actress has a new indie romantic film, Waiting For Forever, coming out later this year. It was directed by James Keach.

And on a random note, if you think all of Hollywood are Laker basketball fans – you’d be wrong! RB is a season ticket holder to the Clippers. Go Clippers!

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Credit: ODuran; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • hannah


  • 2

    she looks like a witch

  • tom

    I am craze about this girl. She always makes me want to shot one off.

  • nysro

    Does this girl actually do any work, that warrants her being followed by photographers…
    I know she was on some crappy short lived tv show that got way more attention than it should have, but what has she done since???

    She’s seems a lot like Jennifer Garner… and it puzzles my why they are still “famous”…

    At least cover people who are relevant. .. who gives a fuck about this girl and her pupppy..

  • Leah

    Jared these pics were taken yesterday, not today. Oh, and that’s not a neighbor’s house either.

  • Jen

    she sucks at designing and acting,the only two reasons for her to stay in this biz,since she’s not pretty at all…
    so I don’t understand either why she’s still being chased by you JJ…
    and that dog is probably crying,I hate it when people think as if they know what their dogs are thinking.dogs don’t need clothes nor do they need a blanket during the rain
    she should just get married and be a housewife

  • beatriz

    u ppl!
    get life!
    stop hating on other ppl!
    let them live their live how they want to.
    simple as that!

  • g!na

    That puppy is sooo cute! adorable puppy power! :P

  • Kia

    @ 6

    He continues to post stuff of her because every time he does, people who don’t like her come in and post. Then it turns into a 20 page thread . With everyone waxing philosophical about her being an oh so obvious fame whore. What the people that don’t like her fail to realize is that if they didn’t post, she would never get past 2 or 3 pages. Because the people that think she’s full of crap out number the people who like her. So YOU, people who don’t like Rachel, are the reason why JJ keeps posting threads on her. I would think people would have gotten that already.

  • Gasol_fan16

    OMFG!!! That is all I can say! The puppy is cuter then her! :lol:

  • Tina

    Oh….look. A Rachel Bilson post. I’m so shocked. Wasn’t that one blind item about her?

  • boogie


  • Seraphina

    She is getting some thick thighs. Hayden Christiansen will drop her soon if she doesnt get the thunder thighs under control.

  • Jennifer

    Ugh, what happened to her? She used to be so cute. She’s not aging very well. I like her bandanna though.

  • Gasol_fan16

    UGH!! I Clipper’s fan?! WTF? It goes to show how stupid she is! Stupid is as stupid does. She enjoy’s loser’s I see. :lol:

  • Sheena


    There’s nothing wrong with the Clippers. I love them and go to almost every game. That being said, I’ve never seen her there or heard that she was there. Besides, she’s on here most of the time, so when would she have the time to get to a Clippers’ game?

  • zoe

    ever freaking day new pics of that d list moron

  • anne

    Keep posting Jared. I like Rachel. She looks good even in the rain.

    The puppy is adorable. Wonder what breed it is.

    I guess puppies don’t need blankets but it sure help with little puppy claws and fur on a dark jacket.

  • Gasol_fan16


  • ??

    What kind of dog is that? I hope it’s a needy mutt that she found at the pound, but somehow I doubt it. And what is that thing on her head? It looks like a ragged old quilted potholder from the seventies. Girl needs to look in the mirror. You can’t just throw on something you got for a nickel at a yard sale and think it looks cool cus you’re pretty.

  • ??

    I looked a little closer and I see burns in that oven mitt. Very strange, this girl.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    This is the CRICAL SIGN for most hollywood boy’s :
    ………….SHE IS READY FOR A BABY, folks!!

  • RoyaleWithCheese

    I adore this girl. To those of you who don’t, thanks for all of your posts anyhow. As long as you keep it up, JJ will keep posting new threads about her.

  • voice of reason

    @Gasol good to see you are keeping her in the spotlight-thanks, as per your comments in the Hayden thread guess keeping up with friends is not working, they are not here yet.

    Rachel looks a bit upset and very tired does anyone actually know if this is a new dog or did something happen to Thurman?

  • monreal

    Im actually seeing 2 DOGS in this thread.

  • Valorie

    gosh you guys it was just a bad picture she is a very pretty girl. but then again thats my opinion. oh does anyone know if this is a new dog or a friends dog because the last i checked she only had one dog thurmen murmen that she adopted at the pund when she was dating adam brody

  • Smilehexe

    And another helpless being she can use for her purpose… :-(

  • sam

    triumph of the mediocre

  • comrade

    Celebutards who specializes solely on media exposure “kills” so-called acting career.

  • voice of reason

    @26 I have no problem with how she looks just saying she looks very tired I see the usual are back Gasol must have contacted her fan club.

    Although they are not here to make comment just “Talk” to each other. Keep the posts coming JJ loves you

  • reedley

    The OC-Smurf don’t have time to look for acting jobs nor attending acting classes but got lots & lots & lots of time speed-dialing her hired paparrazi?!

  • sharon

    i dont get jared on day you post good friends and the next is boyfriend which is it??

  • anne

    Aren’t the fans of Rachel Bilson embarassed that this is all she’s going to be known for. Photographed on shopping trips, wearing stylish clothes or being seen with her dogs. I’m sure when the OC ended some of you thought she would land meaty roles and at least try to be a better actress. Instead she is this: a quote unquote fashion icon who dates her costars. Nobody talks about her acting anymore.
    Even her next movie, Waiting for Forever, doesn’t seem like much of a stretch for her. Playing a 20something actress? How hard is that?

  • sharon

    see what i mean??

    Hayden Christensen: Let’s Go Yankees!
    Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
    Hayden Christensen picks up a few sweet treats at Robeks Juice on Tuesday (February 10) in Los Feliz, Calif.
    The 27-year-old Canadian actor wore a New York Yankees cap and looked like he hadn’t shaved in awhile. He was seen picking up a cup full of goodness for “good friend” Rachel Bilson, who picked up

  • sharon

    and today you posted this same story but good freinds to boyfreinds??

    boyfriend Hayden Christensen picked up Robek’s Juice for her earlier in the week

  • crapshack

    @#6 – she should just get married and be a housewife…

    Even as much as she wants to &/or after all her direct insinuations, looks like she “still” not getting any of that; nor even getting a gratis knocked-up, so the poor goblin just get a pup for a deep-end consolation – lol!

  • peter

    Thanks Jared :)

  • tania

    sooo cute

  • sidony

    Douchel’s dejected face looks like that its silently screaming that Jumper 2 would come into fruition just so knowing that her flak-ting career still got a heartbeat.
    Anyhow, there’s really “nothing” else to talk worth mentioning about her, so JJ wrote about her M.I.A bff & her direct-to-DVD feature movie for 2 times in a row already. And whoa that really says a lot about her, isn’t it?!

  • fake couple

    wha’s happend to the expect’ed enagememt ring on feb14th?. like i was expecting a ring of hayden its not going to happen. even though i am not a fan of rachel sorry to say she looks awfull. (ill i mean) whats happing to her?.she can do a lot better.

  • Katie

    Rachel is so adorable

  • Observer


    The reason is on the confusion on BFF if you look at AOL they had a list of all the CO-STARS that met onset to dating or married FUNNY these two out of the over 40 people on the list they were not on it. Not to say AOL is top in that but, HELL knowone is buying “THE HEAD GAME” or lets say smart people are not buying it. I guess unless you are a soul supporter of the woman and her toyfriend who makes guest appearences for her when she needs or wants it. Most just ignor her or him and move on.

    And yes that is her home not some friends house funny how JJ can’t get much right on her anymore from where she lives to who buys what, or the buddies she totes around like luggage, Hell that slushy and granola is the man’s regular be it with or w/o her guess he had the munchies as truly it wasn’t made for two people only him.

    And gee if she holds NBA tickets we never ever see her at a game or ever show T-SHIRT support, not even 1 game my theory is that she got them for family or Friends who are CLIPPERS fans..The woman can’t understand what the XGAMES were for let alone understand the NBA , It’s just another way to sell her or should say in hopes to sell her.

  • Observer


    That story goes around every year but, you always here the same crap from the same people it’s more or less wish in one hand crap in the other see what fills up first. and you’ll hear it again and again and again like easter, Cinco De Mayo, 4th of July, Her bday, his bday, halloween, christmas and the list goes on. Again this is a joke show for the readers here on the boards. As for the time JJ post this out my guess is that JJ has different writers and not all believe the same thing or told to write the same information out. So one might put her BFF the other is friend the next its B/F reason thus you get multiple confusion. Honestly she and he are a big joke show as I said. Most reporters know it. HELL one video on X17 called her after getting pic of her with MOMMY getting in her car said she was a LOOSER a BIG LOOSER. Guess if he wasn’t being paid to chase her he wouldn’t have bothered for the pic and video

  • neer


  • 2

    there is something so unattractive about her, it is that always present stupid look in her eyes

  • elsa

    The haters feel better with themselves when they criticize others…especially people they don’t even know…
    I guess they are all better than Rachel…there’s no question about that…
    So keep up with the good work…keep up trashing her as much as you want…
    It’s not as if it makes any difference to her fans…
    And yes…we still love Rachel…

  • mina

    Rachel is sooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fake couple

    @40- i get what you are saying but the rumors come from somewhere. like i’ve said before its plain to see her p.r and rachel read these’s comment’s. note the paying attention to her hand’s. how sad and desperate she has become.

  • regina

    Elsa I agree with everything you said
    But let’s just ignore the haters, let them say whatever they want
    Let them spend their time and energy commenting about someone they don’t even like
    I have no doubt that this makes them feel better with themselves
    Rachel rocks anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fake couple

    no one is calling her but for some one who does not like being picture’d they allways there and rachel plays to it. if she was seen to be doing something postive with her life i’m sure people would not call her. when i’ve looked at past post’ on jared about it was allways good. what changed for her?.