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Rihanna's Father Speaks Out

Rihanna's Father Speaks Out

Rihanna‘s father, Ronald Fenty, was shocked when he first heard news that his daughter had been attacked by Chris Brown.

“I didn’t believe it,” the 55-year-old salesman and freelance clothing designer told People. “They seemed pretty happy [when I saw them together in July]. I don’t know what went wrong… You think you know somebody, but you really don’t.”

Rihanna is currently with girlfriends in Barbados while she heals but Fenty says, “There is some bruising. She will be alright. At some point, she will speak out. I hope she will stand up for women all over the world… If it were me, I’d move on.”

Yesterday, Chris Brown‘s father spoke out.

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  • k

    If it were me, I’d press charges.

  • smokey

    she doesn’t need to, the damage is done and he’s definately paying for it BIG time

  • Holly

    If it were me, I would be afraid of men ..

  • Ouch!

    Hate Chris Brown, his crappy music will not be missed.

  • mju8

    So glad someone from rihanna’s camp is speaking out against chris brown. I’m so sick of only hearing his family and friends defending his heinous crime or pretending like the facts aren’t 95% known.
    I know everyone says we shouldn’t judge him until we know all the facts, but from my view the fact that he beat a woman to a pulp and left her for dead on the side of the road IS the whole of the facts.
    I don’t care if his public image or his private image was ‘mr nice guy’ the fact that he could do this to someone he so-called ‘loved’ speaks volumes.

  • RiRi Luver

    That A-S-S H-O-L-E !! how could he lay his hand on this pretty creature !!
    That’s very childish & STUPID from him

  • dare21

    oh whatev. I guess he doenst no what really happened. She prob. lied about the whole thing!!

  • Roxy

    #7 !! why would she lie abt something like that :S

  • mju8

    #7 (dare21), you’re a moron.

  • Jo

    So now it is confirmed, damn CB gave her bruises!! She should listen to her dad. move on Rihanna

  • Mojo

    wow. this really happened. i cant believe it.


    Her father did not see her. He already came out and said that People
    magazine LIED ALREADY! HE hasn’t seen his daughter since July.

    So all this confirms is that People Magazine lied and said that he saw
    her on Friday when he in fact DID NOT SEE HER SINCE LAST JULY.

  • hope

    She needs to press charges. Chris needs to be shown that there are consequences for his actions, even if he thinks that he is above the law. Any man who beats a woman deserves to be behind bars.
    I hope more and more radio stations boycott his music. The little scumbag deserves everything he is getting. And more.



  • @12

    Maybe she told him, or one of her friends. Or maybe he just read the medical reports, and knew that she was bruised. Heck, I know that she is bruised, and I have NEVER seen her.



  • Halo

    If anyone had any doubt that Chris Brown hit Rihanna then it’s definitely proven now with her father speaking out because before, it was his aunt, cousin, and father basically saying he hit Rihanna but he was sorry. Though, no one still wanted to believe it. Well her father confirmed it as well.

    I know all couples fight with a couple of slaps here and there but seriously, no one needs to go to a hospital after a severe beating. I hate domestic violence. I hate violence in general. Rihanna must be feeling really sad since it’s her birthday and Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, she will heal from this and find someone new, especially someone OLDER. Chris was just too immature for her with all the cheating and tantrums.

  • @14

    There are police reports. That is NOT hearsay.
    Why is Chis in hiding if this isn’t true? Answer me that.

  • Halo

    What’s with the lunatic writing in all caps? If Rihanna did indeed see her father last July, then you don’t know the circumstances of their relationship. She probably saw him after the incident when she was returning home because that’s her father regardless. She probably didn’t want to worry him.

  • mona

    Jesus guys chill out. It just seems like he is taking a stand for his daughter, it’s nothing wrong with that..

  • get it right

    # 12…. please read what is said above carefully before commenting. Her dad said the last time he saw BOTH of them together was in july. He did NOT say the last time he saw HER was in july. That’s okay if you misread the post….it happens.

  • Maria

    I think Rihanna’s father confirmed Chris’s guilt. just read between the lines.

    Press charges Ri Ri, stand up for all the victims in the world.


  • Meg

    YAY DAD!!

  • Beth

    We all make mistakes. Chris made a big one, but he is young and he will recover. I wish him the best in this very difficult time. I will always be a fan because I know we are not perfect. We all have our hiccups in life and Chris will have to pay for what he did, but he will also learn from this.

    As for Rihanna, never cared for her so hopefully she says in Barbados not to be seen again.

  • lakers fan in boston

    now i actually believe that she got hit 100%
    as much as i dont like riri, i feel bad for her =\
    lol never knew chris brown had it in him
    typical “blank” lmao =]

  • yikes

    ew 24 you bitch. go to fucking hell. a woman was beat and chris FLED from the scene. hmm…guilty as fuck. so stop defending him by trying to say “we all make mistakes”. he’s a prick and deserves whatever comes.

  • Makai

    This is a product of Pr agents throwing stars together like slaves. These stars do not want to be together the Pr agents do it to sell their products. It’s disgusting and need to stop. The shallow weak stars need to say.
    The media care less about them they are happy they have a story to sell. Stars are a slab of meat.

  • mertz

    i’m already tired about this sh*t, because some sh*tty douchebag totally went nutso on his girlfriend who he be accusing of flirting with guys, which makes him jealous understandably because he’s a young kid who needs to feel like riri is his woman. but he’s a f’n loser, and i can’t listen or see his sh*t around anymore because that kid just fd it up. i hope she beats the sh*t out of him too. i mean i wish she was stronger and bit his arms and mushed him up like how he did her…he lost it cause she was stressing him over a text he got from a female, and then she threw out his car keys and this young puppy then start acting like a belligerent man. i have to say i was alright with both of them as artists, and now i can’t stand either, but especially him. what the hell did he need to beat down on her for. what is is fn problem? now everyone knows and everyone’s talking about it, so he better be the big man he wants to be and stand up and take the heat or actually fn regret what he did and apologize, but more so apologize to her, because he messed her up. it’s not okay for any guy to do this to their girlfriend and also it’s not right for people to think his actions are acceptable. it’s only acceptable if it was equal punishment, an eye for an eye and everything. i think he can continue to have a career after this, but now everyone will know him as “that guy”…if you’re so insecure to be in a relationship then don’t be in one. for both of them. i’m actually really tired of this sh*t and i don’t want to see this story anymore. i hope she’s okay. he can rot wherever he is for all i care. i mean RUNNING THE F AWAY AFTER YOU BEAT YOUR GIRLFRIEND THEN HIDING OUT AND BEING A LITTLE SH*T HAVING PEOPLE TALK FOR YOU AND CHANGING YOUR FACEBOOK NAME. yeah you didn’t even call the ambulence to get her checked out, but some STRANGER had to report the incident. what an fn dingbat. i can’t believe he ran away. get an fn life kid and start acting like the grown up you want to be so bad. yeah i’m judging him, cause if i messed up like this and people were judging me it would only be right. he thinks this is all going to go away soon, but it’s not, and also he needs to stand up and say he did wrong.

    urabn dictionary CB, and you’ll read some very tasteless definitions, but imagine “i’ll chris brown yo ass” becoming a part of pop culture. lol.

  • @24

    Sure, we all make mistakes.
    But not all of us put someone else in the hospital.
    I hope that he does learn from this “mistake”. And the best way to make sure that it doesn’t happen again is to put him behind bars, where he belongs.

  • Kaka

    There is no excuse for Chris beating Rihanna up. The only possibly justification is if she were attacking him with something, e.g., a weapon, that could hurt him. He needs help. Hopefully, Rihanna will stand up against him. She is a public figure, good or bad, and, as such, she could save some women’s lives. He admitted that his stepfather used to beat up his mother. Patterns. It’s still early to judge but, based on the police statements, he beat the crap out of her. No justification, NONE. It seems the only way he can salvage his fledgling career is to seek counseling and keep his mouth shut until the criminal matter is completed. Afterwards, he needs to show that he recognizes his STUPIDITY.

  • getthefactsright

    for the person (s) who keep saying her dad hasn’t seen RiRi since July…go back and re read the PEOPLE article again carefully.

    her father says he last saw Rihanna and Chris together was in July. He has seen her since she return home Barbados

  • Maria

    Rihanna’s father pretty much says it all …. CHRIS BROWN IS A WOMAN BEATER.

    Now RiRi needs to officially pressed charges and don’t back out of it.

  • mju8

    I hate how some people can excuse his actions and say ‘oh well everyone makes mistakes’. Yes, people make DO mistakes such as cheating when they shouldn’t, or stealing when they shouldn’t, or lying when they shouldn’t. There are mistakes, and there’s willful harm against another human being and callousness in leaving them on the side of the road with complete disregard for their wellbeing – which is the case with Chris.
    I hope Rihanna is getting a lot of love and support right now. As for Chris, I hope he gets what’s coming to him. Nice guy or no nice guy, actions have consequences even for celebrities.

  • blondie

    This did not happen, but what if it did?

    This is a fake story, because I like creative writing:

    Chris and Rihanna are at the party and someone comes over
    to sweet innocent Chris and Rihanna and tells Chris that he
    is going to a certain Park to deliver this brown bag with a lot
    of cash in it, to some tuff guys for a certain bottle of pills.

    Chris asks if he would be kind enough to do it, and everyone
    would be so very greatfull….so, Chris agrees.

    Chris takes the bag and stuffs it in his coat. As he gets ready
    to leave, he can not find Rihanna. After about 15 or 20 minutes,
    she finally comes and says that she had gotten sick in the ladies
    room, and was now ready to leave. Chris is angry, because,
    he knows that you do not keep these tuff guys waiting. They
    get very jumpy and very suspicious.

    They stop for gas. When Chris gets back inside of the car,
    he gets a call that warns him that the tuff guys are very mad
    that he has not shown up, and they are threatening. Chris
    speeds at 90 mph. He pulls into the park and nearly
    wrecks his car. Rhianna had bumped her head, and is bleeding.

    The tuff guys approach the car, and demand the money for the
    “headache” pills, and Chris hands it over, and tells them
    that they have to hurry because Rihanna’s head is bleeding.
    The tuff guys toss the pills inside of the car, but things take a
    turn for the worse. The tuff guys want to see Rihanna’s injuries, and to
    see if she is wearing a “wire,” and if she is acting as an undercover
    cop. When Rihanna yells at the tuff guys, she is dragged from
    the car, and asked who she thinks she is talking to, and she
    is smacked around, and she is choked, while a gun is held to Chris Brown’s head.
    Rihanna spits in one of the stranger’s face, and tries to get away,
    and she starts to scream, while being chased around the car.

    Chris explains, finally , who they are, and that they should
    run, because someone had surely heard Rihanna’s screams
    by then, and so, hearing the police alarms, Chris and Rihanna
    got their stories straight, while Chris took the “pills” to get
    rid of them, and told Rihanna to tell the cops that he hit her,
    and that he had threatend her. Sweet goodbye kisses, and
    then he was off.

    The End….The search is on, right now, for the tuff guys.

  • Shakira

    Rhianna will leave Chris for good and not look back. She is a strong girl. Chris, on the other hand, was a BIG MAN and beating on a woman but is now a daddy’s LITTLE BOY. His father is speaking out and calling it an “incident” or a “situation”. Last time I looked, an assault with bodily harm was a CRIME.

  • Alexkziel

    Why people is denying the beating?

    Chris and Rihanna’s family are speaking about it.
    They are ACCEPTING that fact.

    I don’t understand.

    I will lose respect for Rihanna if she doesn’t present charges and of course, dumps this s h it

  • jaye

    I hope she’s not stupid enough to give that jerk another chance.


    I don’t like Chris Brown, AT ALL, but I’m so sick of this “lynch him!” mob mentality because he hit a woman.

    Hitting a woman is awful, as is hitting a man. Violence is horrible, period! Women shouldn’t hit women, women shouldn’t hit men, men shouldn’t hit men and men shouldn’t hit women.

    We shouldn’t hang him and let him die over the unfortunate mishap with Rihanna.

  • http://facebook Maria from sydney (oz Land)

    There is always 2 sides of a story, we have not heard from either of them, it is all press, the media will always tell lies to makes millions of this. Until we have heard from Chris and Rihanna, we should not judge, as we don’t know, maybe Rihanna gave the first hit and that started the whole ball rolling, sounds like they both have bad tempers, and they both just need space and think this through. I wish them both the very best and hope, they both get exactly what they deserve, no punt intended. GOD BLESS.

  • Jordan

    Are you people serious?? A mistake would be accidentally hitting her once. Hitting her twice in the head, splitting her lip, giving her a bloody nose, biting her hands and arm, and then threatening to kill her and choking her until she blacks out is not a mistake!!! He could have killed her…I don’t care if he intended to or not. And then LEAVE her beaten and alone on the side of the road while his security whisks him away…how can anyone be defending this man. If it wasn’t Chris Brown there’s no way every single person on here wouldn’t be calling him the monster that he is!!!

  • jackie

    It’s a shock that Chris Brown would do such a thing to you but honestly, you never deserved Chris Brown. After this is over, i hope you and Chris will move on.


    i personally lost all respect i had for chris brown. and it wasn’t a mistake that chris brown gave rihanna a beat down. see a mistake would be where chris brown accidently hit rihanna while trying… to put his coat on? a mistake is something like that, not beating her up. he was (im sure) conscious when he beat her so it was not a mistake. and i hate how a lot of girls are like “oh ugh rihanna didnt deserve chris brown anyway. finally MY MAN is done with that wh- of a -ore.” i’m just like wtf youre are so retarded and DUMB. honestly, if chris brown hit you and left you beat up, youd still wanna be like “oh thats my man” that is so dumb. i hope rihanna the best and gets well soon. i feel so bad for her, her birthday is coming up too. she would have been able to legally drink.. haha.

  • athena

    Uh, oh. in Barbardos wth her gal pals…Chris Brown betta watch out…I dunno, just sayin’….lol….

  • chick beaters suck

    Um…Blondie? #34? What kind of f*#kery was that post? What does your crappy imagination have to do with this matter? Nothing. Go write your fan fiction somewhere else. You seriously suck a$$ at writing by the way. Hopefully the “tuff” guys come beat your a$$ for wasting our time reading that nonsense.

    As for the person that said that every couple get into fights where some slapping around occurs, you need help too. Hitting in a relationship is not normal. That includes slapping, pushing etc.

    Chris Brown’s career is over. Put a fork into it. He has no one to blame but himself. I hope he saved his money cause he won’t be working in the industry in the future. He would be lucky to get a job at McDonald’s at this point.

  • lee

    When I first read about this whole thing, I was like: ‘no way’. I just couldn’t believe it, ’cause they looked so happy and got so cozy, and I don’t know, I just always thought Chris looked like a cool guy.
    I find it really crazy that his father thinks what he did was just a mistake like any other human beings usually make, ’cause come on! Hitting someone is totally different from making an usual mistake!
    I tried to imagine what I’d do if I were Rihanna, or any other girl who’s been hit by her partner (there are millions of them), and realized I’d be very scared right now.
    Even though pratically everyone’s on her side, Rihanna might possibly be pretty shocked.
    I’m still elaborating in my head, but for now, all I know is that Chris seems like a jerk (maybe he isn’t, I don’t know him, but just the fact that he did this to his girlfriend, the girl he claimed to care about, it makes me pretty much hate him).
    Rihanna’s father is totally eight when he says that you think you know somebody, but you really don’t.
    I also think it might take quite a long time for her to talk about this whole situation, but that’s understandable.
    I just hope that she’s ok and that Chris will be punished.

  • nina bella

    Shia LeBeouf, please save Rihanna.
    Chris Brown is a PUNK. I put him in the same category as R. Kelly. Chris and R.Kelly need to be jailed! I’ll never buy their albums.

  • rihannafan

    I hope you get well soon Rihanna. Everything in life happens for a reason. We often ignore life’s tiny signs until a BILLBOARD is dropped in front of us. With God’s help you shall rise above this. You have the ability to turn this negative into a HUGE POSITIVE. Rihanna whether you like it or not you have been chosen to represent ABUSED WOMEN. DO NOT LET THE SITUATION BEAT YOU DOWN. DO NOT SHRUG IT OFF LIKE MANY FAMOUS ONES BEFORE YOU. TAKE A STAND.
    RISE!! RISE!!! RISE!!!
    100% BAJAN

  • gerard Vandenberg

    This sales-man must sh*t the f*ck *p.
    ……………………………………………………….do not mess!!

  • g!na

    you know what! he’s a freakin punk! he beat her unconsious and left her! She could of had SERIOUS HEAD INJURY AND DIED! THE JERK LEFT HER UNCONSIOUS FOR DEAD! he should thank his lucky stars he didn’t kill her! This scumbag just left her like she was a dog on a street! He has no value for human life! A stranger called 911! I hope he rots in jail! i don’t care how much money he has! Rihanna has probably more and should get a good lawyer to ruin his faggot azz!

  • lady

    @ blondie – LOL – I luv your sarcasm but you know people will believe that stuff LOL..

    You should write for tv shows, you obviously have talent and that is no sarcasm …