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Sophia Bush: Herve Leger Luscious

Sophia Bush: Herve Leger Luscious

Sophia Bush poses backstage with designer Max Azria (pictured below) at the Herve Leger Fall 2009 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in the Promenade at Bryant Park on Sunday (February 15) in New York City.

The 26-year-old One Tree Hill actress, of course, wore an Herve Leger bandage dress. Here’s some additional reporting from NY Mag: “Sophia Bush probably wishes she’d followed [Joy] Bryant‘s lead. Squeezing through the throng with a wince, Bush yelled at her companion for stepping on her coat – honey, better your coat than your feet – and then plopped down next to actress Danielle Panabaker and mouthed, ‘Oh my GOD.’”

15+ pictures inside of Herve Leger luscious Sophia Bush

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sophia bush herve leger luscious 01
sophia bush herve leger luscious 02
sophia bush herve leger luscious 03
sophia bush herve leger luscious 04
sophia bush herve leger luscious 05
sophia bush herve leger luscious 06
sophia bush herve leger luscious 07
sophia bush herve leger luscious 08
sophia bush herve leger luscious 09
sophia bush herve leger luscious 10
sophia bush herve leger luscious 11
sophia bush herve leger luscious 12
sophia bush herve leger luscious 13
sophia bush herve leger luscious 14
sophia bush herve leger luscious 15

Photos: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for IMG, Anthony Dixon/WENN
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  • jackie

    haha first and sophia pretty as always

  • ashley


  • Digiti


  • Clarissa

    Sophia is soo gorgeous!
    I love her<3

  • shialove!!


  • I know, I’m crazy :D

    I’m sick and tired of seeing those Herve Leger dresses but as it is for a Herve Leger event, I forgive her XD. I love Sophia, she’s gorgeous. And ……this is actually the best color of that dress I’ve seen until now! <3

  • bella

    Oh for the love of God . . .this dress again, every celeb has worn this dress and in every colour. For some reason though, this one looks nice and less trashy. It is longer and the colour suits her. Still I am tired of this dress.

  • kristen

    she looks soo amazing. love her.

  • Jas

    She’s so wonderful. All the designers love her, I mean look at Max! Sophia looks amazing as per usual.

  • leah

    Wow, she sounds so mean. People have stepped on my stuff accidently before, I don’t go around yelling at them. That’s so rude.

  • eeeeeeeeeee

    I like how it says she yelled at someone for stepping on her jacket..
    yet her jacket is short…

  • Kerri S.

    I was there and I met her!!!!!!!!!! Honestly though, I’ve never watched that CW show she’s on but I recognized her from a movie I saw that she was in -The Hitcher. And she is one of the most sweetest and nicest celebs I’ve ever met!! It was so wonderful talking to her and she’s even more beautiful in person!!

  • yawn

    I wonder if she’s doing that old guy, too. She goes around.

  • lauren

    Go back to spreading your legs for your castmates hoe. fashion isn’t for you, obviously.

  • Tay

    Lol! Thats so true. How can someone possibly step on her jacket when it like only goes up to her knees??? I swear, some reporters are so stupid…..and blind.
    Any ways, Sophia looks GORGEOUS!!!

  • Tay

    Oh and # 13 and #14,
    Do you really think that if you change your name before posting, the rest of us won’t be able to tell that your the SAME f*ckin loser saying those things?? Get a life.
    PS…..That “old guy” is Max Azria… of the BIGGEST designers in the world. Get a clue.

  • Lisa


  • LIsa

    She is the only one I’ve seen who looks good in the bandage dress. Wow.

  • Marty

    Let’s see her fans come in and spin her yelling at someone into her being the sweetest, most nicest, most perfect celeb ever. It is a cute coat, but yelling at someone in a crowd of people is still not cool.

    Anyway, this is like the fourth time she’s worn one of these bandage dresses. She looks nice, but there is more to his collection than just these.

  • Shannon

    I luv her! I dont care about her personal life or what ppl have to say abou her as always her fashion game is on point! she looks amazing im loving the look and the hair

  • Karen

    I happen to find the bandage dress sexy. I’ve seen several stars wear it but only a few have looked good in it. Like Sophia for example, she looks stunning. And plus, I love the color of the dress too.

  • Mela

    Okay, heres the thing-as someone who doesn’t really give a damn. All I have to say is that NY Mag is always mixing up there stories and making everyone sound horrible. I’m not defending anyone, but I’m just making a point. I was just looking at the online magazine a few minutes before coming to this site to read up on any new gossip and the magazine practically had something bad to say about every celebrity that attended the Herve Ledger event today.

  • oth (L) (-:

    wow!! she looks amazing (: that dress looks absolutely stunning on her !
    I love you sophia <3

  • L

    19- The article says she yelled at her “companion”, which means she yelled at her friend who went with her to the show. Also, Herve Leger is famous for their bandage dresses. Everyone at that show is wearing one in some form.

  • sarah

    She is so naturally gorgeous!!! I love her!!! :)

  • The Shiznack

    Major “my shít don’t stink” vibes from Sophia

  • jasmine

    She looks amazing as usual!

  • Amanda

    My cousin worked at the Herve Ledger show today. I didn’t get a chance to go but she told me some of the things that went on at the show:
    1) Ny Mag is an idiotic magazine. When Sophia took off her jacket it fell and her friend accidently stepped on it. She didn’t yell instead they were both laughing about it. I’m pretty sure many of us can relate seeing as how we’ve all probably been through the same thing. But I don’t get what magazines or blogs get by making up lies. I’ve seen so much of that going on lately, that its not even funny, but actually quite sad. Are they really running out of things to say so instead feel the need to make up lies about people?
    2) There were some models who fell on there face, which is I guess sad and a little funny. I guess it can’t be easy walking down a run way with such high heels on.

  • Lisa

    Where is James? Do you think she went home to him?

  • Claire

    James is not his boyfriend just her costar !
    They’re not dating. There’s no real proofs just forged photos and some airport’s photos and THAT’S IT. If you’ve got one perfect, but I want to see it ;)

  • jane

    Please everyone knows she is fucking james because she’s a tasteless trashy whore.

  • Jamie


  • Jas

    Shut the hell up, Jane. I’d like to see you try to get as many guys as she can. She’s beautiful and very talented. Is that why she gets scripts thrown at her? You’re a tasteless bitch to be posting on her and judging celebrities.

  • Sophia Rocks

    F*ck you Jane. You sound like a jealous hag. Why the helll do you care who she sleeps with or who she doesn’t sleep with??? Does her personal choice and life really affect you that much you miserable little hag??? GET OVER IT YOU LOSER.


  • Susan

    I wonder if she and James spent Valentines day together?

  • M

    Why even come in here and post crap if you aren’t a fan? She is gorgeous and looks as stunning as ever.

  • Jenny

    THOSE FUC*KIN DRESSES!!! I hate these Herve Leger dresses.. So tacky and sooo last season. Its supposed to be the “suddenly slim” dress thats supposedly makes every body look hot.. well judging from these pics, its not helping her! GOD SHES PLAIN. just bllaaaahhhhhh. These comments saying how beautiful she is make me chuckle. Man, shes rocking a seious case of cankles?!?

  • amberr

    She’s gorgeous. She is one of the only stars that I’ve seen that can pull off the bandage dress.

    #29, her and James broke up. They didnt go out for too long.

  • sbfan

    She’s gorgeous & she’s the only star i’ve seen that can pull of that dress.

    her & James broke up some time back and only went out for a bit.

  • Jenny

    very pretty :)

  • beth


  • Kaley

    Jenny,aka #37
    Did you just say that she has cankles?? Are you blind?? Do even know what the fuckkk cankles look like because that DEFINITELY ain’t it. Her legs are perfect….they don’t look like sticks and they don’t look big either. So why don’t you do yourself a favor and get your brain checked out? Oh and while your at it, get your eyes checked out too.

  • Ryan


  • GInn

    SHE LOOKS LIKE MISS PIGGY. her body is extremely unattractive..

  • Lisa

    Oh, I thought they got back together. I guess not.

  • GInn


  • Austin

    Im very confused.. went to the posts on last years herve leger show.. Sophia looks pretty in those pics.. did she get repeatedly beaten with the ugly stick over 2008? Im NOT impressed by these pics they seriously make my d*ck shrivel.

  • Lisa


  • Jackie

    Wow she looks HORRENDOUS!!!!!!!!!!! Her head is huge and she has the weirdest body ever. Too much booze and guys maybe?

  • jane

    Yeah jas I’m sure hollywood writers are just waiting forher to read their scripts. lmao. well, maybe if they’ve heard that she’s easy…