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Joe Jonas & Camila Belle: Meatpacking Mates

Joe Jonas & Camila Belle: Meatpacking Mates

Joe Jonas and his girlfriend, actress Camilla Belle walk side-by-side in the Meatpacking District of New York City the day after Valentine’s Day (Sunday, February 15).

How cute, they’re both wearing patent leather shoes!

Later in the evening, Joe, and the rest of the Jonas Brothers, Nick and Kevin, performed last night at The Fillmore NY @ Irving Plaza during the Honor Society concert. Camilla came out to lend her support, sitting VIP with the rest of the Jonas family.

Camilla‘s latest film, Push, is in theaters now. The JoBros have their film, Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience, coming out on February 27.

UPDATE: Joe is wearing Paul Smith Spectacles, Limited Edition PS-3010 Leather.

10+ pictures inside of Meatpacking Mates Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle

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Credit: Dario Alequin; Photos: INFdaily
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  • vulgarity

    UH THIS IS INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sara

    Now I do believe that what Taylor Swift said was right, Joe did cheat on her with Camille, othervise he wouldn’t have been with her so early after their breakup. I can’t believe Camille can sink so low to actually be around Joe and the Jonas Brothers I mean come on! She had Robert Pattinson before, she is clearly going down in her choices of men. Anyways she isn’t that good of an actress and they both look like siblings which in just looks creepy ;S

  • angeline

    Joe looks like he’s….trying to be too grown up for Camilla. He doesn’t seem like the same Joe that a ton of teenage girls have loved for the past…2 years. I’m okay with them two being together, I have no problem with it at all. It’s just…Idk, they’re growing up, the Jonas Brothers. But I’m glad he’s actually going out in public w/ Camilla, so the fans know that it’s real and everything, cause they can’t deny it now, it would be pretty stupid and pointless to. So yeah. And #2, I agree with what ure saying, but whatever, people cheat. It’s not a perfect world.

  • mela

    she must be a square to date him.


    This guy can at least wear his hat like a guy. I guess he doesn’t want to mess up his hair. So girly.

  • jus

    Joe’s in love.

  • Stephie

    oh wow..i guess this means they are together…well, long as joe is happy..*sigh* he always said he had a crush on her though so it was kinda obvious this would happen

  • gerard Vandenberg

    We’re talking about the manly genetical parts here, joe?

  • Stephie

    oh wow! i guess this means they are together..oh long as joe is happy, it’s ok with was kinda obvious this would happen because he said a couple of times he had a crush on her, so i definetly saw this coming..well, w/e.

  • jilli

    woah I thought he was Nick for a second. I kind of don’t like Camilla she seems fake for some reason.

  • jilli

    woah I thought he was Nick for a second. I kind of don’t like Camilla she seems fake for some reason.

  • Katee


    Joe’s in looooove :D

  • sarah


  • !!!!!!!!!!!

    the only reason joe is going public with camila is because of taylor. have you guys heard her song forever and always? well there is this one line in the song where she goes “did i say something way too honest, made you run and hide like a scared little boy.” so he probably just wants to prove to taylor that he’s not a wimp….which he is.

  • E

    i like them
    but why doesnt he smile anymoree?

  • Alexa

    I really wish Nick was like Joe, and wasn’t afraid to walk down a street with a girl/his girlfriend. I mean everyone knows, so whats wrong with being seen in public? I’m assuming thats why his two last relationships didn’t work out.

  • http://ZacEfron Marie

    Joe Jonas is so hot and sexy


    omg I love this couple my life is completed now for the rest of the month

  • Yvonne

    I dont give a d*mn about Jomilla, but I am so p*ssed that Kevin was with Danielle in NY as well, and just cause she is not a celeb,no one followed them. I would rather some Kanielle

  • :)

    ohhhhh wow. he looks like a GIRL!
    shes an idiot for going out with him.
    she must be really weird.
    he used to be sooooo HOT when his hair like flipped
    and stuff like on camp rock premiere.
    but now he straightens his hair or whatever
    and looks like a girl.

  • http://justjared shamilah

    NOOOO!!!!! i prefer Taylor Swift now
    i mean why…… Camila Belle, i thought u could do better than her.
    i just h8 that girl… & she’s older



    btw,Joe has found his lovebug :D

  • xoxo

    wtf im sorry but she needs to grow up and date people her own age instead of dating for publicity. i mean come on if the jonas brothers were not as popular as they are now would these two seriously be dating. Think about it?????


  • shafiraa

    i think it’s cute (:

  • hi

    umm…Ashley Tisdale also dates someone younger than her. Camilla is only older than Joe by 2 years and 2 months but Ashley is older than Jared Murillo by 5 years.

  • Laura

    anybody thinks that’s WEIRD how Joe doesnt mind going out in public with his GF anymore .. why didnt he go out with taylor in public?? & now it seems like he doesnt care anymore about that =S What happened ???

  • jfjs

    @ #10 #11 You don’t like her because she seems fake, ummm where have I heard that before, Oh yes! when Selena was going out with Nick they all didn’t know exacly why they hated her but it was something to do with her being fake & now they all about her & Nick being over & all of the sudden they all think she’s alright now. You Jonas fans are ridiculous.

    P.s I think they look so good together & im so glad that they are not hiding cause I hate when they hide.

  • jujf

    cute!!! soo cute!!
    i love jons brothers!!

  • mitchy

    Camilla looks cute! I want her jacket :0

  • sarah

    i’m so fucking sick of the jonas brothers. they’re all a bunch of manwhores (except maybe the oldest, Kevin right?) hiding behind Disney.

  • Mkay

    Wow some of you guys are so rude.
    Anyways, i think Camilla is beautiful and if Joe is happy with her that’s great and I don’t know why people are bringing the whole Taylor and Joe relationship into this. He obviously wasn’t into her as much as you all think he was.

    #2. you’re too funny. where do your get your information?
    Camilla and Robert never dated they’re good friends. And if Camilla wants to hang out with the Jonas family then i don’t know why she can’t. It’s not her fault that Joe chose her over Taylor.

    Also put yourself in her position, if u have a boyfriend that you’re really into, you would obviously hang out with their family to get to know the better. I don’t know what your talking about when you say she’s “sinking low”

  • Ash

    Why is everybody bringing Taylor into this. Last time I checked Joe wasn’t the one putting videos up on their myspace for the whole world to see dissing his ex. Don’t get me wrong I like Taylor as an artist but my respect went out the window when she did that.

    As for Joe and Camilla dating, it’s their life if they want to date that’s their business.

  • sabina

    Robert is way hotter than Joe is that is my term for sinking low but it is just my opinion and maybe some of you do have a point I do not know eveything but from what it seems Joe ditched Taylor and then he found Camille just afterwards. I mean he didn’t even have time to be single, it just seems weird the whole thing.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    you should see how many little girls are camped out in front of trump international, waiting to get a 3second glimpse of them. hahahaha
    push sucked – and this non-singing jonas looks like a fāg.

  • http://? Rhianne

    this has broke my heart.
    camilla is so beautiful though..
    but i would so prefere it if it was jemi
    [ joe + demi] camilla your very beautiful, but you seemed so much better with robert. and joe, if your reading this now i love you with all my heart, like so much. i think your amazing but you don’t seem hyper and happy anymore :( not like you used to be, i’m presuming you’ve changed for camilla? oh and i wouldn’t mind it there was a joeanne, me + joe haa.

    i love you joe.
    and i love you to camilla.
    but you to clash like really bad..
    you look like brother and sister
    but your cute xD


  • Maimuna

    I think Joe looks great!
    #20…Joe always straightened his hair :S. He just cut it shorter.
    #5…LOL. That’s the only way you can wear a hat like that!

    and seriously, for those who are like ‘why doesn’t Joe smile anymore’…would you guys randomly be smiling if there wasn’t anything to smile about? I think he’s the same person as he was 2 years ago, just older :)

  • tiffany

    They actually look cute together. I personally love both of their outfits.

  • Jane

    ugh am i the only one who finds this relationship gross. first off, she should be either arrested for pedophila or come out of the closet and admit she is a lesbian because joe jonas is a woman!!!!!

  • anonymous

    I get the feeling that she just isn’t into this kid. Must suck for him.

  • parisgirl

    Is he still pretending he’s a virgin? xD

  • Alisha123

    So they are actually dating!
    Its kinda cute but shes probably doing it for publicity and its weird because she looks like a girl version of him!!

  • Kayla

    I agree! Joe really isnt the same. He seems like he is trying to act older for Camilla. I’m not really liking the whole Joe and Camilla dating thing. /And if you watched TMZ in the beginning of the month, they got a video of Joe and Camilla leaving a CLUB!! Honestly, he acting way too older for Camilla and I can’t believe that she wants to date a 19 year old!! I think Camilla is better off with Rob Patterson.

  • qwerty

    These two just make me want to upchuck.

  • selena j

    ahhh first of all they look like brothers and sisters!!! nd i rly dnt get how she gets tha time of her day with tha hottest guys in hollywood like ROBERT PATTINSON nd now JOE JONAS …

  • xeena

    number 30 i agree they are a bunch of manwhores except kevin
    he actually loves his girlfriend.
    joe and camilla look like brother and sister
    and she can do so much better than him

  • goli

    i think that jaylor was happier!!!camilla is using joe!!iam sure about this.both of them are unhappy

  • audioboxerr


  • Adriana

    camilla and joe look so bored whenever they’re together.
    i totally lost all respect for joe after he dumped taylor for HER.
    she just uses joe so she can get her 15 seconds of fame.
    at least her sunglasses cover her massive eyebrows.

  • kirsten

    they look like brother and sister

  • Annabel

    Well I suppose I’m in the minority here, but I actually like these two as a couple. Who cares if she’s older than he is? There’s no rule saying that girls must only date guys their age or older. And after dating Taylor Swift, I don’t think it’s any surprise that Joe would want to be with someone a bit more mature. I like Taylor as an artist, but that way she handled the break-up really shed some light on her as a person… and it wasn’t pretty. And even though the their relationship wasn’t formed under the best of circumstances, I think “Jomilla” (lmao) has potential. They’ve been dating for almost five months, so it’s not like Joe dumped Taylor on a whim. He really likes this girl.