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Megan Fox Dines At A Cool Cafe

Megan Fox Dines At A Cool Cafe

Megan Fox appears to be a little down as she leaves with her fiance Brian Austin Green and his son Kassius Green at Daphne’s Greek Cafe on Sunday (February 15), at the Empire Center in Burbank, Calif.

The 22-year-old Transformers star was taken out to Nobu Restaurant in Malibu for Valentine’s Day by Brian over the weekend.

The trailer for Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, was aired during this year’s Superbowl, and is set to be released on June 26, 2009.

10+ pictures inside of Megan Fox dining at a cool cafe…

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megan fox kassius green cafe 01
megan fox kassius green cafe 02
megan fox kassius green cafe 03
megan fox kassius green cafe 04
megan fox kassius green cafe 05
megan fox kassius green cafe 06
megan fox kassius green cafe 07
megan fox kassius green cafe 08
megan fox kassius green cafe 09
megan fox kassius green cafe 10

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  • j4D3

    First ?

  • go sox

    I know this girl is pretty, but she always looks so sour. She doesn’t smile much, and looks like she’s bored. IDK.

  • frenchgirl

    Hey JJ ! Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault gets married on February 14th in Paris. It was announced on the site which aims the father of François-Henri Pinault (or by François-Henri Pinault himself, I don’t know). Sorry if there are mistakes but I do not speak English very well.

  • elen

    they dont seem to be happy at all!!

  • anonymous

    She does always look bored and kind of sad. She looks a lot older than 21. But that kid is absolutely adorable.

  • I know, I’m crazy :D

    are you serious Frenchgirl???!!!!!!! cool. Hope it’s true ’cause I trust you! :p Anyway, I hate Megan, she seems so full of herself like she knows she’s pretty so she acts bit*chy and slu**y and snobby and well, she pisses the devil out of me! And frankly, Natalie Portman is way prettier. She’s an Angie wannabe( and I hate Angie). Not even such a good actress………she’s just been blessed when it comes to looks! good for her, sad for me

  • jffjs

    @ #6 Im glad you know you’re crazy but you should know you’re an idiot too.

  • Ridgie

    She looks annoyed, maybe she doesn’t like the kid lol
    She’s gorgeous though :)

  • mju8

    she should dump him already. she’s too young to be a wife and step-mom. if those rumours from a whlie back about him being controlling of her and an emotional blackmailer, then she needs to leave before it’s too late

  • Ma

    They need to get married already.

  • frenchgirl

    #6 It’s on a lot of French site. Jean-Pierre Lecoq, the mayor of the VIth arrondissement, officially expressed himself. ‘ They got married at 11 h 00 Saturday ‘, he declared before adding: ‘ It is my first assistant who married them in any privacy. They had wished that it is it ‘.

  • frenchgirl

    And about the photo, Megan don’t seems happy. I think she is too young to be a step-mom.

  • Tee

    Don’t get the hype

  • Megan fox rocks

    bitch is insanely beautiful , dump brian megan you can do so much better than this old ugly guy

  • Seraphina

    So she is 21, yet Brian Green says they have been dating for four years… so she was 17 when she hooked up with 30 something Brian?

    Also, she doesnt appear to have a maternal bone in her body. The child is not even up with them. It seems to be quite a few steps out before Father Green even checks on the boy.

    I think she looks so much like Sharon Stone. just put blonde hair on her or black hair on Sharon and Voila.

    I also thinks she is trying too hard to look and act like a brooding movie star as if she thinks that is how they act.

  • gigi

    She reminds me of that Italian actress Monica Belluci

  • shialove!!

    Maybe she is thinking of her costar !!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    she’s fcuking hot. lmao

  • Jay

    Attractive but she can’t hold a candle to Monica Bellucci.

  • she’s probably just annyoed by the paps..

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Let’s be happy for her.
    ……………………….”HER STORY” ends here, folks!!

  • someone

    she looks like lindsay lohan with that snarled lip

  • megan fox marries .

    It looks like they are already! If you look at his left ring finger and how she is hiding her left hand in her pocket what does that tell every male
    in America..

  • Verónica

    Megan Fox is the most beautiful woman in the world!
    What happened with the pics about her romantic diner with Brian on S. vtine’s day, huh? She looked really happy!

    I mean..I think what If I’m a famous person and ALWAYS you have a lot of paparazzi on your back, that’s heavy.

    She enjoys every moment with her man, and his little boy. She’s engaged, happy. Is famous, gorgeous.

    People, leave herself alone.. and in peace!
    She have love, health, money, fame and she’s a star: All that, is great!

  • aurea

    Shia+Megan forever lol..ok…that will probably not happen. I think shes way too young to get married.

  • sienna

    She does not seem to enjoy her life when the little fella is around.. Kid is like a third wheel. Dad does not seem to be overflowed with joy when he is with him either. Sad situation for kid :(

  • angel

    they are a hot couple and he has a great taste in clothes.

  • bella

    Agree with comment #24. Although I do not think she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

  • sabel

    i think she likes zac efron haha

  • lakers fan in boston

    i hope that she is actually mad at him, it seems like if from the golden globes she was mad at him, but i thought she was probs joking
    she looks so so hot!!!
    cute outfit as well, makes her look sorta classy for once =]
    love u megan!!

  • SUBsub

    I think she would have enjoyed Valentine’s Day more without the kid coming along. Being her age, I know I would have!

  • Cynthia

    Megan is so pretty, but why is she with this ugly moocher? She seems to always look uncomfortable around her beau. Megan dump this guy, girl you don’t need a ready made family!

  • bella

    Megan needs to get the stick out of her @ss already!

    Brian you suck at being a dad!!! He should be more worried about what his kid is doing instead of running after that idiot (megan). I bet he spends ZERO quality time with that poor kid.

  • shut up stupidos

    you guys are dumb. She looks to be holding her tummy as if she’s in pain. You can’t judge her relationship with Brian and her general happiness by these pictures. No one is happy every day! She looked very happy with Brian on Valentine’s day! Would you smile for paps all the time? No one feels like smiling 24/7. Why should she fake it. She has no reason to smile when paps are chasing her. Get over it, and stop being so jealous.

  • bunch of idiots

    Some of you people sound so retarded I’m embarassed for you. Her relationship with Green is her own business, what do you know about who is right for her, and who she should date. You don’t know squat about either of them or their relationship, so why not focus on your own pathetic lives? Why don’t you get a life, you sound like looney stalkers.

  • Jen

    she always looks furious,why?

  • Fleece Baby

    She’s a little sour-puss but beautiful as always.

  • Joss

    You see, whenever paparazzi follow these celebs they feel bad. I know how ill mannered paparazzi are check out at youtube, is the channel. I really feel bad about the way they treat the celebs, after all celebs are humans too. Thank you

  • shane

    how can she be happy when nobody will leave hear alone. all the stupid paparozzi wont stop trying to interfere with her life. gay gay gay let the girl have a life.

  • http://No Kevin

    This, article is a year old and Megan Denise Fox and Brian Austin Green just got back together and are living together at her Hollywood Hills mansion home in Los Angeles. I love what Megan Fox is wearing today the black leather coat, grey pants and sexy dark brown boots. You, can tell guys and gals that Megan Fox is styling with Emporio Armani clothing her modeling business for her worth $ 2 Million dollars Yowwwwwwwzaaaaaa.!!!

    Megan Fox I love you so much, girlfriend this is Kevin your Transformers fan that loves you from the midwest let’s meet, date and get married I’m committed to you Meggie Fox. Brian Austin Green Vanessa Marcil I didn’t realize was that sexy and attractive you and her need to get back together she is too sweet man to be alone.