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Natalie Portman is Dogged at LAX

Natalie Portman is Dogged at LAX

Natalie Portman arrives with her dog at LAX airport on Sunday (February 15) in Los Angeles, Calif.

Jude Law, Julianne Moore, Natalie Portman, and several other celebrities reportedly had their phone numbers accidentally given out after a British man bought a cellphone containing some of their personal information.

Kent Davey, who purchased the phone on eBay said, “As I started to look through the phone’s features, I noticed one of the emails hadn’t been wiped off. I started to recognize some of the names and then I saw Jude Law‘s number. It’s a genuine mistake.” He later contacted the seller to return the phone.

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  • I know, I’m crazy :D

    natural BEAUTY……intelligent, down-to-earth, talented actress, wonderfully gorgeous, what else could you ask for?

  • lisa

    there is nothing to comment, she simply perfect

  • clive

    love her puppy

  • wish

    That’s what i come to see is her now. Want to see people that have smarts and beauty all in one. Nice to see her again always. Hope that that mess phone numbers gets clears up.

  • jfjs

    She’s boring & honestly shes not even that pretty, she’s just normal looking.

  • #1

    she is so feminine, and beautiful, and classy at the same time

  • reality

    Nat is Talented, nice, graceful, above superficial Hollywood. She is simply one of a kind.

  • share

    she was voted number 1 the most beautiful face, her facial features are indeed unusually perfect
    i remember when i fist time saw her in SW, i could not believe how beautiful she looked

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Isn’t this pretty strange behavior?
    A celeb who is acting human in america, folks?

  • !!!

    She is amazing.

  • nina

    I thoroughly enjoy her movies and like to watch them in the theaters, it is always a rewarding experience, she has depth and introduces subtle intrigue to her roles.

  • lol

    Work that bitch face, Natalie! :D

  • Anakin

    She’s going to end up with HC, you’ll see

  • Gasol_fan16

    I like her style! She knows how to dress for every occasion. Mighty talented and smart actress too! Love her! :D

  • Gasol_fan16

    Hate to tell you the truth. HC is not all that. Natalie is a beautiful and smart girl and can do way better then HC who is a loser! At least he has let himself come to that. A loser status. Sad but true. :(

  • ?

    It seems to be the prevailing opinion on all the internet cites that HC is really into Nat. Who knows, life is unpredictable.

  • anie

    there is something so clean and fresh about her, like she exude this pure fresh flower like aroma

  • roja

    totally agree with number 1
    GORGEOUS, lovely woman, natural, intelligent, and confident that’s why she don’t need to dress like bimbo


  • who

    Who is HC, why don’t you just say the name??

  • Lins

    There is nothing appealing about her. I don’t know what everyone is talking about, & who the hell is HC?

  • Lins

    There is nothing appealing about her. I don’t know what everyone is talking about, & who the hell is HC?

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    I agree with Lins. What they see in Natalie?

  • VinnyBlue

    #19, HC is Hayden Christensen

    I love Natalie.
    btw She was arriving back from University of Texas.

  • Anakin

    HC is Hayden Christensen for all the brain dead out there

    @Gasol_fan16, considering some of the “gems” Natalie has been with, HC would be an upgrade. And why is HC a loser, a loser that has the money to build his own house, some loser he is…I think he’s done pretty well for himself. Or a loser because he’s with Rachel (allegedly)

    Natalie can do better you say? Evidence suggests she hasn’t!

  • Gasol_fan16

    Anakin my dear. HC is choosing to hang with a loser and that would be Bratchel Biho. Sure Hayden has money and bought a farm. As how long that last’s IDK?? if, he keeps making cr&p movies and hanging with Rachy! I wish Natalie and Hayden did hook up earlier on. Hayden would have been better off and I don’t wish to continue arguing with you but, I do enjoy seeing Natalie getting the love! :D

  • VinnyBlue

    @Gasol, I can see why you like Hayden & Natalie together,
    but for me, they seems just old friends and co-star in SW.

  • anie

    @ 26
    based on on the interviews and pictures he was in love with her and most likely still is, they worked for a long time and he was really interested in her, unlike his other bad and drug partners

  • Anakin

    So…. HC’s a loser because he hangs out with Rachel???, have we forgotten in all Nat’s awesomeness that she hasn’t made any great movies lately as well, does The Other Boleyn Girl & Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium come to mind?

    I wouldn’t call Rachel a loser but I think HC and Nat make a better couple, I hope at the premiere of New York, I Love You, they pose together, and Rachel’s not in the picture even though she’ll probably be there as well. And WTH is with “my dear” are you a grandma?LOL

  • anie

    HC and Nat can become as successful and powerful in Hollywood as Brad and Angelina. Nat can give Hayden’s carrier a boost by just not saying no to him and actually dated him. He will immediately gain more respect.

    He was too young and inexperienced for her during SW, may be now they can work it out.


    I don’t know I think Rachel is way cuter than Natalie.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Why IDK Anakin? Are you HC perhap’s? Or just a a$$hole?! Just expressing my opinion. Everyone has a right to one you know. I’m no Grannie! Fool! Can’t you understand simple sarcasm or are you still in grade school? LOL! I’m only a grandma to my cat that is preggers with kittens.

    Oh please? Rachel has had how many movies? :roll: Plus all were cr&p too I might add. Rachel is nothing but a media ho and you should know that. Look at the list of all Natalie’s movies and even doing directing. Natalie is an A lister and Rachel is a D-lister actress and Natalie has way more class in looks and in the way she dresses too. Natalie has classic good taste and Rachel looks like a hobo pot toking hippie dippy. To bad you are too ignorant to see the difference. No! I don’t wish Natalie to have Hayden anymore. Like I said. Natalie is an A lister and now Hayden has become a D-lister and he had so much potiental. Such a shame. A pity really. ;(

  • Anakin

    Touchy touchy Gasol_fan16, no need to be calling me an a-hole especially when you sound more like one than I do! And look who can’t decipher sarcasm, the grandma comment was just that. Yes let’s take a look at Nat’s movies, even someone as bias as yourself can see Nat hasn’t had a hit in awhile. Rachel’s just starting out, so cut her some slack. And comparing Rachel and Natalie’s looks is beyond superficial and labeling one a loser because of it, shows you how empty you life must be. Yes everyone has a right to an opinion but in your case the brain must have been turned off when it was made. LOL

  • Gasol_fan16

    If, you dislike Natalie so much and don’t approve of her movies then, why post on her thread then? Who is the brain dead one here? Oh no! I’m not touchy! Sounds like you certainly are! Your just too much of an imbecile to realize it! If, Rachel is just starting out then, it is a bit late. Her and Natalie or the same age and Natalie has made a hell of a lot more movies under her belt then, Rachy can dream of! No! I won’t cut Rachel any freaking slack! You have the audacity to tell me what I should say? I will say what I please thank you very much! Your life must be more empty then mine to be bashing Natalie’s movies. Don’t worry. Natalie will get an acadamy award some day. Rachel will NEVER. Look at Kate Winslet. Give Natalie a few more years and she will get a Golden Globe or Acadamy award.

    Pratice what you preach and think before you start on me! And you cut Natalie some freaking slack! Go to the Rachel lover’s board then. Or stay here for all I care. Your passion for Rachel I find amusing! More hit’s Natalie get’s the better for her and helping Rachel hit the trash pile! Yes sir….

  • Anakin

    I want HC and Nat to be together, and I don’t dislike Nat, actually I’m more of a Nat fan than Rachel, you twit. I’m just pointing out the ridiculousness of your statements, be it comparing movies and looks to saying Hayden is no longer worthy of Nat. oh please, are you still in high school? or maybe attending special ed classes again? My unbiased opinion is that as wonderful as Nat is, her movies lately have not been particularly well received, ditto of HC. So I’m just saying Nat is not above Hayden and them getting together right now wouldn’t be so bad, like you said. Rachel’s movie career has only just started so Nat’s had years head start, so to compare them right now is unfair if you look at it objectively, which you don’t, even though they’re almost the same age. Rachel may or may not win any acting awards but she may have a steady acting career who knows. Even a big and unabashed fan of Nat like you must realize that HC is not that bad compared to who Nat was going out with, ie.the Chewie lookalike.

    So call me whatever you want, stick and stones so to speak, but do get back to me when you finish your special ed classes!

  • 123

    Ladies, no need to bicker if you almost agree on everything.
    Natalie is definitely our of Rachel’s league, Rachel will never even come close to what Natalie has already accomplished and she is not about to stop, so Rachel has no chance to ever ever come close to Natalie.

    HC always liked Natalie very much and for a very long time. May be this time Natalie will not ignore him. Who knows.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Oh hello Neos!
    You do that? Call me when you graduate from kindergarten Special Ed okay?! You immature pessimist hypocrite! Ooohh!! All your intelligence can only manage to do is dish out the same old insult’s? If your so damn smart why, the heck are you posting on jj then? LOL!

    Yeah. Who’s in Special Ed classes? You sound more like the twit then me. Oh! You can dish out the sacasm and insult’s makes you more smart? You have the audacity to insunuate I’m still in high school? Typical arrogant a$$hole lacking self esteem to start picking on other’s that have a simple opinion. Oh please??! Your no better then me and you have the audacity to say same thing over and over. That is real intelligent. I have my convictions if, you can understand that word? Or is that too big for you? Your such an imbecile. I know who you are. Your Neos from way back when and said the same thing and you wanted Hillary Clinton in office. Yeah I did too. Well.. At least we got Obama.

    Sorry if I ruffled your feather’s but, Hayden has disapointed me. I think Natalie has learned her lesson from dating Chewbacca and was very hurt and has moved on. Rachel we will see if she has a steady acting career or not. I bet you one thing. She will have a career alright. Media wh*ring! You can bank on that! Shsh! My God we take things a bit personally do we? Go ahead. Keep on giving Nat the attention. I’m all for that one! She deserves the love and Rachy get’s plenty of that. I’m glad to see Nat getting some love she deserves!

  • kroq

    Y’all really need to end this Hayden/Natalie obsession. It’s downright creepy. Both of them have obviously moved on with their lives. It’s time for you to do the same.

    I suppose this post is going to warrant a personal attack against me.

  • kroq

    Y’all really need to end this Hayden/Natalie obsession. It’s downright creepy. Both of them have obviously moved on with their lives. It’s time for you to do the same.

    I suppose this post is going to warrant a personal attack against me.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Oh another thing Anakin or should I say NEOS!
    You have no business policing the board with your prior rants about calling Adam Brody “Bat Boy” Or “Goblin boy” And calling Chewie that would be Devandera Burnheart. So, It is okay for you to dish out names like a silly schoolboy but, it is not allowed for us woman to call Rachy no names? What are you from a 3 world country where men rule the roost?! You male chauvinist biased pig! I happen to like Adam Brody. What did Adam Brody do to you? Oh! b/c he f*cked your prom queen Rachy?! Well.. New’s flash Rachy used Adam up to gain popularity and when, she wanted to move up to go on to bigger and better thing’s and the OC show was so over with. She latched on to Hayden like a parasite. She will eventually dump him too after she has used him up. Have you seen Hayden lately? He used to be handsome and now he looks worse then Brody looked at his worst or even Devandra. Hayden looks almost rancid. So. IDk WTF your talking about or where your convictions rest? I have my opinion and you have yours. Leave it at that! Now leave me alone!

    Oh! I apologize for insulting about the Special need’s classes b/c you said it to me. Gee…You think your a witch hunter with morals or something? It is really awful of you to poke fun of people with special needs. I work with special needs kids and you have the audacity to make fun of them? You racist pig! All over what? B/c we have a different opinion. Oh! I’m supposed to agree with your Nazi a$$?! I think not. Skinhead!

    Neos or Anakin. LOL! Is no lady. He is a male chauvinist PIG!

  • Gasol_fan16

    @ KROQ,
    Cute! Another male contender. I’m outta here! I said my peace and I’m done. I don’t want Hayden for Natalie btw. I think Natalie can do much better then Hayden with her beauty, brains and caliber of talent. Natalie will be going places. As Jack Palace has once said when receiving an Acadamy Award that he made a lot of good movies and a lot of cr*p. Natalie will make some great movies and some cr*p. That is the way it is. At least she has steady work! ;)

  • 123

    Natalie has already made great movies and will continue to do so, unlike ratchet parasite you mentioned on this thread. The only reason we know her is bc she is f****** HC, otherwise, no one would even know what that rat is. I just saw the OC, what a horror, and she calls herself an actress? OMG! She is annoying and dumb. How can anyone compare her to Natalie, she will never come close, EVER!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i love natalie, she looks so cute yet so simple =]
    it’s kinda sad 2 see her alone, she looks sorta down =\

  • Anakin aka neo

    OK ya got me Gasol_fan16 or whoever you are and ahem you’ve never gone to a Rachel thread and bashed her right? *eyes rolling*

    Let’s cut through the crap right now, get past the insults, I would like HC to be with Nat, you don’t , that’s fine. It will be interesting if Nat and HC pose together at the premiere of “NY, I Love You”.

    Btw, you give me way too much credit, Devendra Burnheart, Bat Boy, Goblin Boy? I’ve never hurled those insults, maybe Gargoyle, but that’s about it, haha.

    I am definitely no racist, or even chauvinist, not even close. Maybe a little insensitive at times, I take back the special needs crack, my bad.

    As for HC looking sort of ragged lately, you can’t look like a million bucks all the time, you think these pics of Nat are flattering?

    Like I’ve said before, I’d pick Nat over Rach anyday but saying she could do better that HC? The results speak for themselves.

    Until next time…it’s been a riot


  • Celtic

    Ok..guys..HC has many issue one being he has a media frenzie press happy ho on dial up and when she says Jump he says OK. I would love to see HC and Natalie work together again and yes who knows if magic would hit and they might re-hit it off as it was with them a long time back. Hayden’s issues go deep and right now I don’t think he is good for anyone and he is having issues with work. RB thinks she better then Natalie making comments about her acting.

    Natalie has natural beauty, carisma, intelligence she is refined in many ways but, she is down to earth and knows how to be just the typical ordinary person. She doesn’t need the media hanging on speed dial to come out to take her pic they usually find her and she does find a way to fall off the radar when she does’nt want the attention.

    @ Anakin

    I know how you feel I would adore HC to team up with Natalie again but, I think as he is right now he isn’t good for anyone I think Gasof means to say what you see him look like now and who he chooses to hang with on occassion (as the media has no desire to claim RB or HC as a real couple) there is much to be desireed. I think though Natalie would have some good advice but, I think he if wanted anything from her he would have tried to talk with her. He has an arrogant side to him and until he changes I rather see her with someone like Ryan Gosling who also is canadian..

  • Anakin aka neo

    @Celtic thx for the wise words, I agree something is off with HC right now, and as for Ryan Gosling, noooooooooo, anybody but Breaker High Boy, oh no there goes one of my insults again, I couldn’t resist sorry.

    For those who don’t know, Breaker High was one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen, and I wonder where the idea of Suite Life on Deck came from? Hmm, haha

  • Celtic


    I never saw breaker high it’s just a comparision of looks Ryan looks better then HC RIGHT now not to say that things for HC can’t chang but, I think he uses the bilho for whatever she is worth and really it’s not much. Natalie hands down has talent she DAMN she won a gold globe award Let’s see RB ever do that I think not, But truly this isn’t about RB or HC it’s about Natalie But truly I see RB trying to copy eveything NAtalie portman does. down to the dogs and being the puppy mom..PLEASE..I have a 3 year old dog who I had since a puppy and truly they are easy if you train them and spend the time.

    RB fans seem to beleive this means she is ready for kids PLEASE again mother of 3 here and kids are 10x more work then a dog. And from what I see Natalie is more the doggie mom then RB ever could be but, as I said I expect it RB loves to copy from interivews, to clothing line..(guess why DNKY dropped her dead hopefully) knowone really wishes to take a chance on the woman anymore.


    Granted they both have gone in different directions the feel the idea is they work well together too bad it wasn’t happening for NYILU and they choose to place HC with RB (who can’t act) which could hurt the movie in some ways early reviews claims RB is a very forgetable actress’ enough said, THe idea is tempting is all I think HC had a long time deep feeling for Natalie and really who could blame him he tried to replace her with a woman who is semi look a like to Natalie but, less of an actress and lower in IQ..I do understand the reason people want to not hear it but, honestly minus GL and the bad dialogue in SW I think these two should try again in a better movie and better director.

  • 123

    i agree with everything you said

  • http://Justjared ivyleague

    Ooookay. Y is Hayden Christensen being referred to so much in a Natalie Portman thread?? He’s not in the pix. They haven’t been associated w/one another in a very long time. Y bring him into this??

  • 123

    why not? you of any rules we don’t? they associated for more years than he did with anyone else.

  • Gasol_fan16

    All I have to say Natalie is that talented and does not need a man to rely on or use to gain popularity for herself. She is already their and had made it to the A-lister crowd and she did win a Golden Globe so HA!
    Natalie has stated she never want’s to marry. She dates a lot and likes to have fun but, I don’t think she will ever get serious about a man enough to marry him.

    The woman is confident and very assure of herself. She don’t need a male to cling onto. Natalie is doing just fine by herself.

    Rachel on the other hand. Never mind. You guy’s don’t deserve an explanation. The Batsh*t proof is in the pudding! ;)