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Salma Hayek's Secret Saturday Wedding

Salma Hayek's Secret Saturday Wedding

Salma Hayek tied the knot with the Gucci Group CEO, French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, in a civil ceremony in Paris, France on Saturday (Valentine’s Day, February 14).

Salma, 42, and Francois, 46, met in Italy in 2006, announced their engagement and had a baby, Valentina Paloma, in September 2007. They broke off their engagement July 2008 but later reunited.

According to Forbes, Francois is worth an estimated $16.9 billion.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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  • Nela

    Wow, Alan, you are definitely an educated man, I’d love to meet you. The world needs more men like you, honestly.

  • Jackie

    Alan, can I ask you how old are you? Please, tell me you haven’t got a wife,…….Are you on your 50′s?Do you like going to the cinema, theatre,…?

  • hey alan

    okay u got me there, i’ve only been to 12 different countries, not as well travelled as u apparently. seven of my employees are hispanics and five of them are overweight. they would readily tell you they are fat, they only complain about their weight EVERY OTHER DAY. too funny. so i come across as being racist, boohoo, chill out buddy. i know i am not and they know i am not. no need to get so worked up.

  • hey alan

    there ya go, got yourself hooked up. LOL good for you!

  • Alan

    Sorry, I have a wife. I enjoy going to the cinema and to the theatre, if you haven’t been to the West End area in London, please, come round,there are really good plays and a lot of Hollywood actors are participating in plays and musicals here, unfortunately recession is affecting everything, so it’s quieter now, not my work, god, I work at the Jobcentre and I’ve never been so busy,…I guess the only positive thing is that I will not lose my job.

  • Alan

    hey alan,
    I think you should treat your employees better then, follow my advice, i’ve been a line manager for 10 years and if you treat people good, they work better for you, so don’t underestimate anybody because they are hispanic, Americans are fat,too, for god’s sake, just treat everybody the same and you’ll get a more positive response from them. I’ve been managing a team of British, Asians and there was also a Greek girl and I treated everybody the same, same rules apply to everybody, and I got great results, 20 years after I’m still working for the Jobcentreplus office. Don’t take this the wrong way, it’s just some advice from an old man.

  • Jackie

    Alan, call me if you ever get a divorce, please.

  • Jackie

    …and show me London and take me to a play in the West End, I love going to the theatre,too. My friend says that Shakespeare’s hometown is worth seeing,too, how’s it called?, is it Strattford? But only if you get a divorce or separate,..I’m not a stalker, I promise. I’ll leave you alone.

  • hey alan

    what makes u think they are not well treated? i agree that a lot of americans are fat. i was responding to your statement that all latinos are beautiful, clean and take good care of themselves. i had to disagree with your generalizations because not ALL of them are as you described. if that makes me a racist in your eyes, so be it. if i didn’t treat my employees well, all of them, they wouldn’t keep asking me to hire their relatives and friends. i don’t condone nepotism only because of past experience. call me ignorant, call me a fool, call me racist, whatever you feel necessary, that doesn’t change the fact that a lot of them are fat and not what i would call soft-spoken. cheers!

  • hey alan

    fyi, the hispanics who work for me ARE AMERICANS.

  • Alan

    you don’t need a man to come in here, you can travel by yourself or with a friend, I travelled a lot by myself when I was very young,….come and see London, it’s a beautifull city, visit also Cambridge and Oxford, see the Colleges and Universities, they are not far from London and of course, don’t go without seeing Stratford upon Avon, Shakespeare land….

  • Alan

    hey alan,
    If they are Americans why do you call them hispanic to defer them from the rest of the team. Don’t get so defenssive, I was just giving you some advice, you can take it or not, it’s up to you. There are fat people everywhere in the world, it doesn’t matter how you look to an employer, as long as you can do the job.There are faat and thoin Americans, fat and thin British,Asians,…it doesn’t matter as long as they work well for you and they are decent people.

  • mimi

    #8 f#uck you bi#ch, last I heard the gringoes don’t want Mexicans in their neighborhoods.

  • ningunasanta

    Univision has hijacked this site f#cking mother f#ckers.

  • b chick


  • angel

    her boobs are not real she did a boobs job when she was in a relationship with ED NORTON couple of years ago ( look at her pictures in her early years but her boobs weren’t small to begin with but she make them two cups bigger )and then broke up with him and hooked up with JOSH LUCUS shortly after.

  • angel

    * Josh Lucas *

  • mar

    angel, a couple of years ago, she was with her baby father, her girl is over a year old. If ye had it, she had it waaay back, maybe even before from Dusk till Dawn or Desperado.

  • angel

    I MEANT TO SAY 2003- TO 2005

  • hey alan

    sure, come run my business for me, i could use a vacation. for the last time, i was merely responding to your general statement. hence, the reference to their ethnicity. your unsolicited advice was based on the assumption that i do not treat my employees well based on their race. frankly, that’s a tad presumptuous, don’t you agree? please reread my posts if you are confused or disoriented in some way. which one of them gave any implications i do not treat my employees and their families well? all because i said many of them are fat. hah! if i discriminated against fat people, i wouldn’t hire them to begin with.

    what would you like me to say, really? lie and say ALL latinos are so svelte and beautiful? not for me, sorry, i would prefer to be honest and be called a racist than lie.

  • angel

    she was with JOSH LUCAS from 2003 to 2005 she broke up with him in 2005 and she started dating her baby’s dady in 2006

  • ghetto

    #8 started the Mexican Versus Puerto Ricans. She has issues.

  • angel

    to be exact she broke up with ED NORTON in 2003 and dated JOSH LUCAS 2003 TO 2005 , she started dating this man(her husband) in 2006. i gave the roughly number in my first comment but these are the exact dates.

  • mar

    angel, and I was referring to the boob job that she may have had.

  • Tony

    hey alan, i’d prefer to be called a liar(all human beings lie at least once in their life, human nature) than a racist. I haven’t read your prev. posts, but which size are you? are you big,slim, where would you place yourself?

  • lakers fan in boston

    i didnt even no that they got back together
    i hope the guy has a pre-nupt, mostly because i respect him as a business man
    but he got a pretty good girl imo

  • Alan

    hey alan,
    You are right, I think you need a vacation. Go and have one, if you can.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i also agree, puerto ricans r horrible compared 2 mexicans
    they r loud and obnoxious
    Dominicans r worse them puerto ricans do,

  • angel

    yea she had the boobs job during her relationship with ED NORTON before she ended it in 2003, she’s one of my favorite actresses that’s why i know so much about her.

  • hey alan

    very classy, attempting to win discussions through name-calling and condescension. :)

    lesson learned: never attempt intellectual reasoning with people on gossip blogs.

    enough fun for me. adios amigos. *gasp* is that racist?

  • Laki

    They are a real family now. Congrats! Little Valentina is so cute.

  • Tin foil hat

    Wow. You see USA. Your comments towards persons of another race and colour are actually why the rest of the world hates you so. Ignorant rednecks.

  • me

    Congratulations to Salma! She is very attractive and intelligent!

  • dei

    America you have a new president now, but still you act the same….RACIST……..shame on you America>>>

  • simon jesus

    gold digggeeeerrrr!

  • sandie

    I knew it was going to happen when people least expected!
    That’s how is done!!!!!

  • Maria

    I am Mexican, but that little snotty ass Selma is not Mexican! She is a wanna be White gurl who wanted to marry somebody-anybody who had money! Don’t think she married him because of his looks. LOL

  • Maria

    Yeah, I agree with you Simon, she is a golddddddeeeerrrr! She just trying to compete with that other snob of Thalia.

  • Merlyn

    The very Best to the bothof them,great!!!!!!!!! no matter what nationality she is,who cares,she’s beautiful,talented and they do look great together,bet their children will be beauties too.

  • Fleece Baby

    I so agree #7! He looks like an uglier and richer version of Daniel.

  • Cie

    Google ” Rashida Data”.
    She is the gorgeous brunette beauty and French Minister who just gave birth to Pinault’s baby girl, Zohra on January 2, 2009.

    Also, Pinault fathered Linda Evangelista’s little baby boy, Augustin James, in 2007.

    Salma Hayek is a fool.

    Pinault is a playboy (pig). Laughable “marriage”.

    Salma H. has NO dignity.

  • J .

    Yes !!! And, RASHIDA DATI is a Muslim, an Arab.
    She is of Morrocan and Algerian descent.
    Very trim, ladylike, elegant, well-dressed.
    Selma looks too chunky, chubby, and that blubbery cleavage looks like a plus size CARNIVAL sideshow star.
    I’ll bet Salma threatened Pinault w/ a palimony suit, and he married the blob, ummm, slob.
    The poor baby has her thick legs and cankles already.

    Oh and Pinault also was with a blonde VIRGINIE CUPERIE last summer 2008 (a blueblood descendant of Gustav Eiffel ….Eiffel Tower family !!!!)

  • J .

    sorry !!! I meant VIRGINIE COUPERIE.



  • Ay Ay Ay!

    From all the times I felt like I’ve said something mean or was being a mean person, it doesn’t come close to what I’ve just read on this blog… thanks, it’s booseted up my self esteem : )

    It’s hard to believe there are still people out there that still judge others just because of their heritage….Alan, I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs, and you”re right, Latino women are beautiful, sexy, full of life and love and embrace the curves that God gave us.

    If you Mexico and Latino haters would and actually take the time to research their history you may have a different opinion. For those of you idiots who think of all Mexicans as dark skinned, boarder crossing, wet backs…did you know that most Mexicans come from Spanish decent? Ever meet a light skinned, blue or green eyed Mexican? you probably never even knew we existed…ignorant.

    If Gringos hate us so much then why do most of them vacation in Mexico and enjoy the beautiful culture, hospitality and people? Make up your mind, you hate us? you love us? Hypocrits

    They also hire us for all the crappy jobs that white people wont do, next time you”re at your fancy market buying fruit or veggies, make sure to remember that Mexican hands picked them for you!


  • jst1ofme


    ur jealous cuz youre not a beautiful Latina woman like Salma and ur also jealous that you will work all ur life and will never make anything close to what she makes in one day.
    stupid racist coward!! ur such a loser.