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Suri Cruise is a Disney Pretty Princess

Suri Cruise is a Disney Pretty Princess

Suri Cruise holds the hands of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as they stroll through the world famous Magic Kingdom located at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida on Valentine’s Day (February 14, Saturday).

Suri, 2, was dressed up as a Disney princess! Look at her pretty blue dress!

The family enjoyed their time at the “happiest place on Earth”, as Katie and Suri played on the lawn as daddy Tom Cruise broke out the SLR camera and took pictures!

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise, the Disney pretty princess…

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suri cruise disney pretty princess 01
suri cruise disney pretty princess 02
suri cruise disney pretty princess 03
suri cruise disney pretty princess 04
suri cruise disney pretty princess 05
suri cruise disney pretty princess 06
suri cruise disney pretty princess 07
suri cruise disney pretty princess 08
suri cruise disney pretty princess 09
suri cruise disney pretty princess 10

Credit: Ahmad Elatab/SaleemElatab; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • fefa

    So cuteee

  • jojo

    suri is SO CUTE! i loved the way her blue dress matches her eyes

  • jojo

    LOL! the people in the back are like ”OMG its suri cruise”

  • http://justjared tan

    Another photo op. She looks cute though. xD

  • jojo

    has suri CRUISE been on the disneyland CRUISE?
    haahahahhaha funny!! get it?? CRUISE LOL! HAHAHAH soooo funny rofl :)

  • lisa


  • jojo


  • ********

    this family creep me out!!

  • Laki

    Just lovely. Yawn.

  • lilly

    Wow, no recession for these folks! LOL.

  • Jessica

    I usually am bored by all the Suri pics but this is just precious. Her dress is beautiful.

  • buck

    Ok, and some people say Brand and Angelina pimp out their kids? These are the masters of kid pimping.

  • Tin foil hat

    Ummm. Every time I read a post about a child I get a creepy feeling about the adult who is gushing away like a teenager who just ran into the Jonas Bros.

    Pedobear would approve.

    Just sayin.

  • Jen1

    Aw, she’s so adorable! :)

  • suzette

    she’s soo adorable and pretty and cute!! :D

  • suzette

    she’s soo adorable and pretty and cute!! :D

  • Liz

    i sense another spoiled hollywood brat coming on the scene in a few years… *sigh*

  • dundies

    UM are *they* the “attraction” or is DisneyLand LOL

  • sucre

    Cute, yes, but that is not how her hair should be done. Its just covering her face and eyes. Little kids shouldnt waste time on pulling the hair to sides all the time.


    Oh look Katie went and bought one of Dannilyn’s dresses from the
    website. Wow What kind of dress is that!

    Wasn’t daddy at the Daytona race with his son Conner? and Keith Urban. In the pace car.

    So where are the pix of Katie and Suri having a fast food section lunch
    of 2 slices of pizza and a salad. Cheap stuff again with lots of people.
    NO rides for Suri no fun in kiddie land. Just plain old Minne Mouse

  • saudia

    Suri is so adorable !! love the Cinderella dress

  • kar

    That is the CUTEST thing

  • Ashley Banks’ analyst

    It’s interesting how things are shaping up for both her and Shilo. The two most famous little girls in the world. Both very cute. Both have the tabloids and blogs panting. But one is a little fashion princess while the other it seems is turning out to be a world traveling tom boy. One for all intents and purposes, an only child while the other a middle child in a large mixed family. And you can bet money the comparisons will be made for years to come. My prediction is they both will supplant their parents on magazine covers once they reach their mid to late teen years.

  • Sherie

    Tom doesn’t deserve to be this girl father.

  • David


  • BeBe

    Calm down #24. Isabella is 16. She doesn’t have to go everywhere with her parents. These photos were actually taken on Saturday, not Sunday. Tom was at the Daytona 500 w/Connor on Sunday. Bella was probably celebrating V-Day with her boyfriend, if she has one. I mean, what 16 year old would want to spend V-day at Disney World with their family?

  • Dahlia

    Someone do that little girl a favor and trim her bangs. In some of the photos they cover her eyes. How uncomfortable is that?

  • sniffles

    It’s nice to see Suri smile, she’s a cute kid. Love it when Katie is dressed down.

  • radarlove


  • Raphael

    Neither couple pimps out their kids, #12.

    Why would you get a crazy idea like that, #17?

    Let the parents decide what they should do with their child’s hair, #19.

    Right, #23.

  • mslewis

    Why in the world do these people put their child in in the middle of the lawn in DisneyWorld, with thousands of people and photographers around? Why?? Oh, he’s pimping his image. Sorry. I forgot!!

    Seriously, Tom and KatE could easily take Suri to DisneyWorld incognito. There are so many people there that nobody would notice them. But that’s not the point, is it?

  • tif

    This family keeps themselves apart from the masses. When Posh and family visited Disneyland, they walked among the people. These clowns have barricades put up and have a special session with Mickey and Minnie while the poor folk look on. The circus has come to Disneyworld.

  • tif

    Re: mslewis @ 02/16/2009 at 7:24 pm

    Why in the world do these people put their child in in the middle of the lawn in DisneyWorld, with thousands of people and photographers around? Why?? Oh, he’s pimping his image. Sorry. I forgot!!

    Seriously, Tom and KatE could easily take Suri to DisneyWorld incognito. There are so many people there that nobody would notice them. But that’s not the point, is it?


    You said it so much better than I did. They didn’t want to blend in. It was another staged photo op to show the common folk how special they are.

  • Viv

    oh…here is the brat again.

    # 7 photo shows her eyes in jail.

    this raphael person says “let the parents decide about their child’s hair”. ha ha ha…..that’s the problem…..The parents don’t decide. Suri DOES!

  • Liza

    The parents are weird, but that kid is beautiful.

  • Viv

    #32 what poor folks?

    The poor people are actually Suri…who does not know how to be or act happy thanks to her weirdo parents that are doing a really good job spoiling the brat.

  • to 19

    i’m sure tom and katie appreciate your advice on how THEIR child should have her hair. you notice i say their child; NOT YOURS.

  • Harley

    Do they have their own freaking pap team on call? I mean, come on, paps do not hang out at Disney World. This family’s need for attention is nauseating.

  • http://77 sandy

    Whats this Pimps out their kids crap? Are you retarded?? Perhaps they should put the kid in a BUBBLE and hide her ?? What morons, idiots, and totally demented posters! This angel looks so damn happy to be holding the hands of Minnie and Mickey and it shows on her little face. She’s 2, an innocent child, give me a break! You won’t see the precious kids of Branangelina in Orlando, too high, too super stars, too this, too that. I applaud katie and tom for taking Suri all over, to say they are pimping her out is SICK! If you never saw her, then what?
    I took my kids all over, vacations, etc, didn’t you??? Pimping? It makes me sick to read such demented comments, Pure jealousy!
    Where were you all when Angie sold her kids pic’s for MILLIONS? Hmmmmm? OOH I see, that is NOT pimping. They live in a bubble, flying to 8 countries in 1 month! CAN you just imagine the morons on here if Kate and tom DARED do that?? Can ya? Of cause not. Because Brad and Angie can fly 28 days a month to different countries with the kids and that is just fine and dandy!
    At least Suri is getting as close to a normal childhood as possible,
    so look at that, the one you all call crazy (tom) turned out to be the best dad. Demented, to say the least, all of you, Idiots.

  • poppy

    Tif, When Posh went to Disney land, she didn’t blend in. She was wearing heels and there were tons of paps and crowds following her. I’ve seen tons of star actually posing at Disneyland/world w/their kids. Tom and Katie aren’t even posing. They’re just going about their business. Once again people show that they have a double standard for Tomkat and every other celebrity.

  • poppy

    Also, these photos were not taken by paps. You can see that their are tons of tourists watching them and taking pics. Anyone can take photos with a digital camera and sell them to an agency who then sells the photos to blogs like Jared.

  • http://77 dollbaby

    That picture id priceless, of little Suri looking up at Mickey&Minnie, she probably can’t believe it. How nice her parents are taking her all over, and they are big stars, yet they seem to be enjoying every single moment with this baby…who is a doll! Love that dress..she is precous.
    As for “Where’s Isabella” – Damn, she’s a teenager, perhaps she should be holding Minnie’s hand too? I have to laugh at all of these child experts on here. Believe me, the older kids (Conner was in Fla too) are very well taken care of, and loved. Suri ofcause is the apple of their eye, she’s the BABY! I would bet Isabella does not like being in the spot light, youknow, those teen yrs.
    Damn………………..give me a break! I am beginning to think you just can’t stand that this child is beautiful, even better,10x then the other # 1 babies. Yes, them.

  • http://77 Iagree

    I would have loved to be there and seen the Cruises, those lucky people who just happened to be there! Suri, looks so darn adorable, Love the pic of her with Minnie and Mickey, she looks star struck, LOL.
    I also cannot believe the moronic comments made by some posters here, saying they are pimping her out! Hey, would U leave your kid home and go to Disney? Would you rather they kept her indoors with a nanny? Or fly all over the world in 30 days like Brad’s Kids?
    I agree with poster who said imagine if the Cruises flew Suri all over the world, constantly. The Pitt – Jolie clan may be happy, but I’ve never seen their kids, with the look Suri has on her sweet face in these pictures. know why? They don’t lead NORMAL lives. They live on planes, and play with only themselves. I applaud the Cruises, bravo, what parents, and to say they are PIMPING this kid, is sick!
    That what you DO with your kids, take them out! Idiots, Indeed!!!!!!

  • 2#jojo

    suri is SO CUTE! i loved the way her blue dress matches her eyes

    I do’t think her eyes is blue but i loved her dress what a sweet Family they are

    I read somewhere that Cruise heartily applauded Urban when the keith was introduced and Connor Antony interacted with stepdad while keith was setting up to play.

    I think it’s great that the parents/step-parents behave in such a way that the kids feel comfortable no matter what the situation.

  • andamentothat


  • http://77 donna

    # 23 very smart comment! unlike the others who live to hate this little girl. I so agree, Shiloh will be dressed in black, gray, no princess dresses, no Disney, see her hair? yikes, give this poor little girl a bow, clip, cut, something. Last seen she’s in a black coat, drab slacks, well, that’s her mommy, Gothic Inc., same with the sons.
    Suri is indeed a little fashion plate, and in one pic here (past pic) in her poka dot dress, enlarge it, she has the most stunning features, she’s going to be a knock out teen., green eyes, chestnut hair, and adaorable mouth. It’s something, all the clowns were drooling over Shiloh , yes, she’s adorable, but she’s no Suri, unless it the way ange has her looking, a mess, yes a mess.
    I can hear the fans of ange/brad now, tearing me apart, LOL, who cares, I call a spade, a spade.
    Bring on more pictures of this beautiful family, and dare i say, trying to lead a normal life, with this beautiful little girl.

  • http://77 12isajerk

    Hey # 12 really> ???? So Suri should never see Minnie and Mickey, unless you think she should, but ‘undercover”? NO , the masters of pimping are the ones who rec’d MILLIONS so we could see the twins and the first born on the cover of People. Masters, Indeed!
    The Cruises are out and about, and it’s calling LIVING. So it’spimping if you take the kid places, and make her happy? Correct? or should they take her, but under a mask like M.Jackson?? I agree, Moron though is too nice for these jerks who post such crap.

  • http://77 diana

    awwwww disney world! too bad the kids of Brad and Angie will never get there, they are too busy being flown all over the world, NOT HEALTHY. Period. But I note,nothing is ever said about it, it’s only Tom and Kate, Ben and Jen who get flack, and it gets me pissed!

  • anonymous


  • micah

    I looove this family and I want to go to Disneyland NOOOWWWW!!!