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Suri Cruise is a Disney Pretty Princess

Suri Cruise is a Disney Pretty Princess

Suri Cruise holds the hands of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as they stroll through the world famous Magic Kingdom located at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida on Valentine’s Day (February 14, Saturday).

Suri, 2, was dressed up as a Disney princess! Look at her pretty blue dress!

The family enjoyed their time at the “happiest place on Earth”, as Katie and Suri played on the lawn as daddy Tom Cruise broke out the SLR camera and took pictures!

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise, the Disney pretty princess…

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248 Responses to “Suri Cruise is a Disney Pretty Princess”

  1. 1
    fefa Says:

    So cuteee

  2. 2
    jojo Says:

    suri is SO CUTE! i loved the way her blue dress matches her eyes

  3. 3
    jojo Says:

    LOL! the people in the back are like ”OMG its suri cruise”

  4. 4
    tan Says:

    Another photo op. She looks cute though. xD

  5. 5
    jojo Says:

    has suri CRUISE been on the disneyland CRUISE?
    haahahahhaha funny!! get it?? CRUISE LOL! HAHAHAH soooo funny rofl :)

  6. 6
    lisa Says:


  7. 7
    jojo Says:


  8. 8
    ******** Says:

    this family creep me out!!

  9. 9
    Laki Says:

    Just lovely. Yawn.

  10. 10
    lilly Says:

    Wow, no recession for these folks! LOL.

  11. 11
    Jessica Says:

    I usually am bored by all the Suri pics but this is just precious. Her dress is beautiful.

  12. 12
    buck Says:

    Ok, and some people say Brand and Angelina pimp out their kids? These are the masters of kid pimping.

  13. 13
    Tin foil hat Says:

    Ummm. Every time I read a post about a child I get a creepy feeling about the adult who is gushing away like a teenager who just ran into the Jonas Bros.

    Pedobear would approve.

    Just sayin.

  14. 14
    Jen1 Says:

    Aw, she’s so adorable! :)

  15. 15
    suzette Says:

    she’s soo adorable and pretty and cute!! :D

  16. 16
    suzette Says:

    she’s soo adorable and pretty and cute!! :D

  17. 17
    Liz Says:

    i sense another spoiled hollywood brat coming on the scene in a few years… *sigh*

  18. 18
    dundies Says:

    UM are *they* the “attraction” or is DisneyLand LOL

  19. 19
    sucre Says:

    Cute, yes, but that is not how her hair should be done. Its just covering her face and eyes. Little kids shouldnt waste time on pulling the hair to sides all the time.

  20. 20

    Oh look Katie went and bought one of Dannilyn’s dresses from the
    website. Wow What kind of dress is that!

    Wasn’t daddy at the Daytona race with his son Conner? and Keith Urban. In the pace car.

    So where are the pix of Katie and Suri having a fast food section lunch
    of 2 slices of pizza and a salad. Cheap stuff again with lots of people.
    NO rides for Suri no fun in kiddie land. Just plain old Minne Mouse

  21. 21
    saudia Says:

    Suri is so adorable !! love the Cinderella dress

  22. 22
    kar Says:

    That is the CUTEST thing

  23. 23
    Ashley Banks' analyst Says:

    It’s interesting how things are shaping up for both her and Shilo. The two most famous little girls in the world. Both very cute. Both have the tabloids and blogs panting. But one is a little fashion princess while the other it seems is turning out to be a world traveling tom boy. One for all intents and purposes, an only child while the other a middle child in a large mixed family. And you can bet money the comparisons will be made for years to come. My prediction is they both will supplant their parents on magazine covers once they reach their mid to late teen years.

  24. 24
    Sherie Says:

    Tom doesn’t deserve to be this girl father.

  25. 25
    David Says:


  26. 26
    BeBe Says:

    Calm down #24. Isabella is 16. She doesn’t have to go everywhere with her parents. These photos were actually taken on Saturday, not Sunday. Tom was at the Daytona 500 w/Connor on Sunday. Bella was probably celebrating V-Day with her boyfriend, if she has one. I mean, what 16 year old would want to spend V-day at Disney World with their family?

  27. 27
    Dahlia Says:

    Someone do that little girl a favor and trim her bangs. In some of the photos they cover her eyes. How uncomfortable is that?

  28. 28
    sniffles Says:

    It’s nice to see Suri smile, she’s a cute kid. Love it when Katie is dressed down.

  29. 29
    radarlove Says:


  30. 30
    Raphael Says:

    Neither couple pimps out their kids, #12.

    Why would you get a crazy idea like that, #17?

    Let the parents decide what they should do with their child’s hair, #19.

    Right, #23.

  31. 31
    mslewis Says:

    Why in the world do these people put their child in in the middle of the lawn in DisneyWorld, with thousands of people and photographers around? Why?? Oh, he’s pimping his image. Sorry. I forgot!!

    Seriously, Tom and KatE could easily take Suri to DisneyWorld incognito. There are so many people there that nobody would notice them. But that’s not the point, is it?

  32. 32
    tif Says:

    This family keeps themselves apart from the masses. When Posh and family visited Disneyland, they walked among the people. These clowns have barricades put up and have a special session with Mickey and Minnie while the poor folk look on. The circus has come to Disneyworld.

  33. 33
    tif Says:

    Re: mslewis @ 02/16/2009 at 7:24 pm

    Why in the world do these people put their child in in the middle of the lawn in DisneyWorld, with thousands of people and photographers around? Why?? Oh, he’s pimping his image. Sorry. I forgot!!

    Seriously, Tom and KatE could easily take Suri to DisneyWorld incognito. There are so many people there that nobody would notice them. But that’s not the point, is it?


    You said it so much better than I did. They didn’t want to blend in. It was another staged photo op to show the common folk how special they are.

  34. 34
    Viv Says:

    oh…here is the brat again.

    # 7 photo shows her eyes in jail.

    this raphael person says “let the parents decide about their child’s hair”. ha ha ha…..that’s the problem…..The parents don’t decide. Suri DOES!

  35. 35
    Liza Says:

    The parents are weird, but that kid is beautiful.

  36. 36
    Viv Says:

    #32 what poor folks?

    The poor people are actually Suri…who does not know how to be or act happy thanks to her weirdo parents that are doing a really good job spoiling the brat.

  37. 37
    to 19 Says:

    i’m sure tom and katie appreciate your advice on how THEIR child should have her hair. you notice i say their child; NOT YOURS.

  38. 38
    Harley Says:

    Do they have their own freaking pap team on call? I mean, come on, paps do not hang out at Disney World. This family’s need for attention is nauseating.

  39. 39
    sandy Says:

    Whats this Pimps out their kids crap? Are you retarded?? Perhaps they should put the kid in a BUBBLE and hide her ?? What morons, idiots, and totally demented posters! This angel looks so damn happy to be holding the hands of Minnie and Mickey and it shows on her little face. She’s 2, an innocent child, give me a break! You won’t see the precious kids of Branangelina in Orlando, too high, too super stars, too this, too that. I applaud katie and tom for taking Suri all over, to say they are pimping her out is SICK! If you never saw her, then what?
    I took my kids all over, vacations, etc, didn’t you??? Pimping? It makes me sick to read such demented comments, Pure jealousy!
    Where were you all when Angie sold her kids pic’s for MILLIONS? Hmmmmm? OOH I see, that is NOT pimping. They live in a bubble, flying to 8 countries in 1 month! CAN you just imagine the morons on here if Kate and tom DARED do that?? Can ya? Of cause not. Because Brad and Angie can fly 28 days a month to different countries with the kids and that is just fine and dandy!
    At least Suri is getting as close to a normal childhood as possible,
    so look at that, the one you all call crazy (tom) turned out to be the best dad. Demented, to say the least, all of you, Idiots.

  40. 40
    poppy Says:

    Tif, When Posh went to Disney land, she didn’t blend in. She was wearing heels and there were tons of paps and crowds following her. I’ve seen tons of star actually posing at Disneyland/world w/their kids. Tom and Katie aren’t even posing. They’re just going about their business. Once again people show that they have a double standard for Tomkat and every other celebrity.

  41. 41
    poppy Says:

    Also, these photos were not taken by paps. You can see that their are tons of tourists watching them and taking pics. Anyone can take photos with a digital camera and sell them to an agency who then sells the photos to blogs like Jared.

  42. 42
    dollbaby Says:

    That picture id priceless, of little Suri looking up at Mickey&Minnie, she probably can’t believe it. How nice her parents are taking her all over, and they are big stars, yet they seem to be enjoying every single moment with this baby…who is a doll! Love that dress..she is precous.
    As for “Where’s Isabella” – Damn, she’s a teenager, perhaps she should be holding Minnie’s hand too? I have to laugh at all of these child experts on here. Believe me, the older kids (Conner was in Fla too) are very well taken care of, and loved. Suri ofcause is the apple of their eye, she’s the BABY! I would bet Isabella does not like being in the spot light, youknow, those teen yrs.
    Damn………………..give me a break! I am beginning to think you just can’t stand that this child is beautiful, even better,10x then the other # 1 babies. Yes, them.

  43. 43
    Iagree Says:

    I would have loved to be there and seen the Cruises, those lucky people who just happened to be there! Suri, looks so darn adorable, Love the pic of her with Minnie and Mickey, she looks star struck, LOL.
    I also cannot believe the moronic comments made by some posters here, saying they are pimping her out! Hey, would U leave your kid home and go to Disney? Would you rather they kept her indoors with a nanny? Or fly all over the world in 30 days like Brad’s Kids?
    I agree with poster who said imagine if the Cruises flew Suri all over the world, constantly. The Pitt – Jolie clan may be happy, but I’ve never seen their kids, with the look Suri has on her sweet face in these pictures. know why? They don’t lead NORMAL lives. They live on planes, and play with only themselves. I applaud the Cruises, bravo, what parents, and to say they are PIMPING this kid, is sick!
    That what you DO with your kids, take them out! Idiots, Indeed!!!!!!

  44. 44
    2#jojo Says:

    suri is SO CUTE! i loved the way her blue dress matches her eyes

    I do’t think her eyes is blue but i loved her dress what a sweet Family they are

    I read somewhere that Cruise heartily applauded Urban when the keith was introduced and Connor Antony interacted with stepdad while keith was setting up to play.

    I think it’s great that the parents/step-parents behave in such a way that the kids feel comfortable no matter what the situation.

  45. 45
    andamentothat Says:


  46. 46
    donna Says:

    # 23 very smart comment! unlike the others who live to hate this little girl. I so agree, Shiloh will be dressed in black, gray, no princess dresses, no Disney, see her hair? yikes, give this poor little girl a bow, clip, cut, something. Last seen she’s in a black coat, drab slacks, well, that’s her mommy, Gothic Inc., same with the sons.
    Suri is indeed a little fashion plate, and in one pic here (past pic) in her poka dot dress, enlarge it, she has the most stunning features, she’s going to be a knock out teen., green eyes, chestnut hair, and adaorable mouth. It’s something, all the clowns were drooling over Shiloh , yes, she’s adorable, but she’s no Suri, unless it the way ange has her looking, a mess, yes a mess.
    I can hear the fans of ange/brad now, tearing me apart, LOL, who cares, I call a spade, a spade.
    Bring on more pictures of this beautiful family, and dare i say, trying to lead a normal life, with this beautiful little girl.

  47. 47
    12isajerk Says:

    Hey # 12 really> ???? So Suri should never see Minnie and Mickey, unless you think she should, but ‘undercover”? NO , the masters of pimping are the ones who rec’d MILLIONS so we could see the twins and the first born on the cover of People. Masters, Indeed!
    The Cruises are out and about, and it’s calling LIVING. So it’spimping if you take the kid places, and make her happy? Correct? or should they take her, but under a mask like M.Jackson?? I agree, Moron though is too nice for these jerks who post such crap.

  48. 48
    diana Says:

    awwwww disney world! too bad the kids of Brad and Angie will never get there, they are too busy being flown all over the world, NOT HEALTHY. Period. But I note,nothing is ever said about it, it’s only Tom and Kate, Ben and Jen who get flack, and it gets me pissed!

  49. 49
    anonymous Says:


  50. 50
    micah Says:

    I looove this family and I want to go to Disneyland NOOOWWWW!!!

  51. 51
    pizza Says:

    They look beautiful
    and so happy.

  52. 52
    thanks jj Says:

    The parents are gorgeous and Suri is
    precious. You didnt show Katie’s parents. Why JJ?

  53. 53
    iron chef Says:

    I enjoy all the pictures especially Suri with Minnie and Mickey.

  54. 54
    me Says:

    What a couple of fame W*HO*RES!!! They couldn’t pay for a private get together with Mickey and Minnie could they? They just had to use Suri to get themselves some attention,.

    I’ll bet if you put Tom Cruise on a deserted island for a couple of weeks he would commit suicide because he wasn’t getting publicity!

  55. 55
    me Says:

    What a couple of fame W*HO*RES!!! They couldn’t pay for a private get together with Mickey and Minnie could they? They just had to use Suri to get themselves some attention,.

    I’ll bet if you put Tom Cruise on a deserted island for a couple of weeks he would commit suicide because he wasn’t getting publicity!

  56. 56
    hannah Says:

    POSH wore flip flops when she were at the disney land actually.

  57. 57
    cd Says:

    The people are more fascinated with the family than
    the park.

  58. 58
    wacko jacko Says:

    I hate to insult Michael “Jacko” Jackson, but Katie Homely is morphing into his long, lost twin bro, Wacko.

    Seriously, Katie “Wacko” Homely looks like she’s about to breakout in the moonwalk.

    OMG…I missed the photo with the leather jacket and sunglasses. She IS Michael’s long lost twin.

  59. 59
    ..... Says:

    God bless them
    God bless the fans and JJ
    most of all God bless America
    and our troops

  60. 60
    um Says:

    Tom and katie or Kate are using the kid as a tool to reparing thier image.The kid is dragged everywhere and anywhere in weekly basis. How do you forgot this is the kid he hide almost 6 months after the birth clamining protecting her to bulid curiousty on her this time he uses her to repare his image.

  61. 61





  62. 62
    zooey Says:

    Thanks to Tom Cruise,Suri and Katie now I wonna go to the happiest place on earth.

  63. 63
    imaginaque Says:

    How ya doin’, #30.

  64. 64
    um.. Says:

    Tom and Katie or Kate is using the kid to repare their image. she is dragged everywhere and anywhere in weekly basis.How do you forgot this is the same kid he hide 6 month after her birth claming protecting her just to bulit curiousty around her and now he shift it to pimping her to help .repair his image. Go figure.

  65. 65
    tif Says:

    Come on people. Suri’s on display in these pictures like a show dog. No, it’s not her fault. But, do you EVER see her running around like a normal child? She’s always corralled between bodyguards and cordoned off from the rest of the world. She’s a beautiful child. I don’t see anyone saying otherwise. I’m starting to believe that Tom treats her like his miracle child b ecause he thought he couldn’t have natural children. There’s nothing natural about it.

  66. 66
    Alissa Says:

    How much is Jared getting paid to show pics of this tiresome whore and that horrid troll child of hers and L Ron Humbug’s frozen jizz?

  67. 67
    Brooke Says:

    I was there! Suri was so cute dressed like Cinderella. She also got to meet her. Tom took tons of photos of her with Cinderella, Mickey, and Minnie. I even got to talk to him for like… 10 seconds. He was really nice, and Katie too.

  68. 68
    Freak show Says:

    To number 63: I totally agree with you! Two transparent adult Buffoons and they’re UGLY baby Baboon — the effing FREAK SHOW is in Disneyland. And the FREAKTARDS are dragging the Baboon’s blanket around too. Effing looney pr hoes. Yes, in my opinion, Suri is not that cute either. Yes, they dress her nice, but with HOMELY as a mother, the girl will NEVER be a beauty. And fyi y’all, there are other cuter kids in Hollywoodland. Go away Tom-Kat-liter!! Go away Tom-Kat-liter!! Go away Tom-Kat-liter!!

  69. 69
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    ahhhhh…suri is so cute =p
    katie has honestly been looking really great lately
    she needed a break from broadway

  70. 70
    2009 Says:

    beautiful family

  71. 71
    The Shiznack Says:

    Iagree @ 02/16/2009 at 7:51 pm

    I would have loved to be there and seen the Cruises, those lucky people who just happened to be there! Suri, looks so darn adorable, Love the pic of her with Minnie and Mickey, she looks star struck, LOL.
    I also cannot believe the moronic comments made by some posters here, saying they are pimping her out! Hey, would U leave your kid home and go to Disney? Would you rather they kept her indoors with a nanny? Or fly all over the world in 30 days like Brad’s Kids?
    I agree with poster who said imagine if the Cruises flew Suri all over the world, constantly. The Pitt – Jolie clan may be happy, but I’ve never seen their kids, with the look Suri has on her sweet face in these pictures. know why? They don’t lead NORMAL lives. They live on planes, and play with only themselves. I applaud the Cruises, bravo, what parents, and to say they are PIMPING this kid, is sick!
    That what you DO with your kids, take them out! Idiots, Indeed!!!!!!


    Because the Cruises live such normal lives don’t they – being in a cult and all.


  72. 72
    bebe Says:

    she is so cute. she is the cutest and adorable hollywood baby. loves suri

  73. 73
    Davidson Says:

    Totally desperate, attention seeking famewhores, the midget, the robot, and the spawn. Don’t forget, people, we’ve seen the “real” Tom, back when he didn’t have a publicist and nobody to reign him in to spare his image. Now he’s trying to restore it with all the goofy pictures, so everybody will like him again. He’s still a freak, though. I, for one, am not impressed.

  74. 74
    khjjl Says:

    kinda creepy to see all those people just taking pictures of them. i mean, suri. she’s cute, but you can see the pictures online.

  75. 75
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:


  76. 76
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    she’s a princes.. you bishes aint never seen violation look that cute. vio’s like the ugly wicked witch. hahahahaha

  77. 77
    jil Says:

    Beautiful American family in Disney. You Go TomKat!!!
    Disgust with haters and bigots on this site, they just hate and stink.

  78. 78
    bess Says:

    Im jealous too because they get to see TomKat and Suri and I love this park.

  79. 79
    observer Says:

    They are all around beautiful and the trolls that bash with different names the trolling will get a visit from Mr.and Mrs.Karma.

  80. 80
    spooky Says:

    the best
    and better
    than all
    the rest…..

  81. 81
    dabu Says:

    sandy @ 02/16/2009 at 7:40 pm

    The reason everyone thinks they are pimping their kids out aside from the fact that they are–they never miss a photo opportunity. Although you probably disagree, there are ways that they can do things without making a huge spectacle.
    And oh yes, the Brangelina kids have been to Disney. Brad and Angie had relatives take them so that they could have a fun experience away from paps and people snapping their pictures. Angelina said she felt really bad about not taking them, but felt they would have more fun enjoying the rides, the attractions etc., without the paps following them.
    You also don’t see the Brange taking their kids out in the middle of the night like Katie did with Suri when she was on Broadway. You don’at see them generally unless they are going from point A to B.
    I think the JOlie-Pitts kids are receiving a far more normal childhood away from the glare of the flashes, the shouting of the paps, and the crowds than Suri Cruise is receiving.
    Think about it, she is cute now, but if she turns out to be ugly or a brat or another Paris Hilton–then how is she going to handle all of the ire. Nicole Kidman has said many times that she is fiercely protective of the kids privacy. Bella and Connor are seen around Nashville and is Sydney, but it is low key and she makes sure they have as normal of an experience as possible. Tom and Katie make sure, on the other hand, to make sure as many photographers, paps and the like are on hand to worship their daughter.
    Forgive those of us who accuse them of pimping the child out for self-promotion, but other stars like Elizabeth Taylor, the Brange, the Damons, the Afflecks, etc., manage not to make every moment a photo op of their kids. Those of us who decry the Cruises and their need for publicity don’t hate Suri. We just feel really sorry for her.

  82. 82
    who let the animals out? Says:

    SCR*EW YOU Sandy #39. And to number #46,47, 48, STFU: Why do you crazy, demented, fu*cking loons have to drag Shiloh, the twins or Brangie into your comments when it’s a TomKat and Suri blog? In addtition, all you effing pedaphiles need to stop drooling over the evil, ugly, alien spawn, spoiled diapered brat. So what, the Brangie sells pics of their lives, their fan’s are interested. Brangie are constantly chased down by the paps. (Even while Angie is giving birth, the paps are drilling holes and such in the hospital ceiling.) So Brangie are savvy and know their fans are curious and to ward off the crushing swarm of crazy paps, they sell their pics to mags and donate the money to CHARITY. WTF is wrong about that? And if they fly to 28 countries, how is that any of our/your business? How do you know that that is not healthy? How do you know anyone is being neglected? FYI, we don’t know. To each their own. Brad and Angie are currently promoting 2 Oscar contenders, Brad is also filming IB, and they still strive to travel TOGETHER. To be able to do that together is very fortunate. And keeping the family unit together is one of the most important and beautiful things in life. Maybe the JP kids love it. We don’t know. All I know is you Tom-Kat fans always bring Shiloh up. So what , if she’s not in designer clothes or expensive haircuts. Shiloh gets handmedowns too. Now that’s effing normal. For God’s sake, Brad and Angie have 6 kids to love and still have room in their hearts for more. Hey they can afford them, are there to support one another, and have more energy and room in their hearts for more. Now that’s effing amazing. And as apparent in this site, JP blogs top TomKat blogs 3 to 1. JP’s are more popular on JJ. And in my opinion, in terms of looks, Suri barely scrapes the bottom of the barrel. And yes, I too call a spade a spade.

  83. 83
    DGBYTSD Says:


  84. 84
    *_* Says:

    Lucky lucky lucky people their tickets are worth it seeing Disneyworld and the rides but most of all Suri,Katie and Tom Cruise.

  85. 85
    royalty Says:

    Suri Cruise should be the new face of Disney!!!!!

  86. 86
    poppy Says:

    #82, You lost all credibility by referring to Suri as “the evil, ugly, alien spawn, spoiled diapered brat.” At the least the people who criticized Brangelina didn’t say anything negative about the kids.

  87. 87
    jill Says:

    photo # 7 shows the face of a true brat—even with her hair over her eyes. Katie could not give her that popsicle fast enough before she had a hissy fit/

    cute or not…..she’s a true brat

  88. 88
    John Says:

    Before you feel sorry for Suri, please look at her happy face on the picture with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

  89. 89
    jill Says:

    that face is not really a natural ” happy face”.

    more of a spoiled brat face

  90. 90
    imaginaque Says:

    Raphael, now do you get why I just can’t help but compare & contrast Suri and Violet? One goes to a friend’s birthday party in jeans, with a small, run-of-the-mill gift bag, and looks thrilled. The other one dresses up in yet another egregiously expensive dress to be paraded around, and not a friend in sight.

  91. 91
    John Says:

    #87, 87
    You are just sick idiot who exams every picture to criticize sweet toddler. Get a live, loser!!!

  92. 92
    Robin Says:

    That poor child will NEVER have a normal life with all of the photographers following her around. Her parents are constantly criticized…”Where’s Suri, then it’s too much Suri or Suri still uses a bottle, doesn’t wear a coat, needs her bangs trimmed and on and on it goes. Have you noticed that she never smiles or laughs when she’s around the cameras? Also does she have any friends? I feel sorry for her. It’s never easy being a child of a celebrity but there seems to be so much scrutiny with her parents and even with her…I pray that when she grows up that she doesn’t follow the self destruction route of Tatum O’Neal, Cameron Douglas, Sean Stewart etc…

  93. 93
    I hate the cruise circus Says:

    To # 81: That’s very well written. Thanks. And in my opinion, Suri was different in terms of looks when she was born, but now she’s just alright. Surely, this is not the best family in HW. Nor is Suri the cutest kid in HW. More like the wierdest family in HW. Yes, Suri is happy in the left pic., but she will always be the #1 Diapered Sourpuss, just eh in terms of looks. In terms of attitude, she’s just plain nasty and annoying. Don’t worry fan’s, she’s the next in line for the Paris Hilton crown. I’m sure there will be a Suri Cruise sex tape in the next 20 years. (Don’t worry, I’m not jealous of her nor am I interested in the tape either.)

  94. 94
    jess Says:


  95. 95
    Lisa too Says:

    Gosh, you all are getting so upset about Suri going to Disneyworld! Anywhere this family goes, they have their own security team with them, so it isn’t like they can just hang out with the rest of the patrons there. I am sure that they can’t go anywhere without people bothering them. They want to just enjoy the park like everyone else.

    I love seeing Suri so happy and enjoying herself. Just think back at her age and seeing the movies and toys that were all Disney related. It is a “magical” place for kids to go and it looks like Suri is just so happy seeing Mickey and Minnie. I can only imagine that all kids would feeling the same way ( although when I was her age, I was afraid of all those characters in their costumes. I would cry when they would come near me. ha haaaa)

    With Katie being a first time Mom, let her enjoy all the opportunities that she can share with her daughter. I love that Tom can take his own pictures of the days they spend together rather than he having to see all the paps pictures that come out in the magazine.

    Hopefully they will get to go to more places like this now that she is getting older and understanding more.

  96. 96
    hello Says:

    If you don’t call this photo-op. then what is?

  97. 97
    love Says:


  98. 98
    sick Says:

    Pimping thier child to make the covers of tabloids and tabloid net blogs.

    The ONLY couple who does this.

  99. 99
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    You want really to get SICK?
    NO SWEAT, take a look, folks!!

  100. 100
    sillow Says:

    what a great looking family! suri is SO adorable

  101. 101
    laura Says:

    The one of her holding Minnie and Mickey’s hand is priceless.

    These are precious photos.

  102. 102
    laura Says:

    The one of her holding Minnie and Mickey’s hand is priceless.

    These are precious photos.

  103. 103
    who let the animals out? Says:

    to Poppy #86. Just because the JP critiques are lukewarm today, this dosen’t mean that the JP comments weren’t heinous or obscene in the past or in the future. And why do TomKat fans bring up JP’s on this blog in the first place? Fyi, Suri is a spoiled diapered brat. She’s still in diapers, right? And for God sakes, Katie’s carrying her huge blanket to Disneyland. And in NY, Katie carried 2 umbrellas for Suri on a rainy day. And what of all those designer dresses, coats, and shoes in this economic climate? That’s spoiled to me. And in NY, while Katie was doing her play. Suri wanted to walk out onto the stage. Tom said: “Suri, you can’t go out onto the stage.” Suri said “Why not?” Now, that’s spoiled and bratty to me. Even on the beach and while going shopping with Mom, Suri appears to be just plain miserable. Next, imo, Suri is ugly despite her pretty designer dresses. She has down turned eyes. Suri often scowls or has a frown on her face, and has her mother’s legs too. Also, unlike Matilda and Violet, who both shine from the inside out, Suri can be a sourpuss and have a miserable attitude. And when Suri stares at you blankly or scowls and glares, she looks just plain evil. Suri’s parentage is always in question and thus may be the spawn of an alien. And yes, imo, Suri’s kinda ugly and can be an evil, spoiled, diapered brat and quite possibly an alien spawn. (L. Ron Hubburd’s sperm.)

  104. 104
    rob Says:

    I want Katie she makes beautiful babies.

  105. 105 Says:

    aaw! That pic of Suri looking up at Mickey mouse is precious! priceless photo!

  106. 106
    jade Says:

    I guess if your famous you get special treatment! Look @ Suri & everyone else is behind the gate! lol. Suri gets Mickey Mouse all to her self! But i feel sorry for Suri, everyone is watching her every move! She looks precious in those photos with Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse! Her look on her face is priceless! She’s so happy! She is next to Cinderella, a real life princess like Suri! lol. too cute!

  107. 107
    Viv Says:

    jade—- Suri is NO real life princess!

    Get real!

  108. 108
    the diaper is loaded! Says:


  109. 109
    jOie Says:

    she’s so adorable♥

  110. 110
    Hello jello Says:

    simply cute!!! =)

  111. 111
    pooper Says:

    oh my! the little “princess” brat- almost 3 years old and still in diapers?
    I read that it is up to the parents to decide on potty training and Katie sounds lazy.

    Here isa part of what I found regarding potty training.

    Most children begin potty training sometime around 18 months to three years of age, so yes, if he is otherwise growing and developing well.

    I guess with a kid like Suri- she has problems.. If she is the one to decide if they cut her bangs or not, makes choices on what to wear and who knows what else……of course…she is going to poop in her pants because SHE wants to.

    brat….not her fault. Her weido parents

  112. 112
    pooper Says:

    # 39 Sandy

    guess what? YOU are the idiot along with raphael.

    go back to the hole you climbed out of

  113. 113
    jill Says:

    # 87 john

    huh? you can’t see that her bangs completely cover her eyes?

    I guess YOU are the idiot . Go back to school loser

  114. 114
    Raphael Says:

    They’re taking pictures, #31.

    One of the most famous couples on Earth could have gone incognito in one of the most popular places on Earth where half the people on Earth have a camera phones?

    And if they do, #32?

    What about the Beckhams? As you said, PEOPLE NOTICED THEM ANYWAY BECAUSE THEY’RE FAMOUS. To show the common folk how special they are? Critics are delusional…

    Don;t talk about things you know nothing about, #34. And don’t call this poor girl a brat.

    Where are the paparazzi, #38?

    Right, #39-#45.

    Why do they have to have a private get together, #54? Do they have to go about their lives so differently less they’ll be accused of trying to get publicity?

    You can’t use a kid to repair your image, #60. And don’t you think they’d know by now that it isn’t working since all you do is accuse every single outing as a photo op?

    That’s insane, #65. None of that is true.

    You’re sick, #66 and #68.

    It’s not a fact, #81. Don’t compare parents. You can’t hold TomKat wanting to take their kids to fun places themselves against them. They like to take her out everywhere. You usually don’t see Suri Cruise unless she’s walking from point A or to point B either. No celebrity child ever has a normal childhood. You have no idea that they make sure that photigraphers are always present to ‘worship’ them. Don’t be so self-righteous and feed me this pity crap.

    Actually, it’s TomKat critics that always bring up Brangelina and other couples and viciously compare, #82. Must you diss an innocent child’s looks?

    You’re an idiot that makes no sense, #87.

    What the hell is a spoiled brat face, #89? You can’t judge people you’ve never met by a few paparazzi snapshots!

    No, #90/ I don’t get why you can’t compare, You simply realize that you don’t know anything about these people and you keep your mouth shut.

    So what if Suri Cruise dresses formally much of the time? Will she die because of it? (And it’s just a costume she’s wearing at a theme park.)

    Unlike Suri Cruise, I have NEVER, EVER seen Violet Affleck play with another kid. (Of course Violet Affleck has friends but just trying to point out your hypocrisy.)

    No celebrity child will ever have a normal life, #92.

    I don’t get this ‘friends’ question when she’s seen playing with the Beckham boys all the time.

    Why would you say such terrible things, #93?

    Exactly, #96. How can you tell when something is s photo op or when famous people are spontaneously being photographed?

    Or maybe they’re just having a nice vacation, #98?

    Don’t call her this girl you don’t know a brat, #103. So what if she’s still in diapers? It’s not your problem. It’s not even a problem actually. What does buying expensive clothes with their hard-earened money have to do with anything at whatever economic state the country is in. I really don’t think a 2 year-old that doesn’t know anything asking why she can’t go on is stage in in anyway bratty. Stop calling a little, innocent girl ugly! You don’t know any of those little girls and Suri Cruise isn’t a wind-up toy that’s supposed to give you warm and fuzzy feelings! The only thing that matters is that Suri Cruise doesn’t question her parentage unlike you idiot conspiracy theorists.

    Don’t believe everything you read, #111.

  115. 115
    pooper Says:

    #114 Raphael

    I knew it! “don’t believe everything I read”. ha!

    It was actually from an expert on children regarding potty training,

    Now, WHO is the idiot?….Raphael of course!

    I guess you are in “Cruiseland”. You only read and believe the world of the weirdo Cruises.

    How pitiful!. now, go dig yourself a hole and cover it up real good.

  116. 116
    emma Says:

    beyond cute

  117. 117
    :))))))))) Says:

    What a beautiful family and these photos are to die for especially the last one with Suri holding the hands of Mickey and Minnie.
    Thanks Jared.

  118. 118
    vi Says:

    I love them and love these album!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. 119
    raphael, Mr. Horse. Mr. white Says:

    To Raphael: Boy, what is it with you Raphael? Why on earth would you take the time and make the effort to respond to approx. 18 comments above for TomKat and Suri? You are an effing, crazy fanatic. Possibly a stalkerish blogger and do you really think other people read all your comments? You may be writing in vain. I hope you have other hobbies in your life.

  120. 120
    lol Says:

    Tom,Katie especially Suri sooo stole the show from Mickey & Friends and whole beautiful park.

  121. 121
    non talents Says:

    Alissa #66 wrote:

    How much is Jared getting paid to show pics of this tiresome ***** and that horrid troll child of hers and L Ron Humbug’s frozen ****?


    Alissa, I totally love and agree with your comment! Thanks for the truth and chuckle!

  122. 122
    beltway Says:

    Way too cute and poor thing so lost in the moment while the paps and crowd are taking pics,gawking and talking to the cell phones bragging how they’re in Disneyworld with TomKat and Suri.

  123. 123
    scary evil Says:

    The diaper is loaded! #108. Fyi, follow the links folks, there’s one scary pic of Suri looking pretty evil. The one where she’s in a blue outfit.

    To Raphael: if various people come up with the same comments, there must be some truth there… Also, I take offence to Katie putting Suri’s diapered fanny on a serving counter. That’s just plain unsanitary and an effing clueless mother.

  124. 124
    LILIAN Says:

    She is just to cute for words.

  125. 125
    jenny Says:

    wow…is there anything at all left for suri to do or see. I suppose next we’ll see them on the moon.

  126. 126
    g!na Says:

    #107 VIV- you get real! duh, Jade was just joking! but Suri is treated just like a princess! So she probably thinks she is! duh!

  127. 127
    bethany granger Says:

    suri is cute but i hate katie. i like tom though.

  128. 128
    jolly Says:

    Awwwww, so precious!

  129. 129
    tiffer7497 Says:

    Nice to finally see a smile on Suri’s face!

  130. 130
    regina Says:

    S o ridiculous!!!!!!!!
    How come all the normal people are just watching and cant get close to Mickey!!

  131. 131
    ㅋㅋ Says:


  132. 132
    prezyw Says:

    These pictures are priceless. I bet suri is gonna be a movie star sooner rather than later.

  133. 133
    serena Says:

    I love seeing katie as a hands on mom!! I was like that. Always toting my babies around even if they did want to walk and i only wanted to hold them! Tom ur awesome!!! I liked the picture of u taking photos of suri. Ur alright!!!!

  134. 134
    Cheetah Says:

    How staged is this!? These people gross me out! Put some normal clothes on that kid, let it be a kid! I only see adults in those pictures suri included. Just awful! This kid has a hellhole life.

    All that special attention is NOT good.

  135. 135
    xeena Says:

    number 26
    well its disney
    and i would want to go to disney evenif it is with suri and katie
    but whatever?

  136. 136
    Si Says:

    SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. 137
    ayj6m6l Says:

    4th pic. katie’s soooooooooooo ehat she’s wearin’. the hair, the jeans and shoes…. everythin’ is jus working for her. she’s so tall.

  138. 138
    frown Says:

    Disgusting show of Narcissism and Entitlement… WHY should they be able to breeze through that longggg line so that they can EXPLOIT their child to the masses whilst she is able to meet and greet with Mickey/Minnie/Cinderella? I am sooo incredibly fed up with this show of “where better than all of you” because we are famous, rich, etc… Get your a** back in line and wait your turn like everyone else… that child is on the road to becoming an incredibly spoiled brat because her own parents’ have no sense of manners, discretion, and common decency! MAKES ME SICK! They very well could have arranged a “private” visit- bnut why do that when you are in the practice of EXPLOITING your family for the masses? What did they believe that the ppl. in LINE would Ahh and Oooo over them when they noticed it was the Cruises? Why would they when they themselves probably were stuck waiting forever for their own turn with their children. This whole display sickens and disgusts me to no end… Disgusting Behavior~

  139. 139
    sj Says:

    Matilda ledger has a dress just like that, personally I think she rocks the princess look better, but suris pretty cute!

    People should really cut Tomkat some slack; they might not be very good parents, but they try. Its not like they’re “evil molesterers or.. stage parents!”

  140. 140
    datecutesingles Says:

    Who knew that Scientology was partnered with Disney to brainwash our kids?

  141. 141
    sj Says:

    Matilda ledger has a dress just like that, personally I think she rocks the princess look better, but suris pretty cute!

    People should cut Tomkat a little slack; they may not be very good parents, but at least they’re not “child molesterers or… like stage parents!”

  142. 142
    LuckyL Says:

    Hahaha; poor kid already has thick legs like her mama

  143. 143
    LuckyL Says:

    This is the best campaign to appear endearing to fans again I’ve seen as of yet

  144. 144
    kd Says:

    And of course, this just turned out to be another photo op for the Cruises….

  145. 145
    Sophia Says:

    Too bad she can’t see much. Hair down to her nose. Idiots.
    Oh yeh, Suri says NO to cutting them or a barrette ! Brat.

  146. 146
    jess Says:

    Looks like Suri inherited Tom’s huge nose. Poor kid.
    And she must love the feel of bangs hanging down to her mouth.
    Too bad the parents won’t be parents and cut her bangs. Hold the screaming brat down if you have to. Morons.

  147. 147
    the diaper is loaded! Says:


  148. 148
    Helen Says:

    Suri is just soooooooo cute!!!!

  149. 149
    boogie Says:

    # 7 foto is scary looking!

    I guess Suri refuses to let anyone trim her bangs.

    Katie and Tom should be shown this # 7 foto to see how ridiculous it looks and any responsible parent would not allow this. She could fall down or something. Maybe Suri prefers hair in her eyes because it’s like wearing sunglasses and she thinks ” no one can see her”.

    In addition, her expression in that same foto is scary! Unusual expression to have for a child that is almost 3.

    Now……here comes Raphael – former Mr Horse, Tangerine, Mr Blonde…the many names he creates. LOL

  150. 150
    yvonne Says:

    such wonderful devoted parents and this girl is precious

  151. 151
    fact Says:

    Cruise family…patriots
    sam few trolls….pinheads

  152. 152
    the diaper is loaded! Says:

  153. 153
    the diaper is loaded! Says:

  154. 154
    miley Says:

    I wonna go to Disney now!!!!!! I love this family!!!

  155. 155
    fantasia Says:

    The fairest baby and family of all. Suri reminds me of the real Snow White.

  156. 156
    babes Says:


  157. 157
    nancyw Says:

    Suri looks adorable!!!!!!

  158. 158
    Raphael Says:

    I was referring to you thinking that they let their daughter rule the roost, #115.

    I have a life, #119. I just can’t stand these poor people get slammed with no one around to defend them.

    A lot of people say the Earth is 6, 000 years old, there’s some truth in that, #123? Unsanitary counters…There’s always some little nit-pick that you critics blow out of proportion.

    What were they on line for, #138?

    Why should they have had a private visit?

    Why do you have to diss a little kid that had nothing to do with how she looks, #142?

    No one is going to like a person because they’re spending time with their kids like normal people.

    How do you know what Suri Cruise does, #145?

    Leave that kid’s appearance alone, #146.

    Why do you guess that, #149?

  159. 159
    Violette Says:

    Man, that kid is cute, but she is SO spoilt!

  160. 160
    nosin Says:

    Katie looks so old for her age. Geez. What happened to her to age her so.

  161. 161
    mary Says:

    SItting here reading comments from ‘adults’, Are you really? amazes me to no end. How else do you take your child to Disney? SO WHAT if the people at Orlando put this little angel on display, she’s NOT the average little girl, she’s tom cruises daughter! Do you really think they have to put her out there to get their pics taken and in the mag’s and news? Really? I recall Katie always being in the papers and Tom too, wherever he showed up. He’s not a ‘has been’ nor is she, they are big stars, young, attractive and classy who happen to love to dress nice and look like stars,yet seem to want to make little Suri live in a normal world. Kate is from ohio, she she isn’t from LA, she seems to be a home town gal who made good (very good). I and many others love seeing them in magazines, I think taking her to Disney was a great thing to do, Just look at her face smiling up at Mickey, it’s a priceless picture. And I agree with the poster who posted that little Shiloh, or Zahara and the boys, would probably love to be in her little shoes. They live in an isolated world, and flying all over the world on planes, isn’t that great, they aren’t living a normal childhood. So Katie and Tom are doing the right thing by Suri, and NOT ‘pimping” her, what a stupid, and sick thing to post. But the more I read here from these ‘adults’ (are they really???) I can expect no better.

  162. 162
    saidwhat Says:

    How about the poster who said Suri (in a # 7 photo) has the look of someone who will be in jail????????
    SICKO, get your medications, you should be reported for abuse, your a sick, sick person, who needs help.
    time to stop calling this child, such horrid names, you are a really, sick person, (animal, whatever)!

  163. 163
    crazyposters Says:

    #60 I do not agree. Their images need repairing? So he’s into Scientogoloy, thats his business,he is STILL a major star, and he gets his picture taken, (more so katie) wherever they go, even without Suri… Case in point, there are so many recent pictures of just the two of them going out for a romantic dinner, or to a show, Suri is home, isn’t she? Because they obviously love taking her all over, that’s a crime? So does Jen and Ben with Violet, and they get accused of the same crap, and you know why? BEcause they aren’t the super heros to this board, Angie and Brad, that is the ONlY reason why.
    So we see those kids boarding and unboarding planes and walking like a circus in various AIRPORTS, that is just great for the kiddies, right? NO! But nothing, not a single word is EVER posted about dragging these kids all over the world, because they are SuperHeros, Angie/Brad, and it’s theur business if they want to do that, it’s their childen. But what enrages me is that, it’s OK , because it’s THEM.
    Suri is a precious little very pretty girl, and she also dresses so girlie, and I think that and her geoegous parents make many on here sick with jealousy, take VIV the bright poster here calling her someone who will be in JAIL, is that a thing to say? It’s only said by someone very jealous of this great looking family, who act and conduct themselves, classy, and sure look like models. So she and other’s JEALOUS, pure jealousy, and nothing, more.

  164. 164
    shiisworse Says:

    # 27 Gee nothing is ever said about the long mess of hair that is on Shiloh, how come? She has all this hair in her face, looks hot and uncomfortable. But that’s the kid of ANGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So it OK!!!!!!!!!!
    Suri looks just fine! It’s hot in Disney, and it was sticking to her forehead, she’s never a mess, believe me. Someone should send angie a head band, or clips, or someone to cut poor Shi’s hair, it’s a MESS!!!!

  165. 165
    VIV2u Says:

    Viv @ 02/16/2009 at 7:29 pm oh…here is the brat again.

    # 7 photo shows her eyes in jail.

    this raphael person says “let the parents decide about their child’s hair”. ha ha ha…..that’s the problem…..The parents don’t decide. Suri DOES!

    VIV you are one horrible human being, if one can call you that.
    Disgusting comment to make about a 2 year old child!
    Jail? Maybe your kids are headed there, don’t worry about this little girl, she’s just fine. You? A digusting, horrible person, with no life other then to tear apart a baby. I can just imagine, the life you must lead, to even type such horrible words. A 2 yr old, really getting under your skin, is sick, get it? Sick.

  166. 166
    haaaaaaa Says:

    Beautiful little girl, what a joy she must be for her parents. She is precious in her blue dress, and looking at her face staring at minnie she looks like she is in heaven, and can’t believe it! ha. it’s a joy, that lucky crowd to see the cruises, and to the haters who say they should have traveled ‘icognito’ yeah, like Micheal Jacksons kids, correct? Masks and crazy stuff, you really are funny, “pimping’ her, the only think pimping is your brains.
    And the couple who got millions for pimping twins and a first born, That is PIMPING. Not taking a kid to Disney world, wherever they go they are mobbed, so mind your damn business!
    Suri is the most adorable tot in Hollywood, and her parents sure are easy on the eyes, and these jerks, can’t stand it, LMAO!

  167. 167
    disney Says:

    I was trying to picture Shiloh who is the same age as Suri, in this blue dress, holding Minnie and Mickey’s hands and looking up as Suri is, poor thing, will never see this, or ever ever, wear a blue fairy tale dress. Shame. That kid needs pigtails and some pastels, and she’ll look just as adorable as Suri, but not with the black clothing lover mom who also never fixes her hair. I bet the grandparents would love to fix her, as a little girl, should be.
    Suri, is one beautiful toddler, these pictures are great! Shows how she is loved too, and not pimped, like the idiots on here want to believe. haters. all of u.

  168. 168
    oooh Says:

    Lucky people who happended to see this beautiful family there! Imagine the pic taking.
    Katie is so damn pretty and natural, tom looks so happy, so much for the ‘weird family’ crap. Suri is a living doll!!!!!!!!! Keep the pictures coming, forget the posters who are just enivous, period!

  169. 169
    princess Says:

    To the idiots who insist they are pimping this adorable girl (Like they need publicity!) Does anyone remember Princess Diana, taking little WIlliam and Harry to Disney in Cal, and having them with the crowds on line, waiting like everyone else, and all the picture taking when the crowds saw it was the Princess and sons?? Of cause not! Diana did it, and I never saw people saying she was ‘pimping’ them!
    I think, like Diana, katie wants little Suri to experience real life, and to say she’s ‘pimping’ her is a very sick comment to make. I also would bet these same people never had a real education, because educated people do not post such stuff, nor call a baby, yes, she is, such horrible names and worse , like VIV.
    So i applaud Katie and Tom, for giving this kid a normal lifestyle, with all the millions, god bles them, they are a beautiful family. In fact, Katie is like Princess Diana, tall, elegant, a flair for clothes, and a class act, hands on mother,look that up, posters, it’s something you will all never be., _class act _!

  170. 170
    RIRI Says:


    even a fool will source u out IDIOT, go back to ur LOONEY HOLE, wat sort of DERANGED person pretends to be eight different pple, not surprised TC is known to have a PERSONALTY DISORDER TOO, not shocked ur a FAN of his

  171. 171
    myob Says:

    People! Get over the fancy dress thing. IT IS A COSTUME!!! If you have ever been to Disney World you would see that half the little girls under 6 years old are wearing princess costumes. They are sold in the stores at Disney World. You can even go get a princess makeover at one of the big stores .

    I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen Suri wearing a pastel color and I love it on her. I’m glad Katie let Suri wear a costume and play dress up.

    Having said that, I agree, NO MATTER HOW CUTE THE PICTURES ARE (and they are! I love that look on her face) I wish that Suri could have met with Mickey and Minnie and Cinderella somewhere private instead of fenced in with people gawking at her like she’s in a zoo or something.

  172. 172
    bobo Says:

    I agree with #27.. TRIM HER BANGS… THE BANGS WILL DAMAGER HER EYES….. WHAT HAPPEN TO THESE PARENTS. If they love her, they should insist to cut her bangs..

  173. 173
    myob Says:

    Also love the pic of Suri sitting on Katie’s lap.

  174. 174
    knowitall Says:

    I don’t think she or Shilo is as cute as they used to be. Both of them have huge noses and just look strange in the face.

  175. 175
    anon Says:

    if ever i thought dis folks are SANE, i’m starting to have a major doubt!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s almost like they went there for a personal photoshoot
    there are pics on other site and you can see a private photog standing right nect to TC, taking pics and another guy holding up some sort of light projector( like d ones they use on movie sets) in d b/ground, explains why those pple were barricaded off, cos TC is creating his personal family album on a PUBLIC DOMAIN….. NITWIT

  176. 176
    What???? Says:

    #169: Yes, Princess Diana did take her sons’ to Disney and on the metro, and to orphanages, and to places where ordinary “folks” lived, breathed and worked- she took them to those places and she made them stay in line, wait their turn, and extend comapssion and empathy to all who were suffering and pain and she taught them humility, grace, and how to “be royal in the everyday world” She did not raise them to be spoiled rich kids ala: Suri Cruise, Paris Hilton, The Beckham kids, (taking away the “royal” part) Princess Di did a service to those boys’ as she never wanted them to forget that even though they are “royals” and have responsibilities to their roles, she nonethless wanted and strived for them to be as comfortable around everyday ppl. and to treat them with the same human compassion and dignity that all ppl. deserve to be treated with. NOT this nonsense of spoiled little rich girl getting everything that she wants and not being raised with proper manners, morals, etc… HUGE difference between the regal Princess Di and these selfish, self-absorbed Hollywood Morons! No comparrison what-so-ever!

  177. 177
    riri Says:

    its not just us everyday pple dat this DUNZOS (GMD/PAIDROBOBRIDE) try to take advantage of, they do it to celebs alike as well, in the recent interview with NYC MAG, KATE MOSS said that this idiots pushed in front of her at the METROPOLITAN GALA last year, and everyone was like “WHO THE F*** ARE THEY?” seriously all those pple have paid to come have fun with their families, some of them have kids also ( 90% of them most definitely SCI-BABY’S age) but cos dis selfish BA*T**DS want to have a phot op time they barricade them off!!!!!!!! wat was all dat talk of repairing their image about then!!!!!!

  178. 178
    MJ Says:
    ***** doesn’t seem too excited with her mom tagging along

    for fu**ks sake why can’t she let dat child walk, rather than carring her and exposing her nauseating diaper to d world?????? almost like sher’s showing it off!!!!!!!! EWWWWWWWWW

    plus is it me or the only time ROBOBRIDES parent are allowed to see their grand-daughter is by spending quality time with TC, cos everytime i’ve seen pics of them with suri, it’s always a TC family affair, well he’s trying make the public believe his parent in-laws love but the poor folks must be getting sick of it now, can’t even have private time with their grand-daughter without the controlling father and his mob of PAPARRAZIS

  179. 179
    riri Says:

    “(Stella and I) stood in line for an hour or something to say hello to the meet and greet in the receiving line… we’re going, I can’t believe this. You can’t smoke. You can’t have a drink… We were like, What? Tom and Katie just walked right up to the front, and we were like, “Who the f*ck are they? They’re not even in fashion.” KATE MOSS.

  180. 180
    hank Says:

    Her dress isn’t right! Her bangs are too long! Where’s Isabella? They jumped the line! It’s all for publicity! Grandpa’s crying!

    At least, thank the lord, they have you insufferable nags to show them how to live rich and fulfilling lives.

  181. 181
    cs Says:

    these pics are adorable, although i saw the same pics on another site which not cropped so closely and there is actually someone holding up a large light reflector and a man who looks like a professional photographer taking pics too. it looks like some sort of photo shoot or photo op that they arranged. it is too bad these pics are cropped so you cannot see it.

  182. 182
    The Pundit Says:

    What???? @ 02/17/2009 at 3:13 pm #169: Yes, Princess Diana did take her sons’ to Disney and …to places where ordinary “folks” lived, breathed and worked… as she … wanted and strived for them to … treat them with the same human compassion and dignity that all ppl. deserve to be treated with. ”


    Well, apparently the lesson was lost on her youngest son, who thinks it’s fun to dress up as Hitler (unless I’m mistaken, old Adolph wasn’t really big on “human compassion”). Prince William has also REPEATEDLY used racial epithets to refer to others, so there goes your “Pricess Di as Perfect Mother” theory, now doesn’t it?

    Taking Suri to Disneyland/Disneyworld proves NOTHING about the kind of person she will grow up to be (what kind of Loonyjuice are you people drinking?). These are children of celebs. They are used to being photographed. Some handle it better than others, so stop all of this bashing of innocent BABIES. Grow the hell up and stop criticizing the parents when some of you are having great FUN castigating a BABY. What does that say about your own levels of human compassion and decency?

  183. 183
    The Pundit Says:

    Apologies Wills. It’s your brother Harry who likes to use racial epithets on a repetitive basis.

  184. 184
    eva Says:

    Suri is one cute princess there’s no doubt about that but her parents take her status way too far. Everything about this family excludes other people around them, there’s no way a kid like this will ever be interested or even aware of how priviledged and lucky she is while there’s so much going on around the ivory tower where she’s being raised. Sure, security is an issue for someone famous but it can be toned down a little bit. It looks like she’s on a circus ring all the time.

  185. 185
    2 The Pundit Says:

    what harry has done for his country in his short life, u’ll never do in ur miserable lifetime, so u call him racist, take this i’m BLACK n dont see anything racist in wat he said, every brainless-illitertate like u uses dat word and it gets on my wits, a PAKISTAN is referred to as **** and dat is cosidered racism, well if dats d case those SMELLY BAS***DS shud go back to their country where no one will call them **** or better still they too shudn’t refere to every black person they meet as JAMAICAN, so wat he used a FU*KN NAZI ARM-BAND it was a flipping costume party U STUPID FCUK

  186. 186
    anon Says:

    cs @ 02/17/2009 at 4:45 pm

    these pics are adorable, although i saw the same pics on another site which not cropped so closely and there is actually someone holding up a large light reflector and a man who looks like a professional photographer taking pics too. it looks like some sort of photo shoot or photo op that they arranged. it is too bad these pics are cropped so you cannot see it.

    JJ is on the SCEINO payroll!!!!!!!!! so he had to do wat he had to do, the other bloggers dat left dat bit in are not on the SCEINO payroll

  187. 187
    The Pundit Says:

    2 The Pundit @ 02/17/2009 at 6:16 pm what harry has done for his country in his short life, u’ll never do in ur miserable lifetime, so u call him racist, take this i’m BLACK n dont see anything racist in wat he said,

    I don’t care if you’re chartreuse, obviously HE recognized the racist nature of his remarks or he wouldn’t have APOLOGIZED. And the Pakistanis, the TARGETS of his racism, were insulted so, who cares what YOU thought, especially since you write as if you are in remedial first grade?

    “…every brainless-illitertate like u uses dat word and it gets on my wits, a PAKISTAN is referred to as **** and dat is cosidered racism, well if dats d case those SMELLY BAS***DS shud go back to their country ….”

    LOL! You’re pretty funny. Sweetie, you raise BRAINLESS ILLITERACY to an art form — “illitertate” (that one is my favorite), “dat”, “shud” “if dats d case”. How can anyone take you seriously (Oh, that’s right, no one does.) . LOL! But I guess that’s what passes for ENGLISH there in the housing projects. You can’t even write a complete WORD, much less a complete SENTENCE. You are a indeed a credit to your race. lol!

  188. 188
    To #185 Says:

    Hey @185 – When you write that poorly, it really isn’t necessary to tell anyone you are Black. When you think “dat” is a word, and when you can’t communicate without cursing, believe me, we all KNOW you are Black.

  189. 189
    to # 165 mental case Says:

    # 165 viv2u

    are you daft? Just mentioning the kid needs a trim so she can see out….and you call me all those words? Seriously……calm down and go dig yourself a hole. Sounds like you need to stick your head in there before you have a stroke.

  190. 190
    QQQQ Says:


  191. 191
    swing Says:

    Im so envious I love this family,truly beautiful and such wonderful family qualities. I also like to go to Disney now and I want Tommy’s camera. Extra had a video soooo precious of Suri feeding her dad.

  192. 192
    VICTORIA Says:

    NUMBER # 20…..What are you talking about?…..You make no sense…Keith Urban in the pace car?…..slices of pizza?…what????.
    How do you know she did not go on any rides?….Were you there?
    Suri looks precious.,…..Most of these comments are ( for the thousandth time ), are nothing but pure jealousy…Sad !!!

  193. 193
    VICTORIA Says:

    NUMBER # 20…..What are you talking about?…..You make no sense…Keith Urban in the pace car?…..slices of pizza?…what????.
    How do you know she did not go on any rides?….Were you there?
    Suri looks precious.,…..Most of these comments are ( for the thousandth time ), are nothing but pure jealousy…Sad !!!

  194. 194
    HELLO Says:

    I feel so sorry for the people there! It must have been really crowded! I hate it when people get to skip the whole entire lines in the rides just because they’re famous! We went last year and someone famous was there and they closed down the rides while we were still in line and we had to wait longer. Not too much longer but still lol

  195. 195
    JODO Says:

    Yaaaawwwwnnnn. What a lovely (yaaaawwwnnnn) dress. Yaaaawwwwnnn. Always good to see this family…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  196. 196
    enid Says:

    God bless them…thanks JJ

  197. 197
    cinema Says:


  198. 198
    Lisa too Says:

    hhhhmmm….. I posted #95 ….and I still think that every child should have the opportunity to visit any of the Disney parks. They are so much fun and clean. It’s just a place that you never get tired of going to. Suri is so cute in her little costume dressed as a princess. She loves to wear her little dresses so why should this day be any different?

    Comparing Suri to any of the other celebrity kids, just isn’t fair. So what if she is into dresses more than pants like Shilo, Matilda, and even Violet? Each of these little girls are perfect in their own ways. They don’t know any different.

    One thing that I never thought about until it was mentioned is about how Angelina and Brad don’t take their kids to places like Disney for an example, but yet travel all over the world with them? It would be nice instead of always moving around, that they would let their children have “one home” and let them be kids and build relationships with other kids their own age. It’s just crazy always traveling with 6 kids now. They claim that the childrent are learing from all these places which I think is a bunch of bull. They can learn about other countries witihout having to visit all these places. Let them see these places when they are older and can understand all the different cultures. Just seems like an excuse for them to do all their humanitarian work that they do. If they want to help these countries which I am sure are their passion, then that is fine, but quit dragging the kids with them and let them have a home and they can decide when they are old enough if they want to join in and help.

    Just my opinion………

  199. 199
    fran Says:


    you could not be so incorrect.

    Disney World is just a “fake” place to go on vacations, etc.

    You can’t compare the real thing and “Disney World”

    get off your high horse

  200. 200
    chessa Says:

    I love the People news Hollywood royalty meets Disney royalty. Awww so true……

  201. 201
    Raphael Says:

    You shouldn’t be making silly comparisons and judgments, #176. Esp. with people you don’t even know.

    Suri Cruise’s maternal grandparents are seen with her sans Cruise, #178.

    Funny, #180.

    That’s not true, #184.

  202. 202
    Lisa too Says:

    fran…. oh fran #199…. Of course it’s fake, that is why it is so wonderful to have the fantasy of going! It makes adults feel like kids again. I haven’t ever been to Disneyworld, in Florida but I have been to Disneyland in California at least 20 times and I get that “rush” of going everytime. The rides and attractions, music shows, the plays and even the parades, there is always something to see there and it never gets old. I remember walking around the park as a little girl with my mouse ears on and thinking how cute they are. I’m sure all their parks are the same way. Maybe Suri needs some mouse ears too so she can hold her bangs back so she can see, Or even better, she could put a little tiara to complete her costume. It’s sad that you didn’t get to play “make believe” as a child, because it sure is lots of fun! Hmmm? It runs in her family since both her Mom and Dad play “make believe” for a living as “actors”. Maybe you have seen their work???

    Hmmm?? Wait here, so I can get off my high horse and then maybe you can explain what you mean about the “real thing”??? I know what is real and what is fake. Do you???

  203. 203
    cupcakes Says:

    This melts my heart!!

  204. 204
    ignore the trolls Says:

    pretty obvious the haters are so jealous and cant find nothing wrong with this family

  205. 205
    fran Says:

    #202 (lisa too)

    You are so wrong in everything you just said. I am assuming you have not traveled outside of the US? I have been to DisneyWorld couple of times when my kids were young. But, since we’ve traveled to Europe just about each year…we have not gone back to DisneyWorld. Why? Once you’ve been to Europe, etc….you don’t need the fake “rush” as you call it. You don’t miss it or need it.

    And fyi….yes…I played make believe when I was a small child….what child does not? Idiot.

    Sadly, it seems YOU do not know what it authentic or fake. YOu go to these amusement parks to amuse yourself instead. Grow up.

    As for Suri’s mom and dad…..sadly, they have to play make believe still…., Tom Cruise’s old movies were not to bad…and Katie- she has no talent whatsover.

    Go get yourself another pair of those mouse ears.

  206. 206
    boogie Says:

    # 200–chessa says:

    ” chessa @ 02/18/2009 at 12:42 am

    I love the People news Hollywood royalty meets Disney royalty. Awww so true……”

    OMG….no way are the Cruises considered Hollywood royalty. Only a pap magazine and strange people would think that . Kind of disrespectful to call an American family that. What a joke. Goodness Grief!

  207. 207
    yikes Says:

    get a life boogie Im sure you make Lucifer so proud.
    Watch out for Karma because it aint good.

  208. 208
    semperfi Says:

    The All American family no normal and with lots of qualities and traditions most Hollywood people and families stray away from.
    They are so beautiful all around. Thanks Jared and thanks in advance for many more.

  209. 209
    semperfi Says:

    That’s so normal.

  210. 210
    petra Says:

    Katie has to be pregnant?!

  211. 211
    aaww Says:

    Those are the luckiest fans seeing the Disney characters,the happy park and rides,good food but most of all seeing the Cruise clan.
    I like Disneyworld but nothing beats the original Disneyland.

  212. 212
    tt Says:

    IT WAS INDEED A PHOTO-OP!! For those who have any doubt, take a look at picture #7 where there is a guy holding up a ight deflector, just like in a photo shoot:

    And here a view of the loaded diaper:

  213. 213
    boogie Says:

    To # 207 Yikes…
    I have a nice normal life….thank you

    you said that just because I don’t think the weird Crusie family is royalty?


    just a small thing and you get all huffy puffy and talk about “Lucifer” ???

    gee! I don’t believe in the devil. Too bad you do!


  214. 214
    supernova Says:

    does suri have so problem with the shoes…often she takes them off…or how for her…

  215. 215
    capermoose Says:

    God bless normal and patritiotic TomKat critics, crazy fans with millions of sock-puppets have probably named one of their multiple personalities,”Lucifer”.

  216. 216
    Lisa too Says:

    # 205 fran

    I really feel sorry for you that you didn’t enjoy Disneyworld. I think you are the first person that I have every heard of that feels that way? That is really kind of strange??? I have traveled out of the country several times as well, not to Europe though, but I am fully cultured to allow myself to enjoy different places not just “foreign” ones. I can enjoy beaches and the tourists sites just like everyone else. I do enjoy cruise ships that dock at different locations as well. I do have to admit, not too fond of having to wait in the long customs line in the small little airports in the Carribean .

    …………………………………..Anyway, back to Princess, Suri at Disneyworld……………………..

    I can’t imagine that a Suri who is only going on 3 years old would rather see the bulding of Buckingham Palace than actually walking through Cinderella’s Castle? I don’t think Suri could care less to go to the Le Louvre Museum to see the Mona Lisa, but I think she would LOVE to have a poster of Tinkerbell! Also, why take Suri to stand in Herrod, London shopping, when she can stand and hold Mickey Mouse’s hand? Her smile on her face is “real”. All department stores look the same inside to a 3 year old. I would think though that she may enjoy to see and ride a doubledecker bus, but then I thought how she would enjoy riding on a train that has bells and whistles that is on the path through a park and see real animals ( at Disneys Wild Kingdom) with lakes and nature. Then there is even the ride of monorail where they have lunch with all her favorite characters to all her favorite movies with Belle, Alice, Pluto, Ariel, Donald Duck, Tigger, and Snow White. Just maybe you have heard of some of these Disney movies that these characters were in such as, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Cars, Bambi, Dumbo, Pinocchio, Winnie the Pooh, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Fantasia, Shrek, Alice and Wonderland, Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmations, Tarzan, The Lion King, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, Jungle Book, Toy Story, The Fox and the Hound, Lilo & Stitch, Brother Bear, Aladdin, Hercules, Pocahontas, Monsters Inc , Ratatouilli, A Bugs Life, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Aristrocats, Wall-E, Oliver and Company, Robin Hood, Chicken Little, and Pete’s Dragon just to name a few.

    Then, I am sure that there are other attractions in the park for the movies where they have real people acting such as Pirates of the Carribean, and Mary Poppins, Cheetah Girls, High School Musical, Herbie the Love Bug, and then there is this really popular young girl who is named Miley Cyrus who they call Hanna Montana, who from what I hear is very very popular right now. I also hear there three brothers called the “Jonas Brothers” that sing that the little girls scream and cry for at their concerts. Seems that this company named “Disney” has lots going on for them right now.

    hhhhhhmmm. I really don’t see how little boys and girls would rather travel overseas when here is the states, they are these places that children beg their parents to go to? hmmmmm ….. Maybe there are lots more idiots out there there just , ME??? You think??? I guess, according to you, I’m the only one that get enjoyment when I see my kids and other kids having such a good time? Call me selfish, then?

    I don’t have any problem in taking vacations in other countries, but I can guarantee that if a 3 year old child had their wish they wouldn’t be choosing Europe over Disneyworld, NEVER. By the way, Suri doesn’t know what Europe is? She doesn’t know what France is? She doesn’t know what Germany is? All she cares about is being with her Mother and Father ( if he isn’t traveling)

    You may want to rethink the next time you take a family vacation, they may want to do something that they would like, not just what YOU like. You have plenty of time to travel once they move out of the house and are on their own.

    I’m thinking the next vacation for my family might even be the Disney Cruise? I think I saw a show on the Travel Channel not too long ago and it looked like there is something there for the whole family to do at any age. Maybe I will see you there?????

  217. 217
    fran Says:

    #216 lisa too…
    wow…….you must be very lonely. I did not even bother to read the whole thing you posted. Not worth my time. I skimmed it quickly and realized….you are very closed minded and child like.

    I never said I did not enjoy disneyworld. I enjoyed going with my kids when they were young. But, after visiting Europe for the first time many years ago……I have had no desire because I and others prefer to visit real authentic places and not spend big bucks in phony cheap places like Florida. Just for your info…..we used to live in Florida for a few years.

    Don’t be an idiot and say things you know nothing about. My kids have been to disneyworld couple of times and now they are grown and enjoy traveling all over. There is more to live- enjoying life than just DisneyWorld. You were incorrect in what I skimmed. My kids are grown and have families of there own.

    So…..grow up and grow a brain too. Bye. Forget the Disney Cruise. We’ve done that and more. Not worth the bucks to be on a ship for days and be inside all day watching silly “entertainment”.

    I think you need to travel to the right places more……you will enjoy the REAL thing and not just cheap phony entertainment.

    bye bye

  218. 218
    kidrock Says:



  219. 219
    yak yak yak Says:

    Totally desperate, attention seeking famewhores, the midget, the robot, and the spawn. Don’t forget, people, we’ve seen the “real” Tom, back when he didn’t have a publicist and nobody to reign him in to spare his image. Now he’s trying to restore it with all the goofy pictures, so everybody will like him again. He’s still a freak, though. I, for one, am not impressed.

  220. 220
    K Says:

    HOW CUTE!!!!!

    Buy a Brand New PS3 250GB for $499. Over 3 times more space than the regular 80GB for movies, games and photos. Check out this hot deal at the following link!

  221. 221
    Cindy Lou Says:

    Now THAT’S ~magical~ and ~amazing~! Awesome!

  222. 222
    yucky yuck Says:

    lisatoo and kidrock-

    are u sure you two are actually grown ups? sound like a bunch of dippity doo dooheads. lol

    magical amazing…awesome….etc,,,,disneyworld wonder crap

  223. 223
    Lisa too Says:

    #218 fran

    I still feel so sorry for you because you now sound like a bitter old lady that can’t enjoy just having some fun? Since you only skimmed over my reply, then you really shouldn’t have a commented to anything that I said.

    This whole story here is only about a 3 year old having lots of fun with her family at Disneyworld and you took it to a whole other level of saying that she should go to Europe and she would have as much fun there which is simply ridiculous.

    I never said that the Disney is the only place I have been to? I do like Magic Mountain as well. ha haaaa……… But in all seriousness, I am an adult who likes to go to many different places. My Mother visited Egypt and wants to take me with her then next time she goes. She said it was her favorite vacation she has been to. She is the world traveler that has been to China, England, France, and the last trip was her Egypt trip. Seeing her on a Camel would almost be worth going, but it’s a bit too far for me to travel, and I am not sure about the food either? Maybe someday, but right now, I like to be in our country where I feel safe. I also feel with the ecomony the way it is, we need to spend money here rather than abroad and help out our economy.

    By the way, there are more photo’s of the Cruise family on this site that were put on earlier today where Suri looks very cute with a huge smile on her face.

    KidRock… You are too kind…. Sure, come on over, I will make the popcorn! I really don’t have ALL those videos though, but we did start collecting when we were engaged, by buying the more popular ones so when the kids came, we would have already started our video library. Video tend to add up after a while! ($$$)

  224. 224
    Lisa too Says:

    #222 yucky yuck

    You can come over too! ha haaaaaa

  225. 225
    fran Says:

    lisa too

    ha! i can tell you that I am NOT a bitter “old” lady. Far from it.

    You seem foolish saying those things that you don’t even know about.
    I have lots of fun and have lots of experience to know what is authentic fun and cheap fun. And hey- I rode on a camel too! I would do it again instead of those merry go around and rides at parks. lol

    the only time I would visit disneyworld is when my grandkids are ready to go. Not yet old enough.

    So…..don’t be immature and say things that you have no way in knowing things about people. Also…..I have 4 grandchildren that happen to live in Europe. So, don’t throw that economy crap for your excuse.

    This is my last visit to this particular thread. Enough already.

    go back to get a little more experience and also maybe a good idea to get a little more education as well.

    I never said one thing about Suri going to Europe instead. Only commented to your ridiculous comment about what you said earlier…

    Not worth my time responding again…as you don’t seem to get it at all.

    oh well…..who cares anyway, lol

  226. 226
    Lisa too Says:


    I’m tired of your insults, so just believe whatever you want to believe? I just know kids love Disney and leave it as that……. I’m done trying to defend cute little Suri on what seems to be the best vacation she has ever had. Looking at the other JJ photos from today, says it all on the huge smile on her face.

    Enjoy your next vacation where ever you may go ……Lisa (This is the last time I will respond back on this thread as well)

  227. 227
    Della Says:

    I love her soooooo much!

  228. 228
    hush Says:

    God bless this family now and always <3

  229. 229
    heartland Says:

    Thanks Jared they’re beautiful. I may have to consider visiting Disneyworld soon.

  230. 230
    pinks Says:

    eat your heart out haters…muahahhaha

  231. 231
    Custom T Says:

    Suri is so adorable! I can’t wait to see who she grows up to be.

  232. 232
    jared thank you Says:

    Precious family and family album. Its FL so its a place where dreams come true while Disney in Anaheim is the happiest place on earth.

  233. 233
    Linda Says:

    We were there…..and Suri did get rides….we were behind them on Dumbo, It’s a Small World and Pan’s flight. Tom was with Suri on Dumbo and they went for two rides, then they took in It’s a Small World. Both Katie and Tom were very attentive to her. They seemed like normal people, enjoying the day.

  234. 234
    Joanne Says:

    I am surprised they didnt shut down Disney World for the pampered Suri, so she could have the place to herself. I bet they didnt even have to pay to get in.

  235. 235
    Michelle Says:

    Suri is adorable~~of course…very cute!

  236. 236
    Michelle Says:

    God bless this family now and always.

  237. 237
    Maria Teresa(brazil) Says:

    She is so baby, too, could be the daughter of Tom Cruise

  238. 238
    haily Says:

    cute pictures

  239. 239
    Alice Says:

    suri is perfect, soooo cute! *-*

  240. 240
    Dd Says:

    Its so sweet to see Suri absolutely happy! I am sure the little girl enjoyed every moment. Look at that cute little smiling face!

    Spot Suri in pictures 3 and 11 on the Dumbo fly ride – where is Suri? Is she hiding under the big flying elephant’s wing ears? I see a pink blanket there.

  241. 241
    Elizabeth Livengood Says:

    What a beautiful family! I have fun just looking at them having fun.

  242. 242
    mia Says:

    She is so adorable! I love these pics!

    And to all those haters, good grief! She’s a toddler and you’re hating her, calling her a brat etc when you don’t even know her? Sad people

  243. 243
    halllllliiiiii Says:

    wow she is pretty cute…….

  244. 244
    Best Espresso Machines Says:

    A truly Disney princess

  245. 245
    Pousada Morro de Sao Paulo Says:

    Suri is so lovely

  246. 246
    ffxiv gil Says:

    thanks !! very helpful post!

  247. 247
    David Says:

    Que bonitinha! Nunca me canso de olhar pra ela! =D

  248. 248
    Mitali Says:

    Suri is so cute!
    But I hate to say it that she’s becoming a spoilt brat. I mean seeing her pictures splashed all over the internet with her wearing high heels, lipsticks, carrying branded bags and stuff, I feel it really is spoiling the 5 year old. TomKat may not realise it now, but eventually they will. It probably will be too late.
    In the pictures above, I HATE the fact that they get preferential treatement when they go to public places like Disney World. No offence to all people who think Suri’s being brought up well, but this is my opinion.

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