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Carrie Underwood Ducks For Cover

Carrie Underwood Ducks For Cover

Carrie Underwood came out to support her hockey player boyfriend, Mike Fisher, at the Nashville Predators vs. Ottawa Senators game on Monday (February 16) at the Sommet Center in Nashville, Tenn.

The 25-year-old American Idol champ was briefly shown on the Jumbotron screen for the entire hockey rink to see. After noticing the camera was on her, she quickly (and hilariously) ducks for cover. Watch the must-see video below!!!

Carrie must have been good luck for the 28-year-old Canuck cutie and his team — the Senators beat out the Predators 2-0. Mike and Carrie have been dating for just a few months ago. Blossoming romance!

Carrie Underwood Ducks For Cover
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  • juliaaa

    that was hilarious!

  • juliaaa

    oh yeah!

    first one :)

  • katie


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • flutters

    LMAO. Carrie’s such a dork. Cute though.

  • kim

    she’s such a moron!!

  • Dianne

    She got so busted again. LOL. She’s so cute. He’s so cute!!

  • Ashley

    LMAO! Carrie is adorable!

  • jj

    I love that! So cute, she’s not looking for all the attention. Unlike Jessica Simpson who was dancing around at Tony’s game, holding her jersey out for everyone to see, making sure all the attention is all on her. I like Carrie so much more.

  • LJ

    funny..and Mike is hot..

  • shell

    That was the cutest thing I’ve seen a celebrity do at a sporting event. God, I would marry her in a heartbeat.

  • qarla

    i love her! Her voice is so powerful! She’s the next Celine Dion!

  • leslie

    haha that was really funny i think that was a natural reaction she really didnt want to be on camera and tries to be private but everyone already knows just come out girl you and mike make a hot couple anyway mike is super hott!…i love carrie and i think that was too funny that she ducked so fast…if shes not on stage she doesnt want the attention i bet shes laughing at how funny she looks…by her reaction.

    im glad that carrie is dating mike he seems like a nice guy from his interviews and things i have read and maybe this time it will work…shes very selective in whom she dates and has standards thats why tony romo got lost…he’s a player

  • Missybee!

    i think thats cutee!
    her face was like
    ooh sheeet!

  • Diann

    That was so cute! Love Carrie and Mike is a cutie!

  • Michelle

    Geez, Carrie!
    If you’re gonna be a puck bunny, at least date someone from a decent team…..

  • riana


  • ali

    aw i love carrie! shes such an talented singer!!! i saw her in concert — absolutely amazing!!

  • marie

    How stupid are you? If you are famous, they’ll show you on the jumbo-tron. Just own up to it and be an adult already.

  • Shayna

    I think it’s really sweet…shows she not trying to get attention..let her live her private life you press morons

  • Sparkle

    I think it is nice that she trying not to be in the limelight. I like her more and more…

  • Joe

    She is hot. She is one of my favorites., very classy.

  • cindy

    HAHAHHA…..too funny. Good luck to them both.

  • CarrieRocks!

    That is so freakin’ cute! lol I love Carrie even more now! lol


  • Alyssa

    Oh my gosh! that is so funny! I love Carrie Underwood she is so funny and the best singer everr! she is such a dork but i love itt (:

  • Jenny

    lolz that was so cute

  • Amanda

    That was cute :)

  • linda

    classic haha. if carrie isnt ready to go public leave her alone geeze people when there ready they will say that there together both of them haven’t confirmed anything for a reason, there private people…i think that was funny though thats probably how i would have reacted if i didnt want to be seen..carrie and mike seem like really down to earth people and really attractive too except mike needs to cut that hair…carrie upgraded big time hes hotter then tony….

  • samantha


  • sasha

    Carrie’s so dumbass! Nobody probably thought anything of her being at that game—-big f’n deal. Everyone and they’re freakin’ aunt Maude knows she’s dating a hockey player. She seriously needs to get over her overtanned self.

  • saudia

    lol that actually is quite funny and cute .. I love this girl

  • estelle

    Carrie is so lovable! I must have watched that a zillion times. It was just so funny! She’s real and reacted instinctively. The announcer called out “Carrie, you’re on TV” and she just reacted. It was priceless the look on her face. LOVE this girl!

  • bee

    aww they are so mean, they should just leave her alone

  • Emily_T

    Carrie is sooo cute , cant people just let her live her life w/o camaras in her face all the time . yes i know thats what you get for being an AMAZING singer but being the best singer does not mean having to share every detail of her life. so leave her alone
    Carrie and mike make a cute couple and i hope they last and i think they will if every one leaves them alone

  • meh

    Mike Fisher is hot! Major upgrade from Tony Romo and Chace Crawford.

  • Cory

    Mike Fisher is HOT! Carrie is so lucky to have him but then again take a look at her! Gorgeous girl and so freakin’ cute to try and beat the camera.

  • anonymous

    Get over it people. This is a fake couple. They’re not even dating.

  • andrea

    this is hilarious i watched it over and over lol

  • nai

    haha..carrie is doing the right thing !!

  • lynn

    LOL…she went down to her knees like a ten dollar wh*re! Of course, she probably has a lot of practise, but that doesn’t make her look any less stupid and idiotic. Just own up to the fact that you’re dating the guy and stop making a fool of yourself, dumba$$.

  • Yukie

    lol Carrie is just playing or joking..she didnt hide or be afraid about that!
    she is funny and cute..dorky lol
    i love Carrie!!!!!

  • sarah

    i dont get how people hate on carrie, she’s one of the most lovable and real people in the hollywood scene

  • lauren

    carrie wrote on her fanclub that she was just joking.

  • jennifer

    carrie is a whore. if she goes down on her knees that fast he’s definitely made the right choice! she’ll be pregnant soon.

    though, this video did make me laugh.

  • jennifer

    sorrry, i meant wh*re.

  • Custom T

    That’s wicked funny. Poor Carrie, she can’t even support her man without being plastered everywhere.

  • Custom T

    That’s wicked funny. Poor Carrie, she can’t even support her man without being plastered everywhere.