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Gerard Butler Has Fashion Fun

Gerard Butler Has Fashion Fun

300 star Gerard Butler heads over for some fashion fun outside The Tents during the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week Fall 2009 Collections in Bryant Park, New York City on Monday (February 16).

The 39-year-old Scottish actor has reportedly been bonding with Indian actress Priyanka Chopra. The pair apparently met at the inauguration of The Atlantic, The Palm at the end of last year and have stayed in touch since then.

Priyanka‘s spokesperson said, “Priyanka and Gerard hit it off really well in Dubai and have maintained their friendship ever since.” Priyanka is former Miss World, winning the crown in 2000.

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  • joanna

    he’s looking a little wrong


    just another celebrity who got blown a lot of air inside their heads :)

  • Yily

    i love Gerard. he’s so handsome. i think he’s very masculine and what a man should be. he was so adorable in the movie P.S. I Love You with Hilary Swank. His character so cute. I just fall in love with him. Can’t wait to see his next movie.

  • joanna

    i used to think he was hot, but something is happening to him….any idea’s ??

  • ruh-roh

    That poor woman doesn’t know what she’s in for. When the fangurlz see that photo with his arm around the brunette, they will hunt her down like an escaped con.

    He does not look hot unless he has makeup and good lighting.

  • anne

    He’s starting to suffer from alcohol bloat a la Crowe

  • Jaguar

    I think anyone wanting a good look at Gerry’s true personality should watch the bonus features on Beowulf (no, not that Angelina CGI nightmare). The guy really (seems to) have a good heart, he talks a lot about being accepted for who you are even if you are “different”. I don’t remember it exactly word for word since it’s been a while since I watched that movie but his comments stayed with me. I’ve read he hasn’t had the easiest life (who of us have escaped unscathed?) and I think he deserves some measure of happiness in this world. So Gerry, if you’re gay, straight or from Saturn……good luck to you.

  • Swansong

    Y’all need to see these pics if you think he’s lost it:

  • Swansong

    Oh… and the lady is beautiful. Thanks, Jared!

  • perpetua

    Wow we are completely spoiled here! Thank you! Joy To All
    About G.B.~
    He has a special enigmatic charisma with genuine compassion & ability to be versatile in his “roles” & looks…however the fire still shines through *and some giddiness* lol. I think his ability to laugh at himself & with others is one of his endearing qualities that draws people to respect his character.

  • Jess

    What happened to Kristi? They are not dating anymore?

  • Only ROse

    Çok kilo almış bu adam yahu??? hehehe…

  • Mmmmmmm…

    He has his arm around bother the man and woman. Don’t think he’s with THAT woman. But if you use the zoom, you can see that the Waverly Inn girl is in the background of picture on the top line, far right.
    Nice if they’re together. Go Gerry, go Gerry!!!

  • sss

    I saw some other pics on the net from the show and there you can see that this woman was sitting right next to him during the show. So he probably was there with her.

  • MedullaOblongata

    Gerard Butler is a filthy scrutter with a head like a mandarin orange

  • LALY

    Noo Priyanka is too hot for him plus she’s dating Harman


    WAIT….this can not be the same hot guy from 300….lol!

  • Tracey

    I saw Gerard Butler for the first time in that film Dracula 2000 when it came out first and fell for him there and then, he still looks great today. I wish him all the happiness and success for his future. From one Celtic cousin to another best wishes to you Gerard 4 ever.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    He’s having “A PERIOD”, folks?

  • andamentothat

    I just googled Priyanka.. and she is very good looking..

    Looks like Bollywood is taking up Hollywood by storm!!

  • lucy and Ethel

    Gerry is grossing me out lately.
    No Class.

  • cutesinglefriends

    I like him as an actor. He was good in Timeline and 300

  • noneedfornames

    just because he takes a pic with a chick doesnt mean they r dating…hmm didnt he even say those words?

    as for the bollywood chick…its called good pr.

    carry on..

  • Dr Nick Riviera DM

    Ah He’s menstruating. I knew it.

    It’s OK, Mister Butler. To cure your menstrual bloating, an urgent herbal tea remedy is required.

    You need:

    500ml of water
    1 tablespoon of dandelion root
    1 tablespoon of oat straw
    1 tablespoon of chamomile
    1 teaspoon of raspberry leaf
    1 teaspoon of rose hips
    1 teaspoon of ginger root
    100ml of Salma Hayek’s breast milk.
    The semen of a Shaman monk (2ml)
    15 ml of badger urine
    1 duck egg yolk
    A strand of white hair from an angry, menopausal lady (with root attached)
    pinch of salt.

    Put the herbs, badger urine, Salma Hayek breast milk, Shaman jîzz, duck egg yolk, white hair and water into a steel pot, then add a pinch of salt. Stir for a few minutes. With the lid on bring the herbs to a boil and then turn off the heat and leave them there for two hours. Strain and reheat the tea and drink two cups a day for two days and it should cure your bloated, dirty bas tard look. Guaranteed

  • Tintangel

    So has LAC wrapped up shooting? Is he even inthe film?

  • ohpuhleeze

    the lady in the background (zoom lense) is part of his management team.

    Me thinks GB is as gay as they come.

  • WTF???

    I don’t know why people call this guy hot.

  • Sloppy

    It looks like he’s spilled something down his shirt. What a mess.

  • cubedweller

    Helpful tip if you find yourself spotting Gerry out and about. Immediately run at least 50 feet away, even if you have to run into traffic, so no razzi can get you in the same shot. Then, from a safe distance, you can yell, “HEY GERRY … LOVED YOU IN … (insert favorite GB movie here). You will save yourself from being picked to crumbs on these boards.

  • dvd

    Too much partying?!

    He looks OLD for his age.

  • sweety

    how ever he looks he dresses he is SIMPLY SMART…for ever and ever

  • slimeypr

    Isn’t that he’s sister?

  • amen

    Botoxing your face and impeding your ability to act expressively is not
    smart. Being 39 and looking it is not a condition from which one needs to be delivered.

  • slimeypr

    “his” not he’s

  • me

    No, this is not his sister. If you look at the pictures from inside, you can see he was sitting there with her next to him. So she’s not a random fan that just happened to walk the same way, apparently they were at the show together.

  • Anita

    Anne, Gerard Butler doesn’t drink alchohol so your potshot at him doesn’t fly. Try again, but this time maybe do some research first. Most people who know of him know he isn’t a drinker.

  • lala

    joanna @ 02/17/2009 at 2:45 am i used to think he was hot, but something is happening to him….any idea’s ??


    my thought too… my guess is to much sleeping around with different woman. Too much partying and drinking?

    yeah i guess that might be it.

  • AK

    Oh, again some speculations…this woman is the wive of his friend, seen right to him.

  • Paisleyscot

    Gerry’s fabulous! 100% Genuine. No phony front. He’s a beautiful man inside and out! You go Gerry! Love that he’s having a good time in NYC!

  • Tintangel

    There was a mentiion in NYMag this morning ,which said that Gerard
    had several “Irish-accented handlers” accompanying him. I believe the woman he is embracing was at the London premiere of RnR.

  • anon

    Why does he need handlers? Is he vying for “Best in Show?” Westminster was last week.

  • danielle

    yeahhh loved him in the phantom of the opera! so amazing movie! so amazing actor!

  • justsayin

    Best In Show…..LOL!

  • Fran

    What is wrong with you people?? The man is not only good looking but he is a wonderful and kind human being that actually cares for his fans! Why do you think he hasn’t made the so called “status” of an A-lister? Here it is….The man lives by this old adage “To thine own self be true” If you don;t understand it ….look it up! I heard a long time ago from a very good source that acting with the Golden boy “Brad Pitt” was difficult because he seemed to always be unbathed! There’s an A-lister for ya. Him and AJ can “stink”! If you don’t like Gerry why take the time to insult him. Get a real life!

  • huh

    According to a new rumor he is with one of the VS models…

    From imdb:
    Gerry was rumored to be hanging out with a VS model. Not sure which one, but they said he left with a model very very late and they were hanging off each other. Nice :)

  • bailey

    So gorgeous.

    Thank you Jared :)

  • lol fran

    Attention fangirls – he does not need you to defend him and you have no more of a life than the people who come here to put him down.

    You are all fucking insane.

  • pafan

    I think he’s the best looking man anywhere, anytime.

  • Fran

    BTW….Gerry does NOT drink PEOPLE!! I guess his only flaw is that he loves women! So…..that must crush your gay theory! Anyone will tell you that he is nothing but nice to everyone….You will not hear of him viciously attacking some one because they happened to walk across hi camera shot….Guess we all know who I mean huh?

  • Fran

    #47 Honey I am retired and have nothing better to do. Defending him was not my intention…I am a fan and I’m also sick of such vile and disgusting remarks from those that haven’t a clue what this man is really about! I atually feel bad for people that can;t have anything decent to say about others especially when once again you know nothing about them!! Sounds like the old green eyed monster has caught up with the lot of you! And yeah…maybe I am defending him after all…And why the hell not?