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Gerard Butler Has Fashion Fun

Gerard Butler Has Fashion Fun

300 star Gerard Butler heads over for some fashion fun outside The Tents during the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week Fall 2009 Collections in Bryant Park, New York City on Monday (February 16).

The 39-year-old Scottish actor has reportedly been bonding with Indian actress Priyanka Chopra. The pair apparently met at the inauguration of The Atlantic, The Palm at the end of last year and have stayed in touch since then.

Priyanka‘s spokesperson said, “Priyanka and Gerard hit it off really well in Dubai and have maintained their friendship ever since.” Priyanka is former Miss World, winning the crown in 2000.

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148 Responses to “Gerard Butler Has Fashion Fun”

  1. 1
    joanna Says:

    he’s looking a little wrong

  2. 2
    DAVID COOK Says:

    just another celebrity who got blown a lot of air inside their heads :)

  3. 3
    Yily Says:

    i love Gerard. he’s so handsome. i think he’s very masculine and what a man should be. he was so adorable in the movie P.S. I Love You with Hilary Swank. His character so cute. I just fall in love with him. Can’t wait to see his next movie.

  4. 4
    joanna Says:

    i used to think he was hot, but something is happening to him….any idea’s ??

  5. 5
    ruh-roh Says:

    That poor woman doesn’t know what she’s in for. When the fangurlz see that photo with his arm around the brunette, they will hunt her down like an escaped con.

    He does not look hot unless he has makeup and good lighting.

  6. 6
    anne Says:

    He’s starting to suffer from alcohol bloat a la Crowe

  7. 7
    Jaguar Says:

    I think anyone wanting a good look at Gerry’s true personality should watch the bonus features on Beowulf (no, not that Angelina CGI nightmare). The guy really (seems to) have a good heart, he talks a lot about being accepted for who you are even if you are “different”. I don’t remember it exactly word for word since it’s been a while since I watched that movie but his comments stayed with me. I’ve read he hasn’t had the easiest life (who of us have escaped unscathed?) and I think he deserves some measure of happiness in this world. So Gerry, if you’re gay, straight or from Saturn……good luck to you.

  8. 8
    Swansong Says:

    Y’all need to see these pics if you think he’s lost it:

  9. 9
    Swansong Says:

    Oh… and the lady is beautiful. Thanks, Jared!

  10. 10
    perpetua Says:

    Wow we are completely spoiled here! Thank you! Joy To All
    About G.B.~
    He has a special enigmatic charisma with genuine compassion & ability to be versatile in his “roles” & looks…however the fire still shines through *and some giddiness* lol. I think his ability to laugh at himself & with others is one of his endearing qualities that draws people to respect his character.

  11. 11
    Jess Says:

    What happened to Kristi? They are not dating anymore?

  12. 12
    Only ROse Says:

    Çok kilo almış bu adam yahu??? hehehe…

  13. 13
    Mmmmmmm... Says:

    He has his arm around bother the man and woman. Don’t think he’s with THAT woman. But if you use the zoom, you can see that the Waverly Inn girl is in the background of picture on the top line, far right.
    Nice if they’re together. Go Gerry, go Gerry!!!

  14. 14
    sss Says:

    I saw some other pics on the net from the show and there you can see that this woman was sitting right next to him during the show. So he probably was there with her.

  15. 15
    MedullaOblongata Says:

    Gerard Butler is a filthy scrutter with a head like a mandarin orange

  16. 16
    LALY Says:

    Noo Priyanka is too hot for him plus she’s dating Harman

  17. 17
    ROCK STAR Says:

    WAIT….this can not be the same hot guy from 300….lol!

  18. 18
    Tracey Says:

    I saw Gerard Butler for the first time in that film Dracula 2000 when it came out first and fell for him there and then, he still looks great today. I wish him all the happiness and success for his future. From one Celtic cousin to another best wishes to you Gerard 4 ever.

  19. 19
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    He’s having “A PERIOD”, folks?

  20. 20
    andamentothat Says:

    I just googled Priyanka.. and she is very good looking..

    Looks like Bollywood is taking up Hollywood by storm!!

  21. 21
    lucy and Ethel Says:

    Gerry is grossing me out lately.
    No Class.

  22. 22
    cutesinglefriends Says:

    I like him as an actor. He was good in Timeline and 300

  23. 23
    noneedfornames Says:

    just because he takes a pic with a chick doesnt mean they r dating…hmm didnt he even say those words?

    as for the bollywood chick…its called good pr.

    carry on..

  24. 24
    Dr Nick Riviera DM Says:

    Ah He’s menstruating. I knew it.

    It’s OK, Mister Butler. To cure your menstrual bloating, an urgent herbal tea remedy is required.

    You need:

    500ml of water
    1 tablespoon of dandelion root
    1 tablespoon of oat straw
    1 tablespoon of chamomile
    1 teaspoon of raspberry leaf
    1 teaspoon of rose hips
    1 teaspoon of ginger root
    100ml of Salma Hayek’s breast milk.
    The ***** of a Shaman monk (2ml)
    15 ml of badger urine
    1 duck egg yolk
    A strand of white hair from an angry, menopausal lady (with root attached)
    pinch of salt.

    Put the herbs, badger urine, Salma Hayek breast milk, Shaman jîzz, duck egg yolk, white hair and water into a steel pot, then add a pinch of salt. Stir for a few minutes. With the lid on bring the herbs to a boil and then turn off the heat and leave them there for two hours. Strain and reheat the tea and drink two cups a day for two days and it should cure your bloated, dirty bas tard look. Guaranteed

  25. 25
    Tintangel Says:

    So has LAC wrapped up shooting? Is he even inthe film?

  26. 26
    ohpuhleeze Says:

    the lady in the background (zoom lense) is part of his management team.

    Me thinks GB is as gay as they come.

  27. 27
    WTF??? Says:

    I don’t know why people call this guy hot.

  28. 28
    Sloppy Says:

    It looks like he’s spilled something down his shirt. What a mess.

  29. 29
    cubedweller Says:

    Helpful tip if you find yourself spotting Gerry out and about. Immediately run at least 50 feet away, even if you have to run into traffic, so no razzi can get you in the same shot. Then, from a safe distance, you can yell, “HEY GERRY … LOVED YOU IN … (insert favorite GB movie here). You will save yourself from being picked to crumbs on these boards.

  30. 30
    dvd Says:

    Too much partying?!

    He looks OLD for his age.

  31. 31
    sweety Says:

    how ever he looks he dresses he is SIMPLY SMART…for ever and ever

  32. 32
    slimeypr Says:

    Isn’t that he’s sister?

  33. 33
    amen Says:

    Botoxing your face and impeding your ability to act expressively is not
    smart. Being 39 and looking it is not a condition from which one needs to be delivered.

  34. 34
    slimeypr Says:

    “his” not he’s

  35. 35
    me Says:

    No, this is not his sister. If you look at the pictures from inside, you can see he was sitting there with her next to him. So she’s not a random fan that just happened to walk the same way, apparently they were at the show together.

  36. 36
    Anita Says:

    Anne, Gerard Butler doesn’t drink alchohol so your potshot at him doesn’t fly. Try again, but this time maybe do some research first. Most people who know of him know he isn’t a drinker.

  37. 37
    lala Says:

    joanna @ 02/17/2009 at 2:45 am i used to think he was hot, but something is happening to him….any idea’s ??


    my thought too… my guess is to much sleeping around with different woman. Too much partying and drinking?

    yeah i guess that might be it.

  38. 38
    AK Says:

    Oh, again some speculations…this woman is the wive of his friend, seen right to him.

  39. 39
    Paisleyscot Says:

    Gerry’s fabulous! 100% Genuine. No phony front. He’s a beautiful man inside and out! You go Gerry! Love that he’s having a good time in NYC!

  40. 40
    Tintangel Says:

    There was a mentiion in NYMag this morning ,which said that Gerard
    had several “Irish-accented handlers” accompanying him. I believe the woman he is embracing was at the London premiere of RnR.

  41. 41
    anon Says:

    Why does he need handlers? Is he vying for “Best in Show?” Westminster was last week.

  42. 42
    danielle Says:

    yeahhh loved him in the phantom of the opera! so amazing movie! so amazing actor!

  43. 43
    justsayin Says:

    Best In Show…..LOL!

  44. 44
    Fran Says:

    What is wrong with you people?? The man is not only good looking but he is a wonderful and kind human being that actually cares for his fans! Why do you think he hasn’t made the so called “status” of an A-lister? Here it is….The man lives by this old adage “To thine own self be true” If you don;t understand it ….look it up! I heard a long time ago from a very good source that acting with the Golden boy “Brad Pitt” was difficult because he seemed to always be unbathed! There’s an A-lister for ya. Him and AJ can “stink”! If you don’t like Gerry why take the time to insult him. Get a real life!

  45. 45
    huh Says:

    According to a new rumor he is with one of the VS models…

    From imdb:
    Gerry was rumored to be hanging out with a VS model. Not sure which one, but they said he left with a model very very late and they were hanging off each other. Nice :)

  46. 46
    bailey Says:

    So gorgeous.

    Thank you Jared :)

  47. 47
    lol fran Says:

    Attention fangirls – he does not need you to defend him and you have no more of a life than the people who come here to put him down.

    You are all ******* insane.

  48. 48
    pafan Says:

    I think he’s the best looking man anywhere, anytime.

  49. 49
    Fran Says:

    BTW….Gerry does NOT drink PEOPLE!! I guess his only flaw is that he loves women! So…..that must crush your gay theory! Anyone will tell you that he is nothing but nice to everyone….You will not hear of him viciously attacking some one because they happened to walk across hi camera shot….Guess we all know who I mean huh?

  50. 50
    Fran Says:

    #47 Honey I am retired and have nothing better to do. Defending him was not my intention…I am a fan and I’m also sick of such vile and disgusting remarks from those that haven’t a clue what this man is really about! I atually feel bad for people that can;t have anything decent to say about others especially when once again you know nothing about them!! Sounds like the old green eyed monster has caught up with the lot of you! And yeah…maybe I am defending him after all…And why the hell not?

  51. 51
    amen Says:

    #44 yeah “to thine own self be true…” right after he gets his latest Botox injections…I suppose that counts for TRUTH in Hollywood. I thought he was getter than all that.

  52. 52
    lol fran Says:

    Do you know him Fran? You must if you know what he is really about.

    Here is something I know – he tries to surround himself with people who keep information about him private and their opinions about him to themselves. So, either you don’t really know him or you are violating his trust.

  53. 53
    lol fran Says:

    Do you know him Fran? You must if you know what he is really about.

    Here is something I know – he tries to surround himself with people who keep information about him private and their opinions about him to themselves. So, either you don’t really know him or you are violating his trust.

  54. 54
    zzzzzzzz Says:

    I don’t think that’s that Chopra girl..I believe it could be his co star in that flick Law Abiding Citizen but what the Hay do I know..Ha! Glad to see Gerry having a good time. Fashion week in NYC must be something..I remember going to a few myself in Italy..Lucca to be exact. Glasgow has some great fashions too..I was surprised…From what friends are telling me it’s pretty cold back East…In the minuses some places…

  55. 55
    zzzzzzzz Says:

    I believe that …that girl could be his co star in Law Abiding Citizen??..

  56. 56
    Fran Says:

    #53 YES I DO!

  57. 57
    lol fran Says:

    Then you should know better.

  58. 58
    hottie Says:

    He could stop traffic with fugly mug of his. Yuck! He may have “beauty” on the inside, but he sure as hell doesn’t have it on the outside!

  59. 59
    tiana Says:

    I will always love you Gerry, no matter what…

  60. 60
    lala Says:

    I love it how people can go on public forums stating that they know him. Yes and the Easter bunny is also real. … Regarding the botox, I don’t think he has done any, had he gotten injections, he wouldn’t have the lines he has on his forehead and around his eyes…As for the defenders, find a hobby, or go get help starving children in Africa, believe me they need it more that Gerard Butler. He has money, houses around the world, attends prestigious events, hangs out with hot models/ women, is surrounded by ass whippers… god I feel so sorry for the guy, he must have a horrible life……I think I’m going to start a Gerry Butler foundation..hmmm

  61. 61
    Riley Says:

    Gerry is LA trash now…. 300 made him and ruined him at the same time.

  62. 62
    k Says:

    yeah what the heck happened to him? he use to be so hot

  63. 63
    amen Says:

    If you don’t see that Gerry is juicing his face then you’re just plain lazy.
    I did my research before I offered my opinion. It’s not that hard to find a large volume of very telling photos showing various stages of paralysis of his facial muscles. This change starts right about the beginning of the 300 publicity tour.
    Since when do crows feet that use to wrap charmingly around the side of his face – suddenly stop just before the far corner of his eyes? And don’t get me started on that skating rink he has for a forehead. Where’s our powerful and expressive King Leo who had a furrowed brow in almost every frame of that film?
    We miss you Gerry – we loved you just as you were – come back to us!

  64. 64
    nevientime Says:

    He is gross!!!!!

  65. 65
    pafan Says:

    He’s gorgeous!!!!!

  66. 66
    jilleroo Says:

    This man certainly polarizes opinion. Look out when he runs for governor of California, which he threatened to do someday. Riley #61, insightful comment “300 made him and ruined him.” Anon # 41, Best in Show, ha ha! Good ‘un. Why I even read these comments, let alone comment myself. I don’t know. What bothers me, nobody talks about GB’s acting anymore. He’s a pulp celebrity. He turned to plastic almost overnight. with or without Botox. Stud, hunk, hottie, beefcake, not actor. If he was really that true to himself he would resist this stuff. How diehard fans can continue to worship this guy, I don’t get. Fashion shows? Nightclubbing? And he SAYS he doesn’t party, doesn’t drink, doesn’t screw around, not that kind of person. I dislike the comments he has made suggesting that Scottish men are more manly than American men. Hey, Gerry, our forebears took the oppressive limeys who oppressed your people for hundreds of years to the mat and WON, which is more than YOUR countrymen did. I know his countrymen were instrumental in the AR but they had the moxie to up and and leave Scotland for uncharted territory. The USA didn’t become the most powerful nation in the world by being a bagful of sissies oe losers. I am proud of the men and women serving our country in the military even when I disagree with our policies overseas. Our 1776 revolutionaries, a bunch of farmers and tradespeople who didn’t even know how to shoot a gun, went to war against what was then the military power of the world and kicked their butts. (With some help from the French, yes.) Scotland is still part of the UK. They fought but didn’t win. Tell Butler that, American men. GB has been filming in Philly. He should know the history if he is as intelligent as he is supposed to be.

  67. 67
    Swansong Says:

    Gerry is an amazing actor. Even critics and reviewers are beginning to comment on and recognize his versatility and range from one role to the next. Some of us appreciate his talent and skills as an actor. The gossip and trashing about his off screen life is just noise.

  68. 68
    Liz Says:

    Thanks, Jared, once again for delivering to us the handsomoe Mr. Butler. I think he’ll always be hot…I used to love Richard Fransworth who doubled for goodlooking stars in his heyday as a stuntman. When he became elderly , as in “Anne of Green Gables,” he was whitehaired but still gorgeous.

    Gerry will be the same. He’s the whole package: gorgeous eyes,straight nose, full lips, great hair, wonderful smile with intelligence, creativity, and a marvelous sense of humor.

    I can’t wait to even “hear” the “Tales of the Black Freighter,” because if it’s only his voice, that will just make me drool.

    No other celebrity or actor can take my breath away as he can with just an image of him, much less video. To see him in person up close or to talk to him…that would be life-fulfilling

  69. 69
    whoknows Says:

    Wow, where did you come from? You are annoying. I think some of those men originally came from Scotland.

  70. 70
    ? Says:

    #38 AK: How would you know she’s the wife of this other guy? In some new photos she’s walking right next to Butler while the other guy is nowhere to be seen.

  71. 71
    jilleroo Says:

    You are right, whoknows. Some of our revolutionaries did come from Scotland. I am fully aware of that. Judging by your comment, I assume I am the person you find annoying since nobody else brought up this issue. Tough ****. I was simply trying to make the point that a man who is clearly less than a “tough guy” in real life, outside his movie roles, is ridiculous criticizing American men for being less manly.

  72. 72
    Camille Says:

    words to #6 poster:

    you had better do your homework next time you post and know what you write about ……Gerry does NOT drink…gave it up over 10 years ago!

  73. 73
    amen Says:

    Gerry readily admits to his PAST problems with alcohol…etc. Since he
    made the sacrifice to give it up, along with smoking, he deserves great credit for these tremendous personal accomplishments.

  74. 74
    whoknows Says:

    I think he may have a cold or be under the weather.

  75. 75
    Mmmmmmm... Says:

    How would you know she’s the wife of this other guy? In some new photos she’s walking right next to Butler while the other guy is nowhere to be seen. Of course she could be part of the fashion scene and is just accompanying him to the show.

    I still think he’s dating that Waverly Inn girl if this girl is the wife of a friend. And I don’t think there has ever been any confirmation that the Waverly Inn girl is with his Management team, because in all honesty, I don’t think she is.

  76. 76
    ? Says:

    #75: And how would you know the Waverly Inn girl isn’t with his management team?

    No offense to her, but I don’t think he is dating her. She’s not young enough and not exotic enough looking, although she is pretty. If he were actually dating her and bringing her out to public functions, then there’s no point in not acknowledging her. Either you keep your personal life completely under the radar or you publicly commit to someone. Besides, it would surely help him to end all speculation about his personal life and have people focus on his acting again which would be quite a good idea if he wants to be taken seriously as an actor and not as a notorious womanizer.

  77. 77
    Gemma Says:

    This woman could be working on the staff on his new film. Rumor has it that he always dates loads of women from the film sets he is working on. She looks older than his normal women of choice.

  78. 78
    lala Says:

    Whatever happened to the Arcade girl? Isn’t he dating her anymore?

  79. 79
    cubedweller Says:

    #67 – I agree that Gerry can be an amazing actor. But the noise of his non-stop party lifestyle is drowning out the buzz created by his talent.

    His life – his choice.

  80. 80
    Swansong Says:

    #79 – Only on gossip sites like this one. His personal life, clothing and physical appearance are hashed and rehashed on these sites, but his peers and professional connections consider him a hard working talented actor. He received great reviews for his performance in RocknRolla and his name is getting out there. This will mean better roles in the future and his growth as an actor. LAC is getting some positive coverage, and will give Gerry a chance to prove himself not only as an actor, but as a producer.

  81. 81
    justsayin Says:

    #80 “but his peers and professional connections consider him a hard working talented actor.”
    Really? You sound like a phangurl

  82. 82
    Dane Says:

    He looks good as always. Glad to see he’s enjoying himself. Don’t ever change, Gerard….we love you just as you are. Look forward to LAC and Burns…I hope they both will do well.

  83. 83
    jilleroo Says:

    #76 and #79, I think you have nailed it. The focus hasn’t been on his acting since “300.” It’s all on his partying and personal life, which he claims to try to hide, but bigger stars than he is manage not to be hounded so much. He is at least partly responsible. He waves the red flag at the bull all the time.

  84. 84
    whoknows Says:

    Come on. You only live once. He is having fun. So what. It’s not all about image or if you are the best at everything. Is it? He is being himself. Quit being an overseer.

  85. 85
    Sandy Says:

    Gerard Butler is unique, especially for this time in the world. He is a
    “Good Boy” raised by a decent, Scottish, single mum who brought him up in a traditional Catholic home. He has values that the American youth don’t understand, therefore they create a persona for this incredible human being. He is kind, gentle spirited, caring, humble(most of the time), which is incredible in itself. He is gorgeous, sensitive, the most talented actor around for many years, brilliant(graduated with honors as persident of the law society from Glasgow University), and even so doesn’t talk down to anyone. He loves his Mother, and is a devoted brother to his siblings. He has the virtue and willpower to stop drinking and smoking. He keeps his conquests to himself, which is a virtue in itself in this day and age. He is the ideal male, perfect spicimen of manhood to any women with good eyes.
    He is capable of BECOMING the characters he portrays(NOW THAT IS REAL TALENT.)
    He did not say that Scottish men are MORE men, he simply said that Scottish boys grow up faster because life in Scotland is not as cushy as it is in America. Young men there are expected to be tough, like American boys were encouraged to be up until the 1970′s or so.
    Swansong is correct. He is a wonderful, caring youg man who is deserving of all platitudes, and does not deserve to be trashed by anyone who has not walked a mile in his shoes. If you know NOTHING of the life someone is living, the temptations that person has to deal with on a daily basis, you should never criticise that person’s behavior. Gerard Butler has the stongest character I have seen, especially in a man, in a long, long time. The fact that he is constantly on a quest for spirituality speaks to this fact.
    I guess my point is that if you don’t have the interest in someone to do the research and be knowledgable about that person, you shouldn’t criticize. Until you care enough to know, you simply don’t have the right.
    Google this man. Look at his life and accomplishments. It’s free and well worth the read. He is an extraordinay person.

  86. 86
    mistress Says:

    skating rink forehead….juicing his face…hmm, i have some juice he might like on his face.

  87. 87
    Jaguar Says:

    He does appear to be a sensitive, empathetic guy. Whenever you watch his interviews he seems down to earth and genuinely nice with this great sense of humor. I’ll admit I don’t normally gush over celebs, I think the majority of them are way too full of themselves considering the fact that they’re performers, nothing earth shattering or life saving there. (Except for Gerard and the kid in the river, that was cool.) I’ve been interested in this guy since Beowulf and Timeline, he has “something”. Sure, he looks great but what really is attractive about him is what’s inside. Most celebrities seem to be empty, shallow and make me want to turn off my TV (lol). Gerry’s a sociable guy, so what if he likes to go out? The fact that he can stay sane in that crazy place called LA/Hollywood is a feat in itself.

  88. 88
    tiana Says:

    So… do it and good luck!!

  89. 89
    tiana Says:

    It’s raining men in Priyanka Priyanka Chopra More Pics
    Chopra’s life. After her on-and-off relationship with Harman Baweja, and, rumours of her growing closeness with Shahid Kapur, there are murmurs in the industry that Priyanka is bonding big time with Scottish actor Gerard Butler (of 300 and P.S. I Love You, f a m e ) . Priyanka and Gerard first met at the inauguration of Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai’s latest iconic luxury resort, in November 2008. The two have been in regular touch with other. A friend of Priyanka tells Mumbai Mirror, “Since November, Priyanka and Gerard have kept in touch via phone calls and SMSes.”

    According to sources, Priyanka and Gerard had actually hit it off at the party hosted by Shah Rukh Khan in Dubai, soon after the inauguration of the luxury resort. Today, Priyanka and Gerard share a deep bond.

    Priyanka’s official spokesperson did not deny the ‘dostana’ between Priyanka and Gerard. She said, “Priyanka and Gerard hit it off really well in Dubai and have maintained their friendship ever since.’
    Buzz is that Priyanka and Gerard recently had lunch and coffee together in Chicago where Priyanka was shooting for Ashutosh Gowariker’s What’s Your Rashee? Though Priyanka’s official spokesperson refused to confirm this, a friend of Priyanka tells us that the couple did spend some quality time together. “A couple of Priyanka’s cousins who stay in Chicago accompanied Priyanka and Gerard.”

  90. 90
    This story is bogus Says:

    Oh, please. Can we just throw this pr stunt into the crap pile with Diaz, Aniston and Moakler. He wasn’t in Chicago. And there are no dates given for this alleged meeting. They are using this for press. Has been in Philly shooting a movie the whole time and in New York gawking at model Emanuela de Paula at the Victoria’s Secret show.

  91. 91
    LoneWolf Says:

    “Though Priyanka’s official spokesperson REFUSED to confirm this…….”
    just like #90 said-pr stunt….cmon GerryFans…how many times has this happened…(and will continue) like the man said, he can’t stand by anyone much less talk to them and he is in a relationship with them.

    And again, like #90 said-he was not in Chicago!!! Live there and I can assure u it would have been known he was in town! (DC and Philly and NYC was and is his hangs for the moment) and while in NYC he was into the VS model! And once again, where are the pics to validate it? During his so called bonding with Priyanka BTW wasnt Jasmine and also the arcadia girl, Kristi in the picture? And one more, he was in India, which he has numerous collegues, he went to the Oneness Univ. which Priyanka is part of (or also has attended) and this was before the inaugeration. (sorry about spelling JJ).

    Dont sweat the small stuff gang, I am sure the G-Man isn’t.



  92. 92
    pafan Says:

    The ‘G-man’ is just reaping all this free publicity and laughing all the way to the bank. Gotta love him. (And we do.)

  93. 93
    pafan Says:

    LoneWolf: Don’t worry about the spelling. I couldn’t even imagine trying to put my thoughts into another language. I’m rotten at other languages. People love GB all over the world. You say it just great.!!!

  94. 94
    Tracey Says:

    IMDB have a website location saying that this woman is called Gina Robinette.

    TMZ have a video of both of them going into a hotel with the Waverly Inn woman.

  95. 95
    Tracey Says:

    IMDB have a website location which is saying that this woman is called Gina Robinette.

    TMZ have a video of them both going into a hotel with the Waverly Inn girl.

  96. 96
    ? Says:

    #90 and 91: How do you know he was with this VS model, are there pictures of them?

    I think the Dubai event was after the Arcade incident, so Jasmine was apparently already out of the picture then. What about this Kristi? Did he continue to see her?

  97. 97
    anon Says:

    Jilleroo is right. Sandy, you sound a little touched in the head and I don’t mean touched by an angel. More like touched by an anvil.

    Butler a “good boy?” By his own admission he is a “bad boy.”

    What are these values that “American youth don’t understand?” Are you insinuating we young Americans are without values?

    Kind? Gentle? Humble? Are you frigging serious? Omg that one makes me LMAO. The man is FAR FROM HUMBLE. Gorgeous? Not by the looks of these pics. Sensitive? That he is judging by his violent behavior. President of the Law Society? Yes he was. It’s a popularity vote. It’s no sign of intelligence, but goes to the best party planner.

    Doesn’t talk down to anyone? Have you ever met the guy? He thinks he is Leonidas IRL. He’s known to be as arrogant and temperamental as Jeremy Piven, another spoiled Hollywod scumbag. He has one of the biggest sticks up his stuck up ass in Hollywood. He probably keeps his conquests to himself so the rest of them don’t know about each other. It’s called being a play-a.

    “…perfect spicimen of manhood to any women with good eyes.”

    But obviously no taste.

    “He is capable of BECOMING the characters he portrays(NOW THAT IS REAL TALENT.)”

    Or schizophrenia.

    ” life in Scotland is not as cushy as it is in America. Young men there are expected to be tough, like American boys were encouraged to be up until the 1970’s or so.”

    You obviously have never been to the hood, have ya? Butler hasn’t either. He’s a poseur. Plenty of American men have been through more than that spoiled little Scottish college boy ever has. So he got drunk a few times and fell down. Po’ baby. Must have suffered a lot on that cruise with his old man or while vacationing around the world when taking a year off from college he didn’t have to pay for. Or maybe his suffering happened while staying in his Daddy’s penthouse or working the most prestigious law firm in Scotland. Yeah, he’s had a hard life. People in this country are homeless and starving and you dare to whine about this b*stard’s “troubles?” Yeah, we’ve heard all about his whining stories.

    “Swansong is correct.”

    She sounds mental. Is she ugly too?

    “does not deserve to be trashed by anyone who has not walked a mile in his shoes. ”

    I would, but I fear the foot fungus.

    “the temptations that person has to deal with on a daily basis:

    Very true, as in “Which model do I f*ck today? The stress of these decisions isn’t good for my health. That’s why I look like I’m not well.”

    “Gerard Butler has the stongest character I have seen, especially in a man, in a long, long time. ”

    You don’t get out much and it doesn’t sound like you’ve had a “man” since 8-tracks were popular.

    “The fact that he is constantly on a quest for spirituality speaks to this fact.”

    Or that he’s lost, or is a gullible idiot. Or he’s looking for Indian girlfriends.

    “Until you care enough to know, you simply don’t have the right.”

    This is the USA. We can say whatever we want. We come here and tell it like it is. If you can’t handle that, go back to GALS.

    “Google this man. Look at his life and accomplishments. It’s free and well worth the read. He is an extraordinay person.”

    We have all seen plenty about him online and in interviews. He’s not the Messiah. But if he ever plays Jesus, you phangurlz will be replacing statues worldwide with the heads from your Gerry dolls and demand the Pope recognize Gerry of Glasgow as the second coming.

  98. 98
    Donna Says:

    Is this Gina the ‘nice girl’ he has been dating from NY? She must be very tolerant if she is….afterall, there has been Kristi since the summer and God-knows how many other women.

  99. 99
    huh Says:

    #98: No, the “nice girl from NY” was Jasmine Burgess, who apparently broke up with him after the Arcade incident.

    I read somewhere that this Gina works at SNL and
    it was mentioned on the net that Butler was at the show on Saturday.

    BTW, the guy in the pictures is not with this Gina, he is an actor named Freddy Bosche. He’s in the show Fuerzabruta that Butler went to see yesterday according to this article:

    Will he ever go back to Philly to finish the movie? Apparently he doesn’t have much screentime in it…

  100. 100
    John Says:


    Gerry loves all his beards!

  101. 101
    LOL Says:

    #100: You wish! LOL

  102. 102
    nyob Says:

    #97 – LMAO. That was great.

  103. 103
    nyob Says:

    #97 – LMAO. That was great.

  104. 104
    amen Says:

    #97 – did you have a cigarette after that ???lol Thanks for my fave line “this is the USA…” we can say what we want here – wake up and smell the coffee. I admire GB but I surely don’t like the kool-aid slurping GROUP THINK that goes on at his sites.
    Gerry’s a self-described bad boy and that’s the guy I support – and criticize here when he deserves it.

  105. 105
    Tintangel Says:

    VS model Emanuela dePaula is a teenager. If he was gawking,
    that would be kinda gross.

  106. 106
    weird Says:

    #94: The other woman in the TMZ video is not the Waverly Inn woman.

  107. 107
    pellegrino Says:

    #105, a teenager in lingerie. Don’t forget Hayden Paniettiere is only 19.

  108. 108
    pafan Says:

    Good grief #97. What’s up with you?

  109. 109
    LoneWolf Says:

    #96-I was being sarcastic. Like I said “he was into the VS model, but where are the pics “(ref #91) once again, you can find all things on various sites yet no pictures…ie the VS model and Priyanka.. Its always the same ole thing but with someone different each time….saying he did this and that, was with so and so……yet no pics……almost as bad as the ongoing line “oh, they look good together” everytime he is pictured with someone. It is all about playing up to the public…..

  110. 110
    ? Says:

    #109: Thanks for clearing that up, I missed the sarcasm as so many people are actually so serious about such claims. And I’m getting totally confused with all these ladies. LOL. First Jasmine, then Kristi, then Pyrianka and then the VS model, not to mention this Gina. Geez, I hope at least Gerard manages to keep track of them ;-) Must be pretty exhausting always being ahead of things and keeping their schedules apart.

  111. 111
    Liz Says:

    Jared…a bit off-topic, but I read where Gerry went backstage of a NYC show, “Fuerza Bruta” and met actress Rose Mallam(sp? She then invited him to her birthday party, shere he rode a mechanized bull!!!! Do you have nay info or pix, o’ Jared the guru for celebrity info?

    Again…he is one hot dude.. and for the one comment the ideiot made who called his high forehead “skaing rink” size? Many believe that having a high forehead signifies high intelligence, thus the term “lowbrow” for ignorance, and “high brow” for the intelligensia. Also, a high forehead is why we call brainiacs, eggheads.

    I love his forehead, his eyes, his thighs, hismindl.everything..

  112. 112
    amen Says:

    yeah Liz, I’m a big fan of Gerry’s lovely forehead – the real forehead not the one he has Botoxed so it’s as flat as a skating rink – get it?
    And just FYI – there is no “e” in idiot.

  113. 113
    LOL Says:

    Good one, Amen! They can’t even spell, but they definitely can judge that “their man” is so intelligent.

    In that photo on the right his cheeks look weird. Maybe it’s a bad angle, but it looks like two implants popping up.

  114. 114
    Snowy Says:

    Hey Liz

    No ‘e’ in idiot
    ‘Shere’ should be where
    ‘Nay’ should be any
    ‘Skaing’ should be skating
    ‘Hismindl’ should be his mind

    Didn’t you say in the Burns’ thread that you used to teach English…?

    Sweet Mary and Joseph!!!

  115. 115
    the brooooom Says:

    Man’s fans, including the rabid ex-ones, are certifiable.

    Brrrrrrrr! Scaryyyyyyy (as one, Johnny Quid, would say)!

  116. 116
    Victoria Says:

    I’m new to this site and let me tell you, its very interesting to see the different responses to one man’s actions, he’s damned if he does and he’s damned if he doesn’t. To botox or not to botox, he’s gay or he’s straight, he’s a man ***** or he’s this strong, manly, sensitive guy with values and morals, there’s no pleasing all of the people all of the time. Yeah, all of you are entitled to your opinions, some I respect and some I don’t, but hey lets think about it, do you think Gerry’s making up for lost time, I’m not making any excuses for him, he’s really only got famous say now in last 2 to 3 years, I know most of you have been fans for ages. His fame has now made him a very recognizeable actor and with that his privacy has now gone, so he is snapped with any woman that he may just be talking to and so speculation and gossip starts and before we know it, it then becomes a fact and so he has slept with every chick they click. I just only recently saw him in a movie called “Dear Frankie”, and thats the character I love. The stranger, who although being cautious, takes this huge risk to help this fragile family and give them hope and love. To me thats Gerry Bulter, yeah he’s got his faults, his only human, what’s that saying,” he who has no sin cast the first stone”, Anyway “Thats Hollywood” there’s no business like showbusiness, if it wasn’t for the movies, some of us would not have lives, these actors expose themselves to criticism, intrusion of their privacy for themselves and their families and most of all, lose themselves in this eat dog eat dog movie industry to be the best , just to win an oscar, Well its been very entertaining, and I’ve used up my valuable time to share a couple of thoughts. Keep smiling, stay healthly and live long.

  117. 117
    tiana Says:

    Gerry is Gerry and I love him… gay, straight or bi… no matter what. Why don’t you haters just give him a break? It’s so much better when we love someone..

  118. 118
    bla85 Says:

    I would never say he is a man of character – he appears to have a total lack of character…. give me Hugh Jackman!

  119. 119
    whoknows Says:

    As my mom would say, “He’s a nice boy”. He means well, so give him a break.

  120. 120
    pafan Says:

    OK, guys, girls, whatever. GB is so hot. Good grief. What are we going to say about the boy next? (But seriously, was he on Law & Order Wed. night in a cameo???? Come on JJ get us the real truth.)

  121. 121
    Swansong Says:

    You know, to dislike the man is one thing. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Some think he’s great actor, some think he sucks… fine. Some are fans some are not …fine.

    But some of the crap being said about this man on this site borders on slander, and you only say it because you can get away with it here. To accuse him of being an alcoholic, of abusing drugs and of sleeping with every woman (or guy) he meets, is beyond stating your dislike for him. It’s obsessive on the other end of the spectrum.

  122. 122
    pafan Says:

    Oh, good lord. Some of you are just nuts. GB, you have real fans, who love you. And have been since OMK. Good luck with Burns. Can’t wait.

  123. 123
    Jaguar Says:

    I think people who come to these celebrity sites to rage are frickin nuts. The celebrities we like to talk about we will probably never meet, how can you invest that much emotion one way or another into someone you don’t even know? It’s entertaining to come here and read some gossip, but you can’t take this stuff too seriously. These people are actors, performers! They’re not serial killers and they didn’t save your life, these sites should be where people come to have a little fun, not go crazy! LOL

  124. 124
    areyoublind? Says:

    #121: “sleeping with every woman (or guy) he meets,”

    The whole world could see on video how he cheated on his girlfriend with this Kristi from the Arcade. What other proof do you need? Open your eyes…

    I wonder if Miss Kristi now thinks she’s exclusive, the buzz is they’re still “kind of dating”.

  125. 125
    cubedweller Says:

    As many have said before – this is not a fan site. It’s a gossip rag (no offense, Jared!) This comment board is open to all. There are all kinds of posters here – the meanies who say nasty things just to say, “MU ah ha ha – look what I just wrote.” Gushing fans who adore everything about Gerry, and plenty of people in the middle – fans of Gerry’s work and entertaining personality who find both his career and his offscreen adventures interesting enough to come here. Many have thoughtful, insightful, funny things to say. This is real life here.

  126. 126
    amen Says:

    Well said cube ! In the case of celebrity chat, I feel an anonymous forum is the most interesting. The Celebs have so much to their advantage: PR people, a fawning celebrity press, fan sites where adoring GROUP THINK is encouraged and enforced. I think it is healthy to have a back channel in places like this, and others too, where you can see thoughts and opinions that aren’t filtered through a PR apparatus.
    Honestly, this celeb in particular, has changed so much in the past year from the guy he would have us know from what he puts out in his interviews. If a site like this can shine some light on the more real type of person he is – it’s all good. I am capable of evaluating the extremes in these venues and taking away what is useful to me. Truly, some of the extreme stuff is the most entertaining. As Cubedweller says, and I agree “this is real life” …bring it.

  127. 127
    pafan Says:

    #126. Changed in the past year? How so? He’s the same as he’s ever been. Ever seen the pictures from the Ischia film festival back in 2004 and 2005? He’s never tried to hide who he is. It’s the fans who have projected their unrealistic ideals onto him. And, I’ve never seen him try to be anyone other than who he is in interviews.

  128. 128
    amen Says:

    #127 what a lay-up. When Gerard was talking about Queen Gorgo and mentioned Lena was a beer drinking, swearing gal with a tattoo… he professed his admiration for the kind of gal who could beat the **** out of you and your friends. All fans remember that one. Yeah, like the stick insects you see him with could beat the **** out of anything but a celery stalk.

    Or How about “yeah, I’m a Braveheart kind of guy….what you see is what you get…” (paraphrasing from 2 different sources) Sorry people, Botox is the ultimate Hollywood sellout if your in the hero business – it’s the anti-hero serum…it’s the kind of falseness that denotes insecurity, self-loathing and lack of grounding. Not exactly the stuff of heroes that.

    Gerard – get off the juice – trust me – your fans will be there for the great Actor, the real you – it’s a lock!

  129. 129
    whoknows Says:

    He has always had a nice smooth forehead. The furrows in 300 are probably from make-up to make him look more intense. I have met him and he is a very nice person. Authentic and not fake. He has no social veneer. He says what comes to him.

  130. 130
    whoknows Says:

    I want to add one more thing. When I met him, all the other “stars” mostly ignored the fans and were standoffish. Gerard took the time to talk to everyone, take photos, and sign autographs. You can tell he loves people and gets energy from them. If you met him in person, I believe all the naysayer’s views would change.

  131. 131
    Custom T Says:

    His picture should be in the dictionary next to the definition of SEXY!!

  132. 132
    Gerry Says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Bianca….


  133. 133
    Pat Says:

    I can’t believe that I actually read all these comments about Gerry. I admire him and have since POTO. I have no vested interest in his personal life….only his professional one! I love this man’s performances…there is no one like him in my opinion. None of us should care what he does in his personal life….it’s his and his alone! Gossip is gossip and it will always be there. He is single and has the right, within reason, to do what he wants to. You go, Gerry….enjoy the heck out of life…you deserve it!

  134. 134
    tiana Says:

    # 130
    Same here.
    I will never forget the day I met him and that was real life. I could feel his lips kissing my cheeks, I could see his beautiful mouth smiling at me and I could hear his adorable voice talking to me .
    I have my life to live and I like it…
    I just love this man for everything he is. I don’t want to marry him, I don’t care whether he’s gay, bi, whatever… I’m just happy being one of his greatest fan… and I wish him all the happiness in the world!!
    Hugs to everyone who loves him…

  135. 135
    haley perry Says:

    I saw the tmz video of him going into what they called his new york hotel with two women,but why not go to his completed apartment there unless of course your not worthy.

  136. 136
    pafan Says:

    He doesn’t want everybody (including the press) to know where he lives.

  137. 137
    Liz Says:

    Snowy..yes, I did used to teach English. I usually have many typos xince I have macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy: I have a hard time seeing.

    I can see Gerry well enough, however.
    He’s wonderful.

  138. 138
    haley perry Says:

    its already been in the press that his apt. is in soho

  139. 139
    DMI Says:

    ok, ok.. everybody is talking about the woman who went with him to the NYFW. But who the heck is she??? Does anybody know? I have to confess that I am curious…

  140. 140
    pafan Says:

    SoHo doesn’t exactly pin down where he lives. My whole town could fit in that neighborhood.

  141. 141
    haley perry Says:

    reporters always find out where celebrities live but have to to be careful.Hotels however are fair game.If your with friends why not go to your apt.

  142. 142
    huh Says:

    Dear “Gerry” #132:
    I really don’t think the real Gerard Butler posts her, LOL! Nice try, though.
    You better quit while you’re ahead, you may be in danger of getting all the ButlerBabes worked up.

  143. 143
    pafan Says:

    You don’t go to your apartment (gorgeous loft) because you don’t want them there. Dahhh.

  144. 144
    susy Says:

    They went to the Gramercy for the After Show party of the William Rast show with a zillion of other people who were at the show.

    I read somewhere that she is a make up artist. Maybe she worked at Fashion Week and they met at one of the shows or parties there before. Or he might know her from a movie set.

  145. 145
    confused Says:

    Is Gerard Butler really on twitter? Or is this an impostor?

    I can’t check because I’m not a member. But it seems weird to me that someone who is always so private about his life would post on twitter…

  146. 146
    Jaguar Says:

    I think there are a lot of Gerry imitators out there, including the one above! LOL

  147. 147

    @John: How do you know, John, he’s gay?

    I happen to be friends with him and I can tell you that he’s 100% straight and loves the lady a wee bit too much.

  148. 148
    Jenna Says:


    Gerard Butler is a guy’s guy. I agree with what he said about American men… they’re a wee bit soft, aren’t they? Also, your knowledge of Revolutionary-era history is lacking, and proves nothing about the current ‘manliness’ of Yanks. Heh, the only group of men more soft today than the Americans are the Brits!

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