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Gerard Butler Has Fashion Fun

Gerard Butler Has Fashion Fun

300 star Gerard Butler heads over for some fashion fun outside The Tents during the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week Fall 2009 Collections in Bryant Park, New York City on Monday (February 16).

The 39-year-old Scottish actor has reportedly been bonding with Indian actress Priyanka Chopra. The pair apparently met at the inauguration of The Atlantic, The Palm at the end of last year and have stayed in touch since then.

Priyanka‘s spokesperson said, “Priyanka and Gerard hit it off really well in Dubai and have maintained their friendship ever since.” Priyanka is former Miss World, winning the crown in 2000.

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148 Responses to “Gerard Butler Has Fashion Fun”

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  1. 51
    amen Says:

    #44 yeah “to thine own self be true…” right after he gets his latest Botox injections…I suppose that counts for TRUTH in Hollywood. I thought he was getter than all that.

  2. 52
    lol fran Says:

    Do you know him Fran? You must if you know what he is really about.

    Here is something I know – he tries to surround himself with people who keep information about him private and their opinions about him to themselves. So, either you don’t really know him or you are violating his trust.

  3. 53
    lol fran Says:

    Do you know him Fran? You must if you know what he is really about.

    Here is something I know – he tries to surround himself with people who keep information about him private and their opinions about him to themselves. So, either you don’t really know him or you are violating his trust.

  4. 54
    zzzzzzzz Says:

    I don’t think that’s that Chopra girl..I believe it could be his co star in that flick Law Abiding Citizen but what the Hay do I know..Ha! Glad to see Gerry having a good time. Fashion week in NYC must be something..I remember going to a few myself in Italy..Lucca to be exact. Glasgow has some great fashions too..I was surprised…From what friends are telling me it’s pretty cold back East…In the minuses some places…

  5. 55
    zzzzzzzz Says:

    I believe that …that girl could be his co star in Law Abiding Citizen??..

  6. 56
    Fran Says:

    #53 YES I DO!

  7. 57
    lol fran Says:

    Then you should know better.

  8. 58
    hottie Says:

    He could stop traffic with fugly mug of his. Yuck! He may have “beauty” on the inside, but he sure as hell doesn’t have it on the outside!

  9. 59
    tiana Says:

    I will always love you Gerry, no matter what…

  10. 60
    lala Says:

    I love it how people can go on public forums stating that they know him. Yes and the Easter bunny is also real. … Regarding the botox, I don’t think he has done any, had he gotten injections, he wouldn’t have the lines he has on his forehead and around his eyes…As for the defenders, find a hobby, or go get help starving children in Africa, believe me they need it more that Gerard Butler. He has money, houses around the world, attends prestigious events, hangs out with hot models/ women, is surrounded by ass whippers… god I feel so sorry for the guy, he must have a horrible life……I think I’m going to start a Gerry Butler foundation..hmmm

  11. 61
    Riley Says:

    Gerry is LA trash now…. 300 made him and ruined him at the same time.

  12. 62
    k Says:

    yeah what the heck happened to him? he use to be so hot

  13. 63
    amen Says:

    If you don’t see that Gerry is juicing his face then you’re just plain lazy.
    I did my research before I offered my opinion. It’s not that hard to find a large volume of very telling photos showing various stages of paralysis of his facial muscles. This change starts right about the beginning of the 300 publicity tour.
    Since when do crows feet that use to wrap charmingly around the side of his face – suddenly stop just before the far corner of his eyes? And don’t get me started on that skating rink he has for a forehead. Where’s our powerful and expressive King Leo who had a furrowed brow in almost every frame of that film?
    We miss you Gerry – we loved you just as you were – come back to us!

  14. 64
    nevientime Says:

    He is gross!!!!!

  15. 65
    pafan Says:

    He’s gorgeous!!!!!

  16. 66
    jilleroo Says:

    This man certainly polarizes opinion. Look out when he runs for governor of California, which he threatened to do someday. Riley #61, insightful comment “300 made him and ruined him.” Anon # 41, Best in Show, ha ha! Good ‘un. Why I even read these comments, let alone comment myself. I don’t know. What bothers me, nobody talks about GB’s acting anymore. He’s a pulp celebrity. He turned to plastic almost overnight. with or without Botox. Stud, hunk, hottie, beefcake, not actor. If he was really that true to himself he would resist this stuff. How diehard fans can continue to worship this guy, I don’t get. Fashion shows? Nightclubbing? And he SAYS he doesn’t party, doesn’t drink, doesn’t screw around, not that kind of person. I dislike the comments he has made suggesting that Scottish men are more manly than American men. Hey, Gerry, our forebears took the oppressive limeys who oppressed your people for hundreds of years to the mat and WON, which is more than YOUR countrymen did. I know his countrymen were instrumental in the AR but they had the moxie to up and and leave Scotland for uncharted territory. The USA didn’t become the most powerful nation in the world by being a bagful of sissies oe losers. I am proud of the men and women serving our country in the military even when I disagree with our policies overseas. Our 1776 revolutionaries, a bunch of farmers and tradespeople who didn’t even know how to shoot a gun, went to war against what was then the military power of the world and kicked their butts. (With some help from the French, yes.) Scotland is still part of the UK. They fought but didn’t win. Tell Butler that, American men. GB has been filming in Philly. He should know the history if he is as intelligent as he is supposed to be.

  17. 67
    Swansong Says:

    Gerry is an amazing actor. Even critics and reviewers are beginning to comment on and recognize his versatility and range from one role to the next. Some of us appreciate his talent and skills as an actor. The gossip and trashing about his off screen life is just noise.

  18. 68
    Liz Says:

    Thanks, Jared, once again for delivering to us the handsomoe Mr. Butler. I think he’ll always be hot…I used to love Richard Fransworth who doubled for goodlooking stars in his heyday as a stuntman. When he became elderly , as in “Anne of Green Gables,” he was whitehaired but still gorgeous.

    Gerry will be the same. He’s the whole package: gorgeous eyes,straight nose, full lips, great hair, wonderful smile with intelligence, creativity, and a marvelous sense of humor.

    I can’t wait to even “hear” the “Tales of the Black Freighter,” because if it’s only his voice, that will just make me drool.

    No other celebrity or actor can take my breath away as he can with just an image of him, much less video. To see him in person up close or to talk to him…that would be life-fulfilling

  19. 69
    whoknows Says:

    Wow, where did you come from? You are annoying. I think some of those men originally came from Scotland.

  20. 70
    ? Says:

    #38 AK: How would you know she’s the wife of this other guy? In some new photos she’s walking right next to Butler while the other guy is nowhere to be seen.

  21. 71
    jilleroo Says:

    You are right, whoknows. Some of our revolutionaries did come from Scotland. I am fully aware of that. Judging by your comment, I assume I am the person you find annoying since nobody else brought up this issue. Tough ****. I was simply trying to make the point that a man who is clearly less than a “tough guy” in real life, outside his movie roles, is ridiculous criticizing American men for being less manly.

  22. 72
    Camille Says:

    words to #6 poster:

    you had better do your homework next time you post and know what you write about ……Gerry does NOT drink…gave it up over 10 years ago!

  23. 73
    amen Says:

    Gerry readily admits to his PAST problems with alcohol…etc. Since he
    made the sacrifice to give it up, along with smoking, he deserves great credit for these tremendous personal accomplishments.

  24. 74
    whoknows Says:

    I think he may have a cold or be under the weather.

  25. 75
    Mmmmmmm... Says:

    How would you know she’s the wife of this other guy? In some new photos she’s walking right next to Butler while the other guy is nowhere to be seen. Of course she could be part of the fashion scene and is just accompanying him to the show.

    I still think he’s dating that Waverly Inn girl if this girl is the wife of a friend. And I don’t think there has ever been any confirmation that the Waverly Inn girl is with his Management team, because in all honesty, I don’t think she is.

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