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Rachel Bilson Has February Fashion

Rachel Bilson Has February Fashion

Rachel Bilson bundles up outside of her hotel in New York City on Tuesday and heads to Fashion Week. (She’s wearing a rayon scarf with 4″ hand knotted fringe by Love Quotes.)

At the end of last week, RB was seen taking a puppy around the neighborhood!

Her next film, New York, I Love You is set to be released later this year – with an all-star cast of Shia LaBeouf, Kevin Bacon, Blake Lively, Hayden Christensen, Natalie Portman and Orlando Bloom.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and her February fashion…

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rachel bilson february fashion 01
rachel bilson february fashion 02
rachel bilson february fashion 03
rachel bilson february fashion 04
rachel bilson february fashion 05
rachel bilson february fashion 06
rachel bilson february fashion 07
rachel bilson february fashion 08
rachel bilson february fashion 09
rachel bilson february fashion 10

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  • yeah


  • yeah

    i guess u cant post links

  • Poo

    I love the red handbag….
    It looks nice.
    I am enjoying the book Cosmopolitan Magazine..2009..the new one…
    hehe…new fashions..

  • sienna

    beautiful bag :)

  • voice of reason

    Wait for it-the haters will be here soon I can feel them formulating a plan,

    Don’t think Rachel looks to bad here, however I do think her style has dropped a bit in the last few weeks, she did this before when she busted up with Adam, perhaps all is not well on the home front with HC.

    sienna-that bag is great

  • maryanne

    Things haven’t been well on the home front with HC for two years.

  • ********


  • ********


  • monreal

    Still JOBLESS?!
    Jeeez why am I still asking.

  • monreal

    Still worthless & jobless?!
    Jeeez why am I still asking.

  • ronnie


    LOL. You’re an idiot. I’m sorry but you really are. “Perhaps things aren’t all that well on the homefront with HC.” Is that so? Look! The genius finally figured it out! Where have you been? I’m sure you’ll have some witty come back right? Perhaps tell us something we don’t know? Please remove you lips from her butt please. It’s not a good look. *eyeroll*

  • whodie

    And that was kinda like a “Biblical Passage”… anyhow, she really looked like a miniature Khloe Kardassskank.

  • whodie

    @ Her next film, New York, I Love You is set to be released later this year…
    That she got again thru some connections and just shot it for not more than 3 days just like her other movie that she shot for less than a week. So yeah she’s an effing “bankable & serious actress” by solely gunning all those cameo roles that she’s been getting to LOL

  • gerard Vandenberg

    The mental help is in the cap, folks?

  • Jaguar

    Kevin Bacon, he’s great – love that guy! He needs to be in more movies, he’s a helluva character actor.

  • 123

    The outfit does not work, she obviously tried hard but mismatched and looks and adolescent freak. The bag does not fit here at all, it has similar pattern with the had, you can see that she tried hard to elongate the line and matched the hat with the scarf, you do see the effort, but in the end it is ugly.

  • voice of reason

    @11 Ronnie would not like to let you down, must have taken 30 min to decide on the insult towards me you are silly-much better people do it greater than you. Couples can have an arguement or rough patch you however just want to spew the same rubbish yet again.

    Told you the haters would come out–keep it coming JJ loves you for it.

  • sharon

    hey jj i am a rachel hater i heard you love me for it maybe you ought to put me on your staff (lol)

  • sharon

    well anyone whould pay 88.00 for a love quote scraf and no telling how much the hat cost.

    Love Quotes scarves in italian linen quickly became a favorite of Hollywood celebrities and stylish women around the world during Fall/Winter 2007-2008. Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Lauren Conrad, Jessica Alba and Rachel Bilson are only a few of Love Quotes famous fans. Each love quotes scarf comes with an inspirational love quote, and 10% of net profits are donated to international children’s charities.
    but like it said 10% of the net profits are donated so 88.00 doesn’t seem that bad.

  • Smilehexe

    “Later this year she will have this (flop) out, or that one…” Like somebody has stated it so true all these appearances of her in these movies are simple cameos, she was “working” on them for a few days only. Yet every shopping/puppy/getting gas/wearing a beanie etc.-thread over here is (mis)used to have the titles of that films mentioned as so-called advertisement. But it won’t make her “acting” in them any better, no matter how many months in advance she pays to be promoted over here. I am unpleasantly reminded to the pre-months before “Jumper” came out – and we all saw the very sad result.

  • free

    Love her and her mom :) Rachel@fashionweek yeah

  • fake couple

    its so nice to see rachel with a large zac posen bag so casually slung over her shoulder when a lot of people are worrying about keeping a roof over their heads. she is the soul or master of dissretion(not). what disgrace is to the people of her age and younger one’s as well.

  • Helen

    I don’t like the bag at all!But the beanie is cute!

  • celebhores

    arent the hollywood people all into the environment, ending war, ending world hunger and suffering, yet they obviously spend enough on their wardrobe to feed a community?
    I would love to see stars use their fame to help raise $ for communities that need it.

    there are a lot of people here in the US who are suffering. our nation is suffering financially. why dont these celebs get together to raise money or something?

    i bet rb spends more on her handbags than the average citizens annual income in the USA.

    honestly, i cant see HC with her because of her gluttonous attitude. if they had a kid, she would be like katey holmes is with her kids.

    HC seems to wear the same pants, he dresses a lot more modest and humble. we know he hates fakers, greedy superficial people. hence y he hates hollywood and LA.

    I still love HC. i dont have expectations of him. not saying i like to see him as we have been seeing him lately but i would like to see him happy and away from her.

    in pics where he is with anyone else, he has a genuine smile. around rb, no smile or maybe a smirk.

    i think rb suckered him into something he doesnt want. some people are more like “push overs” she probably made him feel guilty if he wouldnt be with her.

    hoefully he will meet more people and realize the games she is playing and realize there are genuine humble people out there.

  • Smilehexe

    @#24 – celebhores
    I agree to everything you’ve said about RB.
    But please – open your eyes also concerning HC. This guy is with this useless girl now for OVER TWO YEARS. He is NOT forced to be with her or anything else. He WANTS to be with her which means THAT HE CANNOT BE ANY BETTER THAN HER. And if he hadn’t her as girlfriend he would have somebody similar to her as this is the type of women he prefers, as shallow as himself. And just because he does not care for clothes does not mean he is modest, sorry. He spends practically the whole year DOING NOTHING (meaning not working), travels around all the time (= causing costs) and spends far more time in L.A. and the Bahamas than in cold Canada which he used to claim “to love so much”. All blah-blah. Forget what he’s ever said, and allow yourself to critically observe his actual doings, and you might find out that his actions totally contradict everything he has ever stated before. The biggest faker of all people is HC himself, he’s a notorious liar and he treats his fans like sh*t, sorry to say. No offense against you at all, but this is the truth some people have seen already and also admitted to themselves. For your own sake, wake up please. HC is not worth your love or support.

  • Anakin

    @Smilehexe – let go of your hate! You must carry your own shovel with all the sh*t that comes out of your mouth

  • anie

    @ Anakin

    Actually, Smilehexe is right on, I agree with all that has been said by Smilehexe.

  • Smilehexe

    @#27 – anie
    Thanks a lot! :-)

  • celebhores

    smilie, i agree to a point.

    RB has brainwashed him though. people do things for love sake; stuff they normally wouldnt or dont want to. i have seen a woman manipulate a male friend of mine. he did everything for the “princess”

    men are strange. my friends male boss is such a sucker for women, depsite this woman destroying his life, took everything he owns (which is considerable) and they wernt even married. he doesnt have the heart to get the stuff back even though she worked him over BAD! even having other men over etc.
    men are suckers for women!!!

    im still a HC fan. i dont like the decisions he has made in regards to his love life. i would love to see him happy and doing the things he used to love!!! he dont even hang aorund his brother anymore!!
    bet tove doesnt approve of her.
    who knows though?

    if would either be singl or find a woman who makes him happy, then maybe he would be working, feel motivated and come off as warm instead of cold and dead.

  • celebhores




  • Anakin

    @27 – nobody’s perfect…

  • celebhores

    its funny because they think they are perfect

  • Taylor

    What did you mean by this voice of reason??
    she did this before when she busted up with Adam, perhaps all is not well on the home front with HC.

  • la la

    i am not even going to bother to read the crazy long posts about how much you supposedly older and more mature people hate Rachel Bilson. first of all, she can spend her money as she likes. yes, the economy is bad right now, but she did not cause it and as she has made her own money (even if it is just from the OC) she is entitled to spend it as she pleases. secondly, those of you who refer to HC repeatedly and act as though you know what kind of a person he is or who he wants you are seriously crazy and lacking of your own life. let them be happy and be together if that is what they want, even if it is not supported by you. you are embarressing yourselves. tools. and i am not going to deny i adore rachel bilson, even if it is just for the small part she played in the last kiss and her character of Summer. The OC was one of the most loved shows in the last six years, obviously it had fans, so shut up and stop bashing those who like her. please.

    woooo rachel bilson.

  • wretch

    RB is one of the worst actresses in Hollywood with the resume to prove it. HC is one of the worst actors ever who ruined two excellent franchises with his terrible acting. But she is an ugly grasping amoral media wh07e and he is a gay drug-addicted talentless @$$wipe and while they both deserve each other, neither will improve at all as long as they cling to one another publically (he by default and her by implication.)

    Disgusting in every way, that’s what they are.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks alright but she still looks cute
    it looks like she’s carrying more than she can actually carry
    her new movie actually sounds interesting with all those actors

  • Custom T

    That movie looks fantastic, I can’t wait to see it!

  • susan

    Anyone knows who is the designer of the Red Handbag?

  • susan

    Anyone knows who is the designer of the Red Handbag?