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Sienna Miller is Broadway Bound -- Oct. 22!

Sienna Miller is Broadway Bound -- Oct. 22!

Sienna Miller arrives at LAX airport and is greeted with a passionate kiss from Brothers & Sisters boyfriend Balthazar Getty in Los Angeles earlier this month.

It was just announced that the 27-year-old British actress will be making her Broadway debut at the Roundabout Theatre Company on Thursday, October 22 in the play After Miss Julie.

Sienna will portray the title character, a sexually provocative your woman, one of three characters in the show. Sienna‘s character is the daughter of a Yorkshire landowner who creates havoc when she visits below-stairs.

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Credit: Radcliffe/Scott/Chris; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • c


  • anon

    uh, she’s not 33

  • Eva

    Sienna Miller is NOT 33. She’s 27. Check your facts.

  • boyfriend??

    How can he be her boyfriend when he’s still MARRIED not to mention his FOUR CHILDREN??

    Nasty slag.

  • Roisin

    She is not 33!

  • c

    Did she release these old “BG loves me because he is spending quality time with me and kissing me outside an airport for all to witness” photo-ops to counteract the backlash from her sisterhood comment? So now she wants us to believe that the MARRIED MAN “loves” her and that makes her affair and shameless flaunting of it okay. Seriously, if he loved her, then she wouldn’t still be THE OTHER WOMAN. She has also been schooling the MARRIED MAN on his body language, and people say she doesn’t care what people think. There is nothing cute or passionate about kissing a man who has so little respect/love for you that he won’t divorce his wife. He is telling everyone that VM is the type of woman you party with, but not the type worthy of commitments.

  • P

    Sienna is 27, Jared!

  • macca

    She’s doing a play because she’s lost 3 movie roles over the past couple of months.

    And for someone who says she resents the papz attention, she’s sure putting on a show for the cameras.

    Sleaze and sleaze, standing in the open, k-i-s-s-i-n-g…

  • gds

    She disgusts me…I wish she would just disappear.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she would be a really good looking girl if she didnt smoke…hate it
    nice 2 see her actually get a job, i felt bad for her after the robin hood thing

  • common sense

    How she could whine about not being embraced into the “sisterhood” is beyond me, after all isn’t she fucking a fellow “sister’s” husband?

    There is no sisterhood Sienna, at least not for you! You’ve been banned.

  • meeeeee

    ya get a divorce first dude, then walk around making out with a chick who will find a new guy in couple of months. What a jerk he thinks his kids won’t see this one day and be hurt that he was doing all this while still married to their mother.

  • boogie

    ughhhh….those two are disgusting.

    guess it was the only role that was fitting. ha…

    she could not land a decent role anywhere else

  • ella


    you actually felt bad about her losing her role in robin hood?????

    she deserved it and much more .

    i could not believe you!

  • lizzie

    That girl sucks, stupid blondie

  • bridget

    Sienna Miller just turned 27 in December…

  • mona

    Why are you guys so bothered by her? Yeah it sucks, but people split. It happens, he can’t stay with his wife just to please you people. She deserves to be left alone, the paps have been screaming for her head for ages now.

  • NativeNYker

    We just got rid of Katie Kong! With Sienna’s arrival will be crazy squared.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Domino

    27? Yeah, on each leg! That b*tch has to at least be 35. I hate it when celebrities lower their age.

  • ctx

    Oh wait!!! The production for After Miss Julie is still casting, right? Why not tap Balthazar to be her lover on stage? It a no brainer. That won’t require acting on their part and would put all these headhunter comments to rest. Perfect part for these two amoral pair who just cannot resist rubbing the face of Rosetta to the ground by flaunting their affair publicly without any remorse conitnuously. File for a divorce Balthazar.

  • ella

    # 17 mona

    …you gotta be kidding me? No one is ” bothered” by her. This is a gossip site and people are just expressing their feelings. that’s it.

    stay with his wife? ugh…no….who is their right mind would want him back? Not his wife and he does not deserve his children either.
    balt. made his choice and he has to live with it.

    but, i get it……you sound just like another bimbo….probably did the same thing as the bimbo s l u t Sienna. shame on u

  • dolorescraeg

    this woman who professes to hate the paps looks for them at every opportune moment. when she literally attacked jude law during the filmiing of alfie he was divorced from his wife or in the final stages….he was vulnerable and this gal comes on like a mechanized tank…..but getty is not divorced….she is a courtesan…her morals are on the floor. like someone said. dissapear sienna….and jude had to apologizet toyou….laughable.

  • Cane

    anon @ 02/17/2009 at 4:39 pm

    uh, she’s not 33

    No, she just looks it. She looks like someone who in a couple of years will develop that raspy voice and smokers cough…cursing like a sailor while she scratches a boob…calling everyone “doll.”

  • Shell

    Of all the choices on Broadway, I wouldn’t think of wasting my time or money on this one. Money’s too precious.

  • LC

    kissing a ashtray yum……(not) she always looks dirty

  • sarah WALKER says

    OF BROTHERS AND SISTERS. And that is how they are going to get
    rid of him for good. Fed up with that story line. When you are separated
    from a wife. That usually means you can date someone else AKA

  • carla

    She is 27 not 33 check your facts

  • boogie

    well…..she can easily pass for 33 or older…..just by living her kind of “lifestyle”.

  • sheryl

    Wow, way to sugarcoat. Referring to him as her “boyfriend’ is just lovely, in the way that dousing perfume over someone who hasn’t showered in a month is lovely. Nice try, but something still stinks.

    And no thanks, Sienna, whatever ‘hood you belong to, I’m not interested. The Sisterhood I belong to boasts classier, smarter members. Make no mistake, you don’t represent me or any of my sisters or friends.

  • c

    The MARRIED MAN must not have spent Valentine’s Day with SM, otherwise we would have been treated to photos of BG arriving and departing from an airport rather than these TWO WEEK OLD photos of them being “lovey dovey” outside of an airport. Her need to upstage another sister was stronger than her need to abide by the code of sisterhood (ie-don’t rub the affair in the face of another sister).

  • Karma-Kameleon

    Take a look at Isla Fisher’s pictures 4 posts forward. She actually IS 33 years old and looks younger than Sienna Miller.

  • Lola

    Boy, she always makes sure the paps get their pictures, huh?

    Watch out, Sienna, the “sisterhood” in on his wife’s side and they’re gonna come whup your a$$!

  • fiona

    i support sienna. Love is blind.

  • Yay

    I love Sienna! I think her and Balthazar make a hot couple. It sucks he was married when they started things off, but I guess if he was supposed to be with his wife he would be and things would have worked out. Oh well, people split up all the time, it’s how things are in our time. Kids or not.

    BTW: “C” you seem like an obsessed weirdo! You are on EVERY Sienna post going off about how awful you think she is. Do something else, you loser.

  • rachel

    she’s such a husband stealer! just like angelina.

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    sienna and he make us sick!! they are very sick.. hate them..

  • c

    YAY (34):
    The simplest dilemma to YOUR problem is to DON”T READ MY POSTS, but if you must insist then be my guest. If you removed your head from VM behind, you will see that no one but a child is impressed by the childishness that characterizes your post. Since you are so worried about me and following me from post to post, that would mean that you are obsessed with me and need to get a life.

    Lesson 1: When someone points out the holes in VICTIMienna’s PR
    stunts or brings up issues that the article failed to address call
    that person a “hater” or “obsessed” and refer to their posts as “hatred” or “rants”.

    Lesson 2: Hold everyone else by a different standard than
    VICTIMIenna. Ignore all of VM bad behavior, while criticizing others
    when they call her out. So while it’s okay for VM to be hateful
    towards a woman and her kids, it’s not okay when someone points out how VM doesn’t have the right to complain because she is sleeping with another woman’s husband, spreading lies about that woman, and shamelessly flaunting the AFFAIR for the world to see.

    Lesson 3: When you can not come up with any valid statements to
    defend VICTIMienna antics with ANOTHER WOMAN’S HUSBAND AND SHAMELESSATTEMPTS TO FLAUNT THE AFFAIR, resort to NAME CALLING AND INSULTS. Wierdo, loser, and psycho are some favorites.

    Lesson 4: Adovate that women should be held by different standards as men when they participate in affairs, simply because they are WOMEN. Imply that women do not have to take responsibility or accountability for their actions and can escape the consequences of their actions byblaming others or hiding behind arguments used protect REAL VICTIMS.

    Lesson 5: Ignore the fact that 5 PEOPLE, 5 HUMAN BEINGS, or A MOTHERAND HER 4 KIDS, are being humilated everytime VICTIMienna feels theneed to keep herself relevant and prances around town with her “I wonhim” smug look. Don’t question media outlets that help BG and VM int he humilation of a woman and her kids by gloriying the affair(ie-keep writing that the AFFAIR is a romance) and perpetuating the “SM is a victim” image. Criticize others for “throwing stones” atVM, while you completely ignore how VM has been throwing stones at RGand her kids.

    Lesson 6: When you can not formulate a valid statement in support of
    VM, pull the “why do you care” or the “no one knows the full story”
    routine. Despite the fact that you are posting on a celeb message
    board and are putting all of your time and energy into setting those
    that won’t condone VM behavior straight, keep insisting that you
    “could care less about VM” . Despite the fact that you are also posting on a message board, tell others to get a life.

    Lesson 7: Insist that VM should be absolved from any wrong doing
    because she is “single, not the married one, or didn’t take vows”.
    And the ultimate favorites-”We can not blame VM because we don’t know what the MARRIED MAN told her” or “they were separated” excuses. Argue that VM is a VICTIM OF DOUBLE STANDARDS and everyone is being “unfair or mean” because only BG is to blame for the AFFAIR.

    Lesson 8: Deflect from VM bad behavior by changing the subject. This includes and is not limited to bringing up AJ, JR, M or the ultimate favorite- complaining about the poster instead of actually taking the time to formulate points to counteract the points that the poster brought up.

    Lesson 9: Get offended because no one is patting VM on the back for
    sleeping with another woman’s HUSBAND and shamelessly flaunting it .Get offended because people see through VM PR stunts and won’t give her the benefit of the doubt.

    Lesson 10: Keep insisting that VM and the MARRIED MAN are “in love” despite the fact that the MARRIED MAN won’t get a divorce, always has that “I’d rather be somewhere else” look, body language conveys that he is not as into VM as she would have the public believe, it is apparant that he is drunk/high when he appears in public with VM, and he only comes out of hiding/defends VM when he wants to spend VM’s money.

    Lesson 11: Because VICTIMienna needs all of the support she can get pretend to be neutral. Keep insisting that you could care less about VM despite the fact that you are putting ALL OF YOUR TIME AND ENERGY into “annoying other posters because you are “bored”.

  • Cha chi says


  • dilay

    plus she’s been replaced by cate blanchett.

  • @#37

    You’re a weirdo #37
    #35 How do you “steal” a husband?? They just leave. You can’t steal a husband.

  • roisin

    she’ is not 33!!! they look good together!!

  • Sisterhood

    God these two are nasty! No sisterhood for you, skank!

  • lana

    to yay and fiona… i’m with you…
    and ‘c’ i never read your posts as they are so damn long and all say the same thing… yawn…
    anyway love is blind … leave them be.

  • Sandra

    yay, lana, and fiona,

    So Sienna and Balthazar are destined to be together. They get to romp all over the world in a naked, drunken party (he’s a recovering addict) while the wife has to just suck it up, stay at home, and raise their four kids. Very nice. Love is blind and you guys are stupid.

  • Angie

    Yay, Lana, and Fiona are the same person. They are all the personalities that make up Sienna’s Sisterhood of the S-kanks.

  • martha

    Miller lost her big break part in Robin Hood because of all the bad publicity following her. Then, to cover it up, her people fed an ugly story to the gossip columns about her leaving the role because she was so young, hot and slim, she was grossed out about Russell Crowe, being so fat and old.

    Got news for ya, it was all a face saving gesture. Crowe had only gained weight for a role and has lost all of it. He’s only 44 [younger than Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp], looking hot, fit and muscular again [ Gladiator hot], and will be working with classy 1st string Cate Blanchett instead of very unclassy 3rd stringer, Sienna.

    Miller blew her biggest break ever. She was dumped from a couple other films recently too.

  • jazz

    Ick Ick Ick. I look at the pics of these two and I immediately feel like scratching myself. They look like an ad for herpes and other unmentionables.

    Why do I feel Like I would like to slap both of their smug faces?

  • c

    Yay (aka: # 40, lana)

    1) I write a post to Yay telling HER to DON’T READ MY POSTS and LANA responds. You were so blinded by your desire to “teach me a lesson” that you didn’t even realize that you outed yourself. So I agree, Yay and lana are the same person.

    2) You claim that you don’t read my posts because they are long, yet you wrote this response responding to something that I stated in my post to YAY . For you to know about the comment I made to YAY that means that you READ MY LONG POST. If you don’t like my long posts, then do yourself a favor and don’t read them. And please do write me another response where a “different poster” tells me that he/she doesn’t read my posts and that I’m a “wierdo”.

    3) Seriously, do you really think that you are fooling people by posting your personal attacks under different names? If you removed your head from VICTIMienna’s behind, then you would see the folly of your childishness. Posting under different names while you make personal attacks against other posts just proves what a coward you are. Bold enough to make personal attacks, but not woman/man enough to own up to it. That sounds familiar. Maybe yay, lana, and #40 is VICTIMienna.

    4) Wow #40, you really fooled me (eyeroll). So I respond to Yay and this “random poster” posts a response using the same format that Yay posted on a different VM thread (post 43) and the wording that Yay used on this thread and on a different VM thread (posts 34, and 43). You are unoriginal because a child can do the exact same thing. What would be impressive is if you could form a VALID argument based on LOGIC rather than your bruised ego.

    5) Your personal attacks can’t change the fact that VICTIMienna is her own worst enemy. She whines about “sisterhood” and then releases a TWO WEEK OLD photo-op of herself kissing/hugging another sister’s husband. There is no sisterhood because of women like VICTIMienna. She thinks that she is entitled to have anything and anyone and doesn’t care about who she hurts in the process. She wants women to respect her, but where is her respect for RG? She wants women to feel sorry for her, but where is her compassion and sympathy for RG? So whine and cry about me being a “weirdo”, but do realize that I’m not the one sleeping with ANOTHER WOMAN’S HUSBAND AND WHING ABOUT OTHER WOMEN BEING JUDGEMENTAL WHILE SHAMELESSLY FLAUNTING IT, and nor am I the one defending a woman who has no respect for other women.

    6) Is it really that difficult to identify a redeeming quality in VICTIMienna to counteract the LOGICAL points that other posters make?

  • kaka


  • ohmygodd

    Do you like how she got them out of the car so she sould MAKE SURE that everyone got a picture of them sucking face?

    She just loves the attention!! But she just wants her privacy and to be taken seriously as an actress. Yeah, right. If they weren’t on a public street she’d have taken her top off.