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Sienna Miller Calls A London Cab

Sienna Miller Calls A London Cab

Sienna Miller is picked up in a cab outside her central London home to go into the city for a business meeting on Tuesday (February 17).

“I’ve been at war, without a doubt. I’ve really experienced the judgment of women in the past year,” Sienna told In Style magazine. The 27-year-old actress added, “We say we want to be equal, but men don’t sit around bitching at each other. There’s no sisterhood.”

Sienna was set for role of Maid Marian in Sir Ridley Scott‘s forthcoming film Nottingham, but now it looks like Aussie actress Cate Blanchett will be her replacement.

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  • Jaguar

    She dates someone else’s husband and expects no judgement? Whoah, Angelina is rubbing off on tinseltown. Get a grip, people! Are there no boundaries when it comes to NOT picking up on married men? Sorry but I’d steer clear, I don’t care who the celeb is, how good looking, whatever. Show a little respect. I believe in karma, if you’re going to pull this crap then expect it to come right back atcha.

  • lesa

    You stoled someone’s husband and expect not to be judged? You’re nothing but a talentless skank.

  • alla

    omg people you’re so mean! just be a little bit kinder. it is not us who should judge her(and him) anyways

  • Lillie

    i live in Nottingham, UK!!!!! :o

  • Amanda

    fur hag

  • sienna curse

    Well it looks like the blogs were right. On Brothers and Sisters Tommy
    got found out by Holly about the fake Vineyard Deal thanks to Holly’s
    daughter. Her lawyer sat her down and told her that Tommy is the
    one that owns the firm that is in the deal.

    So now we have to wait another 2 weeks to find out what happens.
    So guess Sienna is bad luck to her lovers. Only Jude Law won out.

  • elanenergy

    She clearly doesn’t understand the 1st commandment of sistahood—don’t steal on someone else’s man….duh, ya big whiney whore.

  • Wut wut

    Riiiiiight. Sienna has an affair with a married man and of course the two cheaters don’t bother being secretive about it. They rub everyone’s faces in it and humiliate his wife, but it’s mean and unfair for her to be called out on her behavior.
    What’s unfortunate is that she’s famous because she’s bound to have fans, and this is the example she sets for young impressionable girls who might look up to her. Not only does she have no respect for other people’s marital vows, she isn’t even mature enough to admit she made a mistake.

  • the nerve

    Just because other women don’t agree with what Prostitutes, slut, and whores does not mean there is no sister hood. There is a sister hood. And it stands behind HIS WIFE!

    P.S. Men judge you as well…they don’t “bitch”….they just put you under whore and wonder how much it will cost them.

  • TCAM

    Wow you people are very harsh on someone you don’t even know! You don’t know about any of the parties involved and who cares, worry about your own life.

  • http://deleted Alessia

    I agree with her. its always been the case. women are each others worst enemy! gosh people really need to stop being judgemental of her and worry about their own lives! Sienna is actually a decent actress, she proved it on ‘factory girl’

    its interesting how Americans view her is contrary to us Brits and same for a few other ‘celebs’ either we don’t care too much or pass harsh judgement on celebs.

    leave it out people!

  • http://deleted Alessia

    ‘not pass harsh judgment’ was what i was meant to say!

  • Camden

    This has got to be one of the STUPIDESTwomen who’se ever lived!. Is she seriously moaning about of lack of SISTERHOOD? Is she wondering why women of the world are not rallying around her manifest right to boink married men?! Is she KIDDING ME??? My god, woman, this is the best you can do? Go find a keeper before you hurt yourself you dumb bimbo!!

  • Camden


    I know plenty of Brits who are ready to string her up. Americans are not moral boook0thumpers, but being a “good actress’ does not give you the right to randomly sleep with married men because they take your fancy and expect no backlash.

  • elanenergy

    I thought that was the entire point of gossip sites—to either not care at all or to pass harsh judgment….now where am I gonna do that, Alessia? She’s not commenting on how women view her as an actress, she’s bemoaning the fact that she’s not supppporrrrted, wahhhhhhhh. So, naturally, we have to respond….it is our sisterly duty. lol

  • Huh?

    How much sisterhood does she feel for Getty’s wife? How much empathy does she feel for his children?

    All this girl does is cry about how mean everyone is to her. She needs to take some responsibility for her actions.

  • Crackers

    I am so over her. When is she going to just go away? Man is she looking bad.

  • No respect

    Men and women do not respect Sienna and her actions. She sounds like an immature child trying to blame someone else for her careless behavior. Grow up and start behaving your age.

  • Greenpiece

    I agree on the fur hag thing! Fur is not fashionable!

  • Real Wmona


  • http://deleted Alessia

    @ elenenergy
    haha yes! point of gossip sites IS to judge, be it good or bad. the point I was trying to make was you can never have the full story, obviously she’s scrutinized alot more making her seem that way is what sells!

    clearly all that bad press is effecting her!

  • sISTER

    Darling if you want a war I can show you a war! Just try to sleep with MY husband I would not be anywhere near as classy as the wife and mother of the current guy you are dinking!

    Stop your crying!

  • raquel

    The woman DID NOT steal anyone away. He was already separated, and if the man didn’t want to leave, he wouldn’t have. The marriage was on the rocks way before Sienna showed up. Why are some of us women so quick to judge? I have a friend who was dating this jerk for six months and never knew he was married. He had his own apartment while his wife and kids lived in house somewhere else. She didn’t break up with him right away because she had fallen hard for him. After having his fun with my friend, he turned around and went back to his wife. My friend was a basket case for a few months, but she’s OK now. I can’t judge Sienna, because I know what it is do fall in love with someone who’s lied through his a** hole then leaves you like squashed like sh** on the road.

  • oh snap

    Sienna playing the victim again and again and again. She needs to learn a new angle as this one quit working after the Jude Law fiasco.

    As far as men not bitching, I’ve read that Balthazar’s friends have dumped him as well.

    Hippie Hippie Shake won’t be released and GI Joe is headed that way. Too bad for everyone that worked on the films. She’s really ruined so many lives and I don’t get me started on how stupid she looks in these pictures.

  • ctx

    Sienna’s diatribe does not make sense. Women (“sisterhood”)/the public will most likely side with the wronged party: in this case Rosetta Getty who was left holding an empty bag, saddled by 4 young kids, one of whom was only 8 months old while her husband had fun with Sienna In Italy, England, Mexico. Balthazar and Sienna were unapologetic and remorseless. Sienna can and should have walked away and known her boundaries (knowing what is right and wrong). The young family she tore apart never had a chance of a reconcilliation because she opted to stay and cling on to a married guy with young children rather than walk away.

  • Erin

    Sienna, there is a sisterhood. And one of the rules is that you don’t move in on a still-married man, regardless of his willingness. Duh! And was anyone else offended that she said she’s “been at war”? She compares being called out by the media for what she is akin to war? She’s utterly sickening.

  • ctx

    Was there typho on her words “I’ve been at war without a doubt”? The correct one “I’ve been a whore without a doubt” fits her statement.

  • Spoiled brat

    Males and females do not respect Sienna because she behaves like a spoiled brat who thinks she can just take what she wants. You are a slut and a bad actress!

  • sunseeker

    RAQUEL Mr. and Mrs Getty still attended functions together up until end of April 2008, the baby was born in October, get your facts right, Getty only said ” I have separated ” when asked in June. If you had seen Mrs Getty photo just after this affair came to light you would have see that she knew nothing about the affair. Miller and Getty both are scumbags and the Sisterhood is alive and kicking right behind Rosetta and her children.

  • c

    VICTIMienna doesn’t want sisterhood or equality, she wants people to look the other way while she sleeps with another sister’s husband and shamelessly flaunts it. The next time she stages another PDA photo-op with the NOT YET DIVORCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN or leaks stories about her adventures with him, the one and only statement should be “THERE IS NO SISTERHOOD”.

    Her latest “WOE IS ME” stunt demonstrates that SHE ( not the media, RG and her kids, or other women/girls) is her worst enemy. How dare she whine about being “in a war this past year”, when she has being leading a war against ANOTHER WOMAN for a man.

    There is no sisterhood because women like VICTIMienna exist. All of those PDA and holiday photo-ops were not necessary. She is experiencing problems because SHE didn’t have the decency or common courtesy to say “no”. Before she speaks of SISTERHOOD or “blast judgemental women”, she needs to take a look in the mirror. Before she speaks of sisterhood, she needs to first STOP sleeping with a MARRIED MAN, show consideration for RG and her 4 kids, stop staging PDA photo-ops with a STILL VERY MARRIED MAN, stop blaming others for HER failures, stop hiding behind the double standard argument, take responsibility for HER actions, LAY LOW, SHUT UP, stop whining about “judgemental women” when she is reaping havoc in another woman’s life, , and wait until the MARRIED MAN files a divorce before you tip off the papz.

  • sISTER


    She did everything she could to make sure Rosetta was so humiliated that she could not take her husband back, including those “invasive” naked sexy-time pictures and the PR releases about them buying houses and how in love they are. She did that because she wanted a man and did not care that he had a wife and four kids. She is a trashy ho and derserves every bit of the backlash that comes her way! And if I saw her on the street I would gladly donate $550 to her favorite chariity (yeah, like she has one), to slap her spoiled face!

  • Lola

    Can this woman shut up? I agree she’s as dumb as they come if she thinks saying this will help her out. Geez.

  • slambang

    Girl runs around with other women’s husbands and has the nerve to whine that there’s “no sisterhood”! Yes, there is, Sienna – but you’re not a part of it!

  • lakers fan in boston

    what the hell is she even talking about, pretty random….
    anyways…she looks really cute, love the skirt
    ohhh and i hope that’s real fur so u can piss PETA off =]
    fuck them

  • mju8

    there’s sisterhood for the woman wronged which in this case is BG’s wife rosetta. how can she expect any sympathy when she is the “other woman” ? what an idiot

  • shea

    i love you Sienna <3

  • Sandy

    Sorry but what comes around goes around. Jufe handed you a wonderful present, a career amd a beautiful chance to be his wife -
    you blew both chances and they will never come again in any form.
    Your true colors have emerged and your thorough worthlessness
    and selfishness are available to all in the world to see – who would cime to a movie you make? you are despsed by women and there is only one thing men want from you and that’s not worth the danger it involves. You really make me want to puke just looking at that false smile and the dumb charades you put on to gaiin sympathy. It’s over – there is nothing left for you – you went down for the count and you are OUT!!!!

  • boogie

    ughhhhh…seeing these photos gave me a nasty taste in my mouth.

    she is such gutter trash.

  • Lola


    You’re an idiot!

  • Mel

    As if she expects the ‘sisterhood’ to protect her. Part of the sisterhood is not fucking another woman’s husband you stupid whore. Get a clue.

  • dolorescraeg

    if jude cheated on her i now understand why…he got taken in by a sexy manipulative broad….he got out in time…bravo jude.

  • Sandra

    Damn is this woman trashy!

  • Yay

    #23 I agree!
    #2, and #7 How can you “steal” someone’s husband?? That’s so stupid. You can’t steal a husband. He left.

    And #30 you are F’ing scary! :( You are on EVERY Sienna post talking smack about her. So weird and obsessive.

  • c

    YAY (34):

    The simplest dilemma to YOUR problem is to DON”T READ MY POSTS, but if you must insist then be my guest. If you removed your head from VM behind, you will see that no one but a child is impressed by the childishness that characterizes your post. Since you are so worried about me and following me from post to post, that would mean that you are obsessed with me and need to get a life. Now that’s scary and weird.

    Lesson 1: When someone points out the holes in VICTIMienna’s PR
    stunts or brings up issues that the article failed to address call
    that person a “hater” or “obsessed” and refer to their posts as “hatred” or “rants”.

    Lesson 2: Hold everyone else by a different standard than
    VICTIMIenna. Ignore all of VM bad behavior, while criticizing others
    when they call her out. So while it’s okay for VM to be hateful
    towards a woman and her kids, it’s not okay when someone points out how VM doesn’t have the right to complain because she is sleeping with another woman’s husband, spreading lies about that woman, and shamelessly flaunting the AFFAIR for the world to see.

    Lesson 3: When you can not come up with any valid statements to
    defend VICTIMienna antics with ANOTHER WOMAN’S HUSBAND AND SHAMELESSATTEMPTS TO FLAUNT THE AFFAIR, resort to NAME CALLING AND INSULTS. Wierdo, loser, and psycho are some favorites.

    Lesson 4: Adovate that women should be held by different standards as men when they participate in affairs, simply because they are WOMEN. Imply that women do not have to take responsibility or accountability for their actions and can escape the consequences of their actions byblaming others or hiding behind arguments used protect REAL VICTIMS.

  • c


    Lesson 5: Ignore the fact that 5 PEOPLE, 5 HUMAN BEINGS, or A MOTHERAND HER 4 KIDS, are being humilated everytime VICTIMienna feels theneed to keep herself relevant and prances around town with her “I wonhim” smug look. Don’t question media outlets that help BG and VM int he humilation of a woman and her kids by gloriying the affair(ie-keep writing that the AFFAIR is a romance) and perpetuating the “SM is a victim” image. Criticize others for “throwing stones” atVM, while you completely ignore how VM has been throwing stones at RGand her kids.

    Lesson 6: When you can not formulate a valid statement in support of
    VM, pull the “why do you care” or the “no one knows the full story”
    routine. Despite the fact that you are posting on a celeb message
    board and are putting all of your time and energy into setting those
    that won’t condone VM behavior straight, keep insisting that you
    “could care less about VM” . Despite the fact that you are also posting on a message board, tell others to get a life.

    Lesson 7: Insist that VM should be absolved from any wrong doing
    because she is “single, not the married one, or didn’t take vows”.
    And the ultimate favorites-”We can not blame VM because we don’t know what the MARRIED MAN told her” or “they were separated” excuses. Argue that VM is a VICTIM OF DOUBLE STANDARDS and everyone is being “unfair or mean” because only BG is to blame for the AFFAIR.

    Lesson 8: Deflect from VM bad behavior by changing the subject. This includes and is not limited to bringing up AJ, JR, M or the ultimate favorite- complaining about the poster instead of actually taking the time to formulate points to counteract the points that the poster brought up.

  • c


    And apparantly, so are you.

  • c


    Lesson 9: Get offended because no one is patting VM on the back for
    sleeping with another woman’s HUSBAND and shamelessly flaunting it .Get offended because people see through VM PR stunts and won’t give her the benefit of the doubt.

    Lesson 10: Keep insisting that VM and the MARRIED MAN are “in love” despite the fact that the MARRIED MAN won’t get a divorce, always has that “I’d rather be somewhere else” look, body language conveys that he is not as into VM as she would have the public believe, it is apparant that he is drunk/high when he appears in public with VM, and he only comes out of hiding/defends VM when he wants to spend VM’s money.

    Lesson 11: Because VICTIMienna needs all of the support she can get pretend to be neutral. Keep insisting that you could care less about VM despite the fact that you are putting ALL OF YOUR TIME AND ENERGY into “annoying other posters because you are “bored”.

  • SF

    Sisterhood? I think sisterhood is very much alive, but sisterhood stands by those who deserves it, like Getty’s wife and not the adulteress or the adulterer. Sienna obviously could not understand why people could hate her so much because she is soooooo lovable. Quite an idiot.

  • sunseeker

    She said ” I’ve been at war, without a doubt ” she should have said ” I’ve been a whore, without a doubt “

  • Robert

    “C” you need a life! I hope for Sienna’s sake you don’t live anywhere near her or I can see you ending up with a restraining order one od these days!