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Hugh Jackman: Oscars Rehearsals!

Hugh Jackman: Oscars Rehearsals!

Check out these exclusive shots of Hugh Jackman rehearsing for the 2009 Oscars, which is THIS SUNDAY.

According to E!‘s Marc Malkin, the 40-year-old triple threat will be joined on stage by Beyoncé, High School Musical stars and real-life couple Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens and Mamma Mia! stars (and off-screen couple) Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper. The song-and-dance number is being directed by Hugh‘s Australia director Baz Luhrmann.

The 81st Academy Awards will air on ABC @ 8PM on Sunday, February 22 from the the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center.

Okay, just how EXCITED are you for the Oscars now?????

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Photos: Brett Ratner/ABC
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  • Ginny


  • Ginny


  • LolaSvelt

    What the hell?! That’s a joke! The original song nominees barely get a minute to perform their songs in a stupid medley, but Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are performing because they want some viewers? J-O-K-E.

    You tweenybops will eat it up, though.

  • sarah

    Does this man have a flaw?

  • Jen

    OMG. I need pics of Zac rehearsing! I am so excited for this.

  • peggy


    Let’s try using our head for something other than a hat.

    HSM3 is the one of the top grossing musical of all time and one of the top grossing movies of this year along with Mama Mia – both musicals. Theyy invited cthe young hollywood stars of both films probably at Baz Lurhmans request . IF the rumors are true and that is still an IF unti confirmed.

    Also all nominated songs are performed in their entirety you’d know that if you even learn to pay attention

    THat’s problem with people who are only interested in seeing their own opinion in print – they don’t think before they post.

  • peggy


    BTW the nominated songs have not been done in a medley in over 20 years–where have you been. Each song gets staged and performed

  • mike

    this should be fun!!!! people need to just quit being such negative nancys!!!! lol i agree with number 6

  • Jamie

    HSM3 is not nominated for ANY Oscar at the event. So there is no excuse for no talent Zac Efron and Vadgenessa Hudgens to be there!

    What a joke for what’s supposed to be an award show taken seriously for them to even be there! What a slap in the face to those that actually have talent (Beyonce, Hugh Jackman, etc.) Then again, I’m not surprised. If the Jonas Brothers can massacre Stevie Wonder’s “Supersition” at the Grammys, I’m sure this can happen too! F *** Disney.

  • hj

    The producers have said they want to celebrate not just the nominees from last year, but other movies as well from last year. There’s apparently going to be some sort of “tribute” to movie genres, and perhaps this is the “musical” tribute. I’ve read there’s also going to be some sort of action movie tribute also.

  • s

    What has the Oscars come to when the nights entertainment is the cast of High School Musical, classy real classy folks.

  • lmao

    This show is gonna be flaming. I see the drag queen known as beyonce will be there but why? Miley. Zanessa? their fans cant even stay up past their bed time to watch the Oscars.

  • Annie

    How hot does he look.

  • Trina

    Is Hugh rehershing by himself? Where are Zac and Vanessa? Dominic and Amanda?

    Since HSM3 and Mama Mia were the BIGGEST gorssing musicals, I can believe they would be there singing something from the movies.

  • peggy


    Everyone stays up for the Oscars including kids and teenagers – let’s stop being silly.

    Most of you are just jealous. like it or not HSM3 made a fortune and the academy is honoring not just nominated films.

    Further all of you who are commenting (IN YOUR IGNORANCE!!!!) about Zac and vanessa not being talented well:

    THey are laughing all the way to the bank
    THey are invited to the Oscars

    So your opinion means nothing to a whole lot of people including your own families which is why your so hateful.

  • you’re kiddin’, right?

    Agree with #9. I mean, what the hell? Does superstar and super-talent Hugh Jackman need the support of Efron?!!? Jesus Christ!!! What are we comparing here? A Broadway, Tony & Emmy awarded, multi-talented performer with a temporary teen-star like Zac Efron? Are we comparing the Oklahoma!, Carousel, The Boy from Oz, Sunset Boulevard and Royal National Theatre star with the leading man of a movie like High School Musical?! Give me a break people! HSM is not West Side Story!!!

  • agree with #16

    I couldn’t agree more with you 16. Hugh Jackman should be alone doing what he knows to do best: sing, dance and entertain people. There is no reason to put next to his imposing figure (imposing not just due to his body but also talent) Zac Efron or his girlfriend.

  • Velma

    I LOVE HIM!!!
    Well… I’m from Russia, so the Oscar Ceremony would be in 4.00 a.m, and i will see it! I really believe Hugh will sing cause he enjoys it)))

  • ms

    Can’t wait to see this on tv! How ridiculously tiny Efron will look next to Hugh-GIANT-Jackman’s imposing presence… HA!!!

  • Jessica

    There’s a rumor that Carrie Underwood will be at the Oscars as well, possibly performing. Does anyone know if this is true?

  • Jen


  • feebz

    wise move for the Oscars….to get us to watch the getting-way-too-boring awards show (it’s too long winded which awards horrible and boring films – mostly for old people)… betcha once Zac and Vanessa are off the stage, we can switch channels or sign off

  • bhais

    so many narrow-minded people in this world … and all of them are here posting in this thread.

    turn your tv off on sunday … problem solved.

  • bhais

    oh and jjj, will you please refrain from using “triple threat” in your posts so often? it’s getting to be annoying.

  • zanessalover


  • lga

    LMAO People! We don’t even know for sure what exactly they are all going to perform and some of you have got your panties all in a wad. Chill out!
    We all know how talented Hugh Jackman is, but he is hosting the awards, he will be there all night. Zac is performing once, I don’t see what the big deal is, its not like Zac is co-hosting or anything.

    Lets face it though, the Oscars the past few years have been a boooooring snooze fest. Bring on Zefron I say!

  • asd

    I like the Oscars but please no High School Musical! WTF

  • ronni

    Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens? Why the teeny-bopper lovers on stage from HSM! Seems like the OSCARS are hard up for talent when you have to give these two a spot on stage! Hope it’s just a rumor because they are not worthy to be up there with REAL actors.

  • vanessajonas

    you jealous people,, zanessa is going to turn the ratings up=)

  • peggy

    It’s amazing how many TALENTLESS, INSECURE boobs are in this thread. BULLETIN: Since none of you haters have any talent I hardly think the Academy cares about your opinion.

    How do I know your talentless fools who’s parents never encouraged you? Because truly talented people don’t spend their time trying to tear down other people’s talent.

    And the Tony references regarding Hugh is funny since I don’t believe any of you have ever seen the Tonys or been to a Broadway show. Being born and raised in NY it becomes pretty obvious who knows something about Theater and those who don’t. So remarks regarding Hugh Jackman are based on heresay because if I gave a quiz right now on his show most of you would have to run to the internet and you would still fail.

    So grow up no one cares what a talentless person estimation of someone esles talent is–the academy surely doesn’t care since HSM3 box office tally is roughly 300 million dollars and counting.

    Such jealousy – it’s almost amusing since if the rumors are true you’ll be glued to your TVs to see them just like you live in any post that mentions Z&V.

  • ashlee

    i see there are lots of people on this thread who are totally pissed off that hsm3 did so well. and i’m betting that at least 50% of the fans who made it a box office hit are not teenagers.

  • Trina

    And what the hell is so pompous about the Oscars that the younger stars cannot participate? They are awards to actors and actresses. So, there are going to be other actors and actresses presenting. And they don’t have to be 60 yrs old or to have won an Oscar in order to participate.

    Some of you who are “pretending” to be knowledgeable snobs need to get over yourselves.

  • Gillian

    OMG u people are so weird giv it a break. I think its a goos idea that there gettin zac, vanessa and others to do this sing/dance thing at the oscars. Everybody says it will bosst the ratings cause of 2 particular people but I know lots of people watch the oscars.

  • Angie

    I never watch the Oscars. I just came here to say that Hugh looks kinda creepy.

  • breepal

    I’m an avid Hugh Jackman fan and even I agree with #34.

  • Gerry

    Brett Ratner took those photos. uh-huh. anyway…i am SO SICK of effin’ beyonce. It’s like Celine Dion a few years back. Seriously. Please make it stop.

  • Gryfitas

    OMG Beyoncéeeeee
    Divaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa vc é minha Queen

  • Nanea

    @ Peggy, # 6 & 7:

    Clearly you have no idea what you were writing about, the nominated songs will be performed in a medley, that’s why Peter Gabriel pulled out, they were going to give him less than a minute.

    And while HSM3 and Mamma Mia have actually made money, this is not about which movie made the most, but about who are good actors. I don’t see ZE and VAH in that category, neither Jennifer Aniston , nor last year’s Miley, to name but a few.

  • Dona

    I am SUPER excited for Sunday’s broadcast. Hugh’s the only reason I’m watching it! *grrrrrwl*

  • go sox

    I think this is a GREAT idea; the Academy Awards are boring and predictable, and they need a HUGE shake-up!!! Why can’t young, up-and-coming actors take part??? Listen, all those stuffy actors started somewhere too, so all you “oh they’re not worthy” naysayers, STUFF IT!!

    And at least Zac and Vanessa CAN sing and dance!!! More than I can say for most of the other young actors in Hollywood. So at least they have something to offer!! Great choice!!

  • mhay

    now there is a reason why im watching OSCAR.
    Because of ZANESS of course.

  • lai

    OSCAR Needs ZANESSA for good International Ratings.

  • jen

    Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron are so over rated and don’t deserve to even show up at the Oscars let alone be a part of them. The movie HSM3 made a fortune because teenie-boppers are in love with these two even though they are talentless.

    The OSCARS have sunk to a new low adding these two to their program.

  • lara

    Zanessa turn the ratings up? #29, what are you smoking! People can’t stand this couple in the real movie world of grown-ups.

    This ain’t Disneyland were talking about.

  • bill

    When did the Oscars turn into a pep rally for kids? Zanessa……..seriously why are they a part of the Oscars? thanks for the heads -up, now I’ll surely not be tuning in.

  • yipes

    Hugh Jackman on the stage with all those kids…..Why? For sure the ratings will plummet when word gets out it’s turned into Disneyland.

  • Malia

    Sound to me like some of you self-appointed movie snobs who pretend to know what “talent” is are JEALOUS and out WAY out of the loop about Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.

    I am NOT a teenager or a Disney fan by any means. Way too old for that. But I truly admire both Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. They are like a breath of fresh air in the jaded world of Hollywood. That’s why they are immensely popular with young and old alike. Yes, I know, some of you hate like hell to accept their popularity. You’d much rather hear someone like Lilly Allen doing a monolog on what’s great about snorting cocaine. You know, “real talent.”

    All the High School Musical movies were big hits because adults loved them, too—the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, older cousins. So anyone calling them teenie bopper movies is doing so out of animosity at having movies that are good, clean fun actually become a box office hit.

    And, yes the “grown up” world of Hollywood does take both Zac and Vanessa seriously. Why else would they be asked to your prestigious Oscars to perform and even present.

    Maybe this year, the Oscars will reach a new high for the first time in many years. Wouldn’t that be something?!?!?!?!

  • Jako

    Cant wait , Love Hugh!!!

  • ashley


    but BAZ & JACKMAN!!! yummy :)

  • Naomi

    I see our old friends, bill, jen and lara (all one person) are back. You can’t help but click on anything mentioning Zac and Vanessa, we miss you on their threads.

    Darling, just turn your tv off on Sunday so you don’t get an ulcer. There are many of us that don’t usually watch the Oscars that will be turning ours on just for the pleasure of watching Zac and Vanessa perform. Heck, I’m even taking Monday off as a holiday.

    Apparently, people have not been interested in watching the ‘worthy’ performers hence the ratings drop.

    In spite of being a Disney musical and supposedly ‘childish’ if HSM 3 can debut higher than Mamma Mia and Hairspray (with the veteran stars) and debut number one in the world and make over $300m worldwide, I say, they’ve earned the right to perform at the Oscars because they’ve contributed to the movies this year.

    I don’t watch the Oscars, I watched HSM 3 several times and Mamma Mia. I WILL be watching the Oscars this year and I’m a 34 year old professional. I’m not alone either, we’re not just as vocal as the ‘tantrum throwing’ immature people that spew rubbish on the web.