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Jennifer Aniston Oscar-Bound with John Mayer!

Jennifer Aniston Oscar-Bound with John Mayer!

Jennifer Aniston will be heading to the Oscars this year with boyfriend John Mayer according to Popsugar!

The 31-year-old singer said, “I’ll give you the scoop. I’m going to the Oscars!” He continued, “It’s my first Oscars. And it’s my first being an Oscar boyfriend. After that night I have a deal almost signed in blood that says I must go into the studio and finish this record. So after Oscar Sunday, Monday morning I’m invisible!”

We’ll see how invisible he’ll really be!

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313 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Oscar-Bound with John Mayer!”

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  1. 51
    devotedFAN Says:

    Shut up you mean haters she is perfect the oscar night just became more interesting

  2. 52
    jenhopeeboy Says:

    Maniston can’t show up emtpy-handed in front of Brad and Angie!

    The Man has coerced on-again/off-again boyfriend John Mayer to accompany her down the red carpet at Sunday night’s Oscars, where Aniston will be presenting an award.

    “I’m going to the Oscars. It’s my first Oscars. And it’s my first being an Oscar boyfriend,” Mayer has revealed

    Oscar boyfriend? You hit it on the nose, John!

    You know Maniston’s only been keeping him around solely for arm candy on Sunday’s red carpet.

    We expect reports of a breakup between the two on Monday morning!

  3. 53
    mayer left Maniston Says:

    # 48 Winn @ 02/18/2009 at 2:25 pm

    Oh poor old troll … Are you PHilton? But you had to change your name because you got scared when I asked you how many languages do you speak? Well, please post more pictures of Angelina Jolie on Maniston thread!! This only shows how much Maniston’s fans are obssesed with Angelina! At least I am posting pictures of Maniston! Oh yeah, one day when you give birth to 3 children – I would love to see how fat and ugly would you look like?!

  4. 54
    Winn Says:

    For your info, I’m 41 and I’ve given birth to 4 children. I look better than Angelina does ANYDAY. lol

  5. 55
    Winn Says:


    why are you harping on how many languages someone speaks?? That’s idiotic. Really. I graduated from West Point in 1990 and I have a job that pays over $400 K a year. So what do you do? I don’t care how many languages you speak..what good does that do you? I think it’s funny how you act like it’s such a BIG DEAL. All my children speak over 2 languages. They make it manditory to take a foreign language in the Conroe Public schools in Texas, so all of my children speak more than one language. It’s common place here…I think it’s funny that you’re acting like it’s such a big deal. I’ll tell you what’s a big deal..getting a free ride into one of the best colleges in the country… and getting an ace job after that. So keep on look so pathectically stupid.

  6. 56
    Jessup Says:

    Yes graduating from West Point is a very big deal! Congrats indeed!

  7. 57
    mayer left Maniston Says:

    Winn @ 02/18/2009 at 2:35 pm

    Yeah yeah a 41 year old woman posting like a child … Yeah I believe to you of course, you sound like very devoted mother! You said 41 because you wanted to be old just like Maniston? Keep saying that please … Are all Maniston’s fans so insecure? God, I am only posting pictures of Maniston and how she really looks like and now you can not accept that? Shallow and insecure for sure! Posting a picture of Angelina on Maniston’s thread?

  8. 58
    mayer left Maniston Says:

    And Winn, for your information I gave response to another person on this thread, that was saying that I am from UK just because I said that I am not from USA (so that is way I asked question about language, but if you are not that person – my mistake)…Yeah but please, go with the insult, you sound just like grown up person!

  9. 59
    some bunny Says:

    If Aniston had half a brain and it wasn’t baked, she’d leave the Mayzer in her puppy plush mansion, where he belongs. He’s not even in yet and here is already boasting about it, like it matters that he will be there. what a jerk! I didn’t see Jennifer on his arm at his Grammy Show. If anyone were true Aniston fans, they’d want to see her get rid of this player, pronto!

  10. 60
    life is good Says:

    So Brad will go home with Angelina

  11. 61
    shasha Says:

    Oh cool – I always love to see what Jen wears!

    I swear whoever posted that pic of Octomom or Mangelina – I can’t tell which one is which – brilliant!

    And guys don’t worry if Mayer Left Aniston is still around – he’s a loon and all loons are ignorant and unemployed and so he probably has time to troll around.

  12. 62
    mayer left Maniston Says:

    shasha @ 02/18/2009 at 2:56 pm

    Well, again, safe thing is insulting for all Maniston fans! I guess that is way they have to be unemployed and have all the time that they need for insulting and wishing ugly things to inocent children because acording to JJ there in America is 3PM, while here where I am it is 9PM (or 21:00) !! So who is unemployed now?

    What is a big deal? I only posted real pictures of Maniston and I said something that is very much known – Mayer left her in front of paparazzi? Look for this article here in JJ. And Maniston’s friends said that Maniston was paying for everything – also look for that article here in JJ! Look, I know, truth hurts, but you have to live with that!

  13. 63
    Randy Says:

    Who cares what game they are playing and if CAA hired them and they really don’t love each other. Whatever it all makes for great entertainment.

  14. 64
    jaye Says:

    Girl is working her 15 minutes on this ah,relationship. actually there’s nothing wrong with having a stand by guy. I just think it’s silly to pretend it’s anything more. Unfortunately, to a person with self esteem issues it matters what other people think. I hope he’s telling her she’s pretty every day. She isn’t unattractive, but I think a lot of her problem with men is that’s she’s high maintainance.

  15. 65
    winn Says:, I said Im 41 because I was born in 1967. Are you insane? If I wanted to be the same age as JAniston I would have said I was 40. Oh..and heads up..I’m NOT an Jennifer A fan and I’ve never watched Friends…you are so far off based that it’s really sad you even “think” you’re close to figuring me out. I would give you my personal web page, associated with my career, but obviously I don’t want you to know who I really am. BUT GOD how I wish I could shove it in your pathetic face who I am, then you would STFU.

    And GENIUS..just want does a 41 yr old write like? I’m curious to know. You’re more of an idiot than I thought.

  16. 66
    mayer left Maniston Says:

    winn @ 02/18/2009 at 3:07 pm
    Winn, look I really don’t care and I don’t have anything against you, I said that I don’t believe to you before I read your comment about your education, you know posts here on JJ are going slow – so I posted my comment before I could see yours! If this is really who you are than really I am happy for you and your amazing level of education! Congratulation! And I am honest about this! I thought that Maniston is also 41 because I don’t follow that much her and her “career”, and tonight I am here because I am sick of people saying ugly things and wishing death to children, and trust me, Maniston’s fans are really those kind of people! So that is way I am posting real, no photoshoped pictures of Maniston and true stories, because I have no intetion to make up stories! When I asked question about language I thought again that you are someone else, because here there are people that don’t know that outside of USA and UK people also learn and speak english! OK? Again, it was my mistake for thinking that you are someone else! But if your way is to saying ugly things and calling me idiot – please go on, I still don’t think that 41 year old woman that is so educated would call someone an idiot just like that … But whatever you want!

  17. 67
    winn Says:

    Just wondering..I haven’t seen any posts wishing death on children. What are you talking about?

  18. 68
    winn Says:

    Oh..I was raised in Texas..if we feel the need, and I don’t care how old someone is..we use the word idiot. There is not age limit in using that word.

  19. 69
    Deanie Says:

    I can’t wait to watch the Oscars now that I know these 2 will be there! And “mayer left Maniston”, you really are taking this news a little too hard. It’s going to be okay. It’s not good to let yourself get so upset because some celebrities that you don’t like are going to the Oscars. You’re going to develop serious health issues with all of that anger you are carrying around. Try to go to the happy place in your head.

  20. 70
    mayer left Maniston Says:

    Winn, again you are obviously not here long enough, and also on other threads, so I am not going to repost all those kind of posts, you can find them here on JJ, dlisted, perezhilton and usweekly and other webpages right now because there are some new pictures of Jolie-Pitt children. I am sick of that I have nothing against people dislike Angelina or Brad, I dislike Maniston, but being ugly towards children is just sick and crazy!

  21. 71
    mayer left Maniston Says:

    Well Winn than we belong to complete another world, I didn’t know that using a word “idiot” is that normal. Here where I am it is normal for young people to call someone an idiot, more as a way of rebel because it is considered as an insult. Deanie, I have no intention to give another response to you, so I will say only this: I am happy that you care so much about my health, I am sure you are “honest”, so you don’t need to take care about me anymore!
    Take care about Maniston, because this botox is not doing good to her face!

  22. 72
    winn Says:

    You all should go get a hotel in Vegas..I know a good one!

  23. 73
    mayer left Maniston Says:

    Ok, now this is really funny:

    She is even in dictionary:

    A term used in the celebrity gossip community to denote Jennifer Aniston and her manish appearance. Used in a derogatory manner by those who dislike her.
    “Brad definitely made the right decision when he dumped that square-jawed Maniston.”

  24. 74
    jennifer fan Says:

    Jennifer had TWO BOX OFFICE NUMBER 1 MOVIES IN A ROW THIS YEAR is rich is beautiful and has a hot boyfriend while you loons stay in all night posting on her threads you are SAD .

  25. 75
    Seraphina Says:

    It amazes me when there is an Angelina Jolie thread that if someone posts anything but glowing praise and adoration of her they are a troll and are told to stay off the message boards regarding her. AND Jared even moderates negative posts and deletes them.

    That is not the case with Jennifer Anniston. The Jolie Trolls that dont want anything negative said about Mangelina

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