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Jennifer Aniston Oscar-Bound with John Mayer!

Jennifer Aniston Oscar-Bound with John Mayer!

Jennifer Aniston will be heading to the Oscars this year with boyfriend John Mayer according to Popsugar!

The 31-year-old singer said, “I’ll give you the scoop. I’m going to the Oscars!” He continued, “It’s my first Oscars. And it’s my first being an Oscar boyfriend. After that night I have a deal almost signed in blood that says I must go into the studio and finish this record. So after Oscar Sunday, Monday morning I’m invisible!”

We’ll see how invisible he’ll really be!

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  • ellie

    I’m loving it you take such interest in me.. Keep it coming..

  • ellie

    ssshhii_baby @ 02/19/2009 at 9:10 pm
    I’m sorry to change this around but I was told you said those horrible things about beautiful Zee, you haven’t heard , I was gonna let it go but now I can’t. You cruel and in human.. You need serious help. We figured it out by a code spelling you name. Sicko.

  • Orchid

    132 Jill @ 02/18/2009 at 9:21 pm Now really, guys… can you imagine the tabs going batshit crazy when Brad and Angie show up at the Oscars, her arm around him and his hand glued to her ass as per usual, and poor Fugly shows up ALONE? Did you really think Huvane was going to let that happen?
    The only thing I want to know is, how much did Huvane have to pay the Urinator to get roped into this charade. You can bet your bottom dollar it didn’t come cheap.
    Jill, do you really don’t believe they’re a genuine couple? I mean how can you be sure? I have no idea. I don’t follow them.

  • Orchid

    I think I should have said “do you really not believe…” or “don’t you believe….”

  • Orchid

    248 Jill @ 02/19/2009 at 8:35 pm # 243 ellie @ 02/19/2009 at 8:04 pm
    Don’t blame the messenger. Mayer is on record as saying Angelina Jolie is the object of his wet dreams. How do you think that made Aniston feel? And after he said that, why is she still with him?. She has no pride at all.
    True love? :smile:

  • candee

    Isn’t Aniston presenting at the Oscars. If so she probably won’t be walking the red carpet. I assume the presenters who do walk the red carpet are doing so because they are also nominated for an award. Of course Aniston may be one of the people who have pulled out. But then what legitimate reason does she for being at the awards?

  • candee

    Isn’t Aniston presenting at the Oscars. If so she probably won’t be walking the red carpet. I assume the presenters who do walk the red carpet are doing so because they are also nominated for an award. Of course Aniston may be one of the people who have pulled out. But then what legitimate reason does she for being at the awards?

  • Jill

    Orchid @ 02/19/2009 at 10:13 pm
    True love?

    Or desperation.

  • Orchid

    135 Mark @ 02/18/2009 at 9:28 pm citi @ 02/18/2009 at 9:06 pm Mayer’s VULGAR picture
    That’s nasty picture of Mayer is what I’m talking about. Jen can do so much better than this disgusting douche bag. He is a narcissistic ba$tard. I heard there were children on that ship when that jerk ran around with that garbage on. John defiantly make Jen look cheap.
    Let’s hope the parents told their kids JM was a clown.

  • ellie is a liar

    there is only one stupid jenho fan here with different personality disorder and her name is ellie the fraud like her idol.

  • ellie is a liar

    go pray at jenho’s naked pictures ellie

  • ssshhii_baby

    HAHHAHA go ahead you sick twisted delusional hag! Try as you might to turn it around. First you said it was Voe now you say it’s me?
    Take your meds and those voices in your head will slowly go away.
    It’s going to be okay, my special ellie!

  • ssshhii_baby

    BAWAH WAHHHH!! Please you big fat meanie! Please leave poor lil’ ellie alone! bad bad cruel in human people on the blog!

  • Orchid

    259 Jill @ 02/19/2009 at 10:21 pm Orchid @ 02/19/2009 at 10:13 pm
    True love?
    Or desperation.
    After he dumped her and after what he said about Angie, I’d say she (Aniston) must have strong feelings for him to take him back, if it’s true that they are a couple. You can’t believe anything anymore.
    Where is the poster who said JM is just standing in for another guy!

  • ellie is a liar

    jenho should replace ellie, ellie doesnt deserve the 2 dollar an hour she is getting. Ellie keeps on forgetting to change her email addy and multiple names. Ellie is as dumb and delusional as her mistress jenho

  • looo

    The urinator and the baster would be the comedy of errors at the oscar
    Only a D lister actress would do a movie called the baster. Only jen the desperate loser

  • tj

    Who did Jenn do to get an Oscar invite. Jenn is a talentless nobody. It’s all about the drama for her. She is SO transparent. ANYTHING for a headline, even it if means dumping on the ones who truely deserve it.

  • benita

    I thought the Oscars were about talented actors. Why is it that Maniston and loser boy-toy are invited? The Oscars have now officially lost ALL credibility.

  • tatianna

    Called it. When Brad and Angie were both nominated, I knew Jen would find some way to get her ass into the Oscars. She wants that run in with the Jolie-Pitts SO BAD….
    Sorry B&A. I hope you still have a wonder date night even thought the crazy Jen is lurking around.

  • hanna

    Interesting. So Jennifer and John are going to the Oscar ceremony. I thought this party was for the talented kids. I guess they’ll let anyone in these days, even a whiny-a__ media ho like Jen and the disgusting John Pee Boy. YUK!!!

  • lindsee

    Jen at the Oscars> WOW, Now thats a funny one. She has zero talent yet she wants the “drama” and the headlines of course, so she blows her way into the Oscar show and shows us all how pathetic and desperate she really is.

  • hal

    Once again Jennifer is showing her true colors. The spot light should be on the nominated, including Brad and Angie and their wonderful work. But like clock work Jen has made the show focus on her and her boyfriend and all the craziness that she lives in. I feel bad for the actors that deserve the attention.
    Cannot stand Aniston or any of her plastic friends.

  • elle

    GO AWAY JENNIFER and take your little friend with you, PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • coco

    Marley the dog deserves to be at the red carpet than jen

  • anonymous

    Don’t understand why you hate Jennifer Aniston. She has not do harm to anyone. And you are all obsessed with Angelina who has very bad history before Brad. Come on—-live in bf at age 13 bec her mom prefers it as she was a wild kid, admitted being on drugs, brought swords in school so that her own classmates were scared of her, had lesbian relation, kissed her own brother in the Oscars lip lock, married 2x before Brad, stole Billy Bob Thornton from Laura Dern who were already engaged, had a deal w/ People mag (calls them when she goes out w/ kids so pics can be taken), claims can’t face the mirror if she has an affair w/ a married man, have kids pictured for money & publicity, she even had her face close up when she went to Afghanistan……… are delusional, including JJ. You guys are so mean you love bashing people who have done nothing to you and you make money out of Jennifer Aniston by doing this.

  • mayer left Maniston

    Lovely picture … what a class
    Grow up Maniston and stop lying, it is over, people see the real you …

  • mayer left Maniston

    Have you seen what Danica Patrick said? Let me repost my comment, this is not good for insecure Maniston:
    First of all: I am shocked and the world is shocked … Great, now Maniston will start again with crying and screaming to the ocean, there will be at least five or six interviews, of course one will have to be on Oprah Show with “go girl” circus … And in every single interview Maniston will say that because of Danica she couldn’t sleep that night just like when Kimberly Stewart called her homely and Maniston said that she couldn’t sleep that night so she had to have pity party in evey single interview after that tragic event and blah blah, this woman is so insecure and desperate!

  • gotta love her!!

    ….Here is a STELLAR article on our girl!!

    SHE’S A LEGEND IN HER OWN TIME!!!!!!!!….can’t wait for Sunday!!

  • ellie

    You people are counting time for the Oscars because Jen & John will be there & Angie & Brad, I don’t know what your looking to happen , i can tell you no blow out . I watch it because its great to see the greatest actors there ,and that means everyone..Its enjoyable.

  • maria

    stupid bitch aniston…this suppose to be brad and angie night and her ass had to invite her damnself to the oscars. stupid idiot does she not know that her showing up is just gonna create more so called drama for the media talk more about the run in with each other and i would love to see her dumb ass face while she presenting while brad and angie are in the audience

  • ssshhii_baby

    The people that don’t like her. Are the ones who can see through her FAKE A$$ America $hitheart image. All you JenHags can do now is bring up Angelina’s PAST. Sorry, I don’t live my life in the past. Her past is like the 100 yr.old triangle can’t nobody seem to get over it. Some obsess to the point of collecting old cassette tapes. pretty sick.

  • ssshhii_baby

    Alot of the JP fans don’t hate Aniston they PITY THE FOOL! She is a jester could for laughs. I can speak for most of the fans. We don’t hate or envy the oldhag. Just “some” of RACIST,VILE IGNORANT ILLITERATE LOW CLASS fans of Rachel Green. You know, ones who wish death and rape on innocent children and their parents. Especially the mother of 6. yes we DESPISE the fans she attracts.

  • ellie

    Actually leave your hate over on Angies sight. You people don’t speak about Angie on Angies site you all speak about Jen. Then bring your hostility over here . Grow up. First of all I won’t answer back by your name. I won’t answer you back at all..
    Thank You again for reading my comments its well appreciated your have such an interest in myself. I’ll just keep thanking sweetie..

  • ssshhii_baby

    What hate? Can’t handle the truth, Ellie?You people can’t talk about Aniston career or lack thereof, I should say. All you,Ellie, can talk about is her PATHETIC boytoy. “he must be good in bed, try golden showers you might like it”. LOWCLASS TRASH ! “i won’t answer back by your name”. nanana poo poo…Honey, you can’t even dispute in a grown- up matter. Looks like, you’re the one who needs to grow the up! You are laughing and thinking you are so nice and popular on here. You are so STUPID. You don’t even realise when people are LAUGHING at you. not with you. I know this is the only time and place that anyone would give you the time of the day. So no no noooooo!
    Thankyou and your twisted old hag for some good laughs. HAHAHHA

  • Custom T

    I love them! They are without a doubt wayy hotter than Angie and Brad!!

  • The Pundit

    Pathetic, OLD Maniston is sooooo desperate she settles for a man who publicly calls women “sluts” and talks about how much he LOVES calling Black people “n*ggers”. Yes, he is quite a catch, but then Maniston is just as low as he is, so they deserve each other: Oprah, Obama and all other blacks with a shred of self respect should be ASHAMED to associate with a woman whose “boyfiend” likes to use as vile a word s “n*gger. And all WOMEN should shun her for being so patheticly desperate as to embrace a man who shows ZERO respect for women.


    Gawker – Mon Jun 26 2006

    On Friday night, singer/songwriter John Mayer abandoned his lonely-chick rock persona for a moment and tried his hand at stand-up comedy. The singer went on as a special guest at the Comedy Cellar, where one blogger noted that he seemed “drunk or stoned, maybe both.” Excellent! Some lessons learned from Mayer on the mic:

    1) Women are sluts (If you’re expecting a punchline here…so were we. Didn’t come.)
    2) Lots of sluts have “unlocked their Masterlock” for him. Ew.
    3) New Yorkers aren’t really bothered much by terrorism. Cause there’s like “Missiles and shit” constantly being launched at us and we’re used to it. Um…right. Might want to quit while you’re behind, John.
    4) He lives up on a hill “away from the black people.” (Danger, Will Robinson, danger)
    5) If white people were allowed to use the ‘N’ word, he would use it about 1,000 times a day. And yes, Mayer did use the ‘N’ word during his act. Several times.
    Rest assured, Mayer still thinks your body is a wonderland — unless you’re black. In which case, your body is the ‘hood.

    Stay Far, Far Away From This Wonderland [The Man in Black]

  • groundcontrol

    Custom T @ 02/20/2009 at 12:06 pm

    I love them! They are without a doubt wayy hotter than Angie and Brad!!


    LOL! Love ya, CT.

    Nothing better than the wicked parodies of JJ posters. But, really, shame on you for being so mean to Jen who has enough problems. Poor Jen she’s so obvious. Please someone tell her how she’s turned herself into the laughingstock of Hollywood.

  • mayer left Maniston

    WOW!! What is she doing to her face? And why her fans don’t care enough to stop her?


    Mayer left Maniston.. You are actually the world’s biggest douche. If you are going to come onto this website and say that stuff about Jennifer Aniston at least get your facts right.. The before and after plastic surgery pics.. Please. She had surgery to get a deviated septum fixed and clearly people change over time and i doubt dying your hair can really be counted as plastic surgery because that and possibly losing a bit of weight on her face are the only differences..

    Jennifer always.. Angelina is a dirty, ugly, slut

  • Aiden

    That’s great. I can’t wait to see him and Ms. Aniston at the Oscars. It’s gonna be a pretty fine red carpet that night.

  • Remember

    Oh, how we love John Mayer and his big, big mouth. We were only saying yesterday that the man just can’t help himself, and now something he said over two years ago has come back to bite him in the (really rather attractive) bum. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine way back in September 2006 – in other words, a long time before he and Jennifer Aniston had even met, let alone sampled each other’s saliva – he mused on what it must be like for Brad Pitt to… well, there’s no way to put this delicately… get blow jobs from Angelina. “Everyone thinks Brad Pitt has it great because he married Angelina Jolie,” he said. “I think he has it terrible, because when Angelina Jolie is giving you a blow job, what do you tip your head back and think of to help you finish? You have nothing left – just Jesus on a polar bear in the middle of the snow, saying, ‘You greedy mother-cker, I’ve got nothing for you.’”

    John Mayer is sort of a Brad Pitt fanboy.

    He used to say always say things about Jennifer Anniston too.

    I remember he was asked who his favorite Friend cast member was when the show was still on he said “Jennifer Anniston, because Brad Pitt loves her.”

  • groundcontrol

    I can just see this idiot boy embarrassing himself at the Oscars. He seems so low rent and aging frat boyish.

  • pepper

    You are so right #293. The idiot boy toy John is very much LOW RENT. Will say anything and DO anyone one for attention. This is why he is with Jenn.
    And the Rolling Stone interview is worth a second look. Johnboy fans all over what Brad has with Angie AND wishes in his wildest dreams he could be with Angie. Yeah right. Look it up. All there in black and white straight from John’s dirty mouth. YUK!!!

  • hana r

    I for one hope the “drama” that is Jen and John stay together for entertainment sake. It’s not real and no one hates them. It’s just that it’s fun to watch Jen make an A__ out of herself day in and day out. WHAT A FOOL SHE IS!!!!!

  • Angie’s an icon

    “The red carpet has a major, a major impact,” said Roberta Armani. “Major. We just dressed Angelina Jolie at the BAFTA’s [British Academy of Film and Television Arts] in London, and she [wore] an Armani Prive gown. And after that, all the clients from Paris called. They wanted the same gown.”
    And how much would a dress like that sell for? It is “a haute couture dress, so I think it would sell for around $40,000, maybe $50,000,” she said.

  • poor maniston

    Hollywood’s leading ladies are fighting to avoid golden couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on the Oscars red carpet this Sunday.

    The Hollywood heavyweights – who raise six children together and are both up for gongs for their respective roles in Changeling and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – hold such influence over the press coverage of the annual procession of stars that PRs are advising other celebs to steer clear if they want to be seen on the big night.

    An insider reports, “Brad and Ange are the dream ticket, as they have been throughout awards season.

    “As soon as they step on the red carpet all eyes are on them – cameras too. I know a lot of stars wanting a fair share of the spotlight are making a point of not arriving when Brad and Ange are making the walk up the red carpet.

    “There’s nothing worse than being dumped mid-interview for the hot couple.”

  • ellie

    jenho is an alcoholic junkie @ 02/19/2009 at 3:45 pm
    Ellie the hourly troll is active again defending the pathetic sitcom hag. Ellie is taking over the village idiot bet. I guess they realized bet’s idiocy is not working so time to do a passive psychotic ellie to do the work.
    You people are cruel & so mean. I just realized you speaking badly about Bet, shes a wonderful person, shes a nice friend of mine. If you have nothing nice to say , or to make fun of someone who is very special to me, you should not be on this site.
    You see you think you can get me to leave by your baby name calling, Making up stories I can handle it. I really love that you read all my comment. I’m really honored.
    I’m also here to stay like Jen. Call me as you please but not Bet or get the fruck off this site, and to your dictators site.. You would think you all have no common sense, you learn everything by Angie. Especially that sight on motherhood. If you have to go by someone who just learned from her own instincts , d a m do you have a problem.
    Actually Angie & Brad aren’t the annoying one its all of you. Remember Angie is not God. I worship no one.. Neither is Jen or John I happen to think Jen is more honest and down to earth & alot of fun. Doesn’t mean she would ever dictate anything to me. I happen to have my own mind. Thank God Get a life & move on.
    Hey My sweet Jade & My friend Bet can’t wait for the Oscars my favorite every year to get to see all the great actors.

  • jackiej

    Jen’s not talented enouogh to get an oscar nod or invite like the rest of Hollywood. She has to date a drama king to match her own drama so she is interesting. How sad for Jen that all she cares about is publicity. Jen is pathetic and those in the know, know it too.

  • kietle

    As much as I don’t like Jenn, John is the real tool here. What an idiot. Even trailer trash like Jenn should be ashamed to hang out with a low life tool like John. Jenn should herself a favor for once and totally dump him before she embarrasses herself even further.

  • ellie

    jackiej @ 02/21/2009 at 1:16 pm Jen’s not talented enouogh to get an oscar nod or invite like the rest of Hollywood. She has to date a drama king to match her own drama so she is interesting. How sad for Jen that all she cares about is publicity. Jen is pathetic and those in the know, know it too
    Jen is very talented. Would definitely always be invited to the Oscars just last year. Went to night before party alone. Was expecting Angie & Brad they never showed. She didn’t care she most definitely doesn’t love in Brad in a way you think.
    Jen doesn’t have drama in her life she seems pretty happy to me. Jennifer is also very popular always will be and that has nothing to do with Brad, “sorry” Jen is here to stay she was so liked & loved since friends, has done some really good movies.and would always be invited to the Oscars. Jen also honest.shes just loved ,down to earth beautiful and always will be. Actually shes just a living doll.
    John can change just like other people what drama.. They look so in love. John is not a no body he has won 6 Grammies, don’t you hear his music, I sure as he ll do and its really good. Where have you been?
    Jen and John look great together I’m happy for them. Jen doesn’t have to be nominated she has proven shes a great actress has won many many awards. I know I’m proud of her for all her accomplishments Jen is woman thats has confidence she feels great about herself , and myself personally I adore her.
    Publicity you think ? Jen needs attention nor publicity , shes interesting and everyone wants to know about whats going on in her life. Don’t you see her on every cover of the mags and on the Internet? I don’t know where you have been, do you? You should all move on already. Angie & Brad are very happy with there 6 beautiful children & Jen & John are very happy. So everyone just move on.
    Everyone Peace Already. you’ll be happier with all this hate. I promise..
    Take Care & Have A Nice Day . Enjoy the Oscars I love seeing all the great actors, there so many its really exciting for me.