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Suri Cruise: Disney World Wonderful

Suri Cruise: Disney World Wonderful

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and two of their kids — Suri, 2, and Connor, 14 — pose with Cinderella and Minnie Mouse at the Walt Disney World theme park in Florida on Valentine’s Day (February 14).

Suri looks sooooo precious!

The family later men princesses Snow White and Aurora (a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty) at the Once Upon a Time Breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table restaurant.

Other candid photos of Disney Princess Suri were posted earlier this week.

15+ pictures inside of the Cruise clan’s trip to Disney World…

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# 1
[☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 02/18/2009 at 5:43 pm

suri is ugly

# 2
[☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 02/18/2009 at 5:44 pm

lmbaoooooo thx

# 3
sarah WALKER says @ 02/18/2009 at 5:47 pm

WOW THAT IS AMAZING that Conner made it in that photo! With the
CRUISE CLAN. Seeing Conner out in the tea cup and saucer with
his dad is great.. Thanks for the photos . He is with his step mom
and step sister Suri.

# 4

Suri looks soooooooo cute, especially without the bangs in her face….

# 5

sooooo cuteee

# 6

This looks like a professional photoshoot.

# 7

she is so cute when she is smiling

# 8

little suri is beyond precious! she’s gonna be a heart breaker.

# 9

Suri is so adorable! She is such a little princess.

[☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 02/18/2009 at 5:57 pm

#6 thats cause these are proffesional disney pics. lmbaoo

Aww! Suri looks so adorable!

She is soooo pretty and adorable! It’s sad how much her parents pimp her out, though. :(

My God!
This child’s life is a circus, a fantasy, so sad.
This child is being used for promotion, Tom motivates the paparazzi.
This girl seems a puppet.

Suri is the most adorable kid. Tom seems like a great father judging by how his other kids have turned out. They’re not partying like other celebrity kids their age… they seem so well grounded.

[☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 02/18/2009 at 6:03 pm for the real me. me! hi! lol look @ this child! then go a few threads back and look at that dirty piece of shīt.. no comparison. hahahahaha

You people are dumb! How does he pimp her out? By taking a picture at disneyland? Or by walking with her in the streets? Just because he spends time with his kid doesn’t mean he’s pimping her out. Does that mean that every celebrity that takes their kids out is using them as puppets? Some people are really stupid.

So adorable. They look so happy. And thank gosh they allow themselves to have fun like a family would. Of course people want to take photos of them. But what’s the alternative for this family? Not go out? Surely they’d be criticized for that as well. I’m just happy they’re having fun. They were in Florida for Daytona, it’s only natural they’d go to the Magic Kingdom.

Beautiful family. Go Cruises. :)

Where’s isabella?

Well someone has been working overtime to clean up his public image. gross

I wonder if bella with her mom ,she Missed Disney and Daytona 500 . i hope so

Cute pics. Not a fan of the family but these are some awesomely cute shots!!

[☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 02/18/2009 at 6:09 pm

..unlike that `fat, dirty, little blond headed boy [the former golden-child] – suri’s cute, clean. and she’s wearing clean (girlie) clothing. that fits her. lmbao

vanessajonas @ 02/18/2009 at 6:09 pm


Wow! It’s hard to look at this picture… Can it be any more obvious that Tom didn’t want Connor in the picture. Tom put his arms around Katie and Suri…Could he not just as easily put his arm around Connor. You can almost hear him saying to himself… If we move closer to the right, I can digitally remove Connor out of the picture. Tom, learn how to hug your son.

Connor’s a good looking kid. I’m surprised he hasn’t been in more movies or gotten some sort of nick tv show. He really has no other option than becoming an actor or working in the industry. He’s not going to college to work in some cubicle.

Wow, Connor oddly looks like his Dad, Tom…and where’s Isabella? Family outing sans the other daughter…..Maybe there’s an agreement between Tom and Katie that Isabella can’t come out and play when Suri’s around.

[☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 02/18/2009 at 6:16 pm

now for the real me! hahaha hi! Suri and Shiloh are beautiful

Argh, I shouldn’t even respond to this, but to “t” above (#24), it’s beyond ridiculous that you can find fault in these photos. Tom and Connor went to Daytona together. A father-son event that any other family is permitted to do, but apparently not if your last name is “Cruise.” I know people have a problem with Tom, but come on, he’s never been anything but a devoted father. Rag on him for his interviews or whatever, but I think it crosses a line when you try and impugn his parenting.

hahahaha they sent you more pics jared ? suri is cute but she looks just like katie and Katie is argubly average looking.

hahahaha they sent you more pics jared ? suri is cute but she looks just like katie and Katie is argubly average looking.

AWWw so sweet. love love that family and how close they all are.

Elizabeth @ 02/18/2009 at 6:21 pm

suri is katie MiniMe,Connor is so handsome like his dad and taller like his mom Nk , love to see them together

All of you are psychos except for #23,#17,#16. It is so funny how you people talk about this family like you know them personally. Wow dissing their kid is taking it to another level.

hahahaha jared did they just sent you this pics ?suri looks like Katie and Katie is never been called beautiful or sexy. So we know the fate of suri in looks department. Shi in the other hand looks like Brad and we know what brad has been so we know the fate of shi in looks department .

hella cute!!!

sorry but.. @ 02/18/2009 at 6:31 pm

where is the other sisiter? She is not very attractive that is why we don’t see her much”

That Suri is beautiful, Conner looks so happy to be with His Dad Katie and baby sister. What a beautiful family, Wonderful parents, and you Tom look great your so handsome, you look the best that you ever have. I thought back then you look hot. now your even hotter..

what a beautiful and happy family!!! love you, Suri.

sarah WALKER says @ 02/18/2009 at 6:42 pm

Conner looks so comfortable with the family. And the one with
Katie and Conner in the Tea Cup looks so cute.

Katie looks ridiculous in those glasses. Does she ever comb her hair?

Suri’s cute, but don’t get all the oohs and aahs. She’s cute just like alot of other kids. There’s nothing extraordinary there.

i guess Isabella is being detained by the cult. She probably got caught talking to her mom, Nicole.

Maury Povich @ 02/18/2009 at 6:54 pm

Suri looks just like her daddy… cousin bill.

Well it is the first time I seen the kid smile.

Suri is dumpety dump @ 02/18/2009 at 6:56 pm

Well, I’ve heard of a ten-gallon hat, but never seen a ten-gallon diaper. Tom must have Suri’s special made in XXL so they don’t have to change her very often.

Her diaper always looks like she’s got a week’s worth of poop in it.

I guess shopping is more important to her mom. She figures if she poops all over her clothes, Tom’s black American Express will buy more.

I’m guessing Isabella was hanging out with her mom (Nicole) since she was in Florida as well. These pics are absolutely precious. Suri is having the time of her life.

How adorable is Connor videoing his sister on Dumbo!

To #34 you are so right. I totally agree with you.

To #34 you are so right. I totally agree with you.

merry @ 02/18/2009 at 6:54 pm i guess Isabella is being detained by the cult. She probably got caught talking to her mom, Nicole.

hahahahaahhah L.O.L

lakers fan in boston @ 02/18/2009 at 7:12 pm

lol, suri is just 2 cute =]
nice 2 see her smiling and having a good time
where is tom’s other kid?
and katie is once again looking really nice =]
nice 2 see her getting back 2 normal instead of always looking tired

Suri looks SO cute!

Suri is very cute when she’s smiling.
Guess this must be Connor’s first trip to Disneyland, too. Never remember seeing any pictures of him and Isabella here (or practically anywhere) when they were growing up. Wonder why. Maybe because Tom didn’t have to work on improving his public image back in those days. Or maybe because Nicole refused to put the children out there for public scrutiny. Times have changed. Now even little Suri has to pitch in to help Dad.

Do you think when Katie sees pictures of herself in those sunglasses, she’ll throw them in the trash, or does she care anymore what she looks like?

hey [☆I n F a m o u s☆] I think you are sick !

To # 15 &22 :

May all the venom that you spew bounce back towards the weirdo Cruises and especially to the diapered pr pony. Fyi, the pr tool is NOT that cute.

not fair.. celeb’s get preferential treatment.

I bet Tom was able to manage to get his family unlimited fast passes! But the pics are cute.

LolaSvelt @ 02/18/2009 at 7:33 pm

Are Connor and Isabella now Katie’s children?

Anyway, isn’t it odd that this is probably the first time we’ve ever seen a picture of Suri posing for a picture. It feels really odd!

So nice to see Suri laughing and smiling for a change. And she’s actually quite pretty when we can see her face. I’m surprised she allowed her Mom to hold her bangs back for the picture ! SNEAK in a barrette, Katie ! I’m sure Suri won’t punish you !

Don’t call an innocent, little girl that, #1.

Right, #16 and #17.

You’re not done using that tired old line yet, #19? It’s been almost 4 years now. It’s crazy and arrogant and stupid to shrug off a nice family vacation as a PR stunt.

Why do you say such things, #22?

Don’t be an idiot, #24.

Why would there be such an agreement, #26?

Yeah, #28.

How could you say something like that, #36 and #42?

His older kids are still barely ever seen, #53. Actually, they’re never seen without one of their very famous parents. You’ve been using this public image crap for years now. Don’t you think Tom Cruise would have already noticed it doesn’t work.

It’s nice to finally see Suri smiling, because she Never smiles. However, I have to wonder what all the other kids at Disney think when little Suri gets the “SUPER ROYAL DISNEY” treatment. As cute as these pictures are, it all looks like a staged photo shoot, courtesy of Tomkat and Disney. Sad really.

very very cute suri! they seem to be having a grand time as a family

Sweet. Heaven should be like that.

As much as I hate Tom,those are darling pictures of Suri,it is nice to see her smile and do normal child things,I wish I was at Disneyland.

you are RIGHT, #24. I can tell that they put Connor on the end so they could edit him out of the “real” family photo with SPOILED BRAT SPAWN OF L.RON, SURI!

What a special little girl….

look how ridiculous Suri looks with those glasses. It looks like she’s got Mickey Mouse’s ears over her eyes!!!

Also…#24 is right. The only reason brought Connor along was because so many comments are made on the blogs about where is isabella and connor.

Tom does know that Suri isn’t his, doesn’t he? I think everyone else has it figured out….he needs to read the blogs.

well said kate @ 02/18/2009 at 8:25 pm

Kate Moss blasts unfashionable Tomkat

Kate Moss has lashed out at Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes, claiming they cut in front of her and designer Stella McCartney at last year’s Met Ball in New York.

Kate had been waiting in line for more than an hour.

She said: “Tom and Katie just walked right up to the front, and we were like, ‘Who the f**k are they? They’re not even in fashion!’ ”

I think there are someone blind in here. Is suri ugly? It is a joke isn’t?
Suri is the cutest baby on the planet.

I like how Katie is pushing the bangs out of the kid’s face. How about getting her a haircut, dummy?!

Katie you look like sh!t @ 02/18/2009 at 8:54 pm

Can’t Katie afford a mirror? She is nasty FUG!! Does she actually think she looks good with those sunglasses? Does she own a comb? Can she afford a trip to the dentist?

This is the first time Suri has smiled sense birth. It’s about time they did something child friendly with her. Selfish Katie only drags her around stores all day so she can spend Tom’s money.

Wow, they look like their having a great time. Suri is so cute without all that hair in her face. I would love to snatch those AWFUL glasses off of Katie’s face. She has such beautiful eyes, why hide them behind a pair of hideous glasses? Don’t get me wrong, I still love Katie. Suri has a beautiful smile.

Absolutely beautiful pictures.

zanessa4evvver @ 02/18/2009 at 9:02 pm

aww..suri is adorablle

Very sweet. Making the best of life in the limelight. (And, yes, Connor does look like his dad–proving the old adage that we all start looking like the people we live with and love.)

Denise in NJ @ 02/18/2009 at 9:18 pm

Give it up guys…she looks so happy! Leave it at that…

She’s adorable!

but her nose is so ugly in that pic with Bella.

I just love the picture of Suri smiling at Aurora. Her smile couldn’t be any bigger! The last pictures is so cute too! It’s nice seeing them all having so much fun.

Hmmmm now that I see these maybe Suri isn’t a brat after all. Maybe she just hates the paps!

And Connor is so handsome! :)

Suri is such a little cutie pie. Her smile is amazing and bright.

What a precious little girl. She looks so happy and extremly cute. Suri and Zahara are the cutest celebrity girls. Connor is a good boy for getting into the tea cups and toy planes with dad, step mom and half sister.

# 80 & 85 are probably the same person….among others…

silly fools

Silly fool is you, loser!!!!!

I normally can’t stand the Cruise family (sorry guys, forgive me), but these photos are so adorable!

Absolutely beautiful family!

don’t panic: THEY WILL FALL, folks.

It looks like Connor has joined the photo op club.

Glad to see Suri get to do something age approrpriate and it shows on her face how happy she is to be with the Disney Characters -
If only she could play with kids her age, that would be real progress.
Oh and get those bangs cut or pull them back in a barrette PLEASE.

#80 Johnb…….

Nope sorry, I am not anyone other than just ,”me”…… I read #85′s comment and I don’t agree that Zahara is the second cutest celebrity little girl. I am thinking that cute little Violet Affleck is, since she is always smiling and is just a regular normal little girl. Don’t get me wrong, Zarhara is a cute, but she just doesn’t seem happy when she is out in the public eye.

I think this family is cute. Suri looked so precious.

WTF? PIMPING AGAIN @ 02/19/2009 at 12:18 am

The garden surrounded by barricades in front of the castle is bare to keep guests OUT, so Tom Kat moves the barriers to have a photo shoot for the media. How nice they also get all the Disney World foot traffic heading for the castle in two directions.

They even bought 3 costume changes for Suri and arranged for the Disney characters to be there on time to meet the press.

They are FREAKS!!!

precious ones in Hollywood

Cruise family…patriots
few usual trolls….pinheads

The center of Disney World in Florida is Cinderella’s Castle. It is surrounded by gardens with wide lawns. The garden/lawn area is permanently surrounded with police barricades to keep the guests off the grass and on the paths leading into and out of the castle from several directions. It also allows all families to use the Castle as a photo backdrop with a clean lawn leading to the Castle background. Or, it did.

Tom and Katie, two days running, with different costumes have opened the barricades, and made the lawn in front of the castle their own press room. The also arranged for the Disney characters to join in on the press photos of Suri in her 3 costume changes.

Their story, they are on a normal family trip to Disney and to prove it’s all normal, Tom is holding his own camera too.

The crowds are always already in place at the castle entrance and are all taking pics of the family too. Now Suri is loving being media star as cartoons are involved.

They have effectively positioned themselves on a hill with thousands of passersby’s. I received a photo from a cousin. There were over 20 paparazzi who were called ahead to be there waiting. Tom Cruise has effectively made his family a zoo exhibit!

All this to publicize his movie. promote himself and his “church”

I can’t even begin to conceive that some put Kidman is the same realm. Visiting Paris on a sunny day for work with husband and baby and taking in a museum is normal. Being photographed leaving the museum is not a photo call.

God bless them! What a happy and gorgeous family!
Close to having it all and I say that because no one has it all.

Thanks JARED & I heart this family.

awwwww :)

# 87 Johb

Lisa too is right. in fact ‘not me’ is no one else but me. There are lots of people who think Suri is very cute. I also think Tom is totally hot. I also like all JP kids, especially the older three and think Zahara is gorgeous.

Also don’t get me wrong I like Violet for her sunny disposition but I think she is taking after her mother and not that stunning. And nothing wrong with that. People have different gifts.

man it takes me forever to stand in line to get a pic with just one of the characters…thats IF i can get one at all….and Suri gets 3 at one time…it must be sweet being a celebrity’s kid

To the Posters @ 02/19/2009 at 12:55 am

Any attractive smiling 3 year old In a princess dress is Cute.

That is not the point.

The point is WHY would any family WANT their child’s photos to be in cheap tabloids to make the tabloid publishers rich?

There are no pictures of Suri on the teacups or any children’s’ rides.

That poor child is a prop for his cult.

It’s disgusting.

First, they live right next to Disney in LA

Second, they could have taken her to everything, had a very happy child and not used their child for publicity.

It’s sickening that Suri who Hates paps is now confused becasue her parents are they are posing herwith cartoons in costumes now. They seem to be training her to enjoy being stalked.


There are no pictures of Suri on the teacups or any children’s’ rides.
#106, are you blind? There are photos of Suri on the teacups and Dumbo rides right here on this post. Why don’t you actually look at the photos before spewing your hate.

God you’re stupid, #69.

Suri Cruise smiles all the time as the archives show, #73. They do child friendly stuff all the time.

Suri Cruise does age-appropriate things all the time, #94. She already plays with kids her own age. What is your obsession with that anyway?

Stop calling them press photos, #100.

What story? They ARE on a nice family vacation. Stop with this promotion crap. His movie has long since left theaters and he doesn’t even talk about Scientology. How do you know he called the paparazzi ahead?

Oh stop it with the whole, “Suri;s so cute!” …. “Awww what a sweet family”

a) Tom Cruise is not Suri’s biological dad

b) Katie HOlmes is a petty, clingy, needy and desperate opportunist. Like Tom

c) This photo-op is so pathetically transparent its sick to think any decent person would actually release these so called “candid” moments.

Tommy Girl must be paying you a lot Jared….

And Connor Cruise has grown up to be a handsome young man. Here’s hoping he won’t turn out to be a control-freak lunatic like his demented father.

omg… i just love looking at suri… she’s super cute and she looks so happy!! i envy herrrrr

To #71. Fyi, no we are not blind. Some of us think Suri is NOT that cute. Perhaps even just average or even below average in the looks department. We all just have a different opinions. And we are entitled to state how we feel . Maybe your the one who needs glasses as other HW kids are way cuter.

jj thanks @ 02/19/2009 at 1:58 am

Oh my thuddddd from all this cuteness

These beautiful photos makes me smile and I wonna go to Disneyland. Jared I echo you they are all precious esp Suri.

This family made the Disney family and people that day the happiest happiest place on earth. These pics are treasures to see and keep.



Without the long bands on her forehead, Suri looks incredibly beautiful and cute. I’m glad the whole family had great time. Great pictures.

I really miss Suri, she is sooooo CUTE! I like the pic that she is with heer parents and brother holding his dad’s hand… so touching!

Obvious PR Stunt @ 02/19/2009 at 4:33 am

This is the most obvious PR STUNT ever from the biggest PR WH*RES on the planet. No two ways about it. They positioned themselves for maximum coverage and these pictures from JJ clearly show it was a photo shoot and not just a typical day at Disney World.

Suri is adorable and I’m glad she was able to find the fun in the situation, but her parents disgust me completely.

doggossips @ 02/19/2009 at 5:11 am

This little girl is very cute but her parents are ..grrrrrrrr. the photos are ugly .

While I’m no Tom fan, there were some great photos of he & Connor at Daytona including one very affectionate one of him kissing Connor. Tom does seem to be a good Dad, if you leave out that his kids are being raised by home schooling, scientology-style.

dylannnnn @ 02/19/2009 at 5:36 am

thats cute, tom and connor! connor looks so distance, toms holding katie and suri and connors by himself…..just him and mickey

Are you f kiddin me?
Not again !!!

A friend of mine was there. She said it was like visiting the zoo and everyone was watching the animals on the other side of the metal fence. She said Katie and Tom treated Suri like a circus act and just stood back staring at her the same way everyone in the crowd was staring. She said the way Tom looks at Suri is creepy, she said at all times he just stared at her. She said many people in the crowd were starting to make comments about how creepy he acted towards her.

It’s sad for Suri that her parents use her for photo opts instead of protecting her. What should have been a fun family day was a publicity stunt for Tom.

really adorable photos of suri. she’s no doubt pretty…but its annoying how they just give away these photos when they’re meant to be private. katie looks silly in those sunglasses.

Sassy @ 02/19/2009 at 5:31 am While I’m no Tom fan, there were some great photos of he & Connor at Daytona including one very affectionate one of him kissing Connor. Tom does seem to be a good Dad, if you leave out that his kids are being raised by h

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH How ironic we see these wonderful pics of John Travolta being very loving with his son. Then BOOM here comes Tom having to reenact John’s pics.

Tom Cruise is a waste of space. He is a pathetic piece of carp that will do anything for attention. He doesn’t love his family he is using them for his own selfish need for publicity.

Someone should let Tom know John’s pictures were private. They were not a publicity stunt and they were only released after Jett passed. Unlike Tom John didn’t have to call the media to stage his photo’s with his son.

Let’s see even ONE picture of Tom being loving to Connor pre the Travolta pics. There are none!!


Suri is a cute little girl but somehow seeing her always wearing these princess dresses is so old news. Why can´t she ever wears pants? Her dad has said that she doesn´t like them but still. I bet she had great time with mummy in the Disneyland. She now has a serious competition in Shiloh. After seeing those cute photos of Shi, Zee and Angie in New York I definitely thought that now Suri isn´t the only girl who likes to wear nice clothes. I know it´s stupid to compare one child to another but I have to. Shi has become even more beautiful as she´s grown. Pretty soon she and Suri will compete about it who´s gonna break more hearts. My bet is Shi. She´s gonna be a beauty. But so is Suri.

[☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 02/19/2009 at 7:44 am

lol every kid wears disney dresses in disneyland #129 idiot

Actually #16 S, you are the dumb one. People think Tom pimps out Suri because he DOES pimp her out, not because paps take the pictures. These pictures were not taken by paps. This was a professional photoshoot. If you go on Lainey’s website, you will see pictures with lightning men and everything standing there while the photos were being taken. It’s one thing if the family wanted professional photos taken at Disneyland for their own private use but clearly they are selling them to agencies since Jared just posted them.

This is too funny! Another ridiculous episode of the PUBLIC FREAK SHOW! How funny is that! The photo op of the photo op! Staged of the stages!
Suri, the plastic doll was put in costumes of multiple plastic bags to pose with the two mighty mice while her female pimp, Homely the Beard, kept carrying her like a puppy so that the whole world can see her 10 gallon diapers.
And I agree with ick(#124), the way TommyGirl acts around Surly is very creepy. Remember how he couldn’t stop slurping by Surly’s ears during a July 4th “parade” in Colorado? It is creepy.
And what kind of sick man would make comments about a little girl atfer her medicure session, that she’s “amazingly beautiful.”
It’s really creepy! No doubt.
But I have to give credit to the usually oblivious Homely the Beard for moving Suri’s bang away form her eyes. Even Homely realizes once for a long long while, how unsightful Surly has to see through the hair.

Anyway! another spectacular episode of the Public Freak Show.
Please keep the long bang, the blanket, the 10 gallon diapers and the plastic dresses.

so very precious and you made my day jj–thanks

They will have this wonderful fun moment forever. The crowds creep me out but I dont blame them how nosy and happy they are to see this family. This is one beautiful family so full of love and joy.
I had my engagement pix taken at Disneyland by Kappa Studio.
FL is far for me.

# 13 go have your head examined! What in God’s name is WRONG with them in Disney World?? I’ve been there with my kids, millions of others, etc… Oh, perhaps they should put her in a closet, so you’ll be happy? her pic, with disney characters, speaks volumes, she’s so happy, she’s a dear 2 yr old child, and you and others who think her family is ‘promoting her’ is so sick.
Don’t worry, you won’t see the JP kids in Walt Disney World, only entering and exiting airplanes and entering hotels, Normal huh?
Suri is lucky they take her all over. She’s a delight, and you, need a serious mental checkup.

Kate’s Valentine’s Day sucked!!!

Wow, how cute the family together! Suri is the most beautiful celebrity babies *-*!

Poor Connor. He looks like the 3rd wheel in the photos, especially the one of all of them together. Tom, Katie, and Suri are all huddled together, while Connor is off to the side.

suri is gorgeous here!

There’s nothing unusual about being home schooled, #121.

Look like it WAS a fun family day, #124.

Don;t be an idiot, #126.

There is no competition between those tow girls, #129. You don’t HAVE to compare anyone. You WANT to. And Suri Cruise is simply wearing a costume.

A professional photo shoot, #131?!

You make no sense, #132.

THE FACTS @ 02/19/2009 at 12:45 am

I agree totally with your analysis. Anyone who doesn’t think Tommy is using this as a photo op is blind, deaf and dumb.

photo op! @ 02/19/2009 at 5:02 pm

IT WAS INDEED A PHOTO-OP!! Take a look at picture #7 where there is a guy holding up a light deflector, just like in a professional photo shoot. Even paparazzi don’t go around carrying such equipment…

It seems so wonderful to see her so happy!!! You can tell she is having the time of her life!!!!

libraesque @ 02/19/2009 at 6:29 pm

#32 are you on dope?
“Connor is so handsome like his dad and taller like his mom Nk ” you do realize that Conner is ADOPTED dumba s s

Nice to see her smiling for once she looks genuinely happy, just beaming!

She looks like Josh Hartnett

Sassy @ 02/19/2009 at 5:31 am

While I’m no Tom fan, there were some great photos of he & Connor at Daytona including one very affectionate one of him kissing Connor. Tom does seem to be a good Dad, if you leave out that his kids are being raised by home schooling
, scientology-style.
Oh cool, Tom’s got one convinced already.

Awwwwwwwww be still my happy heart!!!!!!

Funny, #142. That’s what we think of critics?

Don’t you think that the ‘master manipulator’ would be more…you know, careful, #143?

You’re a moron, #147.

They are all insanely cute I cannot stand it. lol.

Beautiful family and beautiful smiles. Quite inspiring and its a delight to see Suri’s personality shining through.

ok i love the kid. and i think katie’s a down to earth mom. but tom is weird with suri, too in love in a creepy way. omg

She’s a cutie pie.

They’re just

suri is ugly. they are all fake and suri is a spoiled dirty lazy brat who still wears a diaper that katie refuses to hide. gross!!!!

She’ll be in a disney move before she’s like five years old. mark my words. its coming. tom is working disney… and his smile gets creepier every time i see him. i usually just avoid stories about Suri because the whole family creeps me out.

Suri certainly is a gorgeous little girl.

That is a really cute family photo!!

Suri looks really good with her bangs out of her face.

Most beautiful family in Hollywoodland.

Save Connor and Isabella from Scientology. Tom can stay with his cult but spare the kids. I saw both Connor and Isabella on different days but not together. A few mths ago Isabella was in a store I work at around 12 am the poor girl looked upset about something matter of fact she seemed very anger her tone of voice when purchasing something said it all probably because she was struck with some Scientology woman I can tell they was together even though she was behind her the lady looked crazy 98% of the Scientologist looked that way. And poor Connor who I didn’t realize who he was until later when I saw a pic of him looked like he was in a trance the poor kid is not immune to them I am though I’m immune to all cults esp. scientology because my dad kind of remind me of one of those Scientology wackos growing up when I did see the man was obsess with me taken vitamins that was like for much younger kids and I was like a teenager how stupid can one be? I never saw any kids outside and I had no one to play with when I went to see him I felt like I was in some kinda horror movie and I never heard him talk about God not once and the only nickname I remember he gave me was his little princess.

FORGOT TO MENTION I HAVE A Strong faith in Jehovah God so cults can not control me they never have and never will though many have tried to recruit me. Connor and Isabella are the ones that needs to be saved because their the innocent ones in all of this their the kids who have no choice in the matter. Tom spare your kids and set them free from Scientology.

Suri is just precious !!!!!

Im sad missing my dog hearing the news of the Clinton’s cat passing away but this pix made me smile.

I can’t wait for Suri to get older and the movie “Daddy Dearest” to come out. I’m sure it will be more successful than anything he has ever done. Bet he hates wire hangers too…….Maybe they should stage a birthday party for her too…..oh, thats right, thats been done already…….Poor kid. Professional photographers capturing “just the right pictures” to try and clean up his image. He makes me want to puke. When she gets older, she will get it.

Suri is the most adorable kid whether in this planet or any other.

normal is not stupid @ 02/21/2009 at 7:09 pm

I am so grossed out! The way Katie is pulling back Suri’s bangs so the cameraman can get a shot of her full face is so disgusting! Obviously this was a professional photo shoot. But the fact that they were given out as press releases to blogs and tabs tells the real truth in all of this. Why take your kid to Disneyland and have a professional take pictures of the trip and release the photos? That is a straight manipulation for TC’s image control problem. They try and make it seem like he’s just a cool Dad hanging out in Disneyland with the kids. Except he’s letting his toddler get photographed the whole time and the Mom is making sure her face isn’t getting covered by her hair so you can see her good. I’m sick to my stomach with that. Maybe this is normal for TC and this is the lifestyle he lives, but to us normal folk, we see that as selling out the child so the Dad comes across as looking “normal”. And that is confusing for a child! Why is Daddy letting these people follow us everywhere? Can’t we go here without them? It’s ugly. Really ugly and shallow and people can see straight thru it. And before Raphael tells me how stuypid I am I’d like to say to him, How dare you take up for that garbage! Why don’t you see it like everyone else? You should be saying, Damn, can’t TC go somewhere that’s for children and not release professional photos of his little one playing? Maybe have that special day just for themselves? Whatever, your NEVER EVER going to see reality!!!!! Your eyes are covered with body thetans.

I’m sorry that you are sick. Indeed you are sick and need profession help!!!
Suri is obviously happy and this is the most important thing!

What’s disgusting about pulling someone’s bangs back to take a picture, #167?

There are hundreds of photographers there, amateur and not. TomKat doesn’t have to release a thing.

How is Disney World not for children?

It’s disgustingly fake, that’s all.

Hey, this just in…
From a fashion website. The entry was only discussing Birkins, then how can discuss Birkins without mentioning Katie Homely’s super sized Birkin bags?
So in the following response:

….my fiance had the chance to meet the TomKat family last week (he’s a restaurant manager);
he said that Katie Holmes was actually a very sweet and personable woman, Tom Cruise was quite
polite and friendly as well…
but Suri…she was the most hyper girl in the world!! She did not sit still for one second the entire meal,
and kept screaming/jumping up and down, if she wasn’t Suri, they’d be kicked out of the restaurant 5
mins into it.

Want to take it at the face value? Suit yourself. But I found it way more interesting than the staged photo op of the photo op.

soooooooo pretty girl!!!
pics are supreme, ha?

I like Shiloh more..So I hate this family.

haha So happy to see handsome Tom and beautiful Suri!!But I think Katie is not good looking…Penelope Cruz is the most beautiful woman.

# 1 [☆I n F a m o u s☆] @ 02/18/2009 at 5:43 pm

So ugly you are.

normal is not stupid @ 02/26/2009 at 6:44 pm

Thank you for offering me professional help. At least that tells me your not a scientologist. BYW, have you ever noticed that Suri is 2 years old ? You see, at that age she can’t rationalize what the hell is actually going on around her. She doesn’t realize that she is being looked at like an animal at the zoo by all those people standing outside the fence at Disney. She may look awful happy John, but she doesn’t have the capacity to understand that she has become a part of the publicity machine that is her Father. I’ve seen countless photos of her looking distressed at all the attention of the paps and public to the point of crying and covering her ears and hiding her face. And her parents keep right on smiling for the cameras and carrying on like they don’t really give a sh*t. Why do we need to see little Suri at Disneyland in awe of the characters? Well, we wouldn’t unless her parents didn’t allow someone to release them to media outlets for all the world to see. It just seemed to me like a private moment. She is in a real life version of the Truman Show, except its the Suri show. And if you don’t realize this John, then your an **** and you need to STFU!

love her,,what a cute child

176 normal is not stupid @ 02/26/2009 at 6:44 pm

You are not a good dog.

suri is cute and pretty

Dawn perry @ 03/09/2009 at 1:02 pm

She is simply beautiful! One comment, why do many people make a fuss over her often being barefoot, including at Disney World? I mean when I saw one photo of her in that pretty dress and white socks, I thought, “the socks have got to go” and sure enough, next photo they were gone. I mean barefoot or not, she is wonderful. Personally, I think Suri looks better in her barefeet. Her mom will have a problem when she gets older though, unless she is home-school or lives in some parts of New Zealand or Australia, because she will have to get used to the idea of wearing her shoes. My daughter April, was the same way, I let her go barefoot as much as she wanted when she was a little girl. When she started school she hated wearing her shoes and they would be off as soon as I picked her up each afternoon.

lovethecruisefamily @ 03/16/2009 at 10:13 am


get away from this page!
dont post any comment!

a suri é linda e ninguem pode negar a não ser que tenha inveja dela

It’s a lovely family.. but where’s the older sister?

Amazing family, Suri is so adorable!

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