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Suri Cruise: Disney World Wonderful

Suri Cruise: Disney World Wonderful

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and two of their kids — Suri, 2, and Connor, 14 — pose with Cinderella and Minnie Mouse at the Walt Disney World theme park in Florida on Valentine’s Day (February 14).

Suri looks sooooo precious!

The family later men princesses Snow White and Aurora (a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty) at the Once Upon a Time Breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table restaurant.

Other candid photos of Disney Princess Suri were posted earlier this week.

15+ pictures inside of the Cruise clan’s trip to Disney World…

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187 Responses to “Suri Cruise: Disney World Wonderful”

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  1. 51
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    lol, suri is just 2 cute =]
    nice 2 see her smiling and having a good time
    where is tom’s other kid?
    and katie is once again looking really nice =]
    nice 2 see her getting back 2 normal instead of always looking tired

  2. 52
    Dani Says:

    Suri looks SO cute!

  3. 53
    eliza Says:

    Suri is very cute when she’s smiling.
    Guess this must be Connor’s first trip to Disneyland, too. Never remember seeing any pictures of him and Isabella here (or practically anywhere) when they were growing up. Wonder why. Maybe because Tom didn’t have to work on improving his public image back in those days. Or maybe because Nicole refused to put the children out there for public scrutiny. Times have changed. Now even little Suri has to pitch in to help Dad.

  4. 54
    kitti Says:

    Do you think when Katie sees pictures of herself in those sunglasses, she’ll throw them in the trash, or does she care anymore what she looks like?

  5. 55
    bebe Says:

    hey [☆I n F a m o u s☆] I think you are sick !

  6. 56
    I hate the wierdos! Says:

    To # 15 &22 :

    May all the venom that you spew bounce back towards the weirdo Cruises and especially to the diapered pr pony. Fyi, the pr tool is NOT that cute.

  7. 57
    nitika Says:

    not fair.. celeb’s get preferential treatment.

  8. 58
    brie2009 Says:

    I bet Tom was able to manage to get his family unlimited fast passes! But the pics are cute.

  9. 59
    LolaSvelt Says:

    Are Connor and Isabella now Katie’s children?

    Anyway, isn’t it odd that this is probably the first time we’ve ever seen a picture of Suri posing for a picture. It feels really odd!

  10. 60
    Carrie Says:

    So nice to see Suri laughing and smiling for a change. And she’s actually quite pretty when we can see her face. I’m surprised she allowed her Mom to hold her bangs back for the picture ! SNEAK in a barrette, Katie ! I’m sure Suri won’t punish you !

  11. 61
    Raphael Says:

    Don’t call an innocent, little girl that, #1.

    Right, #16 and #17.

    You’re not done using that tired old line yet, #19? It’s been almost 4 years now. It’s crazy and arrogant and stupid to shrug off a nice family vacation as a PR stunt.

    Why do you say such things, #22?

    Don’t be an idiot, #24.

    Why would there be such an agreement, #26?

    Yeah, #28.

    How could you say something like that, #36 and #42?

    His older kids are still barely ever seen, #53. Actually, they’re never seen without one of their very famous parents. You’ve been using this public image crap for years now. Don’t you think Tom Cruise would have already noticed it doesn’t work.

  12. 62
    tj Says:

    It’s nice to finally see Suri smiling, because she Never smiles. However, I have to wonder what all the other kids at Disney think when little Suri gets the “SUPER ROYAL DISNEY” treatment. As cute as these pictures are, it all looks like a staged photo shoot, courtesy of Tomkat and Disney. Sad really.

  13. 63
    sillow Says:

    very very cute suri! they seem to be having a grand time as a family

  14. 64
    def Says:

    Sweet. Heaven should be like that.

  15. 65
    k Says:

    As much as I hate Tom,those are darling pictures of Suri,it is nice to see her smile and do normal child things,I wish I was at Disneyland.

  16. 66
    Disney's Princess Diaper ad! Says:

  17. 67
    to #24 Says:

    you are RIGHT, #24. I can tell that they put Connor on the end so they could edit him out of the “real” family photo with SPOILED BRAT SPAWN OF L.RON, SURI!

  18. 68
    Liz Says:

    What a special little girl….

  19. 69
    kATIE mOUSE? Says:

    look how ridiculous Suri looks with those glasses. It looks like she’s got Mickey Mouse’s ears over her eyes!!!

    Also…#24 is right. The only reason brought Connor along was because so many comments are made on the blogs about where is isabella and connor.

    Tom does know that Suri isn’t his, doesn’t he? I think everyone else has it figured out….he needs to read the blogs.

  20. 70
    well said kate Says:

    Kate Moss blasts unfashionable Tomkat

    Kate Moss has lashed out at Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes, claiming they cut in front of her and designer Stella McCartney at last year’s Met Ball in New York.

    Kate had been waiting in line for more than an hour.

    She said: “Tom and Katie just walked right up to the front, and we were like, ‘Who the f**k are they? They’re not even in fashion!’ ”

  21. 71
    Adriana Says:

    I think there are someone blind in here. Is suri ugly? It is a joke isn’t?
    Suri is the cutest baby on the planet.

  22. 72
    slambang Says:

    I like how Katie is pushing the bangs out of the kid’s face. How about getting her a haircut, dummy?!

  23. 73
    Katie you look like sh!t Says:

    Can’t Katie afford a mirror? She is nasty FUG!! Does she actually think she looks good with those sunglasses? Does she own a comb? Can she afford a trip to the dentist?

    This is the first time Suri has smiled sense birth. It’s about time they did something child friendly with her. Selfish Katie only drags her around stores all day so she can spend Tom’s money.

  24. 74
    sniffles Says:

    Wow, they look like their having a great time. Suri is so cute without all that hair in her face. I would love to snatch those AWFUL glasses off of Katie’s face. She has such beautiful eyes, why hide them behind a pair of hideous glasses? Don’t get me wrong, I still love Katie. Suri has a beautiful smile.

  25. 75
    NIK Says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures.

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