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Suri Cruise: Disney World Wonderful

Suri Cruise: Disney World Wonderful

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and two of their kids — Suri, 2, and Connor, 14 — pose with Cinderella and Minnie Mouse at the Walt Disney World theme park in Florida on Valentine’s Day (February 14).

Suri looks sooooo precious!

The family later men princesses Snow White and Aurora (a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty) at the Once Upon a Time Breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table restaurant.

Other candid photos of Disney Princess Suri were posted earlier this week.

15+ pictures inside of the Cruise clan’s trip to Disney World…

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187 Responses to “Suri Cruise: Disney World Wonderful”

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  1. 101
    well Says:

    God bless them! What a happy and gorgeous family!
    Close to having it all and I say that because no one has it all.

  2. 102
    bishop Says:

    Thanks JARED & I heart this family.

  3. 103
    ironchef Says:

    awwwww :)

  4. 104
    not me Says:

    # 87 Johb

    Lisa too is right. in fact ‘not me’ is no one else but me. There are lots of people who think Suri is very cute. I also think Tom is totally hot. I also like all JP kids, especially the older three and think Zahara is gorgeous.

    Also don’t get me wrong I like Violet for her sunny disposition but I think she is taking after her mother and not that stunning. And nothing wrong with that. People have different gifts.

  5. 105
    anonymous Says:

    man it takes me forever to stand in line to get a pic with just one of the characters…thats IF i can get one at all….and Suri gets 3 at one time…it must be sweet being a celebrity’s kid

  6. 106
    To the Posters Says:

    Any attractive smiling 3 year old In a princess dress is Cute.

    That is not the point.

    The point is WHY would any family WANT their child’s photos to be in cheap tabloids to make the tabloid publishers rich?

    There are no pictures of Suri on the teacups or any children’s’ rides.

    That poor child is a prop for his cult.

    It’s disgusting.

    First, they live right next to Disney in LA

    Second, they could have taken her to everything, had a very happy child and not used their child for publicity.

    It’s sickening that Suri who Hates paps is now confused becasue her parents are they are posing herwith cartoons in costumes now. They seem to be training her to enjoy being stalked.


  7. 107
    poppy Says:

    There are no pictures of Suri on the teacups or any children’s’ rides.
    #106, are you blind? There are photos of Suri on the teacups and Dumbo rides right here on this post. Why don’t you actually look at the photos before spewing your hate.

  8. 108
    Raphael Says:

    God you’re stupid, #69.

    Suri Cruise smiles all the time as the archives show, #73. They do child friendly stuff all the time.

    Suri Cruise does age-appropriate things all the time, #94. She already plays with kids her own age. What is your obsession with that anyway?

    Stop calling them press photos, #100.

    What story? They ARE on a nice family vacation. Stop with this promotion crap. His movie has long since left theaters and he doesn’t even talk about Scientology. How do you know he called the paparazzi ahead?

  9. 109
    Hall Says:

    Oh stop it with the whole, “Suri;s so cute!” …. “Awww what a sweet family”

    a) Tom Cruise is not Suri’s biological dad

    b) Katie HOlmes is a petty, clingy, needy and desperate opportunist. Like Tom

    c) This photo-op is so pathetically transparent its sick to think any decent person would actually release these so called “candid” moments.

    Tommy Girl must be paying you a lot Jared….

    And Connor Cruise has grown up to be a handsome young man. Here’s hoping he won’t turn out to be a control-freak lunatic like his demented father.

  10. 110
    yennnnn Says:

    omg… i just love looking at suri… she’s super cute and she looks so happy!! i envy herrrrr

  11. 111
    To Adrianna #71 Says:

    To #71. Fyi, no we are not blind. Some of us think Suri is NOT that cute. Perhaps even just average or even below average in the looks department. We all just have a different opinions. And we are entitled to state how we feel . Maybe your the one who needs glasses as other HW kids are way cuter.

  12. 112
    jj thanks Says:

    Oh my thuddddd from all this cuteness

  13. 113
    popcorn Says:

    These beautiful photos makes me smile and I wonna go to Disneyland. Jared I echo you they are all precious esp Suri.

  14. 114
    love Says:

    This family made the Disney family and people that day the happiest happiest place on earth. These pics are treasures to see and keep.

  15. 115
    seth Says:


  16. 116
    farah Says:


  17. 117
    michelle Says:

    Without the long bands on her forehead, Suri looks incredibly beautiful and cute. I’m glad the whole family had great time. Great pictures.

  18. 118
    Lily Says:

    I really miss Suri, she is sooooo CUTE! I like the pic that she is with heer parents and brother holding his dad’s hand… so touching!

  19. 119
    Obvious PR Stunt Says:

    This is the most obvious PR STUNT ever from the biggest PR WH*RES on the planet. No two ways about it. They positioned themselves for maximum coverage and these pictures from JJ clearly show it was a photo shoot and not just a typical day at Disney World.

    Suri is adorable and I’m glad she was able to find the fun in the situation, but her parents disgust me completely.

  20. 120
    doggossips Says:

    This little girl is very cute but her parents are ..grrrrrrrr. the photos are ugly .

  21. 121
    Sassy Says:

    While I’m no Tom fan, there were some great photos of he & Connor at Daytona including one very affectionate one of him kissing Connor. Tom does seem to be a good Dad, if you leave out that his kids are being raised by home schooling, scientology-style.

  22. 122
    dylannnnn Says:

    thats cute, tom and connor! connor looks so distance, toms holding katie and suri and connors by himself…..just him and mickey

  23. 123
    sucre Says:

    Are you f kiddin me?
    Not again !!!

  24. 124
    ick Says:

    A friend of mine was there. She said it was like visiting the zoo and everyone was watching the animals on the other side of the metal fence. She said Katie and Tom treated Suri like a circus act and just stood back staring at her the same way everyone in the crowd was staring. She said the way Tom looks at Suri is creepy, she said at all times he just stared at her. She said many people in the crowd were starting to make comments about how creepy he acted towards her.

    It’s sad for Suri that her parents use her for photo opts instead of protecting her. What should have been a fun family day was a publicity stunt for Tom.

  25. 125
    zoe Says:

    really adorable photos of suri. she’s no doubt pretty…but its annoying how they just give away these photos when they’re meant to be private. katie looks silly in those sunglasses.

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