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Anne Hathaway To Open Oscars With Hugh Jackman

Anne Hathaway To Open Oscars With Hugh Jackman

Oscar nominee Anne Hathaway will reportedly sing and dance her heart out in a flashy opening number with host Hugh Jackman at the 2009 Oscars ceremony this Sunday!

An insider tells Life & Style, “Anne is rehearsing at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood today!”

Yesterday, it was announced that Beyoncé is also performing during the ceremony as well as on-and-off-screen couples Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical) and Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper (Mamma Mia!).

The 81st Academy Awards will air on ABC @ 8PM on Sunday, February 22 from the the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center.

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  • Jessica

    Does anyone know if there’s any truth to the rumour that Carrie Underwood might be performing at the Oscars?

  • Janie

    Anne is amazing! I love her! I want Kate to win, but she was really good in Rachel Getting Married. That’s awesome! :)

  • brittany

    we got your fucking point jared Vanessa and zac are performing at the Oscars how many times are you going to talk about it?

  • shialove!!

    wow great…will shia labeouf be there????????lol

  • Annie

    HUGH <3

  • istar

    OMG! im so excited to see zac and vanessa! <3

  • anonymous

    why are they turning the Oscars into a big joker?

  • layla

    i agree, why are you promoting zac and vanessa’s appearance so much? every time you hear somebody new is going to be there, you also throw in a pic of zanessa.

    and i agree with 7. what a joke.

  • ladysdsandiego

    i don’t know why you guys keep complaining about zac and vanessa being there. to me its a good thing. you can’t honestly say that the oscars are an exciting award show. this allows the younger audience to watch the awards which they seriously need. They’re old and stuffy, and they need to involve younger up-and-coming actors.

  • lakers fan in boston

    cant w8 honestly
    i really hope megan fox will be there =D
    if i remember right, anne sings pretty well, i think ive seen a video of her singing before

  • ladysdsandiego

    oh and by the way if jared wants to keep mentioning them in his posts then oh well. deal with it. its his blog. he’ll do what he wants.

  • vanessajonas

    zanessa is why im watching them

  • Suzie

    I agree with #8. Zac and Vanessa were in one successful movie (and it’s sequel). They really aren’t known for anything else up to this point, just for being some teenybopper magnets. They are far from academy awards “worthy.”

  • me

    wow, I didn’t know the oscars had becoming a tween event. as if it wasn’t going downhill already!

  • ladysdsandiego

    uh #13 suzie it wasn’t just the sequel that was successul. it was also the first one too and the second one. and of course they’re just known for that movie only. they’re still in the beginning stages of their career. everybody starts off somewhere.

  • hello

    Run Baby Run..

    I hope Jo Bro and Miley won’t show up as suprise guests.

  • zanessa suporter

    yeah i agree with
    i am probably only watching cause of zanessa
    i dont know i will see.

  • Kay

    You and vanessajonas are only watching because you both are teenyboppers.

  • go sox

    Suzie, Leo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt were teenybopper magnets not that long ago. GIve it a rest. They’re just doing an opening number, since they CAN sing and dance. Most actors can’t. I say, give them a chance. Everyone has to start somewhere. Heck, Ann Hathaway was a DISNEY girl too.

  • ladysdsandiego

    #17 Kay.
    not everybody who likes zac, vanessa, and high school muscial is a teenybopper.

    i’m 22 and i love the movie and zanessa. so do A LOT of other people i know.

  • somebody

    Anne is a human treasure. I cherish and adore her.

  • viewer

    Well I think it will be an interesting opening. I’ve heard them all sing, and I’m very excited!

  • suzy

    I love Vanessa and can’t wait for her to show her live performance skills as she grew up doing theatre.

  • bettybaby

    go sox…….

    i agree with you completely. all actors start somewhere and anne was a disney star as well.

    besides these two have done more than ‘just HSM,’ but whatever people with these harsh opinions don’t want to be swayed anyway….

    given the line up, this could be a tribute to the musical genre, as everyone announced thus far not only has experience in that genre but also some have been connected to SUCCESSFUL musicals.

    zac was in HS as well, and little old HSM3 made hundreds of millions at the box office, as did HS.

    so i’m looking forward for the to have the opportunity to show everyone what they are capable of.

    this is huge for them, and i wish them the best of luck!!!!!!!!

    go Zac and Vanessa!

    but then again, another reason JJ is putting Zac and Vanessa’s name in the posts about the oscar coverage is b/c it gets him hits. a lot of hits………

  • to #23

    Oh really? What exactly she’s done? I guess Macbeth, Amlet or something lighter like Carousel and The Phantom of the Opera? Perhaps Lorca’s Blood Wedding? Maybe she even is a member of the Royal National Theatre of London and a close friend & partner of Ian McKellen. What about Greek plays? Did Vanessa eventually play Medea or not? Please inform me! I’m so curious…

  • slambang

    Haven’t they learned their lesson by now not to have musical numbers during the Oscars? Most of the time they stink and just make the telecast even longer. UGH!

  • ladysdsandiego

    you are so stupid. she’s young. how can she have done those. it doesn’t matter what theatre she did. the point is she did it. she has experience. how old are you by the way. some of you older people are so immature.

  • sydney

    I love zac and vanessa, but i am a bit suprised to see them actually performing on the oscars! Still though, can’t wait to see that. plus it’ll be fun to see anne sing! I’ve only heard her sing a few times, but from what i’ve heard, she can carry a tune. I’m definitly going to watch this.

  • Shannon

    I watch the oscars to see the red carpet show me and the rest of the world included, now with Zac and Vanessa along with Rob from twilight it makes sense that JJ post there pics. also the teen/tween crowd bring in alot of viewers and Zanessa has that pull beleive it or not also there little old HSM movie brought so much more money than the movies that are nominated thanks to those tweens, so hating on them is a lost cause hollwood has long been forgotten about the talent sad to say all they want is money and big names I mean why else would they invite Jennifer Anison while Brangelina is there, gossip keeps ppl talking brings in viewers as does Zanessa.

  • LolaSvelt

    Well at least Hathaway is singing, which makes me less disgusted with the idea of ‘Zanessa’ performing.

  • Malia

    I see the self-appointed NON-intellectual movie/theater snobs are coming out of the wood work.

    Do you really think that Zac and Vanessa fans don’t see through your absurd postulations? You naysayers sound like a bunch of enraged little middle school girls bashing on the new kids who just arrived at your school.

    You all need to grow up and learn tolerance and acceptance of other people. Stop acting like a bunch of bratty mean girls.

  • Jo

    i can’t wait. this better be good. i love musicals! The oscars need something to liven up the show. It’s so boring and you have to wait till the 3rd hour to find out the big winners are.

  • kaylee

    oh, shut up old people!! if you don’t want to watch them, turn down the volume or whatever. you don’t freaking run the show! the oscars want more viewers, and they’ll get more viewers if they appeal to a younger audience. geez. it’s not like they’re nominated for anything. cut them crap!!! it’s not going to ruin the show. gosh. you old folk are really cranky.

  • sydney

    Actually, this year they are making it shorter. It’s supposed to be less than 3 hours.

  • Tiptoes

    Can’t wait for it this sunday….Zac and Van will do just fine….

  • Karen

    #26–to #23:

    You know what? Most of the academy people have not done any of those things…not Leoando DiCaprio or Johnny Depp, etc. So, why should Zac or Vanessa have had to do them before they can perform on the Oscar stage? As far as what has she done before HSM? That has been listed on these threads time and time again. Also, IF you are such a “highbrow” type then why are you even bothering to look at a thread like this? Also, to be so intelligent I’m sure you can figure out where you can go to find out about all the other things Vanessa has done. You are the lone looking stupid here on this board.

  • olymp

    Anne is an amazing actress but singing & dancing? …right ok

  • Karen

    BTW, it is about time that JJ post something about Zac and Vanessa’s honor of being asked to the Oscars on the main board. Numerous young stars have been on this board without any great thing they have done. And for those who think Zac and Vanessa are only known for some little Disney movie, well, that little Disney movie made nearly $250,000,000 worldwide.
    Look at the stars from Slumdog Millionaire. They are totally unknown but are getting all kinds of notice—and they deserve it. Most of you complaining about Zac and Vanessa are just angry because they are attractive and get lots of attention and it just raises the ire in a lot of people.

    Also, there is no word that Zac and Vanessa will be in the opening number of the show. It has been reported that they are going to be in the number that Beyonce will be in with Jackman and that apparently isn’t the opening number. Since Hugh Jackman is a song and dance man himself and not a comedian I have a feeling there will be more than one dance and song done in this show.

  • ugh

    Kay do shut the fu*ck up. What an annoying bit*ch, you leave the most irritating, condescending, and ignorant comments on every blog. Honey if you are soo offended by teenybooppers and teen stars stop spending all your time keeping track of their every damn move.

  • Karen

    The cast from Slumdog Millionaire are unknowns and they are getting lots of attention—which they should. It doesn’t matter how much experience they have had in their careers only that they display talent and are performers. Many of you who speak out against Zac and Vanessa are angry because they are attractive and get lots of attention and it just makes you angry.
    It makes you look silly.

  • Mary


  • jane

    Ann Hathaway looks like a man. So unattractive with those wide-paced eyes and big nose, and mouth spread all across her face.

  • lai

    im so excited for our Zanessa.

  • mhay

    Zanessa i cant wait!!!!!!!!!

  • lia

    I mean I’m personally not a fan of them but hey, at least give them a chance. I love Anne Hathaway, though.

  • Kay

    To ugh, yeah, yeah call me a bitch all you want. And I came on this post for Anne Hathaway. Whatever, I use to like “Zanessa” but they seem like the next Brangelina and we don’t need another one couple like that!

  • Kay

    and lia’s my sister.

  • jared reader

    ok, i love anna hathaway, but why do I feel that this years oscars is gonna be one of the cheesiest, ever???? seriously, zac and vanessa??? in the same room with oscar greats like sean penn? come on, ppl! leave the song and dance routine at the tony’s! please!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    There is no question about it: SHE WILL TRICK THE BUSINESS, I’m sure folks!!

  • cringeworthy….

    Zac and Vanessa should stick to the Disney channel, the Oscars are for serious actors not the kids choice awards, how embarrassing!!