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Jake Gyllenhaal Goes Global Green

Jake Gyllenhaal Goes Global Green

Jake Gyllenhaal inspects a garden during Green Service Day at Manual Arts High School on Thursday (February 19) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old actor joined Global Green USA President Matt Petersen at the Global Green USA launch of the National Green Schools Initiative. For the top 10 reasons to build green schools, visit

Tonight, Global Green USA is throwing a Pre-Oscar Party at Avalon to benefit green schools. Sheryl Crowe and Gavin Rossdale will provide the evening’s entertainment.

10+ pictures inside of Jake Gyllenhaal going Global Green…

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jake gyllenhaal global green usa 01
jake gyllenhaal global green usa 02
jake gyllenhaal global green usa 03
jake gyllenhaal global green usa 04
jake gyllenhaal global green usa 05
jake gyllenhaal global green usa 06
jake gyllenhaal global green usa 07
jake gyllenhaal global green usa 08
jake gyllenhaal global green usa 09
jake gyllenhaal global green usa 10

Photos: John Shearer/WireImage
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  • susan

    He’s SO hot. Lucky, lucky Reese! I bet he rocks her body good!!!

  • Wtf


  • Anon

    So how do I get him to come to my school! LOL!!!

  • athena

    Wow, I hope he can really help make a difference for these Global Initiative Schools…GO JAKE!!

  • Good on you Jake!

    Is Jake doing an ad/public service announcement for them too? Hope so. He’s wearing a microphone and has a remote pack in his back pocket. Love it, he’s finally doing something PR that’s worthwhile for a change, not with the midget doing another weekly coffee/shopping showmance photo op. Without her dragging him down he looks 24 years old and happy again.

  • shayna

    He certainly does look more happy and relaxed without Reese around. Way to go Jake!

  • uglysexy

    I get him confused with Bale…has anybody seen them together ???

  • water lawns not sidewalks

    If Jake’s so “green” why didn’t he spit on a lawn or flowers instead of on a sidewalk/pap 2 weeks ago?!

  • lol

    he actually looks hot…

  • dump the midget

    Great to see Jake promoting something like this, instead the usual promoting of his overrated beard and s****ty person Reese Witherspoon.

  • se

    Finally he is been making something without the “mother and studio prostitute” Reese Witherspoon.
    If he haven’t any kind of background it isn’t good spend his times
    to do cultural things whose he can’t understand like travel
    visiting ciities like Paris or risk his life in muslin fundamentaslist Egypt with a prostitute bside him!
    Like Sarkosy, president of France whose have the first prostitute of France not the first dame!
    It is better do someting useful that everybody understand!

  • Lisa

    So nice to see Jake looking so handsome, relaxed and smiling a geniune smile for once. All we usually get is Jake with that stressed out, forced smile when he’s with that fake girlfriend he has. Wish he would realize he doesn’t need to pretend with Reese and finally end the bearding. We would love him no matter what. Also nice to see he can do something else besides buy coffee and shop with the beard.

  • vidal

    He obviously read everyone’s comments about his gigantic eyebrows. He looks like he had them waxed and tamed. I bet he has back hair that he has to keep waxed.

  • jess

    He totally had a nose job. I hate that about Hollywood they take the most average looking people and make them almost good looking. Jake still needs more work in my opinion.

  • slambang

    I love him soooooooooooooo much! Yummy yum yum!

  • mj

    The Gyllenhaal’s are both so fug.

  • Free Jake G

    Dear Jake,
    we, your fans, miss YOU since you started PR charade with that phony, money-hungry actress.
    We hope you’ll go back to being yourself soon.
    Take care.

  • Ivana

    Jake come to my garden…
    you can plant and i will dig.. you will enjoy only few meters from my garden is beach… you can swim and i will watch….
    But under one condition Reese must stay home :)))

  • OMG YUM!!!

    Woww he looks goooooood

    not a fan usually..but jeeez he does not look 28!
    more like 20!!
    wow..he is very good looking actually!

  • Custom T

    I love Jake =)

  • laisan

    jake i am ukranion girl-i love you veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much……….

  • Hortensia

    Awwww shucks…now there are news stories that he is shopping for an engagement ring to give Reese when he proposes….on their Egyptian trip…..they say…….SOOOOO CUUUUUUUTE.

  • BP

    Good to see Jake out and about without both of his beards. He looks his age for a change, and like the old “hot” Jakey we used to see all the time.

    However, it strikes me as a bit hypocritical to be out promoting the environment seeing as how he and the beard spend half their time running around in big SUVs and other gas guzzlers for their faux photo opps.

  • green good and gay

    BP #23 Ita and what about this next rumored photo op in Egypt, going by private jets and private cars the whole shebang. Not that she will be getting any banging from Jake LOL but I think its hypocritical to do a PR USA green promo “I’m good” at an LA lower-income area high school and then run off to a distant foreign locale by private jet to do a no expenses spared “I’m straight” showmance photo op for People magazine.

  • JL

    wonder how he feels about his sister being named to PETA’s worst dressed list…..not very green of her

  • Hortensia

    Stop the nonsense about beards and gaydom if you have any brains. Reese would not link herself to a gay and be known to be a beard. Once you get that through your block heads you might begin to understand something. Probably not. Some people are too dumb to follow a logical argument. Or any argument at all. So mouth your silly stupidies; they make it clear how stupid you are.

  • alma

    You don’t know nothin about it Hortensia.

  • Anon

    Someone getting confused again between Jake and Jack isn’t that right alma!. Just read a fascinating article about you TTer’s, just google and I am sure you will find it.

  • Hortensia

    Dear Almapeabrain:

    well tell me what Reese gets out of being a “beard”? you think she is so stupid she would do something of no value to herself and that in fact would make her look like a dope and a dupe? if you do then you are the dupe and the dope. reese is bright and cares for her reputation. you are stupid and don’t even have one. use your brain. oh, i forget, you really don’t have one, do you?

  • Vince Vaughn and kevin smith

    Who else would hang out with that biotch Reese if it wasn’t gay Jake trying to look straight. he makes Reese look desired and wanted and important to someone after Ryan left her sorry a s s. If it wasn’t for Jake Reese would look like another pathetic Aniston after Brad left her. A lot of people in HW hate Reese. no one wants to hang with her except her buddy Jake who needs a fake girlfriend. Just like these pix, Jake has always been into making mulch out of deadwood. He’s recycling Reese into a positive spin on him. We threw that trash out a long time ago.

  • Lois lane

    OMG, Jake, my heroe saving the planet !

  • x

    Old young Jake is back! First time I saw this pics I thought it´s old pics cause he seems too young.

    It´s amazing how he looks like more happy when a certain woman is not near him.

  • The Hoe

    Jake honey, my bush needs you to plow a hole and plant some seeds!

  • Hortensia

    VV and KS…geez are you self deluded stupes. Sure nobody in HW wants to be seen with Ms. #1 earning female star of HW. She’s shunned by everybody. Avon won’t touch her except to pay her millions a year to represent them. It is pretty clear evidence of insanity when people think their own deranged hatreds are shared by everybody else. Pssss. if you keep saying stupid things like this people might even think you’re DUMB. And we couldn’t have people knowing you are STUPID, could we? PSS2 You think since you don’t like her she won’t get twenty million for her next major movie???? LOL

  • Hortensia

    It´s amazing how he looks like more happy when a certain woman is not near him.

    Yeah he doesn’t like her at all. that is why he spends so much time with her.

    Get a brain, stupido.

  • Ivana

    We all know reason why Jake looked sad … and that is not Reese.
    Year is gone and he obviously realized that he must live and go on …

    I think the only reason why he is serious with Reese is that because she is older and he feels some kind responsibility..
    HW is full of jealousy and envy… you don’t have to look good but if you make money like Reese.. you are so called heartless bitch.. .

  • Anon

    Very strange comment Ivana, why would Jake feel responsible for Reese, perhaps he is with her because he wants to be?.

  • Ivana

    Truth…. He is with her because he want to be…
    but did you know that every relationship brings commitment and responsibility for each other… i don’t know how old are you… but when people are older, their relationships are soo much different than relationships of high school kids.. :)))

  • Anon

    Ivana I am a lot older than you think, you made it sound like Jake is with Reese only because he feels responsible for something, don’t now what. anyway there are lots of happy J/J&R pics, I don’t see sadness anywhere. P**sed at the paps occasionally maybe.

  • Ivana

    I am glad that you are older.. :)))
    It make me feel easier…
    Maybe you right… maybe i sound like that… but under responsibility i mean more mature.. which is not same :)))

  • tyty

    jake, i love you so much!!!!!!!!

  • Hortensia

    There are plenty of pictures around of Jake and Reese laughing up a storm together. I guess people don’t remember or never looked. The idea that he would spend most of his free time with someone who “made him sad” is silly and preposterous. Lots of fans or whatever appear to have no common sense or brains.

  • LOL

    Hortensia and Ivana are Reeke’s PR whores.

  • LOL even louder at Wtf

    The nightmare only gets worse doesn’t it.

    See you are famous for your stupidity.

  • LOL TTer’s are so stupid


  • x

    Hortensia, I have brain but you haven´t sense of humor.


    I think Jake had a lot of problems last year (Heath´s death, parents divorce, no movies) even more he showed smiles in some moments with Reese and without her. I think just Jake hates paps around him mainly when Reese is together.

  • Hortensia

    Read all my posts. Of course I have a sense of humor, far more than you do. But the Reese=beard is too old to be funny and too stupid to endorse. LOL is so dumb she thinks or he thinks Reese wants to trash her reputation in HW. I can guanantee you Reese has no desire to ruin her reputation. Of course LOL has none to begin with so he/she can’t trash it and doesn’t even know what reputation is in the first place..

  • Ivana

    Why??? :-D

  • Hortensia

    Reese and Jake are used to paps and use them for their purposes. Smart HW stars adjust to the pap problem and learn how to use them. Stars need exposure, need to stay in the public eye since they are in the “look at me” business, so paps are very useful. You just need to know how to manage them. Jake and Reese do a pretty good job.

  • you saddos

    the comment board has turned into a conversation/argument about a man who’s job is acting. therfore everyone must delve into his private life.

    If you want to know why he looks sad in the pictures?
    a). A close friend of his/his godfather have both died
    b).His parents split up and they are a close family
    c).Movies such as nailed have not worked out for him along with untitled moon project.

    ALTHOUGH! you know pappaRATzi pics are only 0.001% of his actual life :L You people think you know him.


    I appreciate his acting and good looks. That is all i do.