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Kate Winslet: No More Nudity!

Kate Winslet: No More Nudity!

Kate Winslet, who is nominated for her sixth Academy Award for her performance in The Reader, has been named Best Actress in the the new issue of Time, on newsstands tomorrow.

On baring it all in The Reader, the 33-year-old British beauty says, “I think I won’t [get naked in a movie] again. I can’t keep getting away with it, and I don’t want to become ‘that actress who always gets her kit off.”

While looking over her old diaries, Kate adds, “I was struck to discover that I was truly the same person back then. But in the diary, I write several times, ‘I’m not sure I should really be working. I’ve got to learn more. I have to catch up with myself.’ Well, I feel I’ve caught up with myself now. With these roles, I’ve just closed a big chapter in my life. I feel that only in the last two years could I look someone in the eye and say, ‘I know how to act’ and really maybe mean it. (pauses) Notice I said maybe.”

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  • dee

    Naked or not, she’s always classy. Go Kate!:)

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    I disagree with this choice. But she looks pretty.

  • Lisa

    I love her so much. She’s incredible.

  • slambang

    Kate rules. She is miles above most of the other so-called “actresses” in Hollywood.

  • Rita

    Nice cover. I can’t seem to get over how gorgeous this woman is these days.. she has the beauty that every women can look up/relate to, truly a women’s woman! Go Kate!

  • hannahh

    She looks gorgeous on that cover! Natural beauty, love herrrr!

  • jof

    I totally loooooove her! but this is a really bad cover :S

  • Angie

    shes so pretty and classy, shes a great actress

  • datingnicepeople

    I think that acting is about being honest and if showing skin enhances the story it can be done to great effect. Maybe because she is British, but in most of her movies, the nudity enhances the sensuality of her characters. As long as it is not gratuitous then being naked is just part of the art of film.

  • jolly

    not a lot of people can pull that off with that little makeup

  • pinkrose

    No she is not ‘NOMINATED FOR HER SIXTH ACADEMY AWARD”. THAT would mean she already has five Oscars. Please get it right. This is her sixth nomination.

  • Lizzy

    wow.. hardly ANY makeup.. no nobody can pull that off. Her face is classic and beautful, shes so talented.. but I loved her real boobies.. would be sad not to see them anymore.. youre still an extremely beautiful, classy woman.. nudity is art. especially coming from her. I adore Kate Winslet.

  • Joe

    If they give the award to Winslet instead of the brilliant performance by Meryl Streep then there is no justice.

  • Kay

    Team Lara Croft thinks Angelina Jolie should get it obviously. love Kate and she’s not overrated! She barely does magazine covers so maybe she just wanted to have fun. I think both her and Meryl are the top 2 to get the Oscar. But I LOVED Kate in The Reader. She was mesmerizing (sp?) and just great!

  • jessalyn

    She’s a wonderful actress, and is stunning… However, the idea that she is wearing hardly any make-up or photo shop is silly.
    Yes. she is beautiful, and yes she has make-up on & of course that is photo shopped!
    She looks great, but I’m sure even Kate would agree that the “natural” look on this cover is part of an illusion.

  • bella

    She is a natural beauty. Not too many people can pull off no makeup and look stunning but she can.

  • viva la vida

    # 15
    Amen to everything you said Jessalyn.

  • go kate

    She’s absolutely beautiful, both inside & out. Good luck Kate & God bless .

  • lakers fan in boston

    i honestly love her as an actor and a person
    but when she talks, omg is she so fucking boring
    i swear i can predict the shit she will say
    she always seems to say “omg im fat” or “i think im a horrible actress”
    u need 2 stop it kate plz =[

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    Yes, IMO, Angelina should get it. But Angie already has an Oscar anyway so she could not care less. But Angie’s performance was the most brilliant one – as always.

  • dianel

    Kate looks just beautiful on the cover and she was awsome in The Reader

  • dEE

    Yes, IMO, Angelina should get it. But Angie already has an Oscar anyway so she could not care less. But Angie’s performance was the most brilliant one Рas always.

    I hardly think that an actor “could care less” if he/she wins, just because he/she already has an Oscar. Plus, that was for best supporting, not for lead. And sorry, but A Jolie is not in the same ball park as K Winslet. No way.

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    Oh dee
    Who are you, James Lipton? Stella Adler? Kate is fine but I think they are certainly in the same league. Did you see Angie as Marianne Pearl? Hello. Kate is very talented but Angelina is certainly her peer. Angelina has made it clear – so has Brad – that what matters is the family first. They really do not care as much as they used to about awards and fame – it is just an outlet that lets them do their charity work. I know you want to start something but fight with your self. It is no coincidence that Angelina gets more roles, more work and is more famous than Kate – Angelina is more than her peer – she is whom Kate would love to be as any actress would want that ability to be offered any role you want.

  • Kay

    Angie was good in Changeling but she’s wasn’t the best. And the only reason she’s more famous than Kate is because she’s in the headlines pimping her kids out. All in all, Angie is okay but does not compare to Kate’s acting ability. sure Angie has won an Oscar, but she’s only been nominated 2 times. kate has been nominated 6 times and i know lots of people rooting for her or Meryl Streep.

  • joss

    wow she looks amazing! she is just naturally beautiful and a talented actress.

  • to 23

    .yes, i saw angelina as marianne pearl; and i was not impressed. she left me totally cold. i felt absolutely no empathy for the woman. so angelina has made it clear that for her family comes first; she doesn’t care about fame etc etc. then please explain to me why the woman drags her children around like fashion accessories? angelina’s chldren have absolutely no privacy. kate, on the other hand, protects her children’s privacy from the press. now, who do you suppose is the better mother? as for acting ability; sorry but kate could teach angelina a few lessons.

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft


    Pimping her kids huh? That is the ONLY reason she is famous? I won’t even give you the time you so crave. All I will say is this: Zahara Marley-jolie Pitt will grow up to be a great woman who help other AIDS orphans in her native Ethiopia. Maddox Chivan will help poor street kids of Cambodia as Pax will help the needy of Vietnam. Shiloh will go back to Namibia and lend her name to charity there. That is their goal for their kids. You can call it pimping but it is a fact that their god hearts, work and money have helped many many hungry kids around the world and if the least of these was the 3 they adopted that would be more than your mean spirited self could do. It is your opinion that Kate is a better actress. Kate was awful in Titanic. But good this year in her movies. Angie was superb in A Mighty Heart, was superb in “Girl Interrupted”, superb in “Gia”, superb in many films. If it is your opinion that Kate is better than so be it – is that why she has yet to win an Oscar. But to personally attack Angelina shows your sheer envy of the most beautiful and most famous woman in the world. Eat it up babe! Jealousy will kill you!

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    to 26

    Kate Winslet’s kids don’t get hounded like Brad and Angelina’s kids do. Kate is just not as famous. Madonna, Angelina and the likes are hounded. People are staked out at their homes. MSNB did a superb show on the paps and the way they follow such famous people and it is unprecedented how Angelina gets followed. THAT is why you don’t see Kate’s kids in the tabs. The public does not care about her family as much and so the paps don’t follow her as much. But I know you want me to entertain your silliness. So go ahead, what else you got? Mighty Heart was one of the hardest films to do – she was exceptional in it.

  • lil mama

    Jared, I think you meant to say that she is up for her 6th academy award nomination, not her sixth academy award.

    but wow! i’ve only seen two movies with kate in them so i cannot say whether or not she is a good actress. but 6 oscar nominations is really impressive! i love the fact that she seems educated and has a head on her soldiers.

  • lil mama

    ^^ wow. i can’t believe that i commented on a grammar mistake then went ahead and said that kate has a good head on her “soldiers”?? touche

  • ddlebg27

    i can’t believe half this thread talks about Angie. This is a post about Kate Winslet, a great actress who is long overdue an Oscar and is highly deserving in my books. I’ve been a fan of hers from the beginning and I don’t think she needs to take her clothes off to portray a character. She’s an amazing actress and I’m rooting for her.

  • to 27

    great! you got the right word; pimping her children is exactly what angelina is doing! but please continue to defend her; by all means. all power to you. we’ll just wait and see who turns out for the best. angelina’s children, who can’t go anywhere with out being photographed and hounded by press, or kate’s children who are protected from the public glare; children who can go to the playground without having to worry about the press hiding behind some tree.

    as for being famous; consider this steven spielberg is one of the most famous people in the industry. yet, you never see photographs of his children. like kate winslet; steven spielberg has chosen to keep them out of the spotlight. this man is more famous than angelina or kate will ever be. i doubt people outside of the family and friends would know his children if they passed by them on the street. can you say the same for angelina’s?

    as for a mighty heart, if you want to think it’s a magnificant performance good for you. i, on the other hand, think otherwise. as for being jealous of angelina; not hardly. there is nothing she has that i need to be jealous of. all i see is a spoiled self-serving woman.

  • soi

    nobody wants to see spielbergs kids no matter how famous he is

  • Kay

    Fine Team Lara Croft I’ll lay off the hating on Angie but the world doesn’t revolve around her. And I agree with “to 27″.
    Angelina gets so much publicity and it’s not even funny!

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    to 32
    Oh boy, you really want my attention don’t you? Steven Spielberg is very famous BUT he does not have the public’s fascination with his private life as do Tom Cruise, Madonna, the Beckams, Gwen Stefani and Brangelina. They just don’t. It is a mystery as to why certain stars get hounded over others. Brad and Angelina are two of the most beautiful people in the world who came together and had kids and so there is a fascination with their lives – as their was with Liz Taylor in the 60′s. Some stars have that hold on the public and some don’t. Princess Diana did not “pimp” her kids but the media had a fascination with her and Princess Caroline in a way that no other royals had been subject to. There is no explaining that. it is a mixture of a charisma, physical beauty, talent and then rest a mystery. Some stars no matter how hard they tried will not sell papers or will not be wondered about whereas some just do. It’s call the “IT” factor. Caroline Kennedy and John Kennedy JR were hounded all the time and came out great! Liz Taylors kids came out great! I love how you wish ill will on kids. Kids make their own lives no matter what situation they are in. But the Jolie-Pitts are off to a good start because their parents are exposing them to the rest of the world- to charity – to do gooding – in a way that most parents do not. THAT is the difference. That Maddox has already visited a refugee camp at his young age or that Lourdes (Madonna’s daughter) visited an orphanage in Malawi already says these kids are off to a great start! These are things that will offset the fame and make them feel as if they can do great things with the attention they get from having a camera up their face 24 7. The more you post on Angie, the more it shows: you wish you were her!

  • Kay

    Brad and Angelina aren’t the most beauitful people in the world. They are aging horrible and soon pappa pitt will be 50. plus, he lost his looks and Angelina is just not that beauitful to me. She’s more of on the hot side and she’s too skinny.

  • jane

    Thanks Kate, you are doing the world a favor by keeping you clothes on.

  • to tara lara crof

    i happen to agree with both 27 and 34. what you have to understand and accept is that not everyone out there likes or respects what they of angelina. i work part time as a clerk in the ER at one of the hospitals where i live. i just did a quick poll of the dr’s, nurses, and the other clerks during my coffee break. six doctors i asked think that she is more interested in promoting herself than being a good mother. 5 nurses actually cannot forgive her for her affair with brad when he was still married to jennifer; and never will. two of the other clerks think that she is way over rated and think that in time she’ll just fade away.

  • came

    Yes, I was told that Zahara Marley-jolie Pitt will grow up to be a great woman who help other AIDS orphans in her native Ethiopia.

    And many HIV girls on a dating site hivlover com knew this news

  • Jen the Hag

    to tara lara crof @ 02/19/2009 at 8:01 pm

    Your hospital is not the rest of the world so that don’t count. Angelina has a lot of fans world wide. For example during the last Olympic (in China) when a reporter showed a bunch of HW stars to regular chinese people the only star they recognized is ANGELINA JOLIE .. so whaterver you like it or not PEOPLE ARE FASCINATED with her.

  • becca

    I’m SUCH a fan. She’s a true beauty and a rare talent!

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft


    So five nurses in your hospital is supposed to be a scientific experiment? Are you arguing the fact that Angelina is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world ? – whether or not your 5 nurses agree – the world thinks this. Get over it.

  • joe

    Please this isn’t about Angelina. If Kate wins good for her she’s a great actress. Some of you obviously don’t remember the Titanic days when she was on the tabloid covers every week for one reason or another. So please shut-up with your accusations about Angelina and the tabloids. Angelina doesn’t ask for it and neither did Kate back then.

  • regina

    trashy and a witch

  • lia

    And regina’s a moron.

  • emmy jay

    Geeeeesus H. Krist, this is a thread about Kate Winslet, and somehow it ends up about Angelina Jolie.

    I would imagine that there is mutual respect for one another’s work, and this sounds like high school tonite.

    Kate is a very talented actress, as is Angelina. I absolutely love AJ, but can also appreciate other talent in the industry. Let’s pretend we are grown up, just for awhile…..?

  • joe

    emmy jay @ 02/19/2009 at 10:17 pm

    Thank you ITA

  • Jaguar

    I hope Kate wins, she’s long overdue. Meryl was awesome too, though. Tough race.

  • dabu

    Kay @ 02/19/2009 at 6:01 pm AND to 23

    Explain to us all how Angie pimps her kids out all the time by dragging them around? We rarely see them! The Stefani Rossdale kids, the Affleck’s, the Richie Maddon kid, AND especially TomKat’s little Suri–we see these kids all the time. AND TomKat especially pimp out their little one constantly. It is rare a day or week goes by that he and KatE are not out there pimping for a photo op. In comparison you rarely see the Mad, Pax, Shi, Zee and especially the twins.

  • Diana

    The most overrated actress in history! I saw her performance in Revolutionary Road and I honestly was embarrassed for her. Total hamfest in that one. Leo was also tremendously miscast, they really don’t go well with each other. I’m also sick and tired of her wimpy attitude of trying so hard to please everybody. Is she really that pathetic in real life? No nudity because people would talk about it? Oh please, come on. You obviously love getting your kit off, so why even bother saying that BS? She is so incredibly fake and dishonest and the saddest part about it is people actually buy into it and think she is sweet and classy?!