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Nicole Kidman is Parasol Pretty

Nicole Kidman is Parasol Pretty

Nicole Kidman (in Alexander McQueen) dresses in period-style clothes and walks the beach with a parasol in hand for a Vogue photoshoot on Wednesday in Malibu, Calif.

The 41-year-old Australian actress was curiously not present earlier in the week at the Daytona 500 racing event earlier in the week. Ex-husband Tom Cruise was on-hand to start the race and drove the green Chevy Camaro pace car. Husband Keith Urban rocked out some songs to the crowd of more than 100,000. Husband and ex-husband meeting at the same race. Awkward much?

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman getting parasol pretty…

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nicole kidman parasol pretty 02
nicole kidman parasol pretty 03
nicole kidman parasol pretty 04
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Credit: BD/ISBP/Kristian/KO; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • anthony

    She looks amazing, and her hair looks more red witch I would love

  • om


  • Georgette

    nice wig

  • SCHoli

    I just love her!
    I don’t care what she does with her chemical peels, her botox, whatever, I love her.
    She is just a great Actress!

  • sara

    She looks like a tranny.

  • Erik

    She’s a beauty.

  • Reality Check

    Why would any woman leave a luxury hotel with a beautiful baby to go to NASCAR?

  • Mike

    She’s so beautiful! I loved her in ‘Australia’, and I’m really looking forward to seeing her in ‘Nine’!

  • nancy

    Nis is so beautiful!

  • luane

    She’s gorgeous

  • tina

    it probably wasn’t awkward considering Cruise’s son- Urban’s stepson- was there.

  • Lydia

    very pretty!

  • Sassy

    I wouldn’t have wanted to be there either. I’m hoping her older daughter Bella was with her while Connor was with Dad at the race. I wouldn’t blame Bella or Nicole, I’d rather watch the race on TV. What a gorgeous kid Connor is!! Growing up so fast, and I really hope what we read isn’t true, that Nicole doesn’t see her 2 older kids much. I hope they get to spend time with their other little sister, Sunday. Nicole: good on you to have the better husband the 2nd time around!!! Tom is a shrimp whose vague “Nic knows what she did” is obviously about his psycho “church” and how you bailed out of that hot mess. You didn’t do anything else wrong.

  • zoe

    she looks gorgeous. photoshoot definitely looks nice. i still like her as an actress even if she’s had botox or whatever.

  • Annie

    She looks FIERCE.

  • Louisa

    The part about the NASCAR race is ridiculous. Nicole and Keith do not have to be joined at the hip. They don’t go to each others committments all of the time. Also Keith is stepfather to Tom and Nicole’s 2 kids. It’s ridiculous to believe that Tom and Keith haven’t been in the same room or talked during his marriage.

  • andres

    omg.. she looks amazing…. i really like her.

  • betty

    beautiful!!!love her

  • collin

    True godness! Can’t wait to see the final photoshop

  • bonzo

    does no one else ever notice her skunk line? good Lord, this girl needs a new hairdresser. why bother coloring if you’re going to let your gray hang out all the time?

  • mona

    hay jj Where is the Rest of the photoshoot Penelope, Marion Cotillard and Kate Hudson were there as well whith nic

    Marion wearing red short dress with high heels also Hudson,Penelope wearing black short dress but i have to admit nic Steal the show ,the best dress and look among them

  • clash

    Do you really thing the Cruise & Urban families haven’t all met and hung out together outside of the public’s/paparazzi’s view? Get real.

  • salma

    she does not look “gorgeous” “beautiful”, “amazing”—she looks ridiculous with those dark brown eyebrows and her hair looks like a wig. and once and for all will all the fans who think she’s a redhead educate themselves….she is NOT a natural redhead…she says herself she is BLOND. And her hair isn’t redder here and it never is, it’s been the same color for years. Everyone’s hair looks different in different light.

    and why does she always know where the camera is, it’s creepy in general how all of the paparrazzi shots of her have her looking right at the camera.

  • Annie

    Salma :

    She IS a natural redhead. Her hair just turns blond with the years. Look at some pictures of her when she was younger.

  • really

    Where did she get that wig – Wal-mart?

    sara – I agree with you – she DOES look a tranny.

    Reality Check – it is called supporting your husband!

  • daisy

    Just because Nicole wasn’t in pictures doesn’t mean she wasn’t in Florida. She was. She was with Keith & the baby.

    Lovely pictures fo her.

  • jujuelen

    she looks amazing

  • andamentothat

    not a fan of this getup.. No more period pieces please..

  • salma 24#

    calm down before you go nuts,She IS a natural redhead just Look at some pictures of her when she was younger.

  • eliza

    She’s dressed as her character in the movie, Nine. That’s what the photoshoot is about.
    Keith said she was “there” during a news conference in Florida. “There” didn’t necessarily mean at the race but in Florida at the hotel with Sunday watching his performance. It kept the focus on him and not on her and the ex.

  • wendy


  • Marylou

    She looks beautiful as always. Total class. She’s very supportive of her husband. She stuck with him through his drug problems and got him back on track. She doesn’t have to be stuck to him like glue in order to support him. They look like a happy couple in love. Can’t wait to see the pics of all the ladies in Vogue.

  • Marylou

    Riri, Keith and Tom met up at a press conference before the race. I didn’t hear any booing from the crowd. I heard a lot of cheering for both men.

  • 2really @ 02/19/2009

    Reality Check – it is called supporting your husband!

    REALLY- its called not being a STEPFORD-ARM PIECE-ACCESSORY-WIFE!!!!!!!!! u’ve seen the movie right, well u should again then u might know the difference btw “supporting ur husband” and “being a ZOMBIE who tags along cos she has no choice”

  • riri

    Marylou @ 02/19/2009 at 9:30 am

    there’s a difference btw being in a room together full of other people discussing an issue and two pple “meeting up”, the daytone execs confirmed they never met, they were just there to attend thesame meeting at the same time, but as always GMD had to go a step further clapping like a lunatic when keith was introduced in the meeting

  • rosario

    Why on earth would a beatiful woman like Nicole do that to herself! It´s just not her face…she can´t even move her neck naturally… I´m sorry but I´m not interested in seeing a movie where I can´t relate to the leading lady… it doesn´t matter how good an actress she is you just can´t buy that she lives in the 1940´s or whenever when all her expressions are product of a facelift or botox… Pitty, because I loved most of her movies…

  • Joanne

    She will be on the cover of Vogue again, Wintour needs a f***ing brain!!!!So sick of her on that magazine!!!

  • taco

    Actually, nobody knows what Kidman’s real hair color is in real life. In one interview, she says that she is a natural red head. In another interview, she says that she was a natural blonde, but her mom started dying her hair red when she was a toddler. If that’s true, her mum was really an unfit mother. So if you want an answer to the hair color question, it really depends on which day and which lie you want to believe from Kidman’s mouth.

  • Taylor

    I love Nicole Kidman! She looks great in these photos. I’m glad she’s got back to redhair. Some of you sound JEALOUS! What’s the matter? Keith Urban didn’t pick YOU? Get a life. He wouldn’t pick you anyway. Nicole rocks! I love them both!

  • taco

    Keith who? Do you mean Nicole Kidman’s husband?
    She’s not back to her red hair – this is a hair piece. How convenient – just in time for the Oscars!

  • nicole

    OMG, Nic looked so pretty!!! I love her hair that color, and the dress was gorgeous!!! These are truly great pics!!! I can’t wait for the issue of Vogue to come out now

  • Reality Check

    Actually, Nicole is a natural blonde, they died her hair red for a film when she was 13. They said she was too pale as a blonde.

    The make-up is heavy, but not for Paprzzi light, it’s for Vogu lights on a shoot.

    The papas scream your name over and over until you look, she prob looked over yo make it go away.

  • rosario 38#

    she can´t even move her neck naturally

    sorry but how you move your neck naturally !!!!!!

  • taco

    Actually, Nicole said in an interview that her mother colored her blonde hair red when she was a toddler. If her hair wasn’t dyed until she was 13, why are there pictures of her as a young child with red hair?

    How does one hear their name being shouted out from a distance when they are on a noisy beach?

    Why are there no other paps shots of the other celebrities that had a photo shoot for this same mag spread?

  • gerard Vandenberg

    IF YOU LIKE ONIONS, folks?

  • rosario 38#

    rosario 38# @ 02/19/2009 at 11:12 am she can´t even move her neck naturally

    sorry but how do you move your neck naturally !!!!!!

  • liz k

    She looks like an elongated BEET!

  • liz k

    She looks like an elongated BEET!

  • Janey

    I remember that Keith & Nicole met up with Tom & Katie at an Oscars party a year or two ago, and they were all chummy and gracious.

    They will always be friendly (at least in public!) for the sake of their kids.

  • Janey

    I love Nicole as a redhead!