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Rachel Bilson: No Engagement Ring!

Rachel Bilson: No Engagement Ring!

Rachel Bilson keeps her engagement under wraps by not wearing an engagement ring to the Brian Reyes Fall 2009 fashion show at New York City’s Bryant Park on Thursday (February 19).

Other pictures include the 27-year-old former O.C. actress relaxing at the W Lounge during Mercedes-Benz IMG New York Fashion Week.

Rachel has been in town with her mom, sex therapist Janice Stango. Fiance Hayden Christensen is back running errands in Los Angeles.

UPDATE: The ring has been found! RB has been seen shopping with her ring. Check it out here!

15+ pictures inside of engagement ring-less Rachel Bilson

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rachel bilson engagement ring 01
rachel bilson engagement ring 02
rachel bilson engagement ring 03
rachel bilson engagement ring 04
rachel bilson engagement ring 05
rachel bilson engagement ring 06
rachel bilson engagement ring 07
rachel bilson engagement ring 08
rachel bilson engagement ring 09
rachel bilson engagement ring 10
rachel bilson engagement ring 11
rachel bilson engagement ring 12
rachel bilson engagement ring 13
rachel bilson engagement ring 14
rachel bilson engagement ring 15

Photos: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for IMG, WENN
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  • dottra

    Oh my god Hayden is sooo hott!





    Must admit her dress loks nice here – but maybe the engagement is all publicity cos she’s doing a lot of fashion stuff lately

  • fake couple

    this more and more like a joke. she never been more happy with all this. this will backfire big time. any fans she has left stop supporting her. and before rachel fans have a go its her milking the cow dry. hell they were not even together when all this came out.

  • @all

    Do not like her bc there is nothing there, but now don’t like him (HC) either.

  • maryanne

    You’re gonna milk this BS for all its worth, huh Jared? She must pay you very handsomely.

  • Sephina

    I am glad to see that she recognizes that she has a serious pear shape and is only being photographed in dresses while out and about. She has that Jennifer Love Hewitt figure going on.

  • celebhores

    agreed maryanne

  • celebhores

    those women beside and behind her look a hell of a lot better. but see rb loving the spotlight. they must be thinking “god what a little twit she is “

  • Bob

    i usually love her style, but that outfit is awful. Who cares if they’re engaged. I don’t think Hayden is all that anyway. He seems kind of like a prick to me. Maybe i’m wrong, but on the other hand Rachel is cute, although this outfit is not that great on her. I think she has the cutest body. I love her hips, they are curvy yet she is petite at the same time. I think that’s very attractive in a woman. The Sofia Loren type of hips are sexy in women!! LOL some of you call them saddlebags, but I find it very attractive on a petite woman.

  • Carrie

    Gee Jared this is your what 7th post about this attention seeking fag hag in a week. Please let us all know how much her PR people are paying you to keep this nobody relevant.

  • Bob

    pear shapes rule… I think pear shaped women are the sexiest. who wants to be with a straight board with no hips..eww.

  • Taylor

    Bob this place belongs now to Hayden fans, this is their domain now, your post or my post are not welcome here…
    Jared is posting more and more on Rachel now, since he knows he’ll have his money back in no time with the haydentards…

  • celebhores

    hourglass is much more sexy. pears have no tits

  • Bob

    who wants a huge saggy tit in their face… eww… I prefer mine small and perky with beautiful hips and nice ass… now that’s HOT baby!!! LOL

  • Taylor

    Bob, the girls here are not straight board with no hips, try watermelon shape that would best describe them, hehehe

  • Bob

    by the way i wrote saggy tits on the post above LOL

  • Bob

    LOL, good one Taylor :)

  • is it true?

    can i add this? there has no mention of a engagment on-desiring fan news.- why?. her boards have mention’d it?.

  • blog about rachel bilson

    she is so quite!

  • jesus

    she is so cute, beautiful, and sexy all three rolled into one. love her.. dont care that shes not famous anymore.. dont give a fuck that shes a “midget” shes the jam, loves her.

  • Taylor

    @ #19

    Well, it’s a fact that Hayden want the guy to stay single for the rest of his life, the one and only they would accept to be his gf is natalie portman(HATE having to bring her name up in a Rachel post), but they accept it only if it’s just as long as it doesn’t become reality, if it did, they would hate her too…

    I feel for him, having to take seconds thoughts about anything he does with his life in order not to hurt his obsessive/lunatic fandom. I have to credit them at least for keeping this guy relevant…

  • fake couple

    here we again the oh so boring hand shot.

  • @all

    I completely lost interest in this disgusting talentless duo.

  • not again

    Jared why do you continue to give this fame and attention-seekinging media hound so much attention when she has never produced anything worthwhile? She’s stringing you adn everyone else along and has been for years.

  • toni

    She probably cooked up this whole engagement story to deflect questions about her own fashion line.

  • celebhores

    if she did that, HC would be pretty pissed.

    we know they are together. they play chess together. he bought her pigs and lavender fields.

    if story is true about the plane,doubt it though,
    she seems to be the one conveniently slipping info out despite HC not liking it.

    wait til they have kids and she parades them in public and puts makeu on her if its a girl……i think rb would be like katey holmes who puts makeup on her little what 4yr old? sick!

  • unknown

    Team Brody…

    have to admit, I’m happy that she is just “famous” for being hc girlfriend and shopping. That’s what you get for breaking my poor Adam’s heart.

    If only Jared would post more Adam stuff *le sigh*

  • agnes bittertwawt

    Oh, I am SO uninterested in her. She is so nothing. Jared just gives her free publicity. She is going to lose ALL her fans. She is so loving this – you can tell what she’s thinking because she’s so shallow and, I mean, just look! I will never buy any of her products ever again.

  • Anakin

    Does Hayden know that they’re engaged?

  • Anakin

    @19 – There’s no talk of this engagement on his fansites because they vow not to talk about his personal life

  • emilee

    Love her

  • sharon

    my question is how is someone sitting in front of her on a a airplane notice something like that …in case he looked behind him and ask a question like that and her saying iam 27 not 15 sounds kinda of strange but like alot of other site saying both reps aren’t commenting on anything but they are saying new york i love you is coming out soon and could be a pr stunt who knows if she is so thrilled by what a friend of her said to people magazine don’t you think she would be wearing the ring since the cat is out of the bag.

  • @30

    Hayden knows that she’s telling everyone they’re engaged but because she knows he almost never talks publically, and he seems willing to let her use him for publicity, he won’t do anything about it.

    I think it’s interesting that she theroetically blabs that she’s engaged and has been for 2 months, was wearing a ring, but now not in full view of the press. This is the stupidest most childish bid for press attention I’ve ever seen by an untalented actrine desperate to promote herself.

  • lakers fan in boston

    once again….
    i dont think she looked nice, i dont really like the colors of her dress
    her face seems really weird lately….something about it
    and the pics with the scarf, she looked fantastic
    she looked her usual self,cute!!! =D
    btw is her 100% confirmed she’s actually engaged?
    tbh engaged isnt really the same thing in hollywood as it means 2 normal ppl, IMO

  • lakers fan in boston

    i just found out that hayden is anakin
    who would have thought, now i dont hate him as much =]

  • celebhores

    why is saying the new hc pics are from NYC?

    he is driving rb car in la isnt he?

    im lost…

  • Gasol_fan16

    @ Bob and Taylor.
    Not all b*tches on this board happen to have a fat azz watermelon looking body. I’m tall and happen to have the narrow hips. I think the ultimate looking woman is tall and has curves to be a Sophia Loren type. Sophia Loren I believe was tall. This photoshoot with Pau Gasol and Priscila de Gustin over the summer for UNICEF was a hot video. Priscila has to me the ultimate slender and yet curvy body. Not Bilson.

  • carla

    OMG we’ll never see the end of this overrated twit are we. She’s going to be featured here 5 to 6 times a day. Overexposed mediocre celebrity

  • observer

    Again why does this surprise you that there isn’t an engagement ring. GEE b/c there isn’t one. I think the woman’s party life past and present has done some brain damage like the fried egg in the hot pan this is your brain being cooked. She acts like a crazed woman chasing a man who clearly is not into her. I’m sure he could care less what she mentions or says as long as he doesn’t have to deal with it. And when he does we here NOT MY RING. Bet he leads her on with a bunch of promises and lies (seems that is what he is good at selling) In a way I feel sorry for this woman she is being used and pretty sure lied to her with a bunch of promises of marriage but, in reality he acts like a kid who wants the shinny toy but, when he is tired of it he puts it on a shelf and only take it out when it suits him. Who would want this for any woman I might not like the woman but, I don’t feel she or any woman has the right to be treated like as if she lives only for him at his beckon call.

    The airline post many have already mentioned that the comment in Page six is as bogus as of today’s last picture of the absent ring on her finger. Is the man in LA another site has him in NYC but he was driving a car that didn’t look like NYC to me..guess he was on an interview but, god he looked as if he was crying in one of them. Guess he heard what RB has people thinking..and he has to step up to the plate, agree or deny or avoid it I say the later of the two he will do. Funny how when the PR REPS asked about then engagement they got the movie promotional of NYILU as an answer god that is horrible way to advertise your client.

  • arantxa

    Wish them the best (L)
    Buuuut :(
    poor Adam ! (U)

  • anon

    Rachel and Adam fan all the way!

  • Luke

    I love her, shes the best

  • @#13

    @ Jared is posting more and more on Rachel now, since he knows he’ll have his money back in no time with the haydentards…

    But sure is that JJ have already received an “advanced checks” from BilHO. That Asian dude just religiously doing the job as he was paid for. Trust.

  • suspicious

    publicity stunt they’re not really engaged

  • me

    I never realized she was that ugly upclose

  • emma

    Ugh. Adam would make a far better accesory for her than any ring.
    #28 I totally agree.

  • Custom T

    Why no ring Rachel? Be proud of your man!

  • Tisdragonfly

    oh Come on what kind of girl doesn’t want to show off her rock?

    That’s hardly fair to us fans , I mean if I was HC’s girl i’d be showing it to everyone.

    Ok Rather I was HC’s girl or not any woman in their right mind wants everyone to see their engagement ring.

    Come on Rachel show us the rock. Are they just teasing us again or is it really for sure this time?

  • Gasol_fan16

    Rachel does like to tease!
    Obvious! The way she giggles!