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Rihanna's Bruised Face Revealed

Rihanna's Bruised Face Revealed


Click inside to see the shocking photo of Rihanna taken after Chris Brown allegedly beat her during an altercation in Los Angeles on Feb. 8.


Click the thumbnail below for a better view of the pic via TMZ. Daaaaaang!

To catch up on all the latest Rihanna/Chris Brown news:

Rihanna‘s father speaks out
Chris Brown‘s father speaks out
Chris Brown release official apology

Chris is due in court March 5. Stay strong, RiRi.

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  • Lana

    num 42 You didn’t understand huh? I’m just shocked. Can’t believe he really did this. It’s so bad. Hope he’ll do some time in jail. I have no respect for him anymore.

  • anthony

    Sadly men that normally do this kind of stuff don’t ever get harsh enough punishments..

  • Cindy Lou

    Just Jared, I think writing “Daaaaaang!” is really insensitive. This is not a joke or something to be mocked. Maybe you should replace the with “This is shocking!” Just a thought.

  • sofia

    That’s break my heart ….

  • zanessa4evvver


  • OMG

    OMG OMG poor Rihanna, how the hell can chris do this to her, I was like his biggest fan, he really messed up this is unexceptable just look at her face poor baby.
    How did this picture get out?

  • Zoe Moon

    What a bastard Chris Brown is. That apology he gave just does not cut it. How dare he do that to her. I hope she really is not seriously considering going back to that jerk. Omigod, look what he did to her face! Leave the pig alone, Rihanna!! You can do better than that.

  • ma74

    That’s horrible!!!!!!!So sad.Why isn’t he in jail already?

  • chelsea

    goodbye chris brown..
    I’ve lost ALLLL respect for that boy.. I NEVER want to hear his SONGS EVER AGAIN!

  • Dina p

    i cant believe it you son of a bitch and riri want to be with you
    riri move on if he would hav did this to me i would sue the living shit till he lose it all
    well when all his fans see what he did no one will ever sperk about you
    Dina P
    is going say i wll not like cb at all
    till he is in jail
    and jay-z mis he up
    and i will be on the floor lauhing my head off
    to wear the whole world is laughing
    because who will what 2 be with you
    you will have none to love and will be all forgiven about
    ha do you hear me lauhing
    you start to cry and crawl in a ball
    and cry cry cry cry cry her a river i hope you feel so laning that your night cold
    so how i think you`ll go to jail
    hard-cold to cb
    Dina P

  • Wow!

    She si known to be a real prima donna demanding divsa. I like hermusic. SHE did NOT deserve that.Pitiful. Chris Brownhad it ALL! Dumb lil f876543! CHRIS IS a loser!!!!! This girllooks like she went a few rounds with a proboxer! His goose is cooked.

  • mochi

    this is horrible. no words can express how i feel just looking at this horrific picture of the beat up R&B princess. no deserves to be treated like that. you can really tell that she really is hurt and in much pain. i just feel i like crying!
    i <3 you riri!, and stay strong!

  • Jake

    fake.sry to break it to you guys. yes she has that tattoo but it doesnt mean it wasnt photoshopped. Her father just told E!,people and others that she only had MINOR bruises. This is so fake. So all you ppl who are going to comment on this can kiss my ass cause i really dont care what you have to say.

  • Carrie

    Any young women who think this is relationship-as-usual or common behavior in relationship, needs to seek psychotherapy. So many of you have been maturing under the influence of hip-hop and rap music that denigrates women on every level so you perceive (any) abuse whether verbal, sexual, physical, emotional, and/or psychological as normal behavior? Not so….

    As an over sixty woman, I found comments and support of this man last week absolutely appalling. No woman should ever be violated verbally, sexually, physically, emotionally, and/or psychologically by the male gender. …and no woman should act in the same manner with a man.

  • victor

    OMG! fuck chris brown!!!!

  • jessica

    Poor Rihanna.. gosh that is really horrible! A man should never raise a hand to a woman this is so wrong :( Stay strong Rihanna!! I really hope she has the strengh & courage to leave him… I cant believe he did that to her!

  • Jessica

    you know first of all i NEVER wanted to believe it and i was in shock but this is beyoneddddd anything i thought…im so speechless and well i hope she leaves him like WTF and i kno its hard for use to not expect her to go back but this is like omfgggggg and well i pray for here and i think he needs to go to jail… disgusedddd b/c i was a fan of him and now i don’t kno. =(

  • tatum

    Jake stfu! iTS NOT PHOTOSHOPPED. This is truly disgusting.

  • Laurie

    OMG!… CRHEIS BROWN NEEDS TO GET SHOT IN THE FACE!!! ughhhhh! this gets me sooo MAD…riri Is my freaking HERO!

    OMG im in can someone do this!?!?!

  • gigi

    Thie saddest part about this is that she will FORGIVE him because right now I am sure he is asking her to forgive him and telling her how much he LOVES her. That is the saddest part, I hope if she is able to get online and looking to see what people are saying, I will hope that she will muster the courage to leave him–don’t fall for it. THIS IS NOT LOVE

  • Dina p

    cb should do 18 years with the tuogh and rough men who would fuck him up for life . how you like them apples with tears on the side
    well hope that deep bone comes out

  • rose


  • laylay

    since the day i heard about what happened, i believed it. there was never a doubt in my mind. but i didnt think it was THIS bad!!!

    this is horrible!!

    chris really needs to go to jail. i dont care how much i like his music, he needs to be dropped from his record label, sent to jail, and be banned from the musical world.

    that may be a little much but that up there is SERIOUS stuff!!!!!!!

    to rihanna — stay strong, babe! go home to barbados for a little bit. chill in the sun. spend time with your family. RELAX!!! when you come back, come back better and FIERCER than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are an awesome person and this should NOT have happened to you.

    chris is a PSYCHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • miCHELLE B


  • Jo


  • fuck chris brown!

    OMG!!! SHAME ON CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    he deserves to go to jail!!!!

  • christine

    whoaaa man

  • Shannon

    ugh this aint right they should never have posted this pic of Rhianna the girl has been through enough and this is just more and that pic i have no words! im shocked i tell ya SHOCKED!

  • kiki

    OMG! i knew it was bad but not this bad, he should spend a year or two in jail.

  • Jake

    fake. take a really good look at this and youll begin to see its fake.

  • pat

    He is a BASTARD!!! Poor Rhianna, hope she can get some counseling and make that scum pay for what he did!!

  • Vanessa

    omg. i never really cared for Rihanna that much, but this is horrible and I feel so bad for her. I hope she gets better..Chris’ ass needs to be in effing jail!!

  • torie


  • me me me

    that fucking sucks. i’m loss for words.

  • Ale

    Brow, son of a bitch!!!

  • Nikki

    Ri please please please I beg of you do not take him back. Press the worse charges against this monster. Next time baby you might not make it out alive. I am so sorry this happened to you. Its ok to forgive him but don’t EVER let in your heart again. Girl I’m praying for you.

  • Brooke

    no body deserves that
    chris is such a freaking ass hole

  • Anon

    If you go to TMZ you can even see that her nose is busted and those two lumps are starting to swell already. He choked her, too, you can see it on the TMZ picture. I was on a jury where a guy attacked his girlfriend with a knife and cut her neck so bad she was in a wheelchair for life and she was 23. Paralyzed from the neck down. He slashed her face, too. I hope Rihanna takes this as a wake up call. It could have been much worse, as bad as it is, now she could be dead, or even permanent damaged.

  • elletii

    thank you for not actually posting the pic. such an invasion of privacy and victims deserve at least some privacy.

    RiRi god bless you. Praying for you.

  • ruth

    domestic abuse will not be tolerated !

  • Kaio

    i’m shocked !
    F*ck you chris brown !
    here in Brazil we are hopping to you get better
    stay strong !
    WE love YOU.

  • tom

    Looks better

  • mertz

    OMG. OMG. OMG. i can’t believe this shit. life is so unfair. i wish she had beaten the shit out of the mother f’r too. yeah i can call him that cause he’s a little sh*t. i mean seriously.

  • Mayra

    omg wow, i didn’t wanna believe it but……….

  • bet betty

    Does anyone know why the guy beat his girlfriend?

  • Ellenn

    omgoodness! i don’t want to believe this!
    how cann chris brown do such a thing!!
    i’ve offically lost all respect for the man. how can he do that to her?!
    i hope she gets better really sooon..

  • SUBsub

    #33, you get your a** kicked and tell me how you feel in the morning.
    That picture is horrid. Looks like he was hitting on her with force. What the F**K is wrong with CB? You just never really know about some people…

  • office fan

    My son and my nieces idolized Chris. My son use to go around trying to dance like him, and saying how cool he was. Now they HATE him, and have removed his songs and videos off their ipods. I seriously hope he spends some real time in jail and that the music industry refuses to work with him anymore. What a disgusting piece of sh*t Chris Brown is. He is definitely not a MAN.

  • aby

    wow!! i don’t want to belive it ! ! im still wating for someone to say it’s all a mistake! !… poor Rihanna!

  • bet betty

    Bloody. Brute.