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Rihanna's Bruised Face Revealed

Rihanna's Bruised Face Revealed


Click inside to see the shocking photo of Rihanna taken after Chris Brown allegedly beat her during an altercation in Los Angeles on Feb. 8.


Click the thumbnail below for a better view of the pic via TMZ. Daaaaaang!

To catch up on all the latest Rihanna/Chris Brown news:

Rihanna‘s father speaks out
Chris Brown‘s father speaks out
Chris Brown release official apology

Chris is due in court March 5. Stay strong, RiRi.

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  • omgg !!! i seriously thought this wass unreal … she looks soo differentt ! i feel so bad for her =(

  • mia

    poor thing :( i hope she doesn’t go back to him!

  • leanna

    that is horrible! like terribly horrible. i didnt expect it to be this bad. wow. im so heartbroken.

  • G

    unbelievable. Chris Brown music must be boycotted. And I mean really boycotted. I boycott R Kelly music but he’s still selling tons of records.
    We need to show that there is no public support for this. Zero tolerance for domestic abuse of any kind.

    Shame on you, Chris Brown.

    Boycott his music everyone! Call your radio stations and ask them to put in a 1 year ban on Chris Brown music and talk about educating people about domestic abuse.

    We need to raise the awareness.

  • http://Goawaybeyonce oh my…

    I hate him, jail or death…. he needs them.

  • mej1031

    WOW! i didnt wnat to belive it at all.
    dude this is really bad! i mean its really bad.
    but idk how chris could give her those two contusions(idk how to spell it). i just dont kno how he could hit her there.
    but this is bad.
    i think he dserves time.
    but i am taking child development right now and we just learned about physical and emotional and something else abuse. and they say that men or women who beat people are normaly influenced by someone else. and if you rememmber that chris browns step fauther used to beat up his mother. soo thats part of it.
    but i still think chris deserves time.
    but not 18 years.
    thats a little overated. i think he deserves like 3-5 years. or not even that much cause putting someone in jail for this dosent really help them. cause they are just gonna get out and do it again. if he is seeking help that is the best thing cause the best thing to fix his beating a women problem is to go to counceling and stuff like that. i do belive that he deserves time for what he did.
    but i am still gonna say we dont know THE WHOLE STORY, you never know something else might of happend. but i am not going to say that chris didnt do it because i beleive he did do it fromt he looks of this picture. i am soo sorry for rihanna. i hope you heal well.
    dont judge me for my opinion this is what i think and thats all i am gonna say(:

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    wow.. if that picture is real – chris brown is fcuking finished!
    i don’t care if you hate rihanna with all you internet heart – no chick deserves that.

  • fuck you.

    i dont know what to say or expect. what the fuck chris brown? i used to look up to you, and now i cant even listen to your songs anymore. sorry isnt good enough. youve lost so many fans, and why? because you fucking beat up poor rihanna. what the fuck will that do? i love you rihanna. chris brown – what the fuck is wrong with you?

  • I Want it All

    Shit! It htought it was like a one or two hit thing. man poor girl.

  • I Want it All

    Shit! It htought it was like a one or two hit thing. man poor girl.

  • aghani

    omfg that is soooooo not rihanna you retards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura

    Dang. I agree that Chris Brown should serve some sort of time. I also hope she doesn’t actually go back to him. Once is enough…there should be NO tolerance for any sort of abuse. Please don’t go back to him!

  • fuck you.

    yes it is rihanna! cant you see that!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chelsey

    That is not real. Its photoshopped. She would not step out looking like that and give the media more stuff to write about and make stuff up about.

  • bia

    I’m just hopping that Jay-z will kick his ass SO BADLY! That HE will need cirurgy to fix that ugly psycho face of his

  • satan

    AHHH!! *runs away… then comes back*
    wait she looks the same to me O.o

  • vanessa

    I would wanted it be worse so that her face will be ruined and we dont have to see her annoying face again. Get out of hollywood,rihanna!

  • Lívia

    what the hell he did to her? He should be in jail! I hope just because he has money he don’t scape from the jail.

  • tina

    I wonder if people would be freaking out this much if Chris Brown did this to some no name woman. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is HORRIBLE and in a loving relationship no person should ever raise a hand to the other….but I just wonder if it would get the same reaction (aka, he should die). We hear about celebs beating a wife or girlfriend who isn’t famous and it quickly becomes yesterday’s news and forgotten about.

  • gossipgirl

    shame on you for posting this…i didnt need to see that i already know what he did & support her. jj= media whore

  • navjot

    dame i hate chris for doing thaat to riri

  • Jen

    her nose is huge!

  • kenzie

    Chris Browns whole career is ruined.
    No one will ever look at him the same.
    I hope he’s happy with himself.
    He should go to jail forever. :|

  • just_dance

    my second boyfriend beat me. it got worse when i told him i was pregnent. everyday, it was horrible. when i was five months along, i left him. the best decision i did for me, and my four month old son, was get out. violence against anybody, but seriously especially women, is completly disrespectful and unacceptable. i wish rihanna the best of luck; it is difficult and challanging at best to rebuild one’s life after something like this has shaken it up so. with the media hovering over her, and being under a microscope – which, assumbly, will be so much worse because of the current events – will make it that much difficult. i do hope that the media is respectful and backs off for once, while i am not holding my breath; this picture is proof of that. sigh, this is so horrible. i, again, wish her the best.

    ps. when i say media, back off; i’m talking to you, too, TMZ!

  • ajababy24


  • Here’s The Deal

    Poor girl. No one deserves that.

  • T’aime

    omg i was so shocked when i saw these photos
    i was thinking she just had a paper cut and a black eye at worst but.. omg. i’ve been siding with Chris through all of this but now i don’t know…
    and that was a pretty sh!t apology

  • T’aime

    omg i was so shocked when i saw these photos
    i was thinking she just had a paper cut and a black eye at worst but.. omg. i’ve been siding with Chris through all of this but now i don’t know…
    and that was a pretty sh!t apology

  • boogie

    i can’t believe some of the comments above think her “beating” was not serious or it was photoshopped!

    So what about the hair? Is her hair supposed to be model beautiful after she had been beaten by this idiot animal? Of course her hair or ear…..will not look the same after a beating. !

  • trinigurl

    WTF!!!!!!!!!….nah man chris you ah fliking abuser…happy birthday rih rih.
    if i were you i wuldve left him but im sure u love him…but just remember if he did it once he will CERTAINLEY do it again

  • erin

    u kno wat she might be hurt but u guys r makin this out to be very big she was the one in the car that threw the keys out of the window and she was ditting chris brown i woold have snapped her neck if she did that tome she put herself in a man’s place if u dont want ur but whipped then dont mess wit nobody while they are driving i mean i used to love rihanna but she is clowning over a litle boy i mean he is 19 y.o. and he is doin wat most teenagers are doin he cheated so wat i mean yea i wooldhave sad to but i wooldnt have been fittin over him he is cute and all but thts just to much she shoold try listening to me myself and i cuz when yo bf leevs u and u aint got no frends then thats all u got heck i have learned to deel wit it i mean i dont have a bf and i probly never will until next year when i am in 7 grade

  • Nancy


  • can’t believe

    chris brown’s lies and excuses

    make me want to beat the crap out of him…he uses the language of the perpetrator just like every sleazy bastard who ever smacked his wife, kid mother or girlfriend around uses. you dirty bastard, I hope you go to prison for ten years. IT’S YOUR FAULT, ASSHOLE! as for all the mealy mouthed hollywood and music scene chicks that can’t bring themselves to condemn a misogynistic bully, let me say this: your time as whores for propaganda is ending, beyotches

  • adriana

    OH MY GOD.
    after seeing the proof..i have lost all respect for chris brown.
    omg do you realize how hard he must have beaten her in order for her face to be so swollen!!!!!
    i love you rihanna! STAY STRONG GIRL!

  • john

    # 131- you are full of crap.

    Go back to first grade and start all over again before it’s too late for you!

  • Angela

    I’m literally disgusted by just looking at that picture. Guys, boycott that heartless idiot Chris Brown! Don’t buy his records people, don’t go to his concerts, never mention that idiots name again..make him crawl back to where he belongs in the first place, in the sewers ! Whatta piece of sh** seriously….

  • ellie

    oh god, poor rihanna

  • ali

    omg how could chris even have the nerve to do this to her?!?
    that is just soooo terrible!! stay strong riri– my prayers are with you!

  • http://none maria

    Happy birthday rihanna.take care of yourself.we thinking of you always.

  • hhmm

    She looks horrible, she’s such a beautiful girl. Chris Brown is an idiot.

  • **

    omg…. i cant describe what im feeling seeing this picture! its just shocking this man is a completly idiot! MORE THAN AN IDIOT! im crying omg…rihanna.. we are with u

  • mimilala

    This is so incredibly sad on so many level and aspects. I hope Rihanna never goes back to him, for her own good and his.

  • lisa

    If you think you can break someones neck because they threw keys out the window….well then you need some help. The only time someone deserves that is when they are comming at you with a weapon and telling you they will kill you…then that’s defense. It’s sad you think cheating isn’t a big deal and neither is abuse….please don’t have a boyfriend anytime soon.

  • AMY

    9 YEARS OF JAIL CHRIS. 9 YEARS. everyone has lost their respect for you.

  • nancy

    I couldn’t believe it when I first saw this picture. It made me tear up a bit.
    Stay strong Rihanna, we love you.

  • gisele

    wow. seeing her picture gives me chills.

    i’m so sorry Rhianna. i think everyone is behind you.

  • jd

    wow. that is just insane.
    to those people defending chris brown and saying “she deserved it” “he was provoked” …clearly you need to get your mind checked up.

    nobody, whether a man or woman should abuse/beat up somebody else like what happened to her. that is just way beyond sad.

    i used to be a fan of chris brown. but now, more respect for him. disgusting. jail time!

  • http://Goawaybeyonce HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


  • http://Goawaybeyonce HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


  • jd

    #131. you’re probably still too young to understand the situation about abuse. are you like 10? get off the internet and continue your education. clearly you need that base on your spelling errors.