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Rihanna's Bruised Face Revealed

Rihanna's Bruised Face Revealed


Click inside to see the shocking photo of Rihanna taken after Chris Brown allegedly beat her during an altercation in Los Angeles on Feb. 8.


Click the thumbnail below for a better view of the pic via TMZ. Daaaaaang!

To catch up on all the latest Rihanna/Chris Brown news:

Rihanna‘s father speaks out
Chris Brown‘s father speaks out
Chris Brown release official apology

Chris is due in court March 5. Stay strong, RiRi.

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  • Faye88

    Poor girl. I don’t care what transpired between Chris and Rihanna that lead up to this beating. No woman deserves what he did to her. He should be prosecuted. This is not a case of a simple slap in the face.

  • david hotfire

    damn this is one serious sweet chin music…….

  • chris brown

    “When a bitch talk shit you have to put the smack down”

    Dr Dre


    Check out the picture of Rihanna beaten up by Chris Brown on:

    h t t p : / / whatspoppin . punt . nl
    for your daily pop-culture fix!

  • mia

    jared will you be boycotting chris brown? i think you should.

  • chris brown

    She gave me a STD son a STD

  • keiko

    No way….. when i first saw the photo, I said all loud: OMGGGG
    It’s so shocking.. beating a woman like this… it’s unacceptable… Even I’m a huge fan of Chris brown, I definitely think that he should pay for his faults…
    Hope that Rihanna will speak soon…

  • sucre

    This just makes me sick.
    If it was any other unfamous guy, hed be doin time already.
    But Chris – no. Poor little guy was confused and blaah blaah blaah and just lost some contracts. Big deal. This is too horrible. At first I thought media just made a big deal out of it and probably nothing serious happened, but THIS is SICK.
    I hope he loses all his fans, cuz no matter how much you like his songs, this cant be justified.
    Blaaaaah, *puke on you Chris*

  • melissa

    I definitely think thats her… same lips and tattoo

  • KantKloone

    Im not sure weather that is her or not but… if it is than all i can say is WOW… Im not gonna even go into everything im thinkin but… all i can say is Not My Biz

  • shortypie

    What the hell did the guy do :| Did he kick her face with his shoes?
    My god

  • Chelsea E

    Im discusted
    Chris Brown should be put in jail like everyone else
    I feeel so sorry for Rihanna

  • Mel




    CB you sick son of a bitch. you should be locked up you douche and have your ass whipped so hard. people on here that are still defending him or wanting to know the real story make me sick. what story is there to know. he fucken beat the living crap of the girlfriend he supposedly loved. i am sick to my stomach looking at her photos. my prayers go to u riri. u didnt deserve that and no woman deserves that. take time off, clear your head, and i hope you come back stronger and better than ever and stand up for women everywhere. i luv u riri and CB should get what he deserves.

  • rahj

    I hope chris brown doesnt even attempt to rescue his career from this. If he has any kind of a soul at all, I hope we never see or hear from him again.

  • shialove!!

    go to hell chris brown !!

  • as

    I wonder how many rappers will now diss chris brown this year?! I hope A LOT! Chris brown’s career’s officially dead!

  • KATE

    The owner, President, whoever the hell, of TMZ should be shot for allowing this photo to post for the WORLD to see… celebrities are people, too, like YOU and me and you are one sick f***!

  • Jennifer

    chris shud be in jail rite now…his career is over already anyway

  • ****

    The Ike and Tina Turner! *go ask your grandparents*

  • dirty

    maybe she deserved it:P

  • Mel

    Fuck you dirty!



  • arnaeth

    I hope that Chris Brown take his fist and put in his own ass…

  • danz

    That is horrible. I don’t want to dismiss Chris as an evil person because I don’t think he is. He’s human and he allowed his emotions to overpower him. I really hope he gets the help he needs in controlling his anger because I don’t want him to go down the path of a serial abuser. In the mean time, Rihanna should stay as far away from him as possible.

  • Samantha

    Why are you all getting emotionally involved..?? At the end of the day no-one knows what happened..!!

    As a woman I would never tolerate physical violence from a man, however everyone has different opinions – like if you think you have the right to hit a man, then you deserve to be hit back. I doubt he would have lashed out for no reason, and there are two sides to every storey. For all anyone knows she could have hit him first. We could make up a thousand senarios. But dont make an opinion before you actually know the facts. This kind of thing happens to woman day in day out, so why should he go to jail when there are so many men that get away with it. I think he’s learned his lesson and is genuinly sorry.

    The pictures are over exaggerated, she only has a small bruise on her right cheek and a slightly cut lip, all the other markings are dark spots, consistent with mixed race skin type, and the “horns” are the shape of her skull and are more noticable due to the fact that she has no make up on, the markings on her chin are acne..!!

    So all you people that say “i cried when I saw this pic” please get a life of your own and stop getting over emotional about other people’s that you dont even know…!!!

    So leave it be and stop thinking it’s YOUR business..!!

  • jackie


  • jackie

    She probably deserved it. Goddamn.

  • http://justjared sarah

    Disgusting the thug should be jailed.

  • ayj6m6l

    omg!!!!!!!! I fell sooo sad.jus look at her

  • Lannnaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    omg , that seriously bad.
    i cant believe Chris Brown would so such a thing out of everyone x

  • fortie

    screw you chris brown and i used to be a crazy fan wat kind of a man beats up a woman a jerk if you ask me baby girl get better and kick his butt

  • Mel

    Oh come on samantha….just coz she doesnt have makup on doesnt mean that her skull should stick out like that…thats not normal and for all we know it looks like he bashed her head on the dashboard. Yeah ,we dont know the real story but from this picture we can tell what happened…and we know chris brown is a REAL JERK for doing this to her. Ofcourse rihanna got pissed off when she learnt that he was playing her! Any woman would get pisssed off …but still he had no right to beat her up! Men should learn to control their anger and respect woman and not lie and cheat on them. It seems like even if men have the most beautifull woman by their side ,they still wanna do wrong and cheat!….gosh….its so sick! Poor rihanna.

  • dayyum!

    are you effin serious?!
    oh my goshh whatever chris brown should just be in jail.
    HOLY shihhh i mean this is illegal. LOOK AT RIHANNA.
    Someone should beat the crap out of him, too.
    AAGGGHH I’m sooo pissed.
    I will never look at chris the same way again. he’s such an a*shole!
    AAAGHHH i hate him!

  • jasmine alisa fortenberry

    Omg i hate that chris brown ever did this to rihanna right now her face is ugly and beat up. Yuck it really looks bad!

  • jasmine alisa fortenberry

    Omg i hate that chris brown ever did this to rihanna right now her face is ugly and beat up. Yuck it really looks bad!

  • Tiffany

    I REALLY didn’t want to believe it, and I had thought the injuries were less serious but..the photo tells it all.
    I hope everything will be alright for them.
    They WERE such a cute couple back then though :(

  • brenda

    That little fu@ker, someone should throw his @ss in jail and in marker on his forehead write child abuser. The b@stard deserves to be punished, once an abuser always an abuser.

  • Fnan

    Omg… i went 2 CBreezy´s consert in Sweden 23jan, and i feel lyk a FOOL!!!!! I thought that he was this sweet guy who would never (EVER!!!) put his ****** hands on any women. but but, i have been a cbreezy fan 2 long 2 let go. U can get thru this BBY<3!


  • ****

    You are all sick!

  • aquap

    hey to all those with their two cents out there, just a friendly reminder that everyone is innocent until proven guilty (perhaps one of the great safeguards of the law). although it seems like the court of public opinion has made up its fickle mind based on rumors, hearsay, etc.—simply put, no one has all the facts and until they come out, and CB is afforded his due process in court, the allegations are nothing more than alleged.

  • judith

    look at that face!
    even though i;m a big fan of chris brown music i still didn’t expected this from chris brown!

  • sybille

    Get well RIRI ! we love you.

    Chris brown to jail for a long time, i hope.

  • sienna

    Chris Brown should go to jail,there is no excuse for that kind of behaviour! Poor Rihanna,I hope she’ll be OK…Stay strong RiRi!

  • carla

    Samantha #275:
    We dont need to know the whole story the picture speaks for itself a man doesnt put his hands on a woman PERIOD!!!!!sounds like you want to justifIcation for this brutal attack,well hello this is NONE what kind of woman are you ,go back and crawl under the rock you came from bitch

  • nina bella

    Chris Brown needs to go to jail right now! Maybe someone in jail will smash his face into iron bars. It looks like he was trying to kill her! She should also bring a civil suit against him and take everything he has. Chris Brown = Douchebag, Punk, Asshole, Abuser, Criminal.

    Why certain celebrities are “wishing” Chris Brown “the best,” I’ll never know. Terrence Howard, T.I., Michelle Williams (from Destiny’s Child) Ray J. (Brandy’s Brother), etc., know that I will never support anything you ever do.

  • Rachel

    I’m really disgusted! I used to love his music and i appreciate that he has real talent but no-one, and seriously no-one deserves this! its disgusting. he should be sent down for this,dont care if hes a celebrity, he should be punished in the correct way

  • unknown


  • ralph c

    i really cannot believe it! Im really shocked..

  • Richard

    Well, there ya go…the modern day whitney and bobby…he will do it again, and she will go back to him…he should be in jail, or should be leftcin a room with her family…see how he likes it, that goes for any guy that does this to women!

  • Samantha

    Carla…….very unclassy with your child like comments…!!! Everyone has their opinion and even if you disagree with mine dont dare make a personal attack on me……who the f**k do you think you are..?? I didnt crawl from any rock you narrow minded silly imbicile..!!! Now I would love to say run along back to your trailor, but then that would make me the same as you…!!! F**king IDIOT..!!!