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Sophia Bush in Must-See Malandrino

Sophia Bush in Must-See Malandrino

Sophia Bush is radiant in red at the Malandrino Fall 2009 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at 30 Rock’s Rainbow Room on Thursday (February 19) in New York City.

“It was just beyond,” the 26-year-old One Tree Hill actress has said. “I don’t have my composure just yet, I am just blown away. Just when I think their shows can’t get better, they do. They top themselves.”

Also pictured below: Gossip Girl star Michelle Trachtenberg.

10+ pictures inside of Sophia Bush in must-see Malandrino…

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sophia bush malandrino must see 02
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sophia bush malandrino must see 10
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Photos: Amy Sussman/Getty
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  • klumsen


  • liz k

    What lovely eyes!

  • cynthia

    she’s beautiful like always !

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • Katy

    great color!

  • Jasmine

    Gorgeous! Red is her color.

  • :) :) :) :)


  • Valerie

    Simply Gorgeous! I hope she finds love soon… she seems to go to these events all by herself :-(

  • ….

    She is absolutely gorgeous. Red suits her so great.

  • hmmm

    god shes so boring! She cant find love because knowone wants to date her… because shes about as cool as AIDS and she has pale, sausage legs.. true story.

  • BBB

    Gotta love her! Wonder if Chad ever regret cheating on her?

  • BBB

    hmmm #10 – jealous much??? You would kill to have her looks and her body!

  • …..

    I’m sure he does .
    Sophia is an amazing woman and she looks gorgeous in those pics and in every pic !!

  • datingnicepeople

    That’s a really great dress. Perfect color and style, great for a vogue cover!

  • Mori

    love this one!

  • … xp

    yay ;D sophia is so pretty <333 i hope he regrets it…

  • fact

    she does not have a great body at all

  • jenna

    Nice body actually hot body but the face is so fugly so freakin fugly, ill just pretend ill only saw it up to her neck

  • kc

    *cries* Why didn’t she meet up with Kristen Bell?
    My fantasy destroyed again :(

  • Lizzy

    she has the same stupid face in every picture. I think shes homely.. wouldnt say fugs. but i cant get passed her fat white arms. but have to give it her.. she looks better in these pics than the last Herve Ledger posts.. that grey last years bandage dress looked atrocious on her! Time for Sophie to hit the gym : )

  • lilka

    I love the dress, the eearings, the coat and the shoes, but she looks really unnatural in that make-up.

  • christ

    shes wearing soooo much makeup.. with fake eyelash extensions as well. probably trying to bring peoples eyes off her chubby little body. well it didnt work.

  • lea

    she’s not chubby at all
    shes pretty toned but her face is so butt ugly it takes away from her hotness

  • confus ED.

    half hate her body, half hate her face. I would say face better than body. Her face isnt anything special.. just plain jane with a splash of designer makeup and lashes.. but shes waaay short.. 5’4ish? and too pale with fatty arms and thick thunderthighs paired with cankles. poor thing, SHE NEVER HAD A CHANCE!!

  • Shannon

    she looks gorgeous in red!


    Ive never understood her appeal. I see that she has a pretty face.. I guess..but I feel like I saw 500 hotter girls on ASU campus today.. besides.. i get this feeling she would be god awful in bed. like, REAL bad.

  • james

    wow someone has no life like we dont know its the same fucking person prob some fat loser who wishes she was as hot as sophia

  • derek

    u see how easy it was to change my name fucking loser thinks were all as dumb as them

  • Let the haters unite!

    Haters should get a life!

  • Angelaw.

    Couldn’t she get any chubbier???? I had no problems with her face before but now my god wtf happened?? Did James’ sperm ruined her face everytime he cums at her face????

  • dasha

    She’s gorgeous as always, red her color for sure, i really love her, her style, her face, her body, she’s really a great actress, flawless i’m jealous lol

  • SBFan

    Stunning! Simply Stunning!

    All you haters are just jealous.

  • SBFan

    Angelaw, how awful could you be?! Seriously, no life and no breading!

  • Anna

    You bashers show yourselves for the low lifes you are.
    Stunning Sophia.

  • Trudy

    These comments are so vulgar. The girl is so pretty. Do you honestly think these designers would invite her to showcase their clothing line if she was anything but fabulous? Oh right you know all and have the better eye. LMAO.
    Sophia wish ing you the best life has to offer.

  • anondraeand

    she was ugly to begin with. the fucckeer that shes dating now just makes her even uglier. her whoriness makes even the nicest clothes so fuckin ugly FAIL

  • Lucy

    #36 Nice.
    Aren’t you a lovely person.
    I guess the forums are slow for you today loser.

    I totally agree with you. Sophia is lovely!

  • Claire

    Sophia has endless energy. I envy her. This HOPEFULLY will be OTH last season.

  • tina

    Meh. I’ve seen her look better. And I agree. Too much make up.

  • Claire

    I wish I could like her. She flew to NY from Wilmy today. I bet she got ready in the car again, so funny. The hair pulled back every time must be because she has no time to do anything with it. My face and skin would look awful with no hair framing it. Lucky girl.

  • karmababykarma

    Sophia looks wonderful in red! The dress is very cute. I dont like her hair that much though but her makeup is very nice!

    People who come here to only bash Sophia have 0 life! Sophia is a beautiful person – she might not be the most gorgeous woman, or the skinniest girl out there, but she has a wonderful personality and she is an amazing role model! She is a very intelligent person and a great actress so who gives a damn if she doesn’t look like a godess every time she goes to an event! (to be honest I prefer casual-Sophia)

  • Jasmine

    Haha, James I agree. That happens on every Sophia post.

  • shialove!!

    she is so beautiful and classy ….if i was a man i definetely would love her…i am sure lot fo men would love her too..!!

  • Lilly

    Are sophia and James still going out? I keep hearing different takes? Like they broke up two weeks ago, or they are totally together? If they are they make a great looking couple.

  • Shaun

    She has such a boxy and short body. Plus, it doesn’t matter the color or style of dress anymore, Sophia Bush is obnoxious no matter what. I think she is only famous or has gotten ahead because of who she dates. The girl can’t act.

  • Megan

    Her face is HUGE. That close up picture is scaring me. o_O

  • ordinary

    You guys are the REASON why I dont bother to post here much, but only to certain people I care enough to talk to. But you guys are such haters for bashing her. My 1 millions dollars question is, “What does she DO to you that make you HATE her so MUCH?” What does she do that would easily piss you guys off so enough that you guys would come on here and bash her for all the stuff you have said here?! I want to know the answers because I wonder if Sophia treats you horribly or she says something that offends you or she does something that you cant stand it that you hate her very much?

    As for her personal life, you guys dont know ANYTHING about them because where do you hear it from? I mean it’s really obvious that you guys are BITTER and so b*tch enough to make up the sh*t. I mean where do you hear? Do you actually see her sucking the sperms in her mouth? Do you have pictures to prove it? You tell me so STOP spreading more lies and more stupid *** rumors about her and whatever you hear about her having nasty sex with any random guys. It’s ridiculous! You guys need to get a LIFE!


  • anonymous

    sophia should sit on set with her legs stretched faarrrr open cause that will make it easier for her costars to fckkk her

  • Stunning SB

    Love everything about her! Thanks JJ for the new post

  • Hotttttt

    Sophia Bush is the HOTTEST, MOST BEAUTIFUL, and SEXIEST woman in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!