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Usher's Wife is Still Smiling

Usher's Wife is Still Smiling

Usher‘s wife, Tameka Foster Raymond, is all smiles as she catches a flight home from the Airport of Guarulhos after recovering in Hospital Sirio Libanez in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Thursday(February 19).

She spent more than a week in hospital, recovering from a cardiac arrest while being anesthetized ahead of a “simple liposuction” (she just had a baby two months ago). Husband Usher is already back in the states.

Glad to see Tameka seemingly back to good health!

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  • hannahh

    ew shes so ugly. she looks like a tranny.

  • sienna

    Celebs are crazy. She had a baby 2 months ago. To slim down, she would kill herself. that’s dumb :( That wouldn’t be a life I would want.

  • Tealeaf

    Plastic Surgery isn’t worth dying..

  • Samantha

    Why didn’t they fly back home together? I find it kinda weird.. I mean, his wife had a heart attack and you visit for a couple of days and you don’t fly back home together?

  • guest

    glad to see she’s looking healthy & strong.

  • Weird

    Look at those awful cheek implants.

  • queenoftrashin

    Now, Usher needs to lose this witch.

  • Manda

    what a great mom she is, leaving her 2 yr old and her 2 month old to go to Brazil and have plastic surgery. Seriously she needed to do it right then, she could wait for the baby to be older, I would never be able to leave a child of mine at 2 months for more than quick night out with my husband. Sounds like there marriage really is on the rocks for her to need lipo so soon after birth.

  • arias

    Where are her kids. She has a new baby and she left him where for how many weeks?

  • qarla

    She’s not beautiful!

  • pati

    You can’t lie to your doctor, because they can’t help you if they don’t have all the information. I hope she learned her lesson.

  • bleh

    she look so manly

  • g-girl

    Once again, racist racist racist. Ignorant ignorant ignorant. Oh wait, where’s the next picture of Angelina so we can all die for her beauty, everyone else is soooo ugly. Soooo disgusting. So stupid. So horrible.

    Why bother to post anyone on this sight but Angelina. This way we can just gawk all day and say the most beautiful, sweet, angelic, amazing things. Yeah, we can all want to be Angelina.

    Ya’ll got issues.

  • mona

    How did Usher end up with this lady. TrashY

  • mona

    How did Usher end up with this lady. TrashY

  • Whachagunnadoboutit

    thats what i call a true gold digger! she needs a VH1 show on gold digging, get your paper and pens ready ladies!

  • datingnicepeople

    She actually got the Lipo because she will be on the next Real Housewives of Atlanta. I don’t think the marriage is in trouble. But its really a shame that she had to risk her life for a vanity and reality tv show. Of course, maybe they filmed the episode and they will show a real-life near death cosmetic surgery on tv!


    Why is she using the scarf? it’s SOOOO hot here in São Paulo! gosh!


    and look at those boots! IT’S HOOOOT HERE.. LIKE 30´Celsius here!

  • O

    Glad to see that she’s doing a lot better but she’s still a fecking moron. What the heck kind of mother goes off and gets plastic surgery just two months after giving birth? Who the hell was taking care of the baby and all of the other children? Why would Usher be stupid enough to allow her to use his money to go and get unnecessary cosmetic surgery so soon after busting out a baby? She’s selfish no doubt about it. Unfortunately, I don’t think that she’s learned anything from this experience. She’ll be back in Brazil or wherever else to go and get some more surgery.

  • office fan

    I agree with #8 and #9….she has two babies at home (the younger one only 2 months old) and she takes off and leaves them back in the states to go have cosmetic surgery?! She needs to get her priorities straight.

  • zac_Efron_huge_fan

    leaving her 2 months old baby to have plastic surgery !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what kind of mothers is she
    and c`mon ppl she`s not ugly actually i think she`s pretty

  • SUBsub

    Explain why you would travel to Brazil for lipo? Why not America? She definitely was getting some other type of plastic surgery to be in Brazil. She was after the whole works and then her old heart nearly gave in. Quit trying to be young and take care of your children. Geez!

  • buckley

    oh yea I believe you are really on the phone.
    Lady, you know you fucked up!

  • Rachel

    LAZY! It’s call the gym. You should try it!

  • lakers fan in boston

    ugly ass tranny ho
    seriously what’s wrong with usher for marrying her, she looks so damn ugly
    i always thought he had a thing for alicia keys

  • pati

    SUBsub, Brazil is the capital of plastic surgery. Brazil happens to have the best plastic surgeons in the world. Have you guys ever heard about Ivo Pitangy? He is the BEST surgeon in the WORLD.

  • LOL

    Ugly tranny went through with the lipo surgery. These stupid Hollywood people are pathetic. They spend millions of dollars on surgeries and beauty treatments and still look ugly. This ugly tranny sure ran a game to get Usher. I really thing he is gay since he picked something that look like a man.

  • Betina


  • that’s hideous

    she’s ridiculous
    and ignorant!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    that’s one ugly ugly ugly monkey

  • LOL

    Wasn’t she charged with welfare frud and got 3 kids before Usher.
    Now this thing is 40 with five kids and trying to have lipo surgery to try and look young. Isn’t Usher about 30. They are disgusting.
    Bet this dummy wish he had kept Chili, she was 100xs prettier than this tranny here.

  • Bo

    g-girl is a Jennifer Aniston fan. Well she should have sympathy for this ugly tranny since Jennifer Aniston is just as ugly as the big chin tranny.

  • Oh Canada

    How could she be so insecure as to leave a newborn to go risk her life for a bit of lipo.
    Is this lady lazy, or trying to save an unsavable marriage? Either way, your children should come first, before your vanity and any man.

    I don’t know this woman or her husband Usher, but I have to think that there’s something missing in her life and her marriage IF she felt it necessary to leave a 2 month old baby to go all the way to Brazil for plastic surgery. Hire a trainer and a dietician, you can afford it.

    It’s a poor reflection on Usher as a supportive husband, and also on Tameka as a woman who at 40 years old is not secure with herself. After this fiasco I truly doubt this marriage will last, I hope she as a woman and a mother works on loving herself so she can teach her children to love themselves from the inside out.

  • Helena

    Hey, i’m from São Paulo and i am so happy to know that she is ok know ..

    bye bye : ]

  • aneet

    It’s written wrong the name of the hospital. Here in Brazil we call it of : “Hospital Sírio-Libanês” or Sirio Libanes for you guys :D

  • Sarah

    g-girl #13- How can you say this is about race when she is called the same type of names on black sites such as Bossip, Media Take-out, etc. If anything, she gets it worse from the black community.

  • g-girl

    Right Sara – you just justified it! Oh Lord, so sad. Really sad!

  • Wow!

    Plastic surgery inb Brazil-stupid. Tyring to hide away from any publicity-stupid. Leaving a 2 yr. old and 2 month old to have lipo -stupid. You know she has three other kids too. She had these lil money makers for Usher ASAP with her old , ugly self. He should have stayed with Chilli.

  • Wow!

    Plastic surgery inb Brazil-stupid. Tyring to hide away from any publicity-stupid. Leaving a 2 yr. old and 2 month old to have lipo -stupid. You know she has three other kids too. She had these lil money makers for Usher ASAP with her old , ugly self. He should have stayed with Chilli.

  • Tay

    g-girl clearly do not know what she is talking about. They do hate her more in the black community. They call her worst names there than here. Go to the black sites so you can read how much Usher fans hate her guts. I remember he had a video shoot and she was mad because Usher picked a certain girl. She was so stupid and jealous. She need Usher was in that kind of work before
    what did she get him for if she was going to have fits when he work.
    I see why she didn’t care about her baby and went to have lipo surgery. She is ugly inside as well as outside.

  • ryan



  • ugh

    She is a tranny and Usher is Gay

  • ugh

    Pati – um no, we just so happen to not have interest in plastic surgery to have researched it as much as you have. We are proud of the beauty God has given us. Shallow monkey.

  • Cassie

    Usher must have a relatively low I.Q. to have attracted this person to his life. Imagine having a two-month-old baby (with whom you should be emotionally bonding) but instead run off to a foreign country to have more plastic surgery. He was at the top of his game and could have attracted a truly beautiful woman (not one who feels she has to recreate herself) to spend his life.

  • Custom T

    He didn’t even know she was going under the knife.. How do you just not know?

  • Moo

    It’s sad that even as the wife of a celeb, she feels the pressure to be thin. However, there’s a marvelous discovery for getting thin – eating right and exercising.

    If she has to do this to keep her man, then he really isn’t worth keeping and probably isn’t really ‘hers’ anyway.

  • Jennae

    From what the other Gossip sites are saying, Usher did not know that she was leaving the country or having the lipo procedure done. He was in Las Vegas finishing up his album because he could not work at home because of her drama with the people hired to work on the album and videos. Now he knows what type of woman he has married, a liar and a cheater. She lied to him and almost loss her life ; cheated with him on the other husband. Why would he married a woman that divorced a husband, leave her three children to be raised by him and marry another man. Usher should have listened to his mom, KARMA is a witch

  • Danielle

    It is so hot here,she doesn’t even need this scarf o__o
    And maybe that lady was after another type of plastic surgery,some other different than you have on your country,we’re pretty good on it too guys :)
    Btw,i am from são paulo – brazil and the press was so stupid,like all over her,where is the respect? I don’t know anymore.

  • Danielle