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Danica Patrick: Angelina Jolie Should Play Me!

Danica Patrick: Angelina Jolie Should Play Me!

If anyone could play race car driver cutie Danica Patrick in a movie — who would it be?

“I’ve always said Angelina Jolie would be great because she’s an action star!” Danica told some Canadian bloggers. As for Mandy Moore, Danica thought she was way too tall to play her!

Danica, 26, was then asked about Jennifer Aniston, to which she answered, “I don’t think that’d be age appropriate. She’s older than me!”

Angie is 33 and Jen is 40.

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  • Jaguar

    If anyone is crazy enough to make a movie about her I vote for Audrina Partridge.

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    sorry danica, you’d have to be waaay prettier to get angie to play you. but sweet request….


    “In reality” Aniston is almost 15 years older than Danica, so she’s got a good point.

  • sakura

    I love Angelina.
    And, Brad is loved.

    It is a wonderful couple.

    Do your best, and Brad and Angelina

  • Georgette

    hah..I’m sorry but 7 yrs is a big difference in HD films. lol
    besides..Aniston is not an action actress..she’s Rachel from Friends.

  • elite

    Angie looks HOT.

  • shenanyginz

    i don’t know if its just me but angelina looks 10 years older than her actual age…

  • Jennie

    i always thought angelina was older…jen looks way younger than angelina.

  • heh

    at least she has good taste. :lol:

  • lol

    Don’t make me post pics of Aniston… Continue saying she looks youngger than her years and I’ll do it…

  • Shar

    Jn looks older upclose, Angie just looks more mature than Jen, not older.

  • heh

    omg u made me choke on my drink, jen looks younger??????!!!!! surely u jest.

  • Harriet

    Like duh! Jen looks way younger than those two. And yeah, I agree with #1.

  • dianad1968

    Jared, stop trying to split hairs Aniston. Aniston is older than Angie, whether it is 7 years or 7 months. Angie is older than Danica, ergo, X is older than Danica. That is not so hard to understand now , is it?

  • dianad1968



    Please do. :lol:

    The pores on her face are so big, her face looks like an orange.

  • chopin

    jared please is this the latest thread for us?

  • lol

    i know and you can see her mustache.. lol

  • corrie

    No amont of plastic surger or botox can make maniston look younger and attractive. Maniston got the face that you see in average looking women with bleached hair, leather looking skin from too much sun shopping for bargains everyday at the flea market. Her fans love her because they can associate their looks and desperation with maniston.

  • joss

    7 years..big deal…aniston doesn’t even look that old. jen looks good, angie seems to be aging alot quicker

  • stephen

    I LOVE angelina. She looks awesome.

  • tessa


  • heh

    i think jen just acts like she’s young, still playing that cutesy rachel role. i think she’s in need of a reality check: it’s not cute anymore.

  • ugh

    lol Jared you are so dumb. “Only seven years older” That’s a big difference in age, especially when you’re in your 30′s.

  • that is so

    heh @ 02/20/2009 at 2:44 am i think jen just acts like she’s young, still playing that cutesy rachel role. i think she’s in need of a reality check: it’s not cute anymore.

    So totally true. She is not embracing the fact that age can be empowering. Change is a word not in her vocabulary.

  • nina

    Danica means Maniston is too old to play her.

  • FOXY

    SEXY SEXY SEXY HOT girl angie.

  • putri

    Angelina looks elegant, sophisticated yet mature..
    But I also always thought that Jen is younger than angelina… she looks healthier and get better curves that angie does. angie is skinny…

  • chopin

    I’d prefer the other one ”Angie in NF ” till you open a new one. Because I don’t want to see that X maniston’s whole body every time I read the comments. bye !

  • mia

    when you’re 26, asking a 40 year old versus asking a 33 year old play you does make a difference. besides which, it’s not like she could a) get either b) be worthy of having a major motion picture do a biopic of her (maybe a t.v. movie at best) c) really have any sort of say who would play her. besides which, jordana brewster looks enough like her to play the role.

  • liz

    Oh yeah jen’s brain is more than 7 years younger than my 12 year old niecer. Jen is a retard with a below average face

  • mayer left Maniston

    I am shocked and the world is shocked … Great, now Maniston will start again with crying and screaming to the ocean, there will be at least five or six interviews, of course one will have to be on Oprah Show with “go girl” circus … And in every single interview Maniston will say that because of Danica she couldn’t sleep that night just like when Kimberly Stewart called her homely and Maniston said that she couldn’t sleep that night so she had to have pity party in evey single interview after that tragic event and blah blah, this woman is so insecure and desperate!

  • anon

    Please stop the comments about how young Jen looks because she looks her age and I’m sorry but when you see photos of her that are not retouched she looks every one of those forty years. Is it really a surprise that a Hollywood actress is in great shape especially considering that she vacations a lot and has no real responsibilities? The only kid she’s taking care of is douchey McMayer and everyone suspects that’s all about publicity. And someone should tell her that being with a younger man doesn’t make you look younger, why do you think Demi has so much work done?

  • ryan




  • looo

    Why would she want the baster who is with the urinator play her.

  • Dumb Broads

    Only FAT middle-aged white soccer moms like Jennifer Aniston.

  • ryan






  • mayer left Maniston

    Danica probably saw this picture and, the rest of the shocked world saw it also, and so Danica is right, she is to old to play her. Also Angelina is amazing action star, and if there is a good script she could probably do amazing movie! Problem is that outside of USA Danica is not that famous, so I don’t think that there will be a movie about her, but who knows!

  • looo

    Jen would surely cry and whine again with this kind of comment. Her long grey hair made her cry. Although she should be used to it by now that even kim stewart said jen is homely

  • dianad1968

    Aniston looks like one of those over-tanned, leather-skinned, bleached-blond mob wives from New Jersey or Long Island, and all that jewelry around her neck, doesn’t help. She’s trying to hang on to her youth for dear life.

  • vera

    mayer left Maniston @ 02/20/2009 at 3:07 am

    holy moly mother of god. i seriously believe jennifer should do cosmetic ads, make up does wonders for her.

  • lol

    no . Aniston looks weird for her age. Cate Blanchet is the same age and is aging naturally. Maniston uses Botox and other stuff but she still looks old. I think it’s the texture of her crusty skin. Compare Cate to ANiston and you’ll see class vs trashy girl trying to look younger…

  • dianad1968

    Naomi Watts also looks 100xbetter than Aniston, and she is the same age, and has two children. All the plastic surgeries she is doing, is beginning to look obvious, and desperate. And she didn’t have much to work with before. :lol:

  • guli

    Danica.. ITAWU… X vs Angie ohhh it’s a NO BRAINER!!! One tries to balance her self on a two feet deep water in Me-hi-co and fails :lol: ….the other jumps off of 180 foot buildings, does most of her stunts…Yep Angie would kick a@@ as a race car driver!!!

  • cici

    maniston can only play the dog in a dog movie. Maybe a horse movie next time for maniston

  • coco

    Jen should be good in playiing the part of the female race horse winner of the kentucky derby. Only problem is jen doesnt even have the face nor the talent to play anything than rachel

  • putri

    jen looks young,maybe because she smiles more often to the cameras than angie does. but i admit she looks young,indeed,regardless her age.
    angie has that ‘misterious’ aura,she doesnt need too smile often to get attention,she’s attractive because she is angelina jolie…

  • vmars111

    Um, no one should make a Danica Patrick movie. EVER.

  • botox queen

    It is not hard these days to look young especially when you got 110m. Botox, restelayne and plastic surgery can do the job but it won’t change how old you really are. Jen is still 40 years old no matter how much botox or surgery she had

  • ((CHiniston isnt oscar bound))

    God yes to whoever compared Cate to Maniston ..Cate is aging naturally and beautifully just like CZJ and Halle i cant stand Maniston can she just be washed away to sea with the aid of her man’s golden showers ick ick ick…

  • faith

    LOL at Maniston