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Danica Patrick: Angelina Jolie Should Play Me!

Danica Patrick: Angelina Jolie Should Play Me!

If anyone could play race car driver cutie Danica Patrick in a movie — who would it be?

“I’ve always said Angelina Jolie would be great because she’s an action star!” Danica told some Canadian bloggers. As for Mandy Moore, Danica thought she was way too tall to play her!

Danica, 26, was then asked about Jennifer Aniston, to which she answered, “I don’t think that’d be age appropriate. She’s older than me!”

Angie is 33 and Jen is 40.

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  • putri

    botox,plastic surgery, and all –> is there any prove or confirmation?
    if not,means assumption.. its dangerous,and rude.

  • faith

    Maniston is 40 and she still wears Daisy Duke shorts.
    Start acting your age Maniston

  • hatersmuch

    People on this comment board are absolutely pathetic and obviously either just have an extremely low IQ or below the ages of 15.

  • granny jen

    Despite her botox and plastic surgeries, and wearing teens cloth, she still look her age.
    Look at her recent PDA picture with Pee boy, browsing every blog site, everyone agree on one thing she look like a mom sending her sons to college. She definitly look her age 4-0.

  • putri

    i am 14,thank you. LOL
    and you must be at my age or having a low IQ,right?

  • Jen the Hag

    putri @ 02/20/2009 at 4:07 am botox,plastic surgery, and all –> is there any prove or confirmation?
    if not,means assumption.. its dangerous,and rude.
    Yes there is she got caught leaving a plastic surgery clinic when she done her nose job. One critic of her last movie Marley and Me noticed she got the look of botox cheek.. and her eyes was slanted at that time.

  • putri

    Thanks Jen the Hag…
    but again,they are all assumptions… unless provided otherwise by official provement (e.g the official statement of her surgery doctor) or jennifer aniston’s self confirmation.
    Your statement doesnt prove anything. People like to judge and assume, such people should not enter law-school.

  • guli


    ROTFLMAO!!!! You really want proof of her plastic surgeries …you’ll be sorry…just warning you! Your idol has brown hair, brown eyes and a horrible nose…after three nose jobs, fake blue contacts, died blond hair…she now only looks OK….Here you go honey…I have a boat load of X pix before all this surgeries etc…I’d be happy to share more..just ask OK?
    I’m posting one of the good ones so that I don’t upset you too much. I’ll also throw in a recent pict of your idol w/o makeup…

  • putri

    she’s not my idol,its just ridiculous how you people love to say a person took this and that,without knowing the exact facts but the pictures,etc. I believe in “people are remain unguilty,unless proved otherwise”
    your pics dont prove anything, besides i dont need them. you&others dont need to show anything more,thank you very much… :)

  • bianca

    The difference is that while it’s okay when a beautiful 33 year old woman playes a woman of 26 in a movie, it’s unrealistic and downright ridiculous when a 40-year old attempts the same thing.

  • sofia

    LOL. That’s funny! And Aniston thinks she looks so young!


    John Mayer telling a girl he’s interested in working on her album at the Armani store opening.

    HMMM, mayer looking for a nice 20yr,bye bye to the 40yr old ruth buzzi look alike.

  • JM

    is this peeboy new pickup line,lol, priceless

  • Jenn’Ef”Her An’it’s done

    Mayer left Maniston #37
    OMG .. I never ever seen anyone looks that UGLY in my live !

  • plez

    In reality, however, Angie is 33 and Jen is only seven years older

    In reality Jared, DP was not comparing the two woman. She said straight out Aniston is too old.

    In reality Jared, Aniston is 40 and DP is 26 which is 14 years older.

    In reality Aniston can only do romcom well and only as the second fiddle. Never as the star of the project

  • gotta love JOLIE

    ….Here is a STELLAR article on our girl!!

    ANGIE IS A LEGEND IN HER OWN TIME!!!!!!!!….can’t wait for Sunday!!

  • nINA

    i agree that Aniston should start to act her age. It’s always amazing when you read about Brangelina that there is one weirdo who always says: “Go back to Jen! Leave Ange!”

    Why would the man leave the love of his life and his kids to be with a has been who doesn’t care about anything else but the way she looks. Angelina is so compassionate and real. Jennifer is just the opposite.

    If he did leave Ange for some unimaginable inexplicable, this is hypothetical, reason, would he then be branded as the man who left his three biological and three adopted children to be with another woman! Waily Waily! Woe to him!

    I bet they would…

  • neer

    Just want to bring this over….interesting post!


    PORBRECITA: Jen Just Can NEVER Measure Up…. February 19, 2009
    Posted by nightlycandywithnanaadwoa in Celebrity Juice.
    Those who are familiar with Nightly Candy know very well I am NOT a fan of the Jennifer Aniston as an “actress”. I have to admit that as of late I have really, REALLY, begun to have pity on this woman.
    Porbecita…. all the $$$ in the world can’t buy you happiness huh?
    As those of us who follow the movies, the night of ALL nights THE ACADEMY AWARDS are on this Sunday! This is the evening where everyone who is anyone in Hollywood comes out in their “Sunday best” to pay homage to the best of best flicks of the year! I’m not going to miss it for the world, and neither is Jenn.
    Now you KNOW she is had to pay “boyfriend” John Mayer a handsome reward to give up his Sunday night to be her arm candy for the evening. He was quoted as saying to the press ”I’m going to the Oscars. It’s my first Oscars. And it’s my first being an Oscar boyfriend,”
    What an affectionate “real” couple…
    The love just oozes out…..
    Does John have to make it so obvious this is all a hoax when he talks to the press? But alas, as I stated before I do feel sorry for Jen. No matter who she pays to have on her arm, no many how many Pilates lunges she does, she’ll never EVER be able to surpass Brad and Angie on the red carpet and hold her head up high. She’s no match for this dynamic duo. Quite frankly, no one is.
    Fantastic and near Flawless.. it hurts me to look at them, can you imagine how Maniston feels??
    Yes Jenn.. I would feel like that too if I were you..

    BRANGELINA has to be the most famous and fabulous Hollywood couple in history. They BOTH possess real talent, both nominated for Academy Awards, both are philanthropists, and adored by fans and the media to boot?. It’s just a recipe for nothing short of unstoppable.
    Cheer up Jenn! Perhaps you can get your publicist to find out when exactly Brangelina is going to walk across the red carpet, so you can plan AROUND them..
    Whatever she does I pray she doesn’t have a face to face encounter, although it would make great media coverage, it would give Maniston an instant coronary. Yes, she is void of personality, talent, and looks but she most certainly does not deserve to die on impact.
    I’ll be glued to the tube on Sunday night. Of course you’ll be getting my reactions to the red carpets fashion moments, and maybe more…

  • peaces

    She’s older than you, but look better than you,,,

  • not an outsider

    #68 Wow!!!! I love your comment. I so love Brad and Angie and their family. I am not sure what the attraction is only that this family makes me feel happy. There are not many things that do in this world. Great article.

  • not an outsider

    #68 Wow!!!! I love your comment. I so love Brad and Angie and their family. I am not sure what the attraction is only that this family makes me feel happy. There are not many things that do in this world. Great article.

  • sera

    Wow!!!! I really love the Huffington Post article. I don’t know what it is but I am so in love with the Jolie Pitts. Their family and Brad and Angie just make me feel good. There are not many things to be ahappy about in this world right now. I feel like that about the Obama’s as well. They are part of a generation of change and it is a good thing. If Brad and Angie continue as a strong family unit in the Hollywood madness then I think it speaks well for them as people.

  • ellie

    I don’t think either should play you. There both beautiful and look way younger then you.

  • Passing Through

    It ain’t the years, Jared, it’s the mileage and the fugness! Danica is young and cute. X is old and fug. You can see why Danica would object to X playing her in a movie…and then there’s the fact X can’t act and nobody wants to spend $12.50 to see “Rachel Green: Race Car Driver”!

  • wen

    jolie looks older than aniston , 33, really???? damn, she looks older

    # 1 Jaguar @ 02/20/2009 at 2:06 am If anyone is crazy enough to make a movie about her I vote for Audrina Partridge

    I vote 4 her too haha

  • Val

    I cannot believe that they let this picture of Rihanna leak out. The girl is being victimized again by the media. This is so unfair, she should be allowed to heal and come out when she is ready….this is blatent disrespect to the girl.

  • emmy jay

    Did anyone bother to reference what Danica said before the Maniston vs. La Jolie bullshite emerged?

    Danica said that she wanted Jolie to play her because she is an action star. No age was mentioned at all.

    The interviewer took advantage to drum up the old triangle (very old triangle) to ask her about Maniston.

    The media is perpetuating the triangle for the purpose of selling rags, and now so is Jared. Bills have to be paid, folks!

    And the triangle sells, sells and then sells some more!

  • llm

    I have uploaded 2 video in 1 – Angie left the building yesterday.

    Hi everyone, I just post this video, and I have to go. bye guys.

  • Besane

    The young generation has no emotional connection with the ‘Friends’ sitcom and Aniston’s Rachel hair. Truth comes out of the young, as usual. Aniston’s fan base is the women of 30-40 and over.

  • bet

    emmy jay

    go to Us magazine check out it out. she said it, actualll she thinks a lot before she answer it. and aslo the same way loonies keep dreaming that John is not her lover, so that your dream of triangle may continue. jen and john is crashing your dream.

  • bet

    emmy jay

    go to Us magazine check out it out. she said it, actualll she thinks a lot before she answer it. and aslo the same way loonies keep dreaming that John is not her lover, so that your dream of triangle may continue. jen and john is crashing your dream.

  • irma

    Right on. I love Danica Patrick. She is beautiful just right to have somebody like Angie to play her in a movie.
    God bless the Jolie-Pitt’s.

  • bet

    i am asking question? to all the women and this woman i do not know what her name is? does it worth it to Harass a woman becuase men like Armpit cheater or Chris Brown woman beater?. realy does it worth it.?

  • Val


    English must not be your first language or second or third for the matter…I hope? Because your writing is atrocious, I rather not read your posts, sorry.

  • Funny thought

    The X looks younger than Angie? You must be kidding, look closer, who has more beautiful skin in closed up shots? The X’s skin is wrinkled & with lots of holes. Angie’s skin is like porcelain. Angie you are the best that ever happen in HW. Angie & Brad are loved all over the world.

  • Val

    Oh and by the way, French is my first language, I was born and educated there. The keyword is “educated”…..

  • Alekziel

    No matter what you say, Aniston is 7 YEARS older than Angie.
    Did you hear, 7 YEARS. Aniston is 40, Angie is 33.

    And Aniston looks her age, she may dress like a teen, but her leather and wrinkled face says all.

    Angie skin is fresh, smooth and younger. And of course, she is a badass,

  • irma

    Waving to senior,Neleh,MF,anoble,vicki,guli,cliniqua,anustin,val,teri,Alex,abmo,Dina#1,andromeda,bdj,PT, Jill,Bailey,gena,Felinelilly,the real tita,soopx,tondo girl,african girl, see you all at the oscars night.
    Peace & blessings.

  • joe

    bet @ 02/20/2009 at 10:05 am

    No we actually hope they get married so she can stop talking about Brad and Angie in all her interviews.

  • J

    If Jordana Brewster gained about 20 lbs., she could play Danica perfectly.

  • bet


    so what is your piont?. so does Hally Berry, is that a crime to be 40 . ha ha ha

  • bet


    honey they will get married. they are goingt to use stupid excuse not get married. keep waiting ,it will happen. that is the day loonies will kill them self.

  • bet


    again. they will get married, acually they are not going to use a stupid excuse not to get married. wiat that he day all loonies will kill themself.
    Did you see that pasionate kiss?

  • bet

    and also, like women jen , Hally Berry age with diginty and class.

  • some bunny

    Another woman obsessed with Angelina Jolie. Danica Patrick is a great role model for those girls who want to race cars, but is not as beautiful but she certainly has good self esteem to think she can compare to Ms. Jolie. I think Katie Holmes looks more like Patrick.

  • whatever, yo

    And Jenn looks younger.

    Angelina has too much hype… she isn’t that special… well is anyone in hollywood anymore special??

  • Lovely

    Angie’s older than Danica too but she doesn’t look like it. I think most people can identify with Angie more because she is beautiful, a superior actress, and kicks much a s s in movies. The raven hair, gorgeous skin, and full lips makes her a movie star. I think Danica was trying to be nice to Aniston by saying she was too old instead of just boring and average looking.

  • Custom T

    Angie looks older than Jen so idkk?

  • bet


    all her body shape is disgusting for any kind of women. and her face Hally Berry can put her run for her money.

  • mayer left Maniston

    Poor old Maniston, did her pity party started already?! I guess after this she will not sleep again, just like when Kim Stewart called her homely, so insecure and desperate, no wonder she looks like this: