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Danica Patrick: Angelina Jolie Should Play Me!

Danica Patrick: Angelina Jolie Should Play Me!

If anyone could play race car driver cutie Danica Patrick in a movie — who would it be?

“I’ve always said Angelina Jolie would be great because she’s an action star!” Danica told some Canadian bloggers. As for Mandy Moore, Danica thought she was way too tall to play her!

Danica, 26, was then asked about Jennifer Aniston, to which she answered, “I don’t think that’d be age appropriate. She’s older than me!”

Angie is 33 and Jen is 40.

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193 Responses to “Danica Patrick: Angelina Jolie Should Play Me!”

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  1. 76
    Val Says:

    I cannot believe that they let this picture of Rihanna leak out. The girl is being victimized again by the media. This is so unfair, she should be allowed to heal and come out when she is ready….this is blatent disrespect to the girl.

  2. 77
    emmy jay Says:

    Did anyone bother to reference what Danica said before the Maniston vs. La Jolie bullshite emerged?

    Danica said that she wanted Jolie to play her because she is an action star. No age was mentioned at all.

    The interviewer took advantage to drum up the old triangle (very old triangle) to ask her about Maniston.

    The media is perpetuating the triangle for the purpose of selling rags, and now so is Jared. Bills have to be paid, folks!

    And the triangle sells, sells and then sells some more!

  3. 78
    llm Says:

    I have uploaded 2 video in 1 – Angie left the building yesterday.

    Hi everyone, I just post this video, and I have to go. bye guys.

  4. 79
    Besane Says:

    The young generation has no emotional connection with the ‘Friends’ sitcom and Aniston’s Rachel hair. Truth comes out of the young, as usual. Aniston’s fan base is the women of 30-40 and over.

  5. 80
    bet Says:

    emmy jay

    go to Us magazine check out it out. she said it, actualll she thinks a lot before she answer it. and aslo the same way loonies keep dreaming that John is not her lover, so that your dream of triangle may continue. jen and john is crashing your dream.

  6. 81
    bet Says:

    emmy jay

    go to Us magazine check out it out. she said it, actualll she thinks a lot before she answer it. and aslo the same way loonies keep dreaming that John is not her lover, so that your dream of triangle may continue. jen and john is crashing your dream.

  7. 82
    irma Says:

    Right on. I love Danica Patrick. She is beautiful just right to have somebody like Angie to play her in a movie.
    God bless the Jolie-Pitt’s.

  8. 83
    bet Says:

    i am asking question? to all the women and this woman i do not know what her name is? does it worth it to Harass a woman becuase men like Armpit cheater or Chris Brown woman beater?. realy does it worth it.?

  9. 84
    Val Says:


    English must not be your first language or second or third for the matter…I hope? Because your writing is atrocious, I rather not read your posts, sorry.

  10. 85
    Funny thought Says:

    The X looks younger than Angie? You must be kidding, look closer, who has more beautiful skin in closed up shots? The X’s skin is wrinkled & with lots of holes. Angie’s skin is like porcelain. Angie you are the best that ever happen in HW. Angie & Brad are loved all over the world.

  11. 86
    Val Says:

    Oh and by the way, French is my first language, I was born and educated there. The keyword is “educated”…..

  12. 87
    Alekziel Says:

    No matter what you say, Aniston is 7 YEARS older than Angie.
    Did you hear, 7 YEARS. Aniston is 40, Angie is 33.

    And Aniston looks her age, she may dress like a teen, but her leather and wrinkled face says all.

    Angie skin is fresh, smooth and younger. And of course, she is a badass,

  13. 88
    irma Says:

    Waving to senior,Neleh,MF,anoble,vicki,guli,cliniqua,anustin,val,teri,Alex,abmo,Dina#1,andromeda,bdj,PT, Jill,Bailey,gena,Felinelilly,the real tita,soopx,tondo girl,african girl, see you all at the oscars night.
    Peace & blessings.

  14. 89
    joe Says:

    bet @ 02/20/2009 at 10:05 am

    No we actually hope they get married so she can stop talking about Brad and Angie in all her interviews.

  15. 90
    J Says:

    If Jordana Brewster gained about 20 lbs., she could play Danica perfectly.

  16. 91
    bet Says:


    so what is your piont?. so does Hally Berry, is that a crime to be 40 . ha ha ha

  17. 92
    bet Says:


    honey they will get married. they are goingt to use stupid excuse not get married. keep waiting ,it will happen. that is the day loonies will kill them self.

  18. 93
    bet Says:


    again. they will get married, acually they are not going to use a stupid excuse not to get married. wiat that he day all loonies will kill themself.
    Did you see that pasionate kiss?

  19. 94
    bet Says:

    and also, like women jen , Hally Berry age with diginty and class.

  20. 95
    some bunny Says:

    Another woman obsessed with Angelina Jolie. Danica Patrick is a great role model for those girls who want to race cars, but is not as beautiful but she certainly has good self esteem to think she can compare to Ms. Jolie. I think Katie Holmes looks more like Patrick.

  21. 96
    whatever, yo Says:

    And Jenn looks younger.

    Angelina has too much hype… she isn’t that special… well is anyone in hollywood anymore special??

  22. 97
    Lovely Says:

    Angie’s older than Danica too but she doesn’t look like it. I think most people can identify with Angie more because she is beautiful, a superior actress, and kicks much a s s in movies. The raven hair, gorgeous skin, and full lips makes her a movie star. I think Danica was trying to be nice to Aniston by saying she was too old instead of just boring and average looking.

  23. 98
    Custom T Says:

    Angie looks older than Jen so idkk?

  24. 99
    bet Says:


    all her body shape is disgusting for any kind of women. and her face Hally Berry can put her run for her money.

  25. 100
    mayer left Maniston Says:

    Poor old Maniston, did her pity party started already?! I guess after this she will not sleep again, just like when Kim Stewart called her homely, so insecure and desperate, no wonder she looks like this:

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