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Freida Pinto Dating Dev Patel?

Freida Pinto Dating Dev Patel?

Freida Pinto arrives at the 2009 Annual “Oscar Wilde: Honoring The Irish In Film” Awards held at The Ebell Club on Thursday (February 19) in Los Angeles, Calif.

Slumdog Millionaire co-stars Dev Patel, 18, and Freida Pinto, 24, may be dating in real life, according to their co-star Anil Kapoor.

Kapoor, 49, told radio DJ Ryan Seacrest he is convinced there is something going on between the couple, despite Freida denying they are romantically involved. “As a matter of fact, when I meet them I feel there is something happening,” he said. “But she says ‘I have to look after him’ and ‘I have to baby sit him’ and that kind of stuff… (I think) this is the beginning of something exciting happening.”

“They definitely make a great pair. Both of them look very good together.” Freida split from her fiance, Rohan Antao, last month.

10+ pictures inside of Freida Pinto honoring the Irish in film…

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Photos: Jesse Grant/WireImage, Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty, FayesVision/WENN
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  • curious

    I hope that movie wins ‘Best Picture’ at the Oscars…good for them if they’re dating!

  • Amanda
  • Amanda

    Trying to eke out their 15 minutes are they,


    And by fiancee you really mean husband. The story is already out that she’s married not engaged.

  • luxegirl
  • luxegirl
  • Dissapointed

    This clearly shows that Freida Pinto is a b*tchhhhhhhhhh.

    I have relatives in India who know Freida and her family quite well. The fact is that all of them say that she has changed. The fame has gotten to her head to the point where she broke and shattered Rohan’s heart to pieces. But everyone is on his side because they know that what she did was clearly VERY wrong. She’s developed an attitude where she thinks she’s better than everybody and is God’s gift to Hollywood. It really sucks to see her become what she has.

  • Blah girls!

    Cradle robber!!!!!

  • Mishu

    It’s so amazing how people will turn on those they don’t even know. This could just be a rumor but to see that you all believe and are saying stuff like this about her, it shows that you all ae a bunch of gullible fools. It’s probably not even true, if it is though that’s not good on anyone’s part.

  • navjot

    thats really bad shes a b and she is not a fashion icon nononononono

  • shialove!!

    i wish for that they are making a great couple !!:)

  • shialove!!

    i just love this girl!i love them to be together

  • suzz

    Isn´t she only on for like 5 minutes in the movie and can dances like a stick insect???

  • vin

    leave dev alone freida, you need to get back to rohan. dev lifted the movie high, and freida in her two minutes of fame is lapping everybody’s spotlight. I was so disappointed that Leno did not know ARR and his body of work to even introduce him correctly. Freida on the other hand hogged the light of everyone. Everyone seems to know her for her contribution to the movie.

  • chuck

    lol @ suzz

    i know. it was dev’s and the kids’ film. freida was there for 5 minutes. and shes definitely a famewhore. dumped her fiance (even if not husband) and is now with an 18 year old who will probably go on to get more films than she ever will in hollywood…and who lives in england. shady shady lady.

  • Custom T

    I hope they’re dating, that would be wicked cute!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


  • iVANA

    Whatever, you go girl. Get ‘em while they’re still young…cuz let’s face it, after a certain age & a certain number of girlfriends, guys start to lose that innocent, fresh faced look. I say, date them younger while you still can. RAWR!!

    After 25, for either gender, dating someone in their late teens starts to get creepy & a little weird.

  • Mary

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! they are dating. Good for them.

  • Annie

    She’s beautiful but I think she’s too old for Dev Patel. She looks like his older sister instead of his girlfriend. Anyways, I loved the movie and I hope it wins at the Oscars!

  • freakyboy

    iVANA,how old are you?6?

  • ogal

    oh please, 6 years is nothing. It’s not like they’re michael douglas-CZJ ! they’re young and cute, let them have their fun.

    As for her fiance, if she did’nt love him anymore, why shd she have to pretend ? So she wants to take advantage of all the new exciting opportunities what ? she’s only 24, if she does’nt live it up now, then when?

  • JJj

    Why do some people comment on her personal life as if they know Freida in real life?

    Either way, I thought she did fine in the movie considering it was her first role ever and of course people give more attention to the beauitful faces.

    Good luck to Freida and Dev, whatever their relationship may be.

  • jake

    What, are freida’s canadian cousins crawling all over the place? forget it, the gal is in a glass bowl just like all others. If she wants ot enjoy her fame, then she is fair game. Although still does not deserve all the fanfare she is getting….

  • iVANA

    Freakboy I am 23 I don’t know why you think I’d be ANY other age!! If I was 6, I’d be the best speller in my first grade class! DAMN! Why, are you perhaps as freaky as your username and are between 18-20 years of age??? And looking for an “older” woman like myself? If so, c’mon over baby there’s plenty of love here!!!! There’s no need for name calling seksy!

  • Marieme

    I get a little sick when certain movies and the casts are shoved down out throats. SDM is a great film but enough already! And if the story is true that she was married (which I read a few days ago) then shame on her and watche out Dev. If she left her husband, she’ll have no problem leaving you when she finds someone “better.” Do not fall for it just because there’s a pretty face involved.

  • jake

    Just to escape criticism, the famewhr is gonna play with gentle dev. then dump him for greener pastures. careful dev, hold on to the railing of your crib tight.

  • george

    She’s starting to look like a hag

  • zoe

    sheesh. some ppl are horrible here….just because news of her breaking it off with her fiance has been released, everyone who probably was jealous before starts turning their backs on her by saying horrible things. you dont even know if this is the truth….just being plain judgemental. horrible. freida looks nice here and i’d love it if she’s datinf dev.

    george @ 02/20/2009 at 10:04 pm
    you telling me you look better than her?


    I really think she is trying on a fake British accent now, why is the media so focused on her? I am glad the real stars of the movie (the slum kids) are going to Oscars!

  • Rachel

    I agree with Anil.

  • Adam

    She is very ugly. I was really surprised when all of a sudden started featuring her as a stunning beauty and all but then again Yahoo is controlled by Indians mostly but yeah she is really ugly. Nothing about her is even remotely pretty.

  • COCOa

    i really dunt think shes pretty … there are way more beautiful indians and pakistanis out there she just got lucky …. nehuuuuu i really dunt think her personal life is ne of our business and i also dunt think we shud be judging seeing as the facts arent even remotely clear … i really dunt get y she got so famous … shes fugly … i have this pakistani frd whus way hotter than all of these caked up actresses and her sisters and pakistani frds are way prettier than this cow and im sure there are prettier indian chix out there

  • Jen1

    They look adorable together. But yes, who knows if it’s true. “Slumdog” is a wonderful movie and I’m just glad the entire cast/creative force is getting attention. Danny Boyle and Co. will represent once more at the Oscars. It is that anyone wishes to rain on their parade.

  • ryan



  • Alex

    She has done wonderful job of promoting movies. Slamdunk by Foxsearchlight. She is everywhere and paparazzi’s are organized. once oscar is over , no one will remember Pinto unless she hang out with dev patel or in LA or Newyork.

    I have n’t seen here got any fashion or moview contract.

    For me i think she beautiful. World is obsessed with fair complex. It is not just india (bollywood is racist against dark skin people), it is everwhere. Skin racism is bad.

  • devin

    NOOOOOO i want dev patel! =(
    hahaha but nonetheless, if they are dating, good for them =]
    but ARGHH ima be sooo JEALOUS!!! >=[

  • Gettingfedup

    Frieda is HOT and beautiful! Excellent movie, and she was very good in her role. Glad the movie won Best PIcture. But she and all other actors don’t rate the adoration or our infatuation with their personal lives. Acting is just a job – they get paid (way too much) for entertaining us. But their celebrity status doesn’t give them any heightened insight into the real world – their personal lives and opinions should have no influence on the rest of us who work equally hard for much less money.

  • ray

    I feel sorry for Freida. I read her ex-fiancee’s interview and it looks like he got jealous and felt left out when Freida started Slumdog and he resented her hanging out with Dev Patel for work and her support of him in a new country. Let’s be honest: nobody likes a jealous and smothering lover especially at a crucial point in your career. I wonder how many of you would have put up with him calling your 18 year old co-worker and accusing him of all kinds of improper things. Poor Dev.

    Freida, do your thing and we’ll support you. All haters and jealous relatives, have some decency and leave her alone!

  • dev’s

    Che!!! yang pinto na yan… kame kaya ni dev.. Ching!!!

  • aisha

    People get a life & leave frieda alone.Let her enjoy the fame that she is getting & stop bitching about her.Things like breaking up with boyfriend/fiance happens in everyones life so why talk bad about her.Anyway its none of our business.

  • aisha

    I think her fiance is a big Jerk to talk to the press all crap.If he really loves her he wouldnt go around spoiling her name.Even if she felt like going back to him after all this she wouldnt even think about it.She must be feeling even worse that she at one point shared a rrelation with him.

  • aisha

    Instead of being proud that an Indian has reached somewhere they are spoiling her name like this.Its very sad.I think if you & me did not reach such a point of sucess be happy for someone who has reached.

  • aisha

    Instead of being proud that an Indian has reached somewhere they are spoiling her name like this.Its very sad.I think if you & me did not reach such a point of sucess be happy for someone who has reached.

  • ria

    i think that it’d be sweet if they were. it is their personal life.
    i thought she acted well in the movie…maybe she doesn’t deserve all the attention she’s getting…but she does dress well…so as a fashion icon i guess it’s valid. plus she’s really pretty. i don’t care what justifications anyone has to her being ugly. all false. and i don’t know her well enough to comment on her personality. =P
    to the comment about Indians controlling yahoo:
    whoever said that should be careful. it could be considered rude by some people. Many indian don’t think she’s drop dead gorgeous. but there’s no ruling out that she IS pretty. plus she’s adorable. some sort of charm about her, don’t you think?

  • c’mon really?

    Seriously, smell the coffee…um they live on different CONTINENTS

  • pika

    well….as for freida’s beauty…..i won’t say she’s the hottest…..
    there are way more beautiful and talented actresses in india…and i don’t think anyone will disagree that currently katrina kaif is perhaps the hottest property in bollywood…

    and if frieda and dev r dating…..their matter…though dev looks younger..
    btw if freida’s hubby(if they r married) really loves her so muchhhhh.he wouldn’t have said such things about her in media
    and these things are pretty common for celebrities …….divorce…breakup’s etc..are everyday meals for them

  • samuel

    Doesnt make sense!! jus a romour..

  • samuel

    Doesnt make any sense..! jus a romour..


    The 2 couple looks goo d together but i think Dev is too young to date her…….