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Nadya Suleman Seeks Dr. Phil

Nadya Suleman Seeks Dr. Phil

Nadya Suleman, the mother of newborn octuplets, is spotted leaving a house where she filmed a Dr. Phil Show interview and then returns home in Whittier, Calif.

Dr. Phil‘s show rented a $1.2 million house for the day and was there taping a sit-down interview with the mother of 14, but Nadya was reportedly not paid for the interview.

A California-based nonprofit organization called Angels in Waiting has offered Nadya, round-the-clock care and a place to stay with her 14 children, which would cost roughly $135,000 a month. The house in which Nadya is already raising her other six children is in mortgage default, according to documents released Wednesday. The family is $23,224 behind on payments, according to the bank.

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  • de

    BITCCH thinks shes famous now, look she is happy that papz are taking her pics

  • s.

    Why did she make herself look like Angelina? That is so weird.

  • Stunning SB

    Is she Angie Jolie-wannabe? She’s actually looks like Angie with those big lips and long hair. She just needs to lose the weight and she’ll look like Angie.

  • leesa

    attention seeker much

  • Stunning SB

    Funny #2… we must be thinking about the same thing

  • paige

    Please join my boycott of this woman and anyone that financially supports her……………

    thank you!!

  • erin

    she is a disgrace and the reason i don’t support a national healthcare system. if you can’t pay for your kids, why should i?

    her kids should be taken from her and placed in foster care. she is an unfit mother who is only trying to make money off of them.

  • jolly

    oh my god, she has bodyguards!!!! wtf!!!


    oh jesus. now copying the sun-glasses and shoes, and now has body-guards? go the feck away!

  • liz

    if they are willing to help her and her family why not help the rest of us who got laid off or are having problems trying to support our families and work 2 to 3 jobs just to make ends meet. She has no job and expects the rest of us who are trying to earn enough to pay bills and get food on the table for our kids to give her donations to help her out when we need to help our own families first. Instead of using your money to get the procedure doen to have more kids, she could have used that money to help pay for services for her 3 disabled children. Yes she has every eright to do what she wants in her life but her decisions are so selfish and stupid. secure a job before you have more kids. She could have used the money to halp pay her house payments but no she used it to get the procedure done. STUPID!!!!!!

  • alice

    ?????JARED! this is a F-.A-M-O-U-S blog for F.A-M-O-U-S PPL! she’s not famous just for having 14 kids! she’s so stupid! and now she thinks that she’s famous!c’mon!

    and..nadya ur NEVER gonna be angelina jolie!! ok? :D

  • office fan

    Ugghh. She’s disgusting! I wish the papz would stop giving her all this attention. I think anyone who gives her money or donates stuff to her is just rewarding her for being so selfish and stupid. IMO they ought to take everyone of those children away from her and place them up for adoption. Anyone who already has six kids they can’t afford and has invitro again, is obviously mentally not stable. That, or she knew by having all these kids, she would get all of this attention….either way, she has issues.
    As far as her looking like Angelina Jolie….not even on her best day, LOL.

  • katia

    attention whore!!!!she tink she’s famous !!!wtf???

  • paige

    Please join my boycott of this woman and anyone that financially supports her……………

    thank you!!

  • J.

    it is really sad that she is enjoying all this attention. sad sad sad…

  • barbie

    okay, by making this post you are doing exactly what this sick woman WANTS the world to do — make her into a celebrity. and you can’t become a celebrity by “creating” 14 children. honestly, i don’t know of a single person who could really defend her for what she’s done. her own mother won’t defend her. the only reason i could possibly even THINK of that would codone her getting this money would be her children — they don’t deserve the kind of life she chose for them. so yeah, money to help the children so they don’t end up in orphanages and foster care or on the streets .. but this woman doesn’t deserve any of it herself.

  • a total fan

    I understand she had a hugh settlement for a back injury. She wouldn’t be losing her house had she used the money on her mortgage instead of plastic surgeries. What sane mind would use the money on herself instead of caring for her children?!!!! Hurry up and give her her 15 minutes of fame and be done with.

  • Aut

    GROSS. She is so GROSS!!

  • Samantha

    And she said she wanted to be left alone!

    The only way this story will die is if we all stop leaving comments. Once there is no interest in her (be that negative or positive) they will move on to someone else and then Nadya and her family will no longer be a story.

  • ZanessAFanNY

    she is pathethic loser who wants easy money from her children. California is so damn state to support this NADYA, for she is using her children to get money from the government. This time of around is bad enough to get financial help from the government and its not fair for she gets all the help and everyone else is suffering from losing houses due to lack of mortgage payments. Let this person suffers from her own actions.

  • bleh

    why are we making her famous???!!!!!!!!

  • regina

    Why do people have so much hatred towards this women? I’m sure she’s not the WORST out there. Can somebody please explain to me….Thanks!

  • Jaye

    You mean this non profit has $135,000 a month to spend on ONE family? That’s #1,620,000 a year. I seriously doubt that they have the funds to do that.

    Despite the protests the kids AND this woman and her mother and father will be taken care of by some organization or group of people. That’s just the reality of the situation. You can’t benefit the kids without benefiting her. However, the best thing they could do for this woman is to demand court ordered psychiatric help.

  • regina

    Last time I checked in every video, she doesn’t seem like she is eating up all the attention, she always seems bothered and covers her face up. So I don’t get when some of you say she is an attention wh*re???

  • jeimy

    How much longer before the tommy tuck?

  • office fan

    #22…people hate her because why everybody else is working their @sses off t support themselves, and people are losing their homes left and right, this woman brought 8 babies into this world, when she had 6 already that she couldn’t support…and now she is asking for donations for her and the children, and stuck the state of California with a HUGE hospital bill. I have one little boy, who I dearly love and I would LOVE to have another, but you know what….I can’t because I can’t afford to. It would be WRONG of me to have another child and expect OTHER people to support me and my kids. The woman is beyond SELFISH!

  • Jennifer

    i dont understand the fascination of this woman. I mean, I get the octuplus part but why is everyone making a big deal about her finacial status? There are countless men/woman who have children from 2 or 3 different women/men that they cant afford and get on welfare and tax payers are forced to pay for them. I dont see protests on those people. I just don’t see a difference between her and them.

  • Shelly

    I applaud you #26 for not having another child, I wish more people thought like you.

  • JohnRod

    This woman needs to stay in the news so that WE, the tax paying people, know HOW and WHAT the money she has (unwillfully donated by us working tax-payers) is being spent on. Certainly not house payments. I never see Similac nor diapers in her cart either. So far, I have seen a manicure and toys. We need to keep on eye on this selfish woman and her spending habits. After all, it is our money.

  • Sweet Sammy

    So, these people are offering to help her with round the clock care and a place to live…what about her parents, whose lives, credit and finances she’s completely ruined?! What will they do? Maybe listen to her whining about what an awful childhood she had again?
    She needs to stfu and go to hell.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    now she’s famous?!? getting threads?!?

  • madam ex

    See we were all jumping to conclusions about her buying that house…..she was just in there for an interview….I bet she will be living in a trailer that royalties bought her cause that’s the type she reminds me of……Middle Eastern or whatever she is Iraqi, Palestinian, American actually now, but she just looks like white trailer trash and is showing the world that is exactly what she is. FUCK HER!!! If you cant afford 6 how the fuck did you think you were going to afford anymore, nevermind 8 more……She’s definitely in need of medication and major therapy, at least 4x a week.

  • Custom T

    This woman is CRAZY!!

  • Blah girls!

    This girl’s more wacky than Britney was at her low point!

  • palvasha


  • palvasha


  • Patheic

    She needs to get her head checked.
    Don’t expect taxpayers to pull her out of the situation, foreclose on the house, let her face her consequences.

  • The stink eye

    Jennifer @ 02/20/2009 at 3:15 pm i dont understand the fascination of this woman. I mean, I get the octuplus part but why is everyone making a big deal about her finacial status? There are countless men/woman who have children from 2 or 3 different women/men that they cant afford and get on welfare and tax payers are forced to pay for them. I dont see protests on those people. I just don’t see a difference between her and them.

    Jennifer honey, you really can’t see a difference?? Are you blind or just stupid? Yes, there’s plenty of deadbeat moms and dads that can’t afford their kids and end up getting pregnant on public assistance. They are leeches too. However, they are not spending thousands of dollars to get pregnant while on public assistance. Do you realize how much IVF costs?? Minimum $15000.00 for one procedure and that’s not even guaranteed to work. Another difference is that they generally are not able to afford massive amounts of plastic surgery on public assistance. She clearly has had her lips, cheeks and nose done and that, Honey, costs money. She even received a large settlement a while back and instead of spending it on taking care of her family she chose to spend it on IVF and plastic surgery – ALL THE WHILE TAKING MONEY FROM HARD WORKING TAX PAYERS. Let’s not forget that if she really deserved the settlement for her bad back, it is HIGHLY unlikely that she could physically carry 8 kids in her belly. She is a con artist and making fools of the whole state of Cali. She should be in JAIL. And it wouldn’t shock me in the slightest that you were Nadya. Wake up and smell the napalm and don’t be so ignorant.

  • Passing Through

    OctoCrazyMom says she’s not obsessed with Angie…yet she has sunglasses just like the ones Angie’s been wearing in NYC the last few days…

  • The stink eye

    Looks like she’s also recently dyed her hair black to look like AJ and the whole sunglasses crap is very similar to AJ’s as well. She doesn’t need “help” mentally – she knows exactly what and why she’s doing this. She needs a jail cell – she is a criminal. And her parents are idiots for allowing this woman to put them in this situation in the first place. Although I feel pity for them.

  • regina

    Was her having 8 kids planned?


    I think it was extremely negligent for the doctors of Kaiser to not consider the condition, both emotionally and financially, of the mother before impregnating her with 7 more children. It seems that Kaiser was not motivated by providing a mother with the children, but for the free publicity.

    Any reasonable person would recognize the dangers of bringing 8 children into a family that already has six children, whose mother is receiving foot stamps, and is living with her mother and cannot afford the mortgage.

  • polar bear king

    america is now officially the dumbest motherfucking country in the universe.

  • Samantha

    How come she is out and about in PUBLIC…isn’t she supposed to be in hiding from the death threats?????????


    AGREE EVERYONE…..Nadya’s sad attempt to look like Angie and to be famous is appalling……..Her school friend has stated that she ” idolizes Angie “, and hoped to become friends ” or sister-like “…….She wanted a television show like ” JON AND KATE, PLUS 8 ) “, OR ” THE DUGGERS, 18 CHILDREN AND COUNTING “………
    I bet her parents who threatened NOT to be at her house, when she returned home, ( they were disgusted with her and exhausted ), will stick their tired hand back in the ” babies r ‘us pot “, since it is now becoming a little full with promises of the ” 15 minute syndrome “…….
    I hope Dr. Phil interviews these friends ( who will naturally come back into the same pot, and be her eternal friend and helper ), and expose her, for the mentally sick, young lady she is… ( her mother’s choice of words )…..In the end though, she will get what she wants, because the media cannot leave people like that alone……Like a poster said earlier on another site, ” she is already wearing designer sunglasses like Angie, having blowouts, and has joined a gym AND, just last week, was seen having her teeth whitened….AND has hired a stylist to ” dress her accordingly and up-to-date ”
    Whose hard earned money ( that was donated for the children ) is she using for all of this ?……Who wouldn’t love to have all of that done?……..Even high-end children’s stores are donating their end of season and NEW clothes to her little ones ( )…..I guess in the end, because of the media ( AGAIN ), she gets what she set out for….Famous for being Famous…..another arrognant mother like KATE plus 8…ugh !!!!!..Pull my DIRECT TV PLUG AND OR KNOCK OVER MY DISH PLEASE, BEFORE I HURL…

  • paige

    Pleaseeeee join my boycott of this woman and anyone that financially supports her……………

    thank s

  • office fan

    #41 Regina,
    while I don’t think she expected to have 8 babies….she knowlingly went and had 6 embryos implanted, when she already had 6 kids at home that she couldn’t take care of. So regardless of the number she expected to have, she had NO business spending money on invitro when she couldn’t support her other kids.

  • Unbelievable

    and who will cost her new living arrangements? Our tax dollars of course. This is the stupidest thing ever. her morgage is 23, 000 some dollars behind but yet she had 165, 000 to undergo fetility and plastic suregery treatments.

  • lakers fan in boston

    plz plz plz plz plz plz
    dont give this bitch any money or any support
    a dumbass like her should deserve 2 go bankrupt
    that’s the bad thing i hate about this country
    they “sometimes” support dumb bitches like this with welfare from good tax paying americans
    she doesnt derserve any federal aid or donations, damn bitch
    fuck u cunt, damn angie wannabe, ur a crazy ass lady

  • Michele

    I don’t know what’s more reprehensible at this point: Nadya’s batshit crazy self or the fact that we’re playing into exactly what the brood sow wants: attention.