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Rihanna Breaks Silence with Statement

Rihanna Breaks Silence with Statement

After two weeks since the alleged altercation in Los Angeles between Rihanna and Chris Brown, the spokesperson for Rihanna has released a statement.

“At the request of the authorities, Rihanna is not commenting about the incident involving Chris Brown. She wants to assure her fans that she remains strong, is doing well, and deeply appreciates the outpouring of support she has received during this difficult time.”

Stay strong Rihanna.

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  • ddlebg27

    poor thing. stay strong Rihanna, we’re all thinking of you and supporting you.

  • a realist

    We’re pulling for ya Ri Ri.

  • Gabi

    God bless this girl, it’s not easy go through that in front of the world.

    happy birthday Rihanna!

  • mona

    I hope Chris Browns career is toast now.. What a jackass!

  • Jessica

    Love you Rihanna!

  • alice

    stay strong ri-ri!!!! we love u!!all your fans are praying and thinking on you

    love ya


  • Leonardo

    rihanna is the best.
    the strongest… love ya riri ♥

  • tatum

    stay strong Rihanna. Chris will pay!

  • http://Goawaybeyonce I LOVE YOU

    Stay strong RiRi and Happy Birthday :D I HATE Chris Brown!!

  • Oh Really

    Its all blown out of proportion, remember there are two sides to every story the truth will come out. Well I suppose one good thing has come of it, our eardrums get a reprieve from her nasal vocals……

  • eden

    Happy Birthday Rihanna! Stay strong, stay positive, stay you as a woman!!!

  • thats_right

    Angelina Jolie Forever, Rihanna Happy Birthday feel better and stay strong.

  • ava

    now that’s a real statement. not an idiotic one like chris brown.

  • Leah

    Oh Really; I’ll admit I’m no fan of her music and don’t think she’s that talented, but there is no excuse to beat up your girlfriend and then flee the scene, not doing anything to help her.
    Happy Birthday Rihanna!

  • Blah girls!

    Sad, sad, sad :(

  • lily

    Stay Stron Rihanna!
    Am Surpporting Yu All The Way !

  • sos

    A pretty girl ….if only she had talent i wouldve been excited to see her again

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    We love you Rihanna! Happy Birthday and God Bless! You are already a hero and we hope you come out of this a true fighter. Your fans love you! You’re awesome, beautiful, talented and clearly a strong, lovely young woman.

  • Oh Really

    Leah, I dont agree with what he did but this has gotten out of control, different stories left right and centre! I feel some of it has been exaggerated. its her word against his nobody was there to see what actually happened.

  • Jordan

    Whether you are a fan of her or not how can anyone say this has been blown out of proportion?!! He beat his girlfriend that much we DO KNOW!! It is quite obvious…what more do we need to know?!! It really doesn’t matter the circumstances you don’t attack a woman and then leave her beaten, bloody, and unconscious by the side of the road!! What kind of a man does that?!! I can’t for the life of me understand why people, women in particular, are defending him. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • eyda

    Im sooo sick of her and this story, yes hes a bad man…bla bla so much shit happens every day to people and all you care is this untalented wanna be

  • sarah WALKER says

    Any one knows that it will not ruin his career .. Look an Niomi Campbell
    she beat a woman with a cell phone and got off.. So will he no celebrity
    is going to be sentenced to prison or be made a example. That is not
    they way it is done. Who cares about Rihanna the wanna be singer

    What has she done it is the Umbrella song duh last year. Way too
    much publicity when you see the pix of her yesterday. not a scratch
    on her. Bruising is permanent so make fun of all the abused woman
    out there Rihanna. When you know you don’t have a scratch on you.

  • sara

    r u kidding me? this isn’t a fight between two guys. he completely had the upper hand. he could have walked away. she is a woman, it isn’t like she could have hurt him whatsoever. so what side exactly do you need? hitting a woman is never excusable!!!!! its the same as beating a child…something completely indefensible!! It’s completely disgusting and he deserves to go to jail, he also might want to seek psychiatric evaluation or go to anger management rather than “consulting his pastor” funny how people find God so quickly the second they fuck up…where was your faith before jackass!!!!!!

  • Leah

    Oh Really; You have clearly not grasped what abusive partners does to a relationship. I don’t think Chris Brown is satan reincarnated, but he is sick. There is no good reason to beat up someone. If she danced with another guy, it’s still not okay for him to beat her up. But I hope Rihanna takes something good out of this and shines a light on this very serious problem.

  • Yv

    Good decision on Rihanna’s part.

  • sarah WALKER says

    OH really show me where on these photos are the bite marks and
    bruises near death beating that she took. Not one sign of a beating
    just Chris Brown’s career. She should be charged for faking a beating and not coming forward. This makes me sick for all the other woman
    that get beat up by their spouses and boyfriends when little miss
    priss doesn’t have a scratch on her.

  • nicole

    bruising is not permanent at all…bruises fade. it’s not making an example of a celebrity when you actually make them pay for a FEDERAL OFFENSE, he didn’t run a red light or get a DUI and naomi campbell threw a phone at her assistant who was also a woman. its not the same as a man who is about 3x stronger than a woman using her face as a punching bag. he brought this on himself by flying off the handle like a maniac…if we shouldn’t waste our time feeling sorry for rihanna then why the hell should would spend it empathizing with chris brown.

  • noname

    rihanna, if you can read this, just know that i really am a big fan of yours.i know that you still love chris brown, but in reality, he hurt you mentally and physically. i would never ever believe in a million years that chris brown, would do this to anyone. its just plain crazy that he would do it to you! no matter what had been said that night or what happened in your relationship, he had entirely no right to do that. even if you love him to death, you need to move on. he could end up snapping again and even kill you. you are a very beautiful young woman and i believe that you could fall in love again with someone even better that really respects you and would neve hurt you in any way.rihanna, if you think he can change its possible, but at the same time, what he has done will never be forgiven by anyone who really loves you and thinks that a man should never hit a woman. i have read blogs that make an excuse for the fact that we never know why it happened. trust me you might not want to see some of them. one or two may be true, but im sure you would want people to stay away from your private life. just want you to know that i, and millions of other fans care about you. i know that we dont even know you but you mean so much to the industry and our lives. keep your head up and just know that whatever happens, we have your back. consider us as your friends. boys come and go, but true friends are their forever.

  • shialove!!

    you must be strong…and God will help her through this sad phase of your life….we are with you all the way!

  • Button

    speak about chris brown dont just ignore it


  • toast

    Oh puhlease Sarah Walker is clearly insane and/or without a brain..

  • ;;;


    is a stalker


  • palvasha



  • palvasha


  • Nat

    If you feel posting the recent picture of Rihanna was unnecessery please sign this petition:

    We would be grateful if you would post this on your site

  • Sarah**

    is she ever gonna speak one day? I mean…she cant go too long without saying a word. I know its her privacy and all, but tones of magazines are gonna ask her about this..
    Just wonder….

  • Nycchiq

    is she is back in LA
    cuz i kno reports kept saying she was
    still in her native home in Barbados

  • Oh Really

    Leah, like I already said until the real true story comes out we will not be able to know what actually happened its her word against his. I watched E the other day when the reporter said he had heard from the medics who treated her that they were concerned about her eyesight, now take a look at that picture can you see trauma on her eyelids? Just remnants of her eye make up, He may have roughed her up a bit and that is inexcusable no one should hit anyone regardless of if they are man or woman. I just think that the events of that night are being lost in all the stories that are coming out of the press. We dont know whats happening behind the scenes. I’m not saying she deserves what treatment she got but I’m not sure she’s as innocent as we want to believe either.

    And FYI my dear sister suffered at the hands of her ex-husband for 6 years before she had the courage to leave him, and even after she left him he stalked and threatened her so I know exactly how sick abusers are!

  • elodie

    Video project for French fans of Rihanna’s birthday
    can you difffuse the video, please ?

  • gold

    dont worry about those pics,the world will discover them when his ass goes to court! i mean how stupid do you have to be to belive all those recent pictures of her out smiling in hollywood with out a scratch are recent.!!! your so damn ignorant and stupid!!!!!!!

  • Jake

    shes not speaking about him because shes just as gulity has he is. POINT BLANK!

  • Marsha


    It’s funny to read… cause even when everyone knows that Rihanna is the huge victim in this situation and who’s getting a lot of attation, love an support right now.. there are still haters on this earth who’s trying to bring her down by saying she is a not talented woman!!! How jealous can a person be..?? Wel, Chris shown it!!

  • Nick Gerz

    I pray to god Ri Ri doesn’t go back to him. That picture on TMZ scares me to death.

  • Cynthia

    Get well Riri, and when you come back from your convalescing, come back strong.

  • Jay

    Neither of them are very talented.
    Chris is guilty. He should go to jail.

  • You/Me

    Jake @ 02/20/2009 at 7:46 pm shes not speaking about him because shes just as gulity has he is. POINT BLANK!

    I totally agree.

  • Shannon M.

    Yeah there are two sides to a story but look at what happened in the end. He beat the crap out of her and left her bruised and bloody and went and hid like a freakin coward. Who has the scars to show what happened that night. If their relationship was so violent then maybe this was a sign to say that this relationship needs to be over. They both need to move on because they seem to bring out the worst in each other then. I never cared for Chris Brown. Did anyone see him on Punked….he was a hot head. That was a sign that he had some issues. I hope Rihanna stays strong!!!! If she was beating on him then he should of walked away and left her butt on the side of the road. A real man doesn’t beat a woman. Period!!!!!

  • groovacious

    wow #21 pretty harsh. she was ABUSED. god, have a heart.

  • Maria

    Good to know you’re remaining strong.
    I HATE CHRIS! Down with that loser forever!

  • Obvious

    God, some of you people are so ridiculous! She’s not speaking about him because she’s not allowed to. This case is going to court, and since she’s involved in it, she’s legally not allowed to comment on it. And what exactly is she supposed to say? She got beaten and I’m sure this is a very hard time for her, she should be allowed to keep her privacy.

    There are pictures of her bruised from forehead to chin, she was in the hospital for goodness sakes! How much more evidence do you need!? Enough with the “two sides to the story” crap. CHRIS BROWN’S SIDE IS IRRELEVANT. He’s about a whole head taller and 5 times stronger than Rihanna. He had the upperhand and he can inflict more damage on her than she could ever dream of on him. There’s no excuse, he should have walked away.

    And any woman or man who is defending his actions should be put into jail themselves, because it’s NEVER ok to beat a woman. Doesn’t matter if you think she’s untalented, ugly, or was “asking for it” IT’S STILL WRONG!!