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Sienna Miller Goes Out For The Oscars

Sienna Miller Goes Out For The Oscars

Sienna Miller is seen arriving at the Los Angeles International Airport on a flight from London on Thursday night (February 19).

The 27-year-old British actress was then spotted with Stephen Fry outside Cecconi’s restaurant following a Brit packed dinner including Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel.

Sienna will be making her Broadway debut at the Roundabout Theatre Company on Thursday, October 22 in the play After Miss Julie.

10+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller going out for the Oscars…

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46 Responses to “Sienna Miller Goes Out For The Oscars”

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  1. 1
    teri Says:

    Now this is a tramp who was very selfish messing with a married man with children. Who the he** flauts thimselves naked on boats when his own children and wife could see it? You don’t screw around with men who have children involved, that’s a homewrecker.

  2. 2
    stacy Says:

    I know she looks used up, but isn’t she only like, 27?

  3. 3
    Elise Says:

    Sienna is 27, not 33…

  4. 4
    Custom T Says:

    She has amazing style!

  5. 5
    me Says:

    Like sienna no matter what she has done in the past. She look great and she ‘s out doing something. Not like wash-up rarchel bilson.

  6. 6
    Megan fox rocks Says:

    wow 33 will she looks good for her age ?

    she’s just 27 jared , 28 December 1981

  7. 7
    teri Says:

    I don’t care if she’s 21 doesn’t give her any right to mess up a family with children involved. Flaunting her a$$ all over a married man with children is just wrong. She still has no remorse because she won’t leave his a$$ alone, the kids certainly don’t deserve that humiliation or the wife who’s trying to hold her family together. Sienna is a homewrecker, because he did have a wife who loved him and they have children.
    Brad and Jen had a home but I don’t think she loved him until she filed for divorce and he ran as fast as he could away. Then and only then was she hurt that he didn’t come begging her back. I guess it’s only okay if he decided to hook up with someone less pretty than Jen?

  8. 8
    lizel Says:

    When did Sienna become 33?????? I thought she was 27… Jared, better do ur homework before u post in on a celebrity….. Still love ur site tho ; )

  9. 9
    sad Says:

    She’s 33 in dog years…you know, drinking, slutting and whoring around really ages a person.

  10. 10
    c Says:

    So VICTIMienna is planning on making a debut with the NOT YET DIVROCED/LEGALLY SEPARATED MARRIED MAN at the OSCARS and/or the OCSAR parties? And this VICTIMienna is why there is no sisterhood. She is so bent on upstaging RG and her 4 kids that she just refuses to LAY LOW and SHUT UP. How convient, when people suggest that her accusations of being stalked by the papz are unfounded because she manages to sneak in/out of LA without being seen/heard, we get photos of VICTIMienna arriving at LAX. She is the boy who cried wolf, complains about not having privacy and then tips off the papz so that they can capture her “grand entrances” and her VIOLATIONS AGAINST SISTERHOOD.

  11. 11
    Emiii Says:

    she is 27 not 33…..

  12. 12
    boogie Says:

    i dont care if she’s 18 or 62….still a bimbo s l u t.

    she is going to the oscars?/????? someone…pls kick her to the curb !

  13. 13
    Styla Says:

    She’s 27 but looks like 40.

  14. 14
    Blah girls! Says:

    Once a man-stealer, always a man-stealer. Did Jude & the nanny teach you nothing, Sie??

  15. 15
    enough already Says:

    OK… get over it she’s dating a married man clearly he was not happy in his marriage he’s the dog not her..She looks great!!

  16. 16
    c Says:

    The problem is VICTIMienna won’t LAY LOW and keeps inviting the public into her private life when she pulls stunts like this. She has managed to sneak in/out of LA on several occasions, so her arrival at LAX is just another PR stunt to “make her presence in LA known”. She should GET OVER IT and stop trying to force the public into believing that there is something “meaningful” about performing booty-calls with a MARRIED MAN who has so little respect/love for her that his only “commitment” is making public appearances with her(ie-engaging in PDA). Obvioulsy BG is not happy with SM (just with her money and the fact that he doesn’t have to give her anything in exchange for sex). What man treats the “love of his life” like a booty-call?

  17. 17
    lana Says:

    its not a stunt- who the hell turns down invitations to the most amazing parties on earth??? she has every right to be there. shes been going out with getty for long enough now for it to look like a real relationship. his marraige was over, he obviously wasn’t happy with it. people break up and then they move on. he moved on to sienna….. thats life…. it happens everyday.

  18. 18
    lana Says:

    plus- those are really cute boots.

  19. 19
    A Says:

    I’d give her 35 by any means.

  20. 20
    ctx Says:

    To divorce, the children, Rosetta or Balthazar stands to lose big-time. After supporting Getty when he was unknown and giving birth to 4 young kids, after having her name carved unto his chest, he left her for a pretty face who is passable as an actress and stands for NOTHING without her looks. Getty continuous to publicly humiliate his family, wife and kids by being indiscreet and he is probably forcing Rosetta’ hand into filing a divorce. The worst thing to happen is if she ends up paying him and dividing properties she had worked for in the past. Since he left her, he can start the process and start paying. Sienna needs to be out there, attend the Oscars to be visible and hopefully a movie outfit will take pity and hire her as a supporting actress sans top.

  21. 21
    sunseeker Says:

    You have obviously not understood why most people dislike her so intensly, this is not about the affair but their behaviour after the affair came to light, the constant flaunting the relationship in LA and NYC when the wife had only just seen the photo’s of Getty and Miller having sex on a boat , him with his shorts round his ankles . I wonder how some of you would feel . She is talking about sisterhood no sister would go with somebodies husband , the sisterhood is right behind Rosetta. I guess for Miller a betrayed wife is a nobody, certainly not a woman who matters, too. After all that Getty is the real scumbag, but like he said it takes two.

  22. 22
    Gerard Says:

    Epic lack of neck:

  23. 23
    sunseeker Says:

    And why are people still saying he was separated at the time of the affair I cannot imagen. There is evidence on Wireimage that Getty and his wife where still together until April when the affair had already started. And he denied the affair in June. Check facts before you comment.

  24. 24
    c Says:

    It most definately is a PR stunt, just like the one she pulled where is she stood outside LAX crying, kissing, and hugging the MARRIED MAN. BG is STILL MARRIED TO RG, so this is an AFFAIR (not “going out with BG”) not a “real relationship”. In real relationships there are commitments and no third parties. Since BG is STILL MARRIED and has not made any real commitments to SM that makes it a BOOTY-CALL. A DIVORCE, not a separation (which BTW, isn’t even legal) ends a marriage. So in essence, BG has not MOVED ON.

    VICTIMienna slappped herself in the face when she whined about there being “no sisterhood” because the prime example of there being no sisterhood is sleeping with another woman’s husband, shamelessly flaunting it, and spreading lies about RG to justify her actions with her husband (ie-”they were separated, he was not happy”). So you see, she should LAY LOW, instead of pulling these “I’m in LA” stunts or using the events surrounding the Oscars as a means to update the public and RG on the status of her affair.

  25. 25
    [☆I n F a m o u s☆] Says:

    she has no fans. lmao

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