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Sophia Bush is LeSportsac Likeable

Sophia Bush is LeSportsac Likeable

Sophia Bush (in French Connection) shows off the latest fashionable handbag at LeSportsac‘s 35th Anniversary Celebration at the LeSportsac SoHo Flags Store in New York City on Thursday (February 19).

The 26-year-old One Tree Hill actress was joined by CEO of Le Sportsac Steve Jacaruso and Teen Vogue advertising director Laura Frerer-Schmidt.

Earlier in the day, Sophia attended the Malandrino Fall 2009 fashion show.

15+ pictures inside of LeSportsac likeable Sophia Bush

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Credit: Roger Wong, Andres Otero/WENN; Photos: INFdaily, Alli Harvey/Getty
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78 Responses to “Sophia Bush is LeSportsac Likeable”

  1. 1
    necklace Says:


    Love the necklace!!

  2. 2
    ..... Says:

    So pretty !!
    Love the dress and her hair !!!

  3. 3
    Heli Says:

    loveeeeeeeeeee her and your site thanks jared :)

  4. 4
    mela Says:

    love her, love the necklace, love her dress, love her personality. she is one amazing and beautiful person

  5. 5
    jenny Says:

    Hey guys, what is sophia bush eye color?? is it hazel? or hazel-green?? cause every time i look at her pic she has different eye color. thanks

  6. 6
    Mori Says:

    it’s hazel

  7. 7
    michelle ma Says:

    she’s soo pretty!love the dress

  8. 8
    faith Says:

    She looks so beautiful. I love the blue dress. I prefer it more then the red, even though the red is one of her greatest outfits ever. She looks great in both. I don´t like when her hair is pulled back in a tight ponytail – it suits her better when she lets her hair down.

  9. 9
    Whatsername Says:

    Gorgeous as always. Love her.

  10. 10
    WOW Says:

    #10—–You are one f*ckin BLIND idiot. You can’t find anything bad to say about Sophia so feel the need to make up “imaginary” stuff about Sophia’s body when the fact is that girl has one of the most AMAZING bodies in Hollywood!!!!


  11. 11
    Candy Says:

    Actually Sophia has green eyes…..though I’d just clear that up. And she looks so beautiful!!!! I love her!!!

  12. 12
    dasha Says:

    Gorgeous as always, love all about her, necklace, dress, and her hair!!!!

  13. 13
    lise Says:

    i thought i read that she was dating costar James Lafferty.. why doesn’t he ever go to any of these events and such that she is always being photographed at? hes so cute!

  14. 14
    Cristina Says:

    Sophia looks so beyond stunning at this event that I am blown away by her beauty. She is truly one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

  15. 15
    ... xp Says:

    ahh ! beautiful ! <3333

  16. 16
    ellie2 Says:

    absolutely beatuiful, elegant stunning!!!!

  17. 17
    Anne Says:

    ^^^ You think she’s a “D-lister”??……Get real you motherf*cker. Granted that Sophia isn’t an A-list star…..yet. But she’s successful and is famous. And she’s still got a long way to go. So why don’t you stop acting like a jealous hag, and grown the fuckkkk up??

    Sophia doesn’t need to get her name and face out in the press. She’s doing just fine. But go ahead, keep on being bitter… just amuses people, thats all.

    And Sophia looks so unbelievably sexy and beautiful in those pictures, that its mindblowing. She’s just gorgeous.

  18. 18
    Custom T Says:

    Wow she looks amazing!

  19. 19
    leticia Says:

    Her adorers must be ******* blind, this chick is a nobody and is horrendous looking. The fact that she’s dating that steroided james soemthing is because she can’t do any better. What a horrible idot to have, seriously.

  20. 20
    Elle Says:

    She’s sooo preety and talented

  21. 21
    Kelly Says:

    #21 and #22,
    Do you really think that if you posted twice using a different name both times, that people won’t figure out that you’re the SAME person??? (Especially since both comments are like a minute apart) Do you really think that you’re that smart?? Because face it you d*ckhead—you’re NOT.

    Sophia Bush is drop-dead gorgeous…..she knows it and others know. So nothing that you say or do will ever change that. Sophia is beautiful, elegant, classy, and charming. Just accept it.

  22. 22
    Claire Says:

    F*ck all the jealous people. Get a life

  23. 23
    Claire Says:

    Go Kelly ;)

  24. 24
    Lisa Says:

    Haters are so f*ckin pathetic. The jealousy just oozes out of there pores and there dirty little mouths. Not that I blame them. After all Sophia’s beauty is enough to make anyone jealous. The girl is just simply amazing from head to toes.

  25. 25
    SophiaFan Says:

    Sophia Bush rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her so much!!!!!!!

  26. 26
    Jen Says:

    She is my idol. I just adore her!!

  27. 27
    sara Says:

    Okay the good, love the hair, makeup, necklace and dress.

    The bad, her legs are chunky, not fat but chunky looking and hate the shoes with that outfit. Maybe an open toe or peep toe shoes would have been better and not made her leg look chunky.

    All in all, this was a way better look than that horrible red dress before and also more age appropriate. So 8/10 for this look.

  28. 28
    hi Says:

    Absolutely stunning! I love her sooo much :)

    She is just incredibly goodlooking :)

    Love the dress & hair

  29. 29
    Tammy Says:

    She needs a class about having class, lol.-

  30. 30
    Sandra Says:


    She’s SO Beautiful <3

  31. 31
    Justin Says:

    I for one, love her legs. I like women who have some meat on them and don’t have boney legs like some girls I know. Any guy would be lucky to be with Sophia.

  32. 32
    heidi Says:


  33. 33
    Stunning SB Says:

    LOVE HER!!! she looks stunning as usual.

  34. 34
    Amanda Says:

    Sophia is so pretty once again. I adore how she gets invited to all these events and makes time with her work schedule. That necklace looks fabulous on her. I see that loser #10 keeps posting here. That peep sure gets busy following Sophia’s every move and being her trailer park self. Yes you #10 are trash and all your other posts are as gross as you.

  35. 35
    Nicki Says:

    Here is a comment about Sophia, positive once again.

    Sophia Bush was already one of my secret girl crushes, but yesterday she really went up in my estimation, as she was so incredibly graceful.
    She arrived wearing a black coat, to reveal this gorgeous red satin Catherine Malandrino dress with flutter sleeves underneath.

  36. 36
    Jasmine Says:

    Same hater every post, really sad. The people who say that she’s chubby and her legs are fat, are insane. She’s small for a normal person and she’s normal for hollywood.

    She looks amazing!

  37. 37
    Katie Says:

    You’re absolutely right Amanda. It’s the same fuckinnn moron coming back to post shitt over and over again.

    My comment is to Heidi(#36)…..Also known as the same pathetic lunatic who has been posting the other negative comments so far.
    Sophia Bush is amazingly beautiful from top to bottom. I understand that everyone is entitled to there own opinions, but when a person is so damn rude and sounds so fuckinnn jealous….. thats when its obvious that the person is stating more than just “his/her opinion.” You need to accept the fact that people in the industry and her fans love her to death and thinks she’s gorgeous. To read about you describe her body in a way that couldn’t be more wrong, is freaking ridiculous. Are you really that f*ckin blind???
    Her legs are gorgeous because they are real and don’t look like sticks which are about to break any moment. Her arms are nice and well toned. Her thighs are perfectly fine because thats what REAL women should and do look like. And did you really say that she has “cankles”??? Do you even know what cankles look like? How someone can possibly look at those pictures and say that she has cankles is beyond me…..see its stuff like this which makes people think that YOU and idiots like you are jealous. If you’re going to say something bad about someone….at least make sure that its ACCURATE. Her ankles are freakin skinny…..I don’t know how ones ankles can get even skinner than that. She has a flat stomach and her body is gorgeous. She isn’t fat and she isn’t deathly skinny…..she’s exactly what women should look like. She’s healthy and great. Everyone I know thinks that Sophia Bush is beautiful…..even my mother who is picky as helll when it comes to beauty. I’m not saying that every one has to agree with me……but at least don’t make up lies…….like the whole “cankle” crap.

  38. 38
    Nathalie Says:

    she has a pretty face.. her legs are not attractive.. just to clear this little dispute up ladies.. I really dont know who this chick even is.. but I was at le sports sac even.. live in NY.. didnt see her.. wasnt she in some crappy horror film?

  39. 39
    Tracy Says:

    Are she and James still going out? I am so curious???!! They are such a cute couple! Tell me? Are they?

  40. 40
    Lucy Says:

    Sophia is stunning. She has her own look which I find enchanting and her smile just sends me. There are tons of pretty women in the world and Sophia is definitely one of them.

  41. 41
    hu Says:

    lookin tubby!

  42. 42
    Anna Says:

    OMG! Sophia is obese!
    Go away #45
    Give it a rest.
    Sophia is gorgeous.

  43. 43
    ♥zanessa-lova4life♥ Says:

    She’s Gorgeous ♥

  44. 44
    SBFan Says:

    I don’t get why all these haters need to constantly bash Sophia. Seriously. It’s either these people don’t have jobs to do or just plain pathetic losers whose hobbies in life include sitting in front of a computer and post negative rude comments about SOMEONE as AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL as SOPHIA BUSH.


  45. 45
    josh Says:

    beautiful woman. any girl would be lucky enough to look half as good as her.

  46. 46
    sara Says:

    Sophia is not fat but the shoes are not doing her justice. I have a similar cut dress and I wore a similar shoe which are round toe chunky platform. Btw those shoes will look great with skinny jeans or pencil skirts. But anyway when I wore it, my friend said oh my god your leg looks chunky. When I changed to an open toe it looked great. In the end I decided on a round toe without any platform. So if people think her leg looks chunky, she might not have skinny legs but the shoes are making it look more obvious. I wont call her fat but definately wrong shoe choice. From someone that hates most of her fashion, the rest of this look is great.

  47. 47
    Swedsfje Says:

    I was there! :D

  48. 48
    Hottt Says:

    Sophia has like one of the most amazing fashion styles in Hollywood. I just love her style. And her body is perfect……its sexy and curvy.

  49. 49
    hu? Says:

    I saw this girl in a cafe in SOHO 2 days ago.. I didnt recognize her but my friend said she was in that john tucker movie..shes very short and very plain…no biggie really.

  50. 50
    ha! Says:

    Sophia officially F-LISTED. le sports sac event? ahahahahahahahahahahaaaa

  51. 51
    jim Says:

    Wow Sophia has beautiful smile.

  52. 52
    Sophia Bush Rockssssss Says:

    #53 and #53—–
    I know that you are the SAME person and……..and I also know that you know exactly who Sophia Bush is so why don’t you drop the act?? Every fan that has ever met Sophia to this day has said that she is even more beautiful in person and just stunning.

    And I KNOW you didn’t see Sophia in Soho two days ago seeing as how she flew in from NC YESTERDAY especially since she had been filming the day before. So shut the f*ck up and stop making lies. Sophia hosted this event because they really wanted her to which goes to show that Sophia is pretty popular. A lot of big designers know her. And I also know that Gwen Stefani made a line for LeSportsac too which is a really nice collection.

    You obviously don’t know anything about anything… why don’t you just do yourself a favor and crawl back under your little rock?

  53. 53
    to #56 Says:

    sooooooo pathetic. “she flew in yesterday” LMFAO.

  54. 54
    Sophia Bush Rockssssss Says:

    ^^ She DID fly in from NC yesterday you dumbasss. How the fuckk is that “pathetic”??? It just goes to show you were lying you lunatic. If theres anyone pathetic….its YOU and your latest post just proved that you’re actually a lot stupider than I originally thought.

  55. 55
    Anna Says:

    I love the necklace. Sophia is pretty. She did fly to NY yesterday. Why are peeps not believing that.She also flew in just for Sunday this week.

  56. 56
    Drew Says:

    Love Sophia’s cleavage. Any chance to see that rack is a plus!

  57. 57
    Laida Says:

    Drew, sophia’s rack = sagged. mauled by thousands of hands by now. the girl likes d*ck so much she have sex a lot of times.

  58. 58
    Stacy Says:

    ^^^ You need to shut the f*ck up, you pathetic, jealous b*tchhhhh. Thats right I said it- You’re a jealous b*tch. You wish you could look even half as good as Sophia. Why don’t you just accept the fact that Sophia Bush is ones of the HOTTEST women in Hollywood and move on with your pathetic little life??? The girls got a killer body with a great rack(I’m a girl and even I’ll admit that she has great boobs) and she’s beautiful. She can do whatever, whenever she wants. Which includes being with whenever whoever she wants. Why the hell do YOU care so much. Get the f*ck over it.

  59. 59
    amina Says:

    i love sb!!! i heart her necklace and outfit

  60. 60
    Hannah Says:

    Always pretty!

  61. 61
    Shannon Says:

    WOW she looks stunning!! the hair makeup dress is o point! and although I really hate how all the celebs are wearing those YSL pumps she pulls them off nicely and that necklace is made of win!

  62. 62
    elle Says:

    Sophia is gorgeous and very talented. But I do wish that she would grow her hair out again, I thought she looked better with longer hair.

    Its really sad that some feel the need to bash Sophia to make themselves feel better. Those people calling Sophia fat or chubby are what is wrong with the world. She is nowhere near big and its good to see someone who isn’t delusional enough to think that having their ribs sticking out and arms that look like toothpicks is sexy. Hopefully one day you will grow up and stop being so petty and posting vicious lies. And if not I hope you enjoy your bitter empty life.

  63. 63
    anonymous Says:

    nothing but a cheap trashy classless talentless actress who will end up nowhere and will just fck her way through Hollywood I hate this fuckinn ***** so much

  64. 64
    Kristi Says:

    LOL at #67
    You keep coming back to rag on Sophia. Sophia is fabulous. You have a lot of hate issues look inside yourself to see your own ugliness.

  65. 65
    ....... Says:

    Wow…It seems that chad and hil both are leaving OTH…And there will officially be a season 7….I hope to God, that Sophia decides not to come back….

  66. 66
    Megan Says:

    You clearly need help. You may change your name a thousand times but it doesn’t fool any one the least little bit.
    You know what you sound like??? A jealous, pathetic, classless bitchhh.
    You think you’re so tough by sitting in front of your computer and posting shittt like that. I bet if you ever came face to face with Sophia….that nasty tongue of yours would be tied up into a billion knots because she is after all, Sophia Bush and you’re nobody. And thats really all there is to it.
    Sophia is one of the most talented, classy, beautiful, sexy, fantastic, amazing, wonderful actresses in Hollywood…..period. And I can go and on…..but I’m pretty sure you get the picture.

  67. 67
    Cslove Says:

    It wouldn’t suprise me at all if Kenzie is the one posting all these negative stuff about Sophia. All I can say is atleast she wasn’t a 17 year old child throwing herself at a married man while filming. Sophia is gorgeous & if Chad had a choice he would be with her….and that is perhaps what bothers all the Kenzie “fans” to post all this sh*t about Sophia – grow up, find your own life or man for that matter. There is about 3 people who prefer Kenzie to Sophia (or maybe one with multi-personality disorder)

  68. 68
    DXB fan Says:


  69. 69
    Dana Says:

    I doubt Chad and Hilarie leaving. It feels like a Mark publicity stunt to me. And that HB is as whining in life as she is on the show. It is all about her. I hope she is the one to go. At least CM isn’t whining and getting his fans to hound the network.

  70. 70
    claire Says:

    Post 71 well said you are right all these people bashing sophia are no doubt little kenzie fans who want to act like their precious kenzie is a saint LOL most of wilmington knows she isnt.And yeah I do think deep down thats why kenzie fans get all worked up as deep down they must know this relationship if you can call it that isnt the great love story they paint it to be LOL shes the rebound girl and thats all she ever will be,As said many times before its well known chad cheats and has cheated on kenzie many times the girl even knows about it yeah that really screams true lovedoesnt it?haha how pathetic

    Sophia has more class in her little finger than Kenzie dalton has in her whole body and thats the truth .So Kenzie fans can say whatever they like nobody buys there crap anyways

  71. 71
    Cslove Says:

    So true, Kenzie Dalton just seems “convenient” – she can have her boobs done & shrink to a size -6 & she’ll still just be “convenient”. Before Chad arranged for her to have a haircut & more modern clothes she was acting like a ***** in a church dress, now she even looks the part. I have no respect for that little girl that threw herself at a married man. All she wanted was money & “fame” & she’ll stick with Chad no matter what he does….brings me back to the point that she’s just “convenient” & then she looks down on people….OMG she should go back to where she came from & take all her “fans”/ alter-egos with her. If Sophia ever chooses to forgive Chad & take him back, she’ll be history so fast….and that’s a fact that many people know including Chad.

  72. 72
    claire Says:

    lol whys my comment awaiting moderation? rather odd but basically i was saying I agree with you “CSlove” chad seriously scrapped the bottom of the barrel with kenzie and yes your right if sophia ever decided to give chad another chance it would be bye kenzie everyone knows thats true and a lot of people in wilmington have stated the fact chad basically settled for the rebound ,you also have to ask yourself what kinda girl is okay with her fiance cheating on her ?just goes to show this relationships not bashed on love but more greed for his money

  73. 73
    claire Says:

    But then as I say a lot of people say that chad no way sees the girl as his soulmate or his or whatever shes just the stop gap cause he cant have who he really wanted.Their whole entire relationship if it can be called that is based on lies its rather pathetic really

  74. 74
    ....... Says:

    Sophia and James seem to be back together again. Wonder how long it will last this time. But I wish them all the best. Hopefully they will make it this time.

    Wonder how Chad feels about James getting his exwife and being with her, not to mention that James also got the opportunity to direct, just like Chad.

  75. 75
    nessa Says:

    I love Sophia! she’s awesome!
    So beautiful on these picture like everytime! :)

  76. 76
    A Says:

    actually james and sophia are not got back together they saw them on set and of course ppl has to say that they are together again

  77. 77
    g.queen Says:

    so she’s a **** because she maried 1 wit her co star :s & he cheated on her !!!
    dude get life, it means u don’t know what **** means… thats too bad
    cuz u’ll see she not a **** & she a beauty!!!

    but anyway no matter what u say it doesn’t meant anything to me or her
    so the more cmmt u post the more she’e gettig payed so do me a fav.

  78. 78
    g.queen Says:

    so she’s a sl*t because she maried 1 wit her co star :s & he cheated on her !!!
    dude get life, it means u don’t know what sl*t means… thats too bad
    cuz u’ll see she not a sl*t & she a beauty!!!

    but anyway no matter what u say it doesn’t meant anything to me or her
    so the more cmmt u post the more she’e gettig payed so do me a fav.

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