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Violet Affleck: Mommy Time!

Violet Affleck: Mommy Time!

Jennifer Garner picks up her three-year-old daughter Violet Affleck from school in Santa Monica, Calif. on Wednesday.

The 36-year-old actress surprised her husband, Ben Affleck, last night at the Children Mending Hearts Gala at the House of Blues in Los Angeles.

Ben was speaking for the event focusing on crimes against humanity. After he finished his speech, Jen was at his table ready to give him a hug and a kiss! What a sweet wife!

10+ pictures inside of Violet Affleck‘s mommy time…

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jennifer garner violet affleck mommy time 01
jennifer garner violet affleck mommy time 02
jennifer garner violet affleck mommy time 03
jennifer garner violet affleck mommy time 04
jennifer garner violet affleck mommy time 05
jennifer garner violet affleck mommy time 06
jennifer garner violet affleck mommy time 07
jennifer garner violet affleck mommy time 08
jennifer garner violet affleck mommy time 09
jennifer garner violet affleck mommy time 10
jennifer garner violet affleck mommy time 11
jennifer garner violet affleck mommy time 12

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  • sarah

    Violet’s going through a finger sucking phase. :) She’s so cute!!!!!

  • Sarah

    the girl has such big ears
    yach,her mother is so fat and ugly

  • Holly

    For craps sake people..Go judge your own children

  • Sera

    I think Jen looks good. For once it’s nice to see a “normal” woman in Hollywood. Glad that she doesn’t have a new baby and the next day is like a size 2 again. Shows that her focus is on her family and enjoying the new baby.

    oh and to call that fat? #3 you must not get out much.

  • frenchgirl

    A normal busy mom, with her precious little girl. Looks like my house :D

  • ewww

    I don’t care if she is fat and ugly, she just had a baby afterall. But why does she dress like a man?

  • bethany granger

    Violet is adoarble.

  • Holly


  • Holly


  • Holly

    #4 I did not call her fat.
    I told #2 that she is NOT fat.
    Read the message all the way next time

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    Ugly violet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    they looks just like sisters!

  • Haley

    Violet looks just like her Mom. This has to be the happiest child there is !

  • Sera

    I stand corrected, a simple mistake.

    Your comments are uncalled for. Hope you never have a child of your own.

  • shamrock

    Totally sweet and cute of Jen to show up at the event surprising Ben. Wish them all the BEST and look forward to seeing the new addition when they are ready to show that adorable baby face.


  • lollipop

    Honestly, I think she looks great there. Her hair could use a few warm gold highlights but thats about it. It would make her appearance softer.

  • doggossips

    Does she can walk sometimes ? of course , not ! with a stupid face like her, impossible.
    for # 11 completly agree with you
    and sheet for # 14 completly insane , don’t read it , because we live in a free country with our opinion , and we say it !!!! nothing is pink like your brain , ok !!!!

  • lucy and Ethel

    Boring beyond boring.
    Why do u keep posting pics of them?

  • Custom T

    They’re sooo cute together!

  • http://justjared tan

    She ain’t fat. She just had a kid, for christ’s sake. Vi’s cute. When are we gona see Seraphina????

  • gerard Vandenberg

    an ugly kid?
    O.K., I can live with that.

  • Christine

    Do the paps really “stake out” a nursery school every day??? Aren’t there laws against this????? Is there something else nearby that would cause the paps to be there almost every day?????

  • Christine

    Do the paps really “stake out” a nursery school every day??? Aren’t there laws against this????? Is there something else nearby that would cause the paps to be there almost every day?????

  • seus

    Fuglie mom especially w/o makeup looks like a manny. Wow she looks mighty clumsy not delicate with those big feet. She must have man hands also. Ulglie mom and uglie spawn. I hope the one at home is not as uglie. Jennifer invited the paps into her life a long time ago when she was talking violet to all the places that the paps were known to be. Now she has to suck it up lol.

  • mimi

    Damn the woman has a big fat a#s. She’s going to have to starve her a#s in order get rid of that fat. Pretty soon you will see her with her face all sucked in looking like Dr. Spock.

  • rose

    She didn’t surprise him he knew she was going, you people are idiots.

  • doggossips

    Poor dear #18, why they accept posts not nice , OH its’ horrible !!!! more boring are you !!!!! ha ha ha !!!!!

  • Me

    She is the best mom in hollywood with the happiest kid good for her.


    Violet is ugly with those big dumbo ears she got from her mother, maybe she’ll grow up to be pretty but she’s ugly right now. Jennifer looks horrible, can’t she take some time to put on some make up and do her hair she looks horrible.

  • ♥(¯`·.☆OMG☆.·´¯)♥

    There’s no home for you here, now go away – to all the haters :)

  • brneyechick

    Violet is ugly with those big dumbo ears she got from her mother. Maybe one day she will grow up to be pretty but right now she’s ugly. Jennifer looks horrible, she’s needs to lose week Ben likes women who have great bodies, she never does her hair or wears make-up ugly woman like her daughter.

  • nikko

    I think Jennifer is the best MOM in Hollywood. She’s so down to earth..just being herself and not caught up in the hollywood looking image. Violet is the best daughter in Hollywood…she’s always so happy and always giving the paps a smile.

    And for all you who had negative things to say about an innocent child; something bad is goin to happen to you and when it does, remember what you’ve said.

  • Ginny

    She carries her because of the paps and she has taken a stalker to court saying she is afraid for her own life and the life of her children. How would you like to live like that?

  • lakers fan in boston

    she’s really starting 2 bore me
    she always looks the same, nothing ever exciting
    violet seems 2 get the most attention based on the posts….

  • Ken Paves

    BOR to the RINNGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adoring Fan

    Jen is so beautiful and so is Violet. The best part is that they are doing their thing in spite of the the cameras. That’s what is amazing about this family. They go on doing normal stuff and not concerned with what others think or do. Keep it up guys. Awesome family.

  • Heather

    It’s bad enough that the paps stake out a 3 year old’s nursery school, but then to take an ass shot of a very recently post-partum mom leaning in to buckle her daughter into her car seat? What kind of a-hole took that one? Oh, right. That’s just mean.

    Jared, if you’re going to post Jen, Ben and Vi pics, PLEASE don’t post ones taken outside the kiddo’s school. It’s insanely creepy.

    Someone’s got to draw the line, and if a bunch of sites and mags won’t buy them, paps won’t take them anymore, cuz there’s no money in it. Take a stand.

  • ellie

    violet is such a doll, always laughing.Violet Looks just lie her mom . Shes gonna be gorgeous.


    Violet is adorable!

  • lauren

    so boring. its like she never had another kid.

  • Darya

    Adult men with cameras hanging around pre-schools and playgrounds taking photos of children…….too pervy for words. Their photos should be on wanted posters…..ewwwwwww

  • doctor and mom of 3


    This is a lovely family. Sure, Jennifer looks haggard these days — but GIVE HER A BREAK! My God, people, have some compassion!

  • josie

    Jennifer Garner is lovely! She’s great because she’s just out and about running errands like any other mom out there. She’s dressed comfortably, who can blame her? She just had a baby, so of course she is going to be carrying some extra weight around! But when she hits that red carpet, she always brings it! Lovely, I tell you!

    Her daughter is adorable, but I don’t think she should be photographed out in public until she is of age. People that criticize kids are low lives.

  • acause

    Have a celeb record your outgoing voicemail! Stars include Robin Williams, Ben affleck,
    Isla Fisher, Hank Azaria, Felicity Huffman, Courtney Cox & David Arquette + MORE!!!!

  • jade

    poor violet ! why are people mean to you about your cute dumbo ears & your adorable gap pumpkin teeth? Violet is diferent looking but it makes her cute! ♥

  • Rosy Johnson

    I spend all day chatting on the Intenet. I wonder what my employer thinks?

  • Kelsey cant judge her.because probably 99% of you who do judge her are just as ugly as you say she is.she is gorgeous.anyone whose had a child about a month ago knows how hard it is to lose the weight.violet is must be looking at your ugly babies so long you forgot what cute she makes tons of money so you are in no place to judge her.

  • http://77 calling kids ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!

    # 2 you should REPORTED, that is so horrible…. Everyone on here, with sick minds and only believe the Pitt kids are perfect, read this months new ALLURE, just came out…Julia Roberts is on the cover…she was so upset over people calling one of her kids ‘ugly’, she read it on her computer….I wouldn’t be surprised if it was this board, this is the board where sicko’s call Violet and Suri ‘ugly’.. And like Julia said, where do adults get the right to critique little children and call them such names? I felt bad reading that, imagine how SHE felt.. You should all be damned ashamed, go on and continue your rabid hate of Jen and Jen A…but leave the little children OUT OF IT!

  • http://77 calling kids ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!

    # 11 Post your lovely picture on here.. Did you get off calling this kid “ugly”/ Huh??? You Sick Minded Moron! Karma, got kids???

  • http://77 calling kids ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!

    reading the comments from sicko’s here, I can’t believe your all adults, why in god’s name call these children ugly? Why? this is te most NORMAL family in HW….Jen is doing a great job. Oh maybe everyone Mom should be exiting Lee’s Art Shop with her most beautiul kids on the planet (your theory not mine) all in black from head to toe – including the all over..SO Normal!
    But again, calling children ugly is disgusting, and only proves one thing, the posters on here are real trailer types, truck stop, no education, PERIOD! How would YOU like people saying YOUR kid is “ugly”?? Hmm? And Violet is FAR from ugly. What Morons!!!!